I was shocked to find out my mother was cheating on my father.
I was tired of making myself cum after he left and I was alone. I needed something better. I wanted somebody good. I let Avery talk me into having sex with him about three weeks after my fifteenth birthday and we'd been at it for three months. He'd sneak over from his house when we know I would be alone and fuck me one or two times before he said he had to get back. I knew there had to be something better than just spreading my legs and letting him shoot cum in me. Even though he was the only boy I let do things to me I didn't really enjoy sex with him, I just did it, knowing deep inside that one day I would feel the magic too. That day hadn't come yet.

Maybe if I start dating somebody I like more than Avery. I'd known him since we were little but I don't really like him like I could marry him or something, he's just a friend so I was going to tell him we had to stop. I knew I wouldn't miss him that way.

I decided I would let Avery screw me one more time before I sent him away. I got him to skip school with me in the afternoon and we went to my house. We didn't do a lot of heavy necking or feeling each other up, we just stripped naked and crawled into bed. Just as he put his cock into me I heard my mother come in the house talking to someone. I was surprised to hear her because she was supposed to be at work. I couldn't figure out who she was talking to because dad was working too. I pushed Avery out of me and made him lie on the floor so he wouldn't be seen if my mom looked into my room. I got up and sneaked to my door and opened it a crack just as she walked past. She was headed for her bedroom and there was a man walking right in front of her. It wasn't my father. Neither of them saw me peering through the crack at them. I heard my mom say “You're going to fuck my hot ass today; I hope you're ready wear out your balls.”

The man didn't turn around but he answered her, “Oh yeah? Once I get you off the walls, I'll suck your clit out of your cunt; you'll be useless if Dan wants some tonight” Dan was my father.

I was frozen in place. I couldn't believe my own eyes and ears. My mother was taking another man to her bedroom and they were going to have sex in my father’s bed! She was cheating on my father!! My heart started hammering, I felt lightheaded, my knees started shaking. I caught my mom having an affair, what the hell was I going to do? And who was the man?

I completely forgot about Avery and that I was naked as I crept down the hall to my parent’s room. Mom left the door partway open so I stood next to the wall and looked through the opening. They were wrapped up and necking hotly while they fought to tear open the buttons and zippers holding their clothes together. It took them less than a minute to pull their clothes off and when the man stepped away from mom to kick off his shorts I recognized him. It was Pete, Avery's dad!! The irony of her with him hit me hard and I almost laughed out loud. I was fucking Avery at the same time his dad was fucking my mom. I felt a pressure on my back and heard Avery gasp quietly in shock. He had come out to see what the hell was going on too. When he recognized his father he grabbed my arm and pulled me back to my room.

“What are they doing?! That's my dad and your mother!” he whispered urgently.

“I know!” I whispered back, “They are going to fuck. Do you think it's the first time?”

Avery though about it briefly, “No, they aren't being shy or slow, they've done it before, I can tell. he announced as if he were an expert. “What should we do?”

“What can we do, I'm sure not going over there and tell them to stop, you want to do that?”

He looked at me “No.”

I noticed that his cock had shriveled up to nothing and he said “Maybe we should get dressed and go before they catch us here.”

“You're kidding right? I'm gonna watch.” I turned around and went out of my room and back to the open door where the adulterous adults were busy with each other. He joined me and quietly watched while our parents seduced each other.

What I saw in the next hour changed my life.

Avery's dad spread mom out on the bed and started licking and kissing her body from face to feet. His hands were busy and she was lying back and reveling in the attention and ministrations. As he crawled over her and the bed I caught glimpses of his cock and balls. His erection looked huge, it stood long and thick between his legs, over his large hairy balls. Mom was pulling on it lustfully as Pete worked on her body but it was so big her hand only held half of it. Pete twisted around until he was between her thighs then he kissed her body just where her crack started. She grabbed his hair with both hands and pushed his head down until he could lick her sex. Avery and I hadn't done anything like that, we just fucked, so what we were watching was something I had only heard about in rumors.

