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I've been dating this girl for a long time but our dating is a little different
"Good morning bitch" said rachel to start off the morning. She was wearing a nice little white laced thong and a small tanktop. She is about 5'6 and has dark brown hair, perky d cup tits and a nice big tight ass. As she says this i look up from where i had been sleeping which was the floor by her bed. As she's looking down at me she starts to rub her soft bare feet on my face to get me up.
"Good morning mistress" i reply. As i say this she slides her big toe into my mouth and i begin to suck it like i have been trained.
"I'm glad you got paid this week, you can take me to the mall later today so i can get some more clothes and lingerie" she stated with a sexy smirk on her face. "but we can do that later, for now i want you to make me some pancakes. i went to the kitchen and cooked her some pancakes and when i show her the food she looks disgusted.
"You know i like fruit with them!" she screams and knocks the plate out of my hand.
"I'm sor..." i was cut off as she forced my mouth open and spit into my mouth. i swallowed and then recieved a firm slap on my right cheek. She than told me to lay down as i had to be punished. I obeyed her immediatly and looked up at her long tan legs. Suddenly she dropped and slammed her ass onto my face. It hurt for a split second but then my nose rubbing up against her thong and recieving her intoxication aroma made the pain go away. she grinded her ass down my nose and pushed my head against the hard ground. i felt my nose slide around the rim of her ass hole, it smelled amazing. She released for a moment to let me breathe and pulled her thong to the side revealing her nice tight asshole and her slippery shining pussy. She noticed my mouth was opened and she spat into my mouth again.
"Put your tongue up my asshole!" she demanded. I stuck my tongue as deep as i could into her butthole. as i did i felt her legs shake above me and heard her moan with pleasure.
"thats right, fuck my ass with your tongue" she continued to grind on my face and her hole was getting wet with my saliva. As she pulled away for a second i got a peek at her ass and it was glistening with spit. she started teasing it right above me. swaying around with her ass inches above my face. she moved her middle finger down and started rubbing it around the rim. I was trying so hard to resist the urge to shove my face into it because i knew i'd be punished. her finger penetrated her asshole, than came out straight into my mouth. i sucked her finger so hard i could taste that nice tight ass. she took it away and without warning shifted and put her pussy onto my mouth. i hadnt noticed but her pussy was dripping as she grinded it on my face i could feel the juices it left behind on my face. she lifted a little and told me to give her my tongue. The second my tongue made contact i felt her push into my face. her pussy tasted so sweet. she was grinding on my tongue harder and harder and her moans grew louder and louder. before i knew it my mouth was being filled with squirt. so i reacted the only way possible which was to drink as fast as i could. i sucked her pussy and her juice as fast as i could. after about 30 seconds of drinking her cum she got off my face and wiped juice off my face with her thong and set it in my mouth. it tasted like she was cumming all over again so i sucked them dry.
"Go get me my anal beads" she demanded. I shot up and ran to the bathroom and retrieved he nice pink anal beads that were about and inch and a half in diameter, i ran back in to find her on the edge of the bed in doggy style with her ass pointed to the sky. i walked over and gave her the beads. she then spit into the palm of her hand and let it drip onto her asshole.
"lick it out of there and lube me up with your tongue." i sucked her spit our of her asshole and proceded to probe her asshoke with my tongue. she then began acting like my tongue was a cock and fucking it hard. her ass felt like it was punching me in the face every time she hit me, but i kept penetrating her asshole with my tongue. suddenly she stopped and shoved one of the beads into my mouth and told me to put it in with my mouth and tongue. i slowly started to push the bead in and i saw her hole begin to grow. i really had to give a lot of force for the first half of the bead but once i got past it slid almost all the way in. i used my tongue to push it the rest of the way and as it slid in her hole closed around my tongue.
"dont move your tongue yet, just sit there with your tongue in my hole for a second." i could tell she like just having my tongue in her asshole.
"take your tongue out now." i removed my tongue and saw the string hanging out of her asshole with a big pink bead hanging from it while the other was in her asshole.
"Open your mouth" she said. i did and waited for a few seconds then the bead quickly popped out and landed in my mouth.
"Hows that taste bitch?"
I managed to mumble "wonder mistress" i could taste her ass on the bead and it was so sureal. she told me to spit it out and start sucking on her pussy. I sank my tongue in her again and is was even wetter than before. My nose slid into her slightly gaped asshole and i took a big sniff as it did. i slipped my tongue up and down as fast as i could sucking up all of her juices as i did. Once again her moans started up and i felt her hips rubbing against my face. her movements got more rough and her moans turned to screams. I felt as if i was just her sex toy and i was. i felt her pussy start to tighten around my tongue and then suddenly juices started running down her thighs and onto my face. I re-adjusted myself so i could swallow more but it kept coming so i couldnt get it all. suddenly the taste of the juice changed, and i could smell piss.
"you better not let any piss get on the bed slave boy" she said. i had no time to respond i just started to gulp down her pee. my nose was still in her asshole as the pee ran down my throat, it felt like forever as i wash trying frantically not to spill a drop. but just as suddenly as it started it came to an end.
"Lick from my clit to my asshole and clean me up bitch." she demanded as i licked her clit and pussy i tasted pussy juice and pee mixed together and as i worked up towards the her taint i started tasting spit mixed in with her ass and the juice and pee. than her asshole was just like a mixing hole for it all. the taste is undescribable it made my dick feel like it was gonna explode. i repeated licking clit to ass about 15 times when she pushed me away and said "now go get your wallet we are going shopping."

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