Amy and I broke up shortly after I turned 19. It was my freshman year in college, and I had started taking an interest in a lot of the other girls in my classes. She was also in college, and we didn’t go to the same school anymore, so it didn’t make much sense for us to stay together any more.

I met Tammy shortly before I turned 21. She applied to work at the same hardware store that I worked at. She was a bad girl, which instantly appealed to me. But she was younger than me, and her personality could best be described as “emo.” She dyed her hair red, kept it shorter, her hair barely reached the back of her neck. She had a cute round face though with freckles. She was shorter than me, with a slender body and smaller breasts, but still had a nice ass. The first few months I knew her, I flirted with her, but never really committed to doing anything else about it. But after about six months of not having gotten laid, she started looking better and better to me. I asked for her phone number one night after work, and got it.

Our first date was in the fall. I asked if I could take her out just for lunch, maybe get to know each other a little better. We went to the mall, and then to a music shop, and then I took her home. Later that week, we were both working when I pulled a muscle in my back loading bags of sand into the back of a customer’s truck. She told me that her mother was working late, and I could come to her house to get a back rub if I wanted to after work. I accepted, hoping that my back wouldn’t be the only thing that got rubbed.

I parked my car in front of a house across the street from hers at about nine thirty. She let me in through her garage, and we went into her room. She was wearing a white tank top pink bra which showed underneath, and gray cotton shorts which were rolled up at the waist to make them shorter. She kept pictures of her favorite bands and musicians all over her wall. Pictures of Pink and Avril Lavigne were all over the place, but there were also posters of metal bands that I liked as well, including Metallica and Avenged Sevenfold. In one corner of her room, she had a dresser, on top of which sat a dvd player hooked up to an old tv. In the opposite corner, near the door, was her bed, with a night stand next to it. Her room was in her basement, not far from the garage door, so there was no window. Only the ceiling light illuminated the room. She had me take my shirt off and lay face down on her bed. She climbed on top of me and started massaging my back.

I was so horny that I was hard as soon as I walked in her house. Taking my shirt off and then having her climb on top of me was driving me wild. Her hands moved up and down my back, finding a knot which sent shivers down my spine when she put pressure on it. I had just started to relax when I stretched my hand out. It slid under her pillow and hit something which felt like a dvd box.

I pulled the dvd out, which caused Tammy to stop massaging quite suddenly. I looked at the box closer. On the front, there was a topless woman with short black hair and nipple piercings smiling seductively on the cover, under the black words with red outlines which said “Crema Latina.” I almost creamed my pants right then.

“Snoop,” she called me as she snatched the dvd out of my hand and placed in on the night stand next to her bed, “that’s not yours.”

“I know,” I replied, “its yours. You watch porn?” With difficulty, I turned onto my back so that I was looking at her. She was now sitting on my lap, if she moved just a couple inches closer to me, she would be sitting on one of the hardest boners of my life.

As it was she sighed and looked kind of embarrassed. “Yes, I do. I do a lot actually. I’ve never been one of those girls who thinks its gross, I’ve always been turned on by it. And that’s not all I have, I just have to keep it hidden from my mom.”

The sudden burst of honesty was greatly arousing. A million possible questions pass through my mind. What kind of porn does she like? How often does she watch it? Where does she get it from? What does she do while she is watching it?

But one question floated to the top of my mind, demanding that my mouth let it out. “Well, do you want to watch one now?”

She squinted at me suspiciously. If she didn’t know where I was going before, she knew as soon as she scooted up my body reaching for the porno on her nightstand, sliding over my hard dick. “Ohhh,” she whispered, “ok.”

She jumped off me and headed towards the tv. The porno was playing before I even had time to collect my thoughts. She sat down on the bed, her back against the wall, and I joined her so that she was on my right. As the porno played, a sexy Latina woman spoke dirty into the camera. She was the one who was on the cover, and she was incredibly sexy. But I kept stealing looks at the girl sitting next to me. At first, she just watched the tv, but after a couple of minutes, she started sneaking her hand down to her groin. When I looked, her hand would just be laying there, innocently. But when I looked at the television, I could see it moving out of the corner of my eye.

I was aware that there still hadn’t been a man on the screen yet. She was either getting turned on by watching the woman, or by watching her with me. I decided to break my silence, “You like her?”

“Yeah,” she whispered, now openly rubbing her groin through her shorts, not caring if I saw.