Pete worked mother over with his mouth. He kissed her, he licked her then he spread her pussy wide with two fingers and put the tip of his tongue on the spot where I knew her clit was. Her stomach fluttered under his hand and she grabbed her own head and gasped then moaned. I felt an electric thrill slam into my own clit while I watched him suck on hers. I felt something touch my leg and looked down. Avery's cock had grown full sized and was denting my skin as he pressed against me, looking over my shoulder at the fucking pair. I grabbed it and started pulling on it while we spied on our parents, it felt bigger than ever before.

After a long time of oral sex mom started jerking and swearing “Of fuck, you sweet bastard that feels good!” She rolled her hips against Pete's mouth and continued “You have a magic tongue you sick fucker! Use it on me! Aaaahhhhgggg.” She reached for his head and pulled him off her, “Oh god you got to stop or I'll pass out” she panted to his upturned face. He didn't say anything; he just urged her to roll over to her stomach then climbed up and over her. She raised her butt in the air where he met her with his massive cock and slid it into her cunt. Mom cried something I didn't understand as Avery's dad started slapping her ass with his hand while he pummeled her body. Avery and I had a clear view of Pete's big erection as he stroked in and out of my mother. The hard-on I was holding was solid and dripping onto my fingers but it wasn't as big as the one I was looking at. I felt a hand slide around my waist and fingers explore between my legs. I stepped my feet wider for him while I concentrated on the couple in the room.

Our parents rocked and rolled on that bed for another 15 minutes before she had a second orgasm. There was no doubt she got off. She arched her back, digging her heels into the bed trying to push herself away from the man between her legs. She wailed at the ceiling and started shivering so hard I could see it. Mom fell limp back to the bed and Pete pulled his cock out of her. She was completely still except for the rising and falling of her tits as she tried to catch her breath.

Pete lay down beside mom and kissed her passionately; she accepted the kiss and again grabbed his erection. “I can't let you cum in me today,” she cooed into his ear, “I don't have time to clean up before Dan and I go out but I can do this for you.” She sat up then bent over his lap and started giving him a blow job. This was something else Avery and I never tried and I stared fascinated as Pete's long cock disappeared into her mouth and down her throat. He held her head and swept her long hair out of her face as she bobbed and sucked on his cock. Avery was fucking my fist while my mouth watered and my pussy got hotter and wetter. In about three minutes he growled something unintelligible and started bouncing his hips slightly as mom gulped and swallowed his discharge. My entire body was tingling with heat and tension. I had just seen some intense sex by an experienced couple and I knew I wanted to reach their level of satisfaction. I needed too.

Mom and Pete got off the bed and started grabbing clothes. He asked her when she would have time again and she told him she had three hours next Tuesday. I heard her but Avery had already dashed quietly back to my room so I joined him. We stayed there half scared they would look in before they left but in five minutes we were along again. We fell to the bed and started talking about what we had seen. We both wondered out loud how this affair had started, how long they'd been fucking each other, did our other parent know and if we should tell anybody. We talked for 30 minutes about what they had done and Avery's erection never went down. I hinted strongly that I wanted him to put his mouth between my legs and do what Pete had done to mom but the dolt didn't pick up on it. Or maybe he did and didn't want too. He asked me outright if I would suck his hard-on but since he wasn't going to do something like that for me, I told him no. Eventually I let him fuck me but it was the same as always, he screwed me until he got off then went home. I was very close to my peak but he still didn't get me there. I had a void in my womb that Avery couldn't fill.

For the rest of the afternoon I daydreamed about a cock the size of Pete's. I fingered myself to two orgasms as the fantasies ran rampant though my head. For the rest of the week I watched the boys in school, wondering which ones I could enjoy. I was working up a fever of lust and getting bolder in my thoughts. I was almost to the point of openly offering myself to several different boys, the ones who looked like they could fuck me like I'd seen Pete fuck mom. I envied my mother every time I saw her. I wanted to have sex with a champion sex artist; I needed to have sex with a champion sex artist.

By the next Tuesday my body was vibrating with pent up desire and need. I was ready for a good, long sexual experience when I left school early and went home, I was going to watch mom and Pete, Avery wasn't invited this time. In my room I prepared myself. I stripped off my panties and bra so I was wearing only a skirt and blouse. I made sure the battery in my digital phone was charged and turned the ringer off. I was going to take pictures; maybe even video and I certainly didn't want a phone call to alert the amorous couple.

