Charlie and Cindy meet the sex club
I woke up the next morning at 6 with Sandy in my arms. I got out of bed and showered. I heard someone enter the bathroom while I was showering but did not know who. Then I heard Sandy say, ?I'm gonna flush" and I stepped out of the shower stream just before she depressed the lever. As I heard the toilet flush I saw the shower head stream begin to steam.

Sandy said, "Mind if I join you?" I replied, "Of course not." She came into the shower and I helped her wash herself up for work. She stepped out when we we had completed the task and she called, "I'll go make breakfast." as she shut the door on her side of the bathroom.

I finished washing myself and got out dried off and got dressed. Sandy said I was about the same size as her husband and she had told me to just wear them. So I was wearing his clothes because I had not planned to be here 3 days now.

I went out and set the table for two. We ate our fill of steak and eggs. She had brought the steaks back from the restaurant apparently the owner had decided to pay for the sex he had received. That did not change either of our minds about stopping him.

She said she knew I was to take Cindy to the pedophile club this afternoon and she would get her supper out. She did want us home by ten and I had been told we generally left the house where the meetings were held by nine.

I told Sandy I was going to take Cindy to my house so I could get some clothes and she said I need not bother since I would resume sitting during the day after tonight. I told her I wanted my own clothes at the meeting and she said okay but I was not to wear Cindy out by banging her all day long at my house.

Sandy went to her room to get dressed for work. I put our dishes in the dishwasher but did not want to start its cycle until Cindy got up and ate her breakfast.

She came out of her bedroom with her cell phone on her ear. She was talking to a message delivery service that would deliver our DVD's without letting the people know who sent them. She asked me if I minded not being paid the $80 I would normally have been paid because that was the charge for the delivery. I told her I could not charge considering the love, food and sex I had received. She gave me a nice kiss of gratitude after I said that. After the kiss she said, ?Cindy and I both received love and sex and you've been cooking lunches for her and that is a good thing too. She said, ?Well stud, I'll see you tonight." Then she kissed me goodbye and left for work. As I went inside my cell phone rang. She had forgotten to tell me a delivery man would come to get the DVD's about 10 and would have them in the respective offices they were supposed to go to by noon.

About 7:30 young Cindy stirred and came out. She had on her simple pullover white dress and no panties as usual around her house. I knew she was up when the toilet flushed so I was warning up her breakfast and pouring the milk on her cereal when she came out into the dining toom.

I sat with her as she ate giving her a chance to talk if she needed to. She asked what me and her mother did last night and I admitted to making love to her mother. She asked if i did it to her mother the same way I did it to her and I told her I did. She was bit disappointed that I had no special things I reserved for her but I explained I always wanted all my partners to receive as much pleasure as my old body could give them.

She admitted that her mother needed someone to love and was glad she had someone who wanted to give as good as he could. She also said she hoped someday to meet someone to be special for. I went over and kissed her cheek and told her she was very special and I wish I was 50 years younger so I could grow up with her. She laughed at that and said. I've tried to have sex with kids my age and believe me they can't do sex nearly as well as you do.

I told her she could and should teach the men who try but don't do it well. I told her to be honest about what she wanted and to listen to what they say they want. if they ask for something you can't tolerate then they are not suitable partners for you. I hope you know that holds for the club meeting if you still want to go.

She said, ?Charlie I want to go to see if there are things I can learn but I will keep it in mind to ask for what I want. She finished her breakfast with that and then she went to the laundry room and brought up two baskets. She washed my clothes and her clothes plus her mother's clothes. I ask her how long she had been doing laundry. She said, ?I can't remember a time I did not do laundry. This told me she started doing laundry before she was five.

"When did you last see your grandpa?" I asked during a silent time. She said "We went to see him last Christmas." "Did he do anything sexual with you?" "Yes, I sucked him off and he ate me until I came. He tried to fuck me but didn't want to hurt me. When Ed broke my cherry it did not hurt at all. Other girls report the first time hurt them. When I did it, it didn't hurt the first time." I told her "Ed popped you while you were in orgasm so you didn't feel the pain. I told him it might work so he tried it and you say it worked."
After she put the second load in the washer, she came up stairs and told me. "I have got about a hour before that dryer will be done. You want to eat or fuck me?" I told her "Which do you want me to do?" She replied, ?I'm just bored with this and want to feel something. I reached out and put my left hand around her back. My right hand went to her cunt which I rubbed a couple minutes to get her to lube a bit then I put my right middle finger into her pussy the rest of my hand was under her as I picked her up and walked her to her bedroom. By the time we got there I had her pussy juice running into the palm of my right hand.