“You know, if you would like something else to rub…” It was the lamest thing I could say, but it worked. Her head twisted over to look at me, as if seeing me for the first time, and then nodded. She placed her left hand on my bulge and squeezed. I inhaled sharply, and reached my arm around her back, placing it on her hip, inviting her to move closer. She did, and opened up her legs a little wider, her right hand rubbing her pussy harder while her left went to work on my cock.

The woman on screen had found a black man to fuck. The size of his dick was amazing, and as Tammy was rubbing mine through my pants, I hoped she wouldn’t look up and see it. I don’t have a small dick, but mine paled in comparison to his. Luckily, she was not paying even minimum attention to the tv anymore. When her eyes weren’t closed, enjoying the feeling of her hands caressing herself, they were staring at me, flashing between my groin and face respectively, locking eyes for a couple of seconds at a time before returning to her ecstasy.

I was ready to make my next move. I took my hand from her hip, and brought it up to her right breast. She moaned slightly as I gave it a little squeeze. In return, she began fumbling with my zipper, trying to release my cock from its confines. I helped her, finding the zipper and pulling it down. Her hand was in my pants reaching for the hole in the front my boxers before I could get my hand out of the way. When she finally found my dick, she pulled it out of her pants as soon as she could.

She smiled, almost sheepishly, “Its warm,” she purred. I leaned in and gave her a long passionate kiss. But she wasn’t interested in making out. Instead, she deftly swung me so that I was laying down on the bed, and she was on top of me, my cock rubbing up against her groin, which cotton fabric of which was showing clear signs of being wet. She leaned over me and started kissing me. I used both of my hands to lift her shirt off. It was only up to her breasts when she assisted me by taking the rest of it off for me.

She was now grinding against me, twisting her hips, moaning all the while. I reached down to her ass, squeezing, trying to rip her shorts off. The tv had the latina woman going down hard on the black man’s dick. I reached one hand down the back of her pants, and found that she was wearing a thong. I looped my finger underneath it, and found the edge of her shaved pussy. I gave it a light rub, and she gasped.

But she wasn’t gasping at me. She sat up suddenly, tilting her head to the door. I froze, listening intently. I didn’t hear anything, but like any teenager, she was more accustomed to the creaking sounds of her own house. She jumped off me and ran to her tv, turning the dvd player off, and throwing the empty porno box behind her tv. “Quick,” she pleaded, “my mom’s home.”

I jumped up and put my dick away. She threw my shirt at me, and opened the door, quickly shutting it again. “Shit,” she stammered, “my mom is coming downstairs. Quick, in my closet!”

Her closet was a walk in, large enough for me to easily step inside. “Stay quiet, and don’t open the door, even if I leave.” Tammy then shut the door, leaving the light on for me.

Backed inside, careful not to bump anything or make any noise whatsoever. I opened my mouth wide, so no one could hear the sound of my breathing. There was a knock at the bedroom door. “Just a minute mom, I’m changing,” Tammy called out.

“Open up now, Tam.” Her mother responded. I heard the door open. There was no sound for a moment, and then her mother said, “I just wanted to make sure you weren’t smoking.”

“Mom!” Tammy exclaimed, “You know I haven’t for weeks, I quit when I got suspended from school, remember?”

“Yes, Tam, I do, I just wanted to make sure. Can I come in for a minute? I want to talk.”

Apparently, Tammy wasn’t given the time to respond. Her mom asked about her day, and the two engaged in typical conversation. While she did that, I looked around the closet. There were some boxes on a shelf up high. All of them were dusty, except for one shoe box. I curiously removed it from its hiding spot. I opened it silently and found that Tammy was definitely a bad girl. Inside were about ten more porno dvd’s without the boxes. Their subjects ranged everywhere from naughty school girls to inter-racial and even a little BDSM. Also in the box was a small, half empty bottle of vodka, a purple rubber dildo, and a glass pipe for smoking weed. If Tammy still had any weed, she wasn’t keeping it in the box.

My dick hadn’t fully lost its hardness from being shoved in the closet, and it regained its hardness looking at the contents of the shoebox. I became dimly aware of an ache in my groin. I knew that if I didn’t get off soon, I would have a bad case of blue balls on the way home. But I was forced to abandon that train of thought when there was a sudden turn in the conversation outside.

“Aren’t you going to put a shirt on, Tam?” her mother asked, the sound of her voice indicating that she was sitting on the bed.

“I will,” Tammy spoke, “In a minute.” I began looking around. It looked like all of Tammy’s shirts were in the closet.