They came in and started seducing each other immediately. In just moments they were both nude and holding each other as he pinned her to a front room wall with his cock. They fucked like that, standing against the wall for a few minutes then he pulled his cock out of her and carried her to the sofa where she spread herself open and he shoved his long thick shaft into her again. I managed to squeeze myself into a corner of the room behind a large potted plant beside the piano; its leaves were thick enough I felt secure from their eyes.

My mother and her lover fucked all over the couch for 45 minutes. They tried several positions, they took turns with oral sex, it was fast, it was slow, they necked, felt and coupled and I could tell they were getting hotter for each other as the minutes passed. I was taking pictures and even some short videos while they kept busy with each other. I snapped pictures of her mouth on his cock and licking his balls, I took a video when he pushed his erection into her ass. I was so fucking horny I fingered myself as I watched them fuck.

By the time they climaxed together, with him deep inside her cunt, I was teetering on the edge of my own blow out. The slapping of bodies together and the loud groans of satisfaction was the signal to go. I slithered back to my room, waiting for them to leave. I had 20 minutes of video and dozens of pictures so I spent the next couple of hours masturbating while I looked at my private porn collection.

That night I dreamed about having sex with Avery's father. I woke up in a heated sweat with my clit tingling, my legs were almost numb as I lay still and enjoyed the aftershocks of my orgasm. My heart was racing, I felt myself flush when I realized who had caused me to climax that hard in my sleep. Pete. For the next hour I fantasized about fucking him, I felt nasty, wickedly sexy and the feeling between my legs was more powerful than any rational thought. By 2:30 that morning I knew what I wanted and how to get it.

It took me three days to build up the courage to act on my plan. I knew Pete's job got him out of the office sometimes for hours a day so getting him alone wouldn't be a problem. My heart was slamming with angst, my head dizzy when I took the plunge that would change my life. I sent a picture to his phone. It was a picture of mom nude, he wasn't in it.

Two minutes later the text came back 'Whr did U get tht? Y 2 me'

I didn't answer him with words, I sent another picture, this time him and her standing together, his hard-on pointing directly at her body.

His answer was 'Wht U wnt?'

This time I sent a picture of him over her, his cock deep between her legs and a second of her on her knees with his cock in her mouth; 'cum my home, I tell u'. I deliberately spelled 'come' as 'cum'. I was shaking so hard, I was so scared, I felt like I was going to faint.

Twenty minutes later I was in my room when I heard Pete knock on the door. I didn't answer it so a moment later he opened it and called out “Bunny, where are you?”

It was then or never, “In my room Pete.”

He opened the door and found me lying on my bed with only a light blanket covering my body but he didn't seem to notice as he went straight to the point “What the hell are you doing, what are you going to do with those pictures, what do you want?”

“I was thinking Pete that maybe you …........, maybe I .......” I couldn't finish the sentence; I was having a heart attack.

He stalked to the side of my bed still oblivious to my nudity under the thin cover. “What do you want Bunny?” he asked in a harsh threatening voice.

I didn't answer; I just pulled my blanket off and let him see my body. His eyes widened in surprise but it was a flicker, temporary, as he finally understood my intent. He flushed, looked at me from head to feet then sat on the bed beside me. “Are you sure about this?”

My heart seized then stopped but I managed to squeeze out weakly “Yes.”

Pete stood and began pulling off his clothes.

By the time his clothes were piled on the floor he had a monster hard-on. It was the same one I saw him use on my mother; it was the same one in my dream. He eased to my side and put a hand over my left breast. I felt the nipple harden under his touch as I pulled his head to me for a kiss. I felt my trepidation flee; vanish in an instant with the pressure of his mouth over mine. My body was craving him and I was ready. He slipped a hand between my legs and felt my eagerness. Pete rolled over me, probed between my thighs with the head of his erection then slipped into my hot tight entrance.

He pushed into me slowly, letting me adjust to his size. Just as I thought the end of his erection was going to dent my heart his pelvis meshed with mine. He pulled out and came right back in. After a few tentative thrusts, he began fucking me with more passion, less anxiety. Just the few deep strokes by this big cock and I knew I had found what I had been yearning for.

