I know I just finished with my last story, but I am currently stuck in bed with an ear infection, so I have nothing to do but start my new story. Since this is the first chapter, it is kind of short. Please, read and review!
I sat in my new apartment, looking around the nearly empty space. All that was loaded in were boxes, no real furniture even. Except for my bed that was in the other room, and a couple of chairs.

I couldn't believe I was doing the whole roommate thing again. That was supposed to be just a college thing, then I would get a job, move out on my own, then eventually move in with my boyfriend.

Not that I hated moving in with my friend Jonah. We knew each other from high school, I was the shy awkward girl, he was the geek. Nothing much had changed, he was still the nerd, except now he was a medical student, so it was kind of expected of him. I was still kind of shy, now a chef though. It was a job where I could keep my head down, didn't have to talk a whole lot. Except to the people I worked with, who I got along with great.

My boyfriend Conner brought up the last box from downstairs. It was small, full of all my notebooks. He smiles at me. “So Clara, this guy isn't some macho guy who's going to try and have sex with you at every chance he gets, right?”

I laugh lightly and look at him. “I've told you, no. Plus, the last time I checked he had a girlfriend.”

He smirks, walking over to me and kissing my head. He was a sweet guy, we met in a bar of all things since I almost never went. He was a photographer, mostly did stuff like weddings, special occasions. He wanted to be a nature guy though, so whenever he was called across the country, he dropped everything and left.

It was worth it being with him though, not only was he really nice, but he was also crazy attractive. His brown hair was perpetually messy, he had big brown eyes as well. He was very athletic, toned body, tanned skin. We had been together for six months. I was still surprised he was with me though, he was much more attractive than I was.

I had black curly hair and green eyes. I was average sized, only a couple inches shorter than he was. I had pale skin, not being nearly as outdoorsy as he was. I was slightly overweight, but nothing over the top. As far as I saw it, I just had bigger boobs because of it. It was the one way to keep optimistic, and my boobs were my best feature, almost d-cups.

“So when is he coming?” He asks and I shrug.

“Thirty minutes maybe? I don't know.” I admit and he smiles.

“Well...” He leans down and kisses me. “Why don't we make use of the only furniture you have?” He asks and I smirk.

“Not a whole lot you can do with chairs except for sit in them.” I say and he laughs as we both go into my room.

I shut the door and push him onto the bed,kissing him deeply. He rubs my back as I start to unbutton his shirt, seeing his toned body, biting my lip.

We had sex before, but every time we did it, it was just as exciting as the first time. There was something about him that was different then all the other guys I had been with. He wasn't selfish during sex, it wasn't all about him getting off.

I straddle his hips as I take off my shirt, going back and kissing him as he unhooks my bra, throwing it to the side. He begins to squeeze my breasts, kissing me at the same time. I unzip his jeans, taking them off, leaving him in only his boxers. I quickly take those off, releasing his cock. It was around six inches, slightly bigger. I start to stroke his shaft as he moans.

I smirk and then take off my skirt and panties, kissing him deeply again. To be honest, I didn't know when Jonah was going to come to the apartment, so I didn't want to drag it out too long.

I get off of him and go to my purse, taking out a condom. I didn't want to take birth control, too forgetful. I walk over to him and then cover his cock, rolling it down to the base.

“I love you.” He says as I climb back on him, pointing his cock at my dripping entrance.

“I love you too.” I say as I lower myself down onto him, balancing myself with my hands on his chest. He lets out a load moan and I bite my lip to hold in the pleasure I felt.

I begin to slowly bounce up and down on his cock, taking all of his length inside of me. My pussy was still tight, even though I wasn't a virgin or anything. I could almost feel every vein on his cock though, sliding in and out of me with ease.

I increase my speed, it becoming easier with my juices flowing from my pussy. I start to sweat slightly, getting tired. I liked to be on top, but after a little bit I wanted him to take control.

