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The first of many parts of a collaboration of 2 great authors
4 Curious College Girls
By John Morrison/anonymous
Creator of “The Adventures of John and Holly”

Chapter 2: Curiosity Killed the Pussy
Earlier That Day…

The sun rose, turning the room a light yellow. The girls slept through the morning sun. Cynthia awoke later. “Hey Julie, you awake?” She said to her roommate in the bunk above her.
“Ugh, now I am you big jerk,” Julie smiled to herself, throwing a pillow down at Cynthia, below her.
“What time is it?” Cynthia asked, feeling worn out from the partying the night before.
“How the hell am I supposed to know, you just woke me up,” She laughed a bit, also feeling a bit tired still. She jumped off the bunk, heading into the kitchen, to look at the clock. “It is…wow, noon.”
Cynthia sat up, her bare feet on the cold floor, “I need a shower,” she said. Cynthia hastily grabbed a towel from her dresser, walking toward the shower. “Any plans for today?”
“Well, I wanted to go to the store really quick. I wanna get it done ASAP, so do you mind if I shower with you?” she chuckled to herself.
“That won’t work, but nice try,” Cynthia laughed at her bisexual roommate. “And don’t sneak in to watch me either,” Cynthia said as she turned back to Julie, smiling.
“Can’t blame a girl for trying,” She winked at her. Julie walked to the refrigerator, opening it up, looking for the orange juice. “Did you drink all of the god damn orange juice again?”
Cynthia poked her head out of the bathroom door, “What do you mean again? Plus I paid for it last time anyway,” she said. Julie stared at her. “And don’t come in here, I’m naked,” Cynthia said, her face semi-red, closing the door behind her.
Julie grinned, “Oh, I wouldn’t even think it girl,” She laughed to herself. Julie closed the fridge, walking slowly to the bathroom door. “oh, look at that, I need to brush my teeth.” She said loudly, smiling to herself. She slowly turned the knob. Julie poked her head in the bathroom.
“Ahh,” Cynthia screamed, pulling the shower curtain in front of her. Julie pushed the door fully open, the girls looking at each other. Cynthia started laughing, and that started Julie laughing too.
“So girl, I didn’t know you shaved.” Julie started cracking up. Cynthia was quite embarrassed, and they both laughed loudly. Cynthia laughed so much she had to sit on the edge of the tub, the shower curtain no longer covering anything as she gave up the vain attempt to cover herself.
Julie somewhat stared at Cynthia now. Cynthia’s shoulder length curly blonde hair was covering her face as she laughed uncontrollably. Her perfect sexy lips curved into an amazing smile, and her breasts were a nicely rounded B. She was tanned on most of her body except for her breasts and waist. “Would you get out of here!” Cynthia tried to say, laughing to hard to sound like she meant it.
It took Julie a few seconds to understand what she said, but she snapped out of it, shaking her head. “Um, yeah, sure thing.” She let out another smile. Julie walked to the drawer. She opened it up, and grabbed her green tooth brush, along with a bottle of tooth paste. Julie started to brush her teeth, the embarrassed Cynthia behind her. They stared at each other’s eyes in the mirror. “What?” Julie said, her mouth filled with toothpaste. Cynthia shook her head, still smiling. “I had to brush my teeth,” Julie said, starting to brush again.
“Take your time,” Cynthia said, watching her, smiling still. She was embarrassed still, her cheeks darkening up a little more. Julie soon spat the tooth paste into the sink, and rinsed her mouth out with water. She wiped her mouth, and put her tooth brush and paste away. Julie walked to the door, but not without one more look at her hot dorm mate. She winked at her, and then left, closing the door. Once she got out, she let out a soft moan, and said to herself, “God, what I would give to wrap my arms around that pretty thing.”
Cynthia sighed, and stood up. She turned on the shower and waited for the hot water to kick in. She stepped into the shower and quickly went about her business. She hurriedly lathered and rinsed with a bar of soap, then she shampooed her hair. With the chores out of the way, she peeked her head outside the shower curtain, just to make sure. Seeing nothing, Cynthia sat down in the tub, the hot water striking her in the chest. Cynthia spread her legs, and scooted back a few inches, until the water flowed onto her special area. Cynthia laid back against the back of the tub, moaning softly, and closing her eyes. Cynthia pressed her right hand down against her pussy, rubbing herself. She opened her lips with her fingers, allowing the water to tease her.
It had been at least a week since Cynthia had pleasured herself like this. The shower was her favorite place to play with herself. With her eyes closed, she tried to picture some masculine guy, picking her up, and carrying her to bed. As much as she tried, it wouldn’t happen. Thoughts of Julie kept popping into her head. Julie and her nice breasts, and her tender lips. “Oh god…” she let out, her climax rising, breathing heavily. “No, no way, I’m not gay,” Cynthia smiled, and then pictured herself getting her pussy licked by some hunk. But the guy suddenly turned into Julie. “Oh yes!” Cynthia let out, screaming herself to a well deserved orgasm.
Feeling very relieved, Cynthia picked herself up. The realization that she was turned on by another woman wasn’t entirely a surprise to her. Still, she was unsure of what it meant. She turned off the water, and reached for the shower curtain. Just before her hand reached it, the curtain suddenly pulled back. “Ah!” Cynthia yelped, scared. Then she was embarrassed when she saw Julie, staring back at her.
Julie had a big smile on her face, as she stared at her naked dorm mate. “Have fun in there?”
“None of your business,” Cynthia said. Cynthia reached for a towel, wrapping it around herself and stepping out of the shower. “Can I help you with something?” Cynthia asked, Julie still staring at her.
Julie had a huge smiled on her face. “Sorry. I thought you fell and hurt yourself. But when I came in, I realized what you were really doing… and I couldn’t stop watching,” Julie said, smirking.
“Right,” Cynthia said sarcastically. Cynthia stepped to the sink and started to brush her teeth. Cynthia looked up into the mirror and at Julie behind her, suddenly realizing that Julie was undressing and staring at her. Cynthia turned around, watching Julie undress. “What..what are you doing?” she asked, nervously.
“Oh, I have to take a shower too, remember?” Julie grinned at her. Cynthia nodded, and continued brushing. For some reason, she could not look away. Julie unsnapped her bra, letting it fall to the floor. Her marvelous 40D breasts popped out. Cynthia just stared, mesmerized by her friends breast size. Julie smiled to herself, feeling Cynthia’s eyes on her body as she pulled her panties down past her knees, letting them drop to the floor. Julie’s shaved pussy was exposed to the humid air. Smiling, Julie’s eyes came up to Cynthia’s. Julie saw the hypnotized stare in Cynthia’s eyes.
Cynthia blushed, and finished brushing, quickly walking out of the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. She walked back into her bedroom, grabbing clothes from her drawer. Cynthia threw the wet towel over the side of a hamper, starting to dress.
Julie smiled to herself, and then stepped into the shower. She walked over to the handle, and turned it on, for hot water. The water splashed on her skin, “Ah!” she let out, jumping to the side, the water to hot. She quickly turned it down some, and smiled to herself, as the temperature was set. Julie grabbed the soap, and began lathering her breasts. “God, Cynthia is so fucking hot,” She said to herself, her eyes closed. She held the image of Cynthia’s naked body in her mind. She rinsed the soap off, and reached for the shampoo bottle. She opened the cap, and squirted some shampoo in her hand. She lathered her hands up, and then rubbed it all into her hair. Cynthia’s naked body stayed in her mind, where it belonged. She let out a moan, just thinking about her. She rinsed the soap out of her hair, and instantly brought her hands down to her pussy, rubbing it fast. “Mmmm…oh Cynthia, yes, please, more…”