I wrapped him up with my arms and legs and yielded to him completely. He molded me, turned me, positioned me and made love to me, causing a storm of unbelievable sensations to rage inside me, a cloud of euphoria enveloped me. I was on fire, every fiber of my being was burning. His touch, his body chafing against mine was taking me to the top of a mountain where air was thin, making it hard to breathe. The feel of his erection thrusting in and out, rubbing on my body lips inflamed the hypersensitive nerve endings. I gave up breathing, I gave up thinking, I gave up everything to the man between my legs. He pushed up on his arms and looked down into my eyes. I strained to hear him as he moved his lips “God, you are so hot Bunny.” With those words he pushed me off the mountain and my heart and body went into an endless free fall as my climax overwhelmed me.

I smashed my groin against him as my lust finally unleashed months of pent up passion. It was like a cork exploding from a bottle of Champagne and the bubbles of desire were releasing small shivers and thrills all over my body. I heard a girl crying with excitement and then, when I thought I had reached the peak of my orgasm, Pete groaned loudly and began to cum. The intense sounds in my ear and the flood of hot cum gushing from him threw me over the edge of a cliff and again I felt the free fall sensation as a second, stronger orgasm consumed me.

I didn't want to move or open my eyes. If I moved the afterglow of my orgasms would fade. I could feel his discharge seeping from between my legs, I felt him lying beside me, breathing with exertion, a hand lying softly on my stomach. My cunt was smiling, I knew it. I rolled to my side so that my breasts and stomach were pressed against him. This was the first moment we had since he came in to think clearly. His first question was “Why am I here Bunny?”

“Because I needed this, I saw you with mom and since then nothing else mattered, I needed you to fuck me like that.”

“Is that it then, are you done with me?”

I kissed him lightly “Oh Hell No, I've got dozens of pictures and I'll temp you with every one of them.”

He put his hand on my ass and caressed it softly, “Do you want to use another picture now?” I felt his big cock growing against my thigh.

I sat up beside him then pushed him to his back. “Not another, the fourth one I sent.” I looked at his body, the broad muscular shoulders, flat toned stomach and down his well-formed thighs and legs. His prick was still half-stiff so I put a hand between his legs and encircled his cock with my fingers, encouraging it to stiffen even more. I bent to his lap and licked the end of it, tasting the residue of cum that coated the head of him. I parted my lips and pulled the head of the cock into my mouth. It was big, mildly salty and thrilling. I started bobbing on his hard-on just like I'd seen mom do and in moments I knew why she did it. My clit started vibrating again. Pete reached between my legs and slid his fingers along my puss, causing a minor tremor in my thighs. I sucked on the member in my mouth with rapidly growing confidence as he probed my body with two long fingers.

It wasn't long before he grabbed my hair and pulled me roughly off his lap. “You better stop sweetheart or you'll get more than you want the first time.”

The image that flashed through my mind sent a diamond sharp stab of lust directly to my gut, my mouth watered with hunger for him. I used mom's words “it’s ok Pete, I want to suck you dry.” I laid over his stomach and started fucking my friend's father with my mouth. I sucked him as far as I could without choking then cupped his massive balls in the palm of a hand. I massaged his nut sack while the other held the shaft of his manhood. He put a hand on my head and guided me gently as I learned how to give him a blow job.

I felt it start as a quiver in his balls. His erection twitched a couple of times then he uttered, “Now Bunny, take it now!” A fountain of hot semen smashed from the end of his cock and slammed into my tonsils. He convulsed again and another hot stream splashed into my mouth filling it completely, I pulled up and off just as the third spasm spewed a line of cum across my cheek and into my hair. The intensity of spurts decreased quickly until I felt him relax completely under me. I inadvertently swallowed a small daub of cum but wiped up the rest with a corner of my blanket. I looked into his smiling eyes “I never did that before.”

“Well, I'll tell you now, you've inherited a lot of natural skill from your mother.”

“Until today I didn't think so, this is the first time I ever came during sex.”

We cuddled and caressed for a while longer but we had to get back to our lives. Before he left for work again I asked him how he felt about mom and if they would still have sex. I didn't want her to be neglected because I was going to take up some of his time. He assured me that they would still screw two or three times a month.