I laid her down on the bed and added another finger inside her vagina. Once she was on the bed my left hand was free and as I rubbed her G-spot on the inside as I press the G-spot into the fingers from outside. I put my tongue to work up and down her slit, circling her clitoris each time I came to the top of her slit. She stiffened after a few minutes and shook violently. She sat up and pushed my head down into her pussy. I sped up my lapping at her and the hands and fingers were also Speeding up. The problem was she had smashed my nose into her abdomen cutting off my air. I had not anticipated this. Hyperventilating as a child I was able to swim the whole long length of the municipal swimming pool under water. This time I'd had not time to even take a breath. Still I wanted to please her so I continued to keep moving my tongue and fingers. Then she let up and I could get some air and I quickly started to hyper ventilate so if she cut off my air again I would last longer if it was needed. I kept up the pace of stimulating her and climaxed again and pressed my face down into her pussy again crushing my nose into her abdomen and cutting off my air. I was ready this time and kept up the stimulation until she came again raising her butt off the bed and she realized I did not apply anything to lifting myself she released me. I was gasping for air.

She thought she had induced a heart attack. She suddenly stood on her bed and said, ?Oh God what am I going to do? You're having a heart attack and I don't drive." I held up my hand with my palm toward her to signal her to stop her hysterics. Then between my gasps I said, ?No it's not heart attack, you just smothered me by pressing my nose into your belly so I couldn't get any air. As soon as I get my breath I'll be okay.

As my breathing normalized she apologized for doing something wrong then demanded that I punish her. She kissed me on the mouth and gave me tongue which I returned. I put my finger back in her pussy and she pushed it away and "No, you have to punish me!" I took my right and pulled down my fly then I whipped out my cock which was only semihard. Then using my left hand behind her neck I brought her lips to the head of my cock. She opened her mouth and took it in. After a couple strokes I was fully hard. I pushed her off and told her "GET NAKED" She took off her dress and I further commanded her "LIE DOWN" She obeyed me immediately. I knelt and straddled her and I knee walked up until my cock was between her nipples then I settled down until my cock laid on her breast bone. She said, ?What are you doing to do?" I said, ?I'm going to give you a pearl necklace or you could say I'm going to titty fuck you." She objected, ?But I have no titties to fuck!" I told her to "Lie there and shut your mouth unless you want me to shoot cum in it." Like the little cum slut she was she opened her mouth wide! I resisted the urge to shove my cock down her throat. She would have taken it if I had but I wanted this to be messy! So I'm rubbing my cock up and down her breast bone. I see her jaw relax slightly. Her mouth is still opened just not as before. I pumped there for over twenty minutes until I started to squirt my semen. The first two ropes bit her chin and throat respectively the rest just kind of dribbled out.

Using a finger she squigied off the semen on her chin right into her mouth. Then she picked up the jism on her throat and put the finger in her mouth. Then she scooped up the puddle in the middle of her chest and poured it from her hand into her mouth. I got off of her by rolling off to the middle of the bed. She sat up smiled and said, ?All cleaned up, okay?" I just shook my head and said, ?You are too smart and cute to be doing these things." She looked at her clock and said, ?That dryer might be done by now. So still naked she went to the laundry room.

I went to my bag and pulled out the medicine vial of Cialis and took one. I had been out of the hospital tong enough as far as I was concerned. Then I went to the laundry room taking a tube of K Y jelly with me. I watched her lean over the top loading washer and bend over to shove the load into the now empty dryer. While she worked in front of naked I stripped to match her. Taking the K Y jelly I slathered it over my cock lubricating it.