He holds my hips and then flips us over, him being on top now. I spread my legs wide for him, resting my ankles on his shoulders as he fucks me harder. It was like he read my mind, knew exactly what I wanted at every moment.

“Oh my god Conner.” I pant as I feel my orgasm coming on. “Fuck me hard baby. I love you so much. Fuck me...”

He nods, gritting his teeth to hold back as he goes harder and faster. There was no sound in the apartment except for our moans and skin slapping together. His balls slapped against my ass, turning me on even more.

I shake, cum flowing from my pussy as I climax, moaning his name over and over again. As he fucks me I start to feel his cock throbbing in me, right on the edge of finishing.

He finally releases, and I wished he could have came inside my pussy. But he filled up the condom, panting hard as he looks at me. He smiles and then slides his cock out of me, laying beside me. We both breath heavily, catching our breath.

I look over at him, his eyes closed as he breathes in and out, smiling lightly to himself.

“We should get dressed.” I say after a few minutes and he laughs lightly.

“Yeah.” He says and sits up.

We both get ready and then go sit in the living room, just talking really until Jonah knocks on the door.

I go and get the door. He hadn't changed at all, still the same nerdy kid, just kind of older. He had slightly long hair, black and totally neat. His eyes were a dark blue colour, unlike anything I saw before, but they were covered by his glasses. He was still really tall, of course, and he also had pale skin.

“You know, you don't have to knock. This is your apartment.” I say and smirk as he rolls his eyes.

“You have the keys genius. Remember?” He says and then I laugh.

“Oh yeah.” I say and then let him put his box down. “All your stuff is coming tomorrow, right?”

He nods. “Yeah, except what I need for tonight.” He says and I raise an eyebrow.

“Like alcohol and condoms for the prostitutes?” I joke and he rolls his eyes again.

“Oh yeah, totally.” He says and then looks at Conner. “You must be the guy she never stops talking about. I'm Jonah.” He says and they shake hands.

He smiles. “Yeah, Conner. Nice to meet you.”

“Same.” He says and walks into his room.

Conner looks at me. “I gotta go, I'll see you on friday, right?” He asks and I nod. He leans in and kisses me. “See you then. Love you.”

“Love you too.” I tell him as he leaves. Jonah comes back out and smiles. “So what's up?” I ask him as we both sit down.

He shrugs. “Nothing much, med school. That's kind of... My life.” He shrugs.

“You still with that girl?” I ask him. The last time we had talked, not about the apartment, he was with some girl that I hated. She was... Well, in short she was a bitch. I didn't get along with her, and she was also a bitch to him.

“Jasmine? Nope, we broke up. Apparently she was sleeping with some other guy.” He says and I frown.

“I'm sorry.” I say and he shrugs.

“We were going to break up anyways. Again, can't do anything while in med school. It means that I literally get no social life. So, that's a plus to having me as a roommate.” He smiles.

I laugh and then go to my cooler. “Want a beer?”

He nods. “Sure. The kitchen stuff is coming in tomorrow too, right?” He asks and I nod. “Great, right now this is kind of a horrible flashback to my college dorm room, except my roommate's hotter.”

I laugh. “Whatever.” I say and pass him one, opening mine and taking a sip.

“So you and Conner are still together?” He asks and I nod. “Cool.”

“Why?” I ask and he shrugs.

“Just curious. He seems like a great guy.” He says and sips his beer.

We catch up a little bit, talking for awhile before both heading to our respective rooms. I get into my night dress and lay down in my bed.

I remembered in high school, having a total crush on Jonah. He was the one guy in our school who actually got me, not as some depressed freak but just as quiet. I never thought that he would like me though, we were too close for that. I didn't want to say anything and ruin our friendship.

Now I still saw what I liked in him, he was still nice, funny, didn't take everything so seriously. But since I was with Conner, I wasn't attracted to him.

He was just Jonah. And I was with Conner.

Nothing complicated about that, right?

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