Eight days after my first tryst with Pete I sent him two more pictures. In one he was lying with his head between mom's thighs, the second showed him deep in her ass. He answered me almost immediately with a question 'Wll yur mom B thr 2?'

I hadn't thought of that but the thrill of the suggestion went straight to my pussy. How fucking hot would that be? I sent back to Pete 'OMG – Yes!'

The next thing I did was send my mother a picture of her and Pete on the couch fucking– 'mom cum home, I wnt 2C U'.

20 minutes later she charged into the house surrounded by an air of anger mixed with raw nervousness. I was waiting for her outburst “Where did you get that picture?” she demanded as soon as she laid eyes on me. I knew she wasn’t going to hit me or anything so the only thing I was scared of was how to break it to her what I wanted.

I stood my ground, looked her straight in the eyes, “I was here when you and Pete had your little afternoon party right there on the sofa.”

She deflated slightly when she realized she couldn’t talk her way out of the mess but eyed me warily “What do you want?”

“First I want to know what happened, why are you cheating on dad? I mean I understand how you can be attracted to Pete but dad isn’t a couch potato either, he’s still pretty hot too.”

My mother shifted her shoulders to relieve some tension. “Sit down.” I sat on the end of the sofa while she took her sweater off and draped it over the back of the Lazy Boy.

“Your dad has been having an affair with Pete’s wife for about two years now. I found out about it almost as soon as it started. They meet once a week. At first I was devastated, I didn’t know what to do, I was thinking death or divorce, I could have killed him in his sleep I hated him so much but I didn’t say anything to him. I love you, and even when I hated him I still loved him,” she sighed “and I didn’t want to break up our home just because he was plowing some other woman’s fields. Then, one day a few months after it started Pete invited me to lunch, he said he had something to talk to me about. I met him and he told me that Alice and your father were screwing. He had found out too but didn’t know what to do so he took me into his confidence so we could figure out how to end the relationship without ending our marriages. He was actually relieved that I already knew because he didn’t want to hurt me.” Mom paused, then almost as an afterthought she said “I thought that was sweet of him.”

“We talked for a couple of hours then I made a decision. I asked him outright if he would take me to bed. I wanted revenge and he was the perfect man for the job. We decided that if your dad could fuck around with Alice, Pete and I could fuck around too. I brought him here and you know the rest.”

I was stunned by the story “Dad is screwing Avery’s mom? God, that’s hot! She's hot!”

“Hot? I’m not sure I’d go that far but it was a turn on for me to know he fucked Alice at the same time I was doing Pete. Actually your dad and I have a better sex life than before this all started.” My mother was talking straight to me, not hiding her words or thoughts and I appreciated the candor.

“Do they know, you know, Alice and dad?”

“I don’t think so but if they do, they aren’t saying anything. Maybe the arrangement suits them as well as it does me and Pete. Anyway, why am I here, what do you want?”

My heart started tripping, my courage was flagging. I fled to the kitchen for a glass of water to wet my parched mouth, mom followed me. I sipped the water then jumped into my own story.

“That day when I watched you with Pete, that was the second time. I was here a week earlier when you and he screwed in your bed.” I didn’t mention Avery. “I watched everything from the time you came in to the time you left. I got really turned on mom, I’m not a virgin but I never had sex like that. When you made a date with him for the next time I skipped school and hid and took the pictures. I have a lot more, I took pictures the whole time he was fucking you. I masturbated twice right after that and got off hard looking at his big cock in your pussy.”

My words were hitting my mother like punches to the gut, I’d never used language like that around her before but I wanted her to know I was pretty much a full grown woman. Now was the hard part “I wanted to feel everything you did, you were so totally into sex with him and I know you liked it a lot so I did something really wrong. I sent him some pictures, like I did you, then asked him to come over here. When he did I seduced him. I had sex with Pete in my bed and I learned myself why you like him so much.”

My mother flopped limply into a chair, staring at me with astonished eyes. “You fucked Pete? You had sex with him right here in this house?”

“Please don’t be mad mom, I wanted to try it, I needed to try it. I never had an orgasm with anybody and I knew he could do that for me. It’s not his fault, I started it all.”