Cynthia wondered what had just happened between her and Julie, but dismissed her thoughts as she finished dressing. She walked back out into the kitchen. Cynthia heard the shower running. For some reason, she felt drawn toward the bathroom. She quietly walked up to the bathroom, putting her ear to the door. With her ear pressed against the wooden door, Cynthia heard the distinct sound of a woman cumming. The idea struck her to go inside, as Julie had done. However, Cynthia stepped back, pretending she didn’t hear that. As hard as she tried to stop, the thought of Julie thinking of her while she pleasured herself stayed in Cynthia’s mind for the rest of the afternoon.


2007-07-10 13:23:15
i thought it was good but come on it was all tease where was the sex????
First one was good but needed more anticipation
the second one i mean they should have had sex in the shower or something
that would have been a total 10/10
but i gave it a 7/10


2005-07-11 16:54:44
hmmm...Titman, that sounds like an idea...ill write that down.


2005-07-11 13:23:04
yeah...originally chapter 1 and 2 were in the opposite order, but i figured wild tongues would be a better attention grabber...dont worry the teasing won't last...ch3 should be up tomorrow and then 4,5 in a few days.


2005-07-11 06:28:17
hey morrison .. amazing tease my frnd .. but ch. 1 was better so i give 9/10 for this 1 ... keep it up my frnd .....


2005-07-10 22:25:06
TEASE'' That's what this story should be about '' these two roomates just go about teasing each other ' until about part 3 and then when one of them cannot take it any longer 'she goes out and buys a monster strap-on and rapes the hell out of the others virgin asshole' while making a bunch of boys circle-jerk all over her face

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