I walked up behind her as she loaded the dryer. Put the head of my cock on her anal entrance and pushed. She screamed. Then turned her head and said, ?Sorry but it hurt and I did not expect you to take me until I was done." I told her too bad I did not warn you to take an enema first. She stayed bent over grabbing the lower lip of the dryer's door opening to brace herself. The Cialis had done its job and I was fucking her ass with a vengeance. She said, ?I guess you weren't done punishing me yet, huh? I told her, ?You were having too good of a time picking up the cum and eating it. She says, 'You are stopping me from finishing this on time and we have a meeting tonight." That stops my stroking. "You really want to go where you will be set upon by strangers and sex with them? She smiled and turned back to look at me and says, ?Yes, and I want you to have someone neither of us know too." Now I continue stroking and she says, "Dammit I can't believe this!" and she stiffens and quakes in a climax. That tripped my trigger and my prick started to squirt its load into her.

I pull it out. She turns and sees a streak of brown on the head. She shakes her head and says, ?You really should have washed out my bowels first." Then she put her mouth over my cock and cleaned it with her tongue. I was shocked. Then she turned and emptied the washer putting the clothes in the dryer. She carries the load from the dryer to her room where she sorts it into her stuff, her mother's stuff and my stuff.

After she finished sorting it she put her mother's load in the clothes basket. She went to her mother's room through the bathroom and I hear push out the semen I had deposited and then I heard her brush her teeth and gargle with a mouthwash.

I took the clothes she had laundered for me and put them in my bag. Then while she put her mother's laundry away I went and took a shower. About half way through she stepped in and said, ?Mind if I join you?" All I could do was nod. Her performance in the laundry room surprised me.
She helped me finish off then I washed her and watched her abused asshole close up.

She says to me before we get out. "No matter what you do to me I will always remember the way you make love to me and give me multiple orgasms. Ed did it too but you do it better."

She dried me off and I dried her off. She had stood on the toilet lid to dry my head and shoulders. We went to her room and both of us got dressed. She asked me if she should wear panties. I told her she should. I put on a dress shirt and dress slacks. I returned to the bathroom and combed out my hair.

I went to my laptop and went to and printed out a map as I had for the restaurant but this time it was to the house where the pedophile club was going to meet. We went out to my car and got in and she helped me navigate by reading the directions and watching the road signs. For a nine year old she was very helpful.

The house was in the better part of the town. The house must have cost at least $500,000 to build and was two story brick construction. There was a three car garage along side the house and we parked in front of the garage beside two other cars. A well groomed man came out the back and introduced himself as Bill. I said, ?I'm Charlie and this is Cindy." She came around the car and stood next to me. Bill looked her over and asked her, ?You are very pretty are you a pure virgin?" She said, ?I lost that a couple weeks ago and been having sex almost every day since."

He said to me, ?That more than most of the girls who come here tell us. Does she know to be discrete?" I replied, ?Yes, she only told you because she knows virgins are not allowed to participate here." He said "fine, fine." and turned back to re-enter the house and he gestured for us to follow. Taking my hand Cindy started toward the house and I came along.

Bill says, ?Your young lady there is to join the other children in parlor. You and I will join the other men in the library." I ask him, ?Is this your place, Bill?" He said, ?Yes, I bought it after selling my law firm. I ran it for 20 years and retired." And you have a child here? He said to me, ?I have three girls here." They are 12, 8 and 6 and none of them are intact virgins." My mouth fell opened. I said, "The youngest girl I ever had full fledged intercourse with is Cindy and she is 9. That six year old must be something." She is a little large for her age but wanted to join the fun as soon as possible so I started stretching her out at on her fifth birthday and little by little opened her up. If you get her I must warn you, you will go into her cervix when you go all the way in." It is like penetrating two vaginas one after the other."

He introduced me to many people including the man who had delivered the mailers from the office supply store who was introduced as Paul. Paul talked with me surprised to see me and asking who I had brought. When I told him Cindy he told me he had known her father and knew he was grooming her for the club but when he went to prison we figured she was lost to us.