Mom sat back and stared at me for 15 seconds, the silence was thick, the shock of my words palatable. She finally shook her head slightly “I don’t think I can be mad at you, or even him. It’s not like I have an exclusive right to his balls, Alice is the only one that can make that claim. So now what, why are you telling me this, what else is there?”

My mother could read me like a book; she knew I had something on my mind. Pete was still a few minutes away but I needed to prep her before he got there. “He is going to be here in about 10 minutes.”


“Who have we been talking about? Our lover; he is on his way right now.”

Once again my mother looked stunned “Why in God’s name would you invite him over when I am here?”

It was time to fire the last volley of my charge. “I want to take him to bed with you. The two of us with him at the same time. I can learn so much from both of you and I get so fucking turned on thinking about the two of us getting laid by him at the same time.”

My mother jumped out of her chair so fast it skidded across the floor. “What!?” she asked bleakly. “You want to do what?”

“Come on mom, we’ll be sluts today, let’s fuck our asses off with this big sexy stud, let’s do a little mother daughter bonding with his cock, we'll use his cum as the glue.”

She stood silently looking at me as if I were a stranger. “You and me with Pete at the same time. I fuck him, you watch, you fuck him, I watch.”

“Have you ever done two girls on one guy before?”

“No, not really but I’ve gotten laid while other girls were getting some right next to me on a bed.” She paused “And I fucked two guys at the same time once,” she paused, “more than once, actually, several times.” She was loosening up, the tension waning as she talked. “But you’re my daughter, how bad can that be?”

“Yeah, I’m your daughter and you always want me to be the best at what I do, well mom, you can tutor me in the ways of men and women.” I didn’t give her a chance to say no. “Pete will be here soon, let’s get ready.”

We were wearing matching baby doll nighties when Pete came in. Mom’s bed was bigger so she and I were sitting cross legged waiting, our naked pussies open for his viewing. He stopped at the end of the bed and started taking his clothes off. Mom got up “Stop, we’ll do that.” She kissed him lightly then motioned for me to join her.

We kissed, caressed and fondled his body as we pulled his shirt then pants off. His arousal was quick and decisive; his cock long and erect, the perfect target for my mother’s mouth as soon as he was naked. She licked the shaft of his hard-on while I cupped his balls and French kissed him. She grabbed my arm and pulled me down to my knees next to her and gave up his erection to me. I started kissing and licking the end of it then slid my lips and tongue over the head. I suckled his cock while my mother murmured quietly in my ears. “Taste him Bunny, run your tongue tip around the end of it, think of how it will feel when he slips it into your hot tight cunt. Pull him deeper, let him feel your throat around the shaft, let it slide easily in and out of your mouth.” I coughed lightly “It’s ok if you go slow so it won’t gag you. Take him as deep as you can because you want him hot, you want him so fucking excited to screw you Bunny and sucking his cock will get him ready.” Her hand eased up his leg to his balls then she stroked his ass crack with her fingers. Pete huffed loudly and shivered.

I pulled off him and took them to bed. Mother was on one side of him, I the other. Pete fell back on a pillow and let us play on him. Mom and I stripped off our nighties then laid our heads on his thighs and I inspected his equipment closely while mom lifted, tweaked and pulled on it. She whispered, “Look at his nuts; I never get tired of playing with them, God it feels so good when his balls are rubbing on my pussy, doesn’t matter where his stiff prick is, in front or back, when his balls slap me I have mini orgasms.”

I felt strong male fingers stroking my cunt “I saw him ass fuck you, how does it feel?”

She smiled, eyes flashing with memory, “You’ll have to try it yourself, I can’t describe it.”

Pete raised his head, “You want to try it now Bunny?”

“Not yet but I want to see you do it to her.”

He reached for me, “Let’s have a little fun first.” He pulled me up over him until I was lying on his body, his erection between my legs. I felt mom grab his pole and aim the end of it at my entrance then Pete humped his hips and drove that massive erection hard and fast up me until his ball sack stopped him. My body went rigid as I responded to the swiftness of the sensual invasion. I yelped lightly in his ear then began to hump my hips; I started fucking my mother’s illicit boyfriend with her lying beside us smiling encouragement at me.