“Shit,” I muttered silently. I crept quietly to the back of the closet. There was nowhere for me to go, except behind the shirts, and that wouldn’t hide me completely.

“C’mon, Tam,” her mother insisted. “I want to see what that pink and red stripped shirt looks like that I bought you for your birthday.” I knew that if the door opened all the way, the mother would be able to see me from the bed. I scanned the closet for the shirt. It was hanging in the back of the closet with the tag still on it. I quickly removed the shirt from its hanging spot, noticing something incredible at the same time. Hanging right behind the shirt was what was unmistakingly a naughty school girl outfit, complete with a plaid skirt and a ripped shirt which is tied in a knot in front of the breasts. I choked on my gasp.

“That won’t do,” I murmured, ripping the tag off. I silently hung the shirt on the closets door knob and stepped back. The door opened, not very widely. Tammy’s face appeared in the crack, worried at first, and then relieved that I had thought so quickly.

She closed the door again, and a moment later, I heard her mother exclaim, “You see Tammy? It looks great!” The conversation continued again for a few moments, and then there was the sound of the bedroom door closing again. The closet door did not open again right away. I put the box back where I found it, but not before removing the purple dildo. Then I picked up the hanger with the school girl uniform on it. When the door did re-open, she was standing there with a relieved look on her face. When she saw that I was holding the dildo and the outfit, a wry smile formed at the corners of her lips.

She stepped inside the closet, and took the outfit from me. “Not this, not tonight.,” she said. Then she took the dildo, “I think I know what to do with this though.” She slipped her shorts off, leaving just her thong behind. Then she dropped to her knees in front of me. She undid my belt, and pulled down both my pants and my boxers. My hard dick sprung up at full attention, and there was a flash of hunger in Tammy’s eyes. But before she got to work on my cock, she decided to pleasure herself first.

She took the dildo and, pulling her thong to the side, slid it inside her pussy. There was a small switch on the bottom which I had not noticed before, which she flicked. A shudder went through her whole body as the dildo began to vibrate. Then she placed both of her hands on my hips and started sucking my cock.
I desperately wanted to lift her up and fuck her, but her mouth felt so good, and my dick had been teased enough for one night. Her lips glided up and down my shaft, sometimes pausing at the base so that she could open her mouth a little wider and give my balls a lick. When she pulled back, her tongue would wash the head of my dick, spinning around it in circles. Occasionally, she would take her mouth from my cock so she could kiss along the side of it, or jerk it softly while she caught her breath.

Eventually, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold it back for much longer. She seemed to sense that I was getting close, “Let me know when you are about to cum,” she said as she stroked my cock, “so I can deep throat you and swallow it all.”

I nodded without a word, and she went back to my dick. Now she was sliding it a little faster, she wanted my cum. She took my right hand in hers and put it on the back of her head, urging me to grab her hair. I grabbed a hand full and slowed her pace. As she adjusted, her vibrator must have hit the right spot, because she began to tremble. She started moaning with my cock still in her mouth, and the subtle vibrations of her throat finally put me over the edge.

“Oh shit, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum right now Tam…”I whispered. She continued to go up and down on me until the first shot of my cum ran into her mouth. Then she went all the way down on me until my cock was tickling the back of her throat. She grabbed both of my ass cheeks as I came, pulling me deeper into her mouth. I don’t know how long I kept my cock in the back of her throat, but by the time I was done, a little bit of cum and leaked out of her mouth and was dripping down my balls. She took my cock out of her mouth with a gasp for air, and quickly licked up the escaping jism.

She leaned back, breathing heavily, and removed the dildo from her pussy. “Wow, I’ve never given head with a vibrator in before.”

“I’ve never gotten head in a girls closet before,” I added, “a night full of firsts.” She giggled and then stood up.
She opened up her closet door. “I don’t know how we are going to get you out of her without my mom knowing. If I open my garage door, she’ll hear and look outside. To get you out the front door, I’d have to sneak you upstairs, we’d have to walk right past her.”

“I can always stay the night,” I replied. “There are plenty of ways we can occupy ourselves, I think.”
She giggled again. “I don’t think so. There is a window at the end of the hallway, you can probably climb out there.” She left the room and started walking away.

“You have to be kidding me.” I muttered.

Five minutes later, I was in my car. When I looked back at Tammy’s house, she was standing at the window I just cleared waving goodbye. I smiled. It was a hell of a night.

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