A black man named Michael also was also introduced to me. He told me his daughter was eight. I told him I went to prison for sexually my daughter but it was 4 years after the abuse ended. Paul told me they were from Missouri which has the three year statute of limitation on sexual abuse. I explained it was not my daughter with me but the daughter of a good friend. He did ask if she was white. I told him pale white with red hair. He said, ?My daughter is not as dark as I am. Her mother was white. I generally end up with a white girl at these things, not many blacks are willing to share." I told him, ?I've never had a black or anyone but a white girl." Well, having met you if you choose my daughter I won't have a problem with it." I ask him a question."Do you know why we were separated from our girls?" He did know, ?Bill's wife is in the parlor with them and they are telling each other what there particular sponsor likes to do with them and what they like and don't like and those who do anal can gen an enema if they want."

My daughter tells me some of the girls do not know they can have an orgasm. I started giving her orgasms when she was only 3. I know some don't think kids that young can but she did." I told him, ?I know they can. My daughter had her first orgasm before her fourth birthday I didn't even know it until she reported she had a shiver sometimes when I would do cunnilingus on her. I ask her how it felt and she said it was really good! I ask her if she ever had it come at any other time and she said 'no' and that was when I realized what was going on.

There was an opened bar here. I asked Michael if that was standard for the pedophile club. He said "No, if you can afford it you can do but if you can't it is fine to make it B Y O B. I was wondering because my child says she wants to do a gang bang and in fact did have two guys twice each. He said, ?Did she tell you that or were you one of the two. Sometimes the girls exaggerate their experience. My daughter has only taken one at a time

Then I noticed that Bill had left the room. I wondered where he had gone and why. Then the door opened and the girls came in and lined up along the wall. Red pullover dresses were popular among the girls that were here. Three were in Yellow. I ask Michael who they were. He said, ?They are Bill and Paula's daughters. Looking at Paula I could see her features in miniature on the 12, 8, and 6 year olds.

Paula made a shocking announcement. She said, ?I want to tell you two things. One. Shirley my 12 year old daughter is fertile at this time. If one of you gets her pregnant, no charges will be filed nor will there any request for support. But if you don't want to risk it we will provide you with a condom to fuck her. Shirley blushed when her mother said "Fuck her"

I looked down the line of young women and saw Michael's dark skinned beauty. Her hair was black and had been straightened. While I was looking at her our eyes met. She smiled at me and winked. Paul put his hand on my shoulder. If you pick my Michala it will be fine. She likes you. How do we choose? He says, "You go and ask the girl and give her your name. If she gets more than one offer she gets to choose who she goes with. I'm going to ask that little red head if you don't mind." I told him, ?That's my girl." He said, ?You mean you sponsored her." I said, ?Yeah, that's what I mean." Now people were going up and talking with the girls. I went to Michala and said, ?I've never done anything sexual with a black girl." She said, ?Once you have me you'll never go back to white girls." I looked down the row and saw Michael talking to Cindy. I asked Michala, ?How big is your daddy's tool?" The stories you hear about the size of black men's pricks is bullshit. They are bigger than white guys when flaccid but when I get those hard black guys get harder but not bigger. White men get bigger and harder. I ask her, ?Do you mind doing older men I'm over 60. She said, ?If you can satisfy that little red head you'll do fine for me. I went and met Shirley, Tammy and Hope. Bill and Paula's girls.

I asked Shirley if she really wanted to get pregnant right now. She said, "I don't mind but Daddy uses a condom now with me because we don't want to make a baby. You would do fine if you want me. All three girls were blond and pretty. Trim little figures with small swellings on Tammy's chest and decent B cups on Shirley's chest. Hope had nothing.

I talked with Tammy and she admitted she wanted to do somebody different because most of daddy's attention was now on Hope. I told her Hope is special because she is so young. Some guys would find having sex with her so novel because she is so small. Tammy said, ?Yes but some of us have deeper mouths than she does and her ass is not yet broken in. My butt has been cleaned out. So has Shirley's but Hope is still to small according to Dad.

I spoke to Hope and ask her if Tanny had told me the truth. She said, ?Well my Dad says I'm too small in ass for anybody but my twin brother. I told Daddy I was willing to do it but so far I'm still a virgin in that one hole.