I’d been working up to an orgasm for days, thinking about Pete and now that we were involved with each other while my mother waited her turn the long overdue climax ballooned from a shiver in my clit to a euphoric cloud of ecstasy that enveloped my body. My muscles cramped almost painfully then began to quake as I fought for breath. I groaned out loud as the heat from his pounding cock boiled the lust out of me. He let his erection fall out when I collapsed down on him, completely limp, completely sated. He pushed me gently off to his side then rolled to my mother’s back and put his pole between her legs. She reached for him and guided him to the entry of her butt. Pete pressed into her, letting her anus stretch to take the size of him. The deeper he went the more relaxed she became. In moments he started pumping her ass just as he had been pumping my cunt a minute before.

I watched mom’s face while she was getting fucked. Her eyes fluttered but she wasn’t looking at anything, her facial expressions moved from grimaces of work to flashes of pleasure. She bit her lower lip then licked her upper lip when Pete started playing with her long hard nipples. Mom began to pant and banged her butt against his groin; I saw a sheen of sweat form on her neck and shoulders.

I twisted over so I was lying with my head near Pete’s ass. I forced a hand between his thighs and pushed on the top leg. He lifted it then bent his knee and planted the foot on the bed which gave me a clear view of him banging her ass. I watched them, listened to her and my entire body began to tremble with the need of another orgasm. I put a hand over his balls then pinched and rolled the skin of his sack while he continued to pummel my mother.

Mom threw her legs straight, her toes were pointed like she was doing ballet then her thighs began to quiver. She pulled a pillow over her head and cried out in the soft darkness. I put my hand around his erection and pulled on it until just the end of him was still in her butt hole. The shaft in my hand started pulsing, I could feel the sperm rushing from him into her. When he was done jerking I pulled him out of my mother and to his back. I was in the right position to put the end of his cum covered dick in my mouth. Mom rolled her head toward me then stroked my hair as I licked him clean then put my mouth over it and sucked the last few drops of cum from him.

I was still turned on and wanting. The three of us rested for a while then mom went to clean up while I necked with Pete. By the time she came back he was kissing a path of fire down my stomach. He nuzzled my pubic hair then put his mouth on my crack. His lips seared my body, his jet hot breath breezed across the top of my cunt and warmed the hood over my clit. Pete licked my button then pursed his lips and suckled on it. I thought my insides were melting as he licked and sucked first my clit then farther down. When he probed into me with the tip of his tongue my second orgasm started. I learned from my mother that the pillow would muffle my cries of passion so I grabbed one and smothered myself as my body tore itself apart in the purest rapture. I had never felt anything like that, I never even dreamed I could have such a paralyzing orgasm.

Pete had to leave but mom and I stayed home. She and I sat on her bed, neither of us bothered to get dressed so we were comfortably nude as we talked about what we had done. For over an hour we reminisced about the day, my short sex life and our affair with the same man. I told her I felt a little guilty because he was married to Alice but mom reminded me that Alice was screwing dad. I told her that I had given myself to Avery for months but he was a flop in bed and now that I had fucked his father I would never fuck Avery again.

Mom looked at me “That’s too bad; Avery is a good looking young man. He’s got an appealing build and looks athletic as hell, I bet with the right training he could be as good a lover has his father.”

“But I don’t want to ‘train’ him mom, I still have a lot to learn myself.”

She looked at me with a subtle spark in her eyes “Well Bunny, maybe somebody else should take on that little chore for you.”


2015-10-01 13:52:26
Great story; yes could well be extended to another chapter, or even more. But why do some comments want women to get pregnant? Seems a sort of psycho hangup to me. Yeah, I suppose with such a high mental illness rate in the states, psycho attitudes will flourish.

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2015-05-22 19:36:34
I couldn't agree more with the other comments, This certainly needs a chapter !!, I haven't looked to see if there is butt damn someone needs to step up, maybe it will be me.



2015-01-05 11:53:49
Nice story! Another chapter could be fun as well. Three cocks, three pussies. All the girls getting cum from all three men. All three preggo but all three guys the possible fathers. Oh well, it is, after all, your story!

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Mom/daughter team would be a lot of fun. Message jorogili on ya who and I will play with both together.

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this story needs another chapter indicarting that Petes wife and her husband find about them an then they all have a huge orgy including Avery.

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