Other men were talking to Michala, Shirley, Tammy while I talked to Hope. I saw Michael leave with Cindy and rested easy on what his daughter had told me. I stepped back and went to a Latino girl whose name was Rita her hair was jet black and much more Spanish in Features than Indian. She was darker than any of the white girls but lighter than Michala. I saw a Latina man, probably Rita's Dad taking Hope out. Rita looked at that with discust saying, ?He really loves them young. He started me when I was only 3 and my mom can't have anymore babies. So these things are where he finds the younger ones. I heard Michala reject a few people so I went to her and asked her if she would go with me. She asked me to bend over. When I did she kissed me with tongue and said, ?Let's go." Paula came over and said, ?So Charlie you are taking the exotic." I said I saw she was turning people down apparently waiting for the one she wanted.

Paula took us up stairs and showed us to a bedroom. She said, ?You tell me you never had black. So I'm gonna show you what you are getting. She pulled her purple dress over her head. She had no panties on. She was lean but muscular. I stripped down to my skin and walked up to her and kissed her. The second kiss our tongues wrested for position. We just stood there in the bedroom necking like crazy holding each other close. She said, "You are starting to get hard aren't you? I looked down and she was right.

I reached for her pussy and started to play up and down her slit circling the clit when I reached it on top. On the third pass she bent a bit at the waist and said, ?You do that better than Dad does." I was bit taken aback with that information. Since Michael had seemed like a man who knew his way around a female body. I told her, ?Let's go to the bed." She took my hand and followed me to it. I turned her around and laid her gently down on her back. I raised her legs to my shoulders and bent down to lick her slit. I ran my tongue down to her vagina and then up around her clitoris and then back to the vagina. She climaxed real quick, less than two minutes and was verbal about it. "Damn white man you makin? me cum" I kept at it and did not stop. I slipped a finger into her and then two. I found her G-spot and applied internal friction and external pressure as I had with Sandy and Cindy. She climaxed again in two minutes and this time her whole body rocked and rolled on the bed as she was fully taken by the orgasm. "Damn you Please Don't Stop" So I didn't. I kept the internal friction up and external pressure with my rubbing her clitoris and she went into another climax, Dammit Charlie, I did not believe what Cindy told me about your pussy eating but she did not lie. Dammit Charlie Please Don't Stop. I told her< If I'm going to keep on going I need you to help me along too.

She said, ?Tell me what to do and I'll do it. I laid down on the bed about 3 feet from the head board on my back. I told her I want you with your pussy over my mouth and your mouth over my cock. I eat you while you eat me. Okay? She said, "Okay but your have to teach my daddy to do what you do. I never cum like that with him." I told her I would try to explain it to him. She started to lick up and down my cock and resumed my internal friction on her G-spot with external pressure in it and my tongue virtually working her clitoris full time. My prick was getting hard and she climaxed again. She rolled off of me and said, ?hey, White man cum and fuck this nigger." I told her. Don't disrespect yourself like that. You are an exotic beauty and worth getting to know. She grabbed my organ and lying on her back she pulled it to her vagina. I let her insert me and she pulled me in all but the last half inch.

Then I told her to close her legs. She said, ?What? You want me to close my legs?" I told her "I want you to cum too some more." She said, ?I don't understand this at all. I put my right leg outside her left leg and pushed her muscular leg in. I put my left leg out over her right leg and pushed it in. Then I started rocking my pelvis. She said, ?I ain't never fucked this way in my whole life but it seems to work. A few seconds after she said that she climaxed. She stiffened, arched her back lifting both our asses off the bed and damn near throwing me off. She clenched her vagina locking my prick into her as she came so I could not fall out. That contraction of those vagina muscles almost tripped my trigger and I was struggling to control it. The crisis passed. She says, you may be grey headed but you are a king stud man. I never cum when I'm fucking my Daddy. I told her you know what I did. You know the position. Teach him to do it this way.

She said, ?That will be a change for me to teach him something." I wouldn't be surprised if Cindy doesn't teach it to him. She said, ?You mean my daddy is with your girl." I told her "Yes, your Daddy is with the girl that I brought." "He do love white girls that's true. uh huh, uh huh, Oh God here I go again, I'm going to love fucking you at these things if you keep coming. And again she squeezed my cock and stiffened and arched her back and lifted us off the sleeping surface and that tripped my trigger and she said as she felt it coming out of the orgasm. I hope I have your kid. I haven't gotten a period yet but if you want me to I'll make babies for you if you always fuck that good. I slid off when my erection faded. She got up and went into the private bathroom of this bedroom and there was Massingale Douche there. She used it. I told her "What do we do now?" She said, ?Go back to the library if you can get it up again you can thrill another unsuspecting girl.

I got dressed and we held each other for a while. A white mongrel and a mellato princess. My extraction is English, Irish, German and Jew. Is it any wonder I'm always at war with myself.

So we walked back down stairs. Shirley was gone. Bill was here. So was Paula and a very sad Tammy sat alone. Michala was talking to Bill. I heard something about "he is too dame good to leave out." Paula came over and said, ?Poor Tammy mobody took her." I asked Tammy what's wrong. She said, "Well you can knock up Shirley or have sex with a six year old. I'm in the middle and can't get pregnant and I'm too old for ones who like little girls.

Paula said, ?Can you do two a night at your age?" I told her, ?I don't know but this girl seems to need to find acceptance in this arena. She said, ?Come with me. I took Tammy by the hand and told her I'm sorry I did not take you first. I thought someone else would see your value and take you come on I want you. She smiled and got up and I followed her mother. She took me to a different suite with a High definition TV a bluray player and VHS player.

Paula opened the doors below the tv and video gear and it was chocked full of DVD's BluRays and VHS tapes. She said, ?Almost all of these are erotic movies. Tammy said to her mother, ?Mom I can explain all that can we be alone please.

Paula left. Tammy said, ?Thing is that stuff is all adult porn and I don't look like any of those women. I went to her and told her."It does not mean you aren't attractive or that you can't be sexy. I honestly thought Michala would have taken someone else before I got to her. Come on Tammy come to Daddy." She laughed at that. "You are easily old enough to be my grandpa."As she said that I went to her and after she said grandpa she couldn't say anything else because I had a lip lock on her. I tentatively gave her little tongue. She came back with hers, All of it. She put it down my throat. I said, ?I bet you could get me up with three strokes of blow job with the way you use your tongue." She laughed and it was a light laughter like small bells jingling. I was starting to like this little girl. We made our for a while then I pulled off her dress and she had nothing on at all! She said, ?Let me see what you've got." So I stripped to match her. Then we stood together in the middle of the room with the TV off and just rubbed on each other. She really gave an exceptional hand job. I had her pussy lubricating well after about five strokes up around her clit and down to her love hole. She whispered to me, ?If you keep that up I might just cum." I whispered back, ?That is the general idea." She sagged into me said, ?Finally I find a good one." Then she lost her equilibrium and stagger stepped. I caught her and picked up this 65 pound nymphet and laid her on the bed sideways with her hips right at the edge of the bed, legs hanging down. I told her "Spread them." and she complied. I knelt at the edge of the bed and picked up her left foot and kissed it. Then I kissed up the inside of the calf and the knee and the thigh. I kissed up her abdomen to her navel then went up and kissed and licked each nipple. They stood up. Then I went back down only I went down the outside of her right leg down to her foot an inch at a time. Then I kissed her sole of the right foot and started up the inside of the right leg. This time when I got close to the honey pot I put her legs over my shoulders and I dove into her pussy and my standard up, around the clit, down to the vagina and repeat.

On the second cycle she had her hands on my head holding me gently in place and I felt her legs go restless and knew she was close. Then it hit her and she shoved my head down hard against her pussy and arched herself so only head and legs made contact with anything beside me. I'd never seen a clitoral climax hit a girl so hard.

I had a lot of trouble detecting the little girl's small bump that was her G-spot. Once I had it I added the pressure from outside and nibbled her clit. She hit another orgasm and this time pulled her legs in pushing me into her cunt. She was gasping for breath and mouthing words but nothing was coming out. She finally got a, ?Don't Stop" out so I kept on going and she came a third time this time arched again so only her legs and head were touching the bed. This time when she same down she said, ?That's more than enough foreplay, let's fuck" What a foul mouthed little girl. She turned herself back now laying in the middle of the bed parallel to the long side on her back. I went up and laid my semi hard organ on her breast bone. She only said, ?You will be my first titty fuck." Her dirty talk was having an effect on me and stroking between her slightly swollen nipples I was fully hard in seconds. As I started to get up to line up with her pussy she sat up and said wait and opened her mouth and took two stokes sucking my already hard enough cock. When I pulled back she said, ?Fuck me now stud." so I slipped my cock into her pussy in the normal missionary position. I had my hands on those swllen nipples. I bent over and put my mouth on one and sucked hard. She moaned sexily. I did lift my right leg over her left and pushed her left leg in planting my right leg firmly on the mattress. Then my left leg went over her right leg and pushed her right leg in and planted the left foot firmly on the mattress.

When I started rocking my pelvis this little girl went nuts. She was working with me to lengthen each stroke, Rocking her pelvis up when mine went down and rocking hers down as Mine went up. So I was getting deeper into her than I had been in either Sandy or Cindy. She went into another violent orgasm and almost tripped my trigger. But I felt it coming and had clamped down on it. I continued rocking and she did too. She was extraordinary good in bed. I had one hand and one mouth on her nipples and she was working hard to fuck me well. She climaxed a second time with me inside her. This time words did come out. "I never had this happen before!!!" I did not know if she meant cumming or cumming during sexual intercourse. Not a good time to ask. I continued to work rocking my pelvis and she did too continuing to rise when I fell and to fall when I rose. It was so intense. When she went into her third orgasm she rocked back and forth and then arched up while continuing to rock. I was doing all could do to hold on to her. Then I lost control and started to spew my cum into the young girls body. She felt me cum as she came out of the orgasm. Now she rebelled against my positioning and put my legs back inside by forcing her legs to the outside and she wrapped them around me and said, "Thank you. All the times my daddy fucked me I never once came while he was fucking me without me playing with my clit while he fucked me. I think that position had a lot to do with it but I'd like to keep you around if I could. My organ had faded but could not fall out until she released her leg clinch around my pelvis.

We looked into each others eyes and smiled. She said, "I want your phone number. I told her your Daddy already has it. She said, ?Yes, he does but the phone list for the club is secret. He would never let me have it. I gave her my phone number and my cell phone number and then I thought a second and gave her one of my e-mail addresses. One that got little traffic.

She got up and put back on her dress. She said, ?Next time daddy does me I'm going to suggest to him to put his legs out and keep mine in. That was sooooo good. I have strong orgasms when I get them as you know but never ever when he is in me. I want to change that and you've taught me how.

I got dressed and we went downstairs she went right up to her mother and told Paula, ?This stud made me cum three times while fucking me. My dad never has gotten me to cum while fucking me. He could learn a bit from him. I saw Michael come down with Cindy. She seemed happy enough.

Michael said, ?I'm glad I picked her, she taught me a few things I never knew before. Michala came up and said, ?What did this little white girl teach you? Michael looked at his daughter and said, ?A new position I never heard of before. I want to do it with you next time we do it. It was nearly 9 o'clock so it was time to say goodbye. I told Michael good luck and goodbye. Michela kissed me goodnight. Rita said she would be sure I was invited next time her daughters went. She did ask how young I was willing to go. I told her I would anyone who could take me.

We went out to our car and got in. I had to go around a couple cars that parked behind me. I hated to go on the grass but had to get out of there. I drove us straight home. We walked in at 9:30Pm and Sandy told Cindy just go straight to bed. She asked me how it went. I told her about Michael and Michala and Tammy and Bill and Paula She laughed when I mentioned the host and hostess. He was my husband's attorney on the criminal case. I met his daughters before but never figured him for a child lover.

I ask her if she remembered the "To find a Predator" which I think was part of NBC Dateline. The one thing that stood up on that show was the ordinary appearance of the predator and how many ordinary people got caught in the net. Oddly enough the ones that went to court were always acquitted something about entrapment or an improper chain of evidence.

She said she was glad that I had a good time and managed to satisfy two girls. We were both tired and went to bed holding each other but nothing else happened before we went to sleep.

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