Asia spends a weekend with her two closes bestfreinds
I grab my duffel bag my brother car Marcus helps me carry my duffel bag to my brother car he was being so nice to. All he did since I was born is pick on me once when I was five and he was eight we all go to the park he made me eat dirt and there was a worm in the dirt lucky i spit it out. I was happy when a he got grounded by his mother well Marcus live in a house full of boys he had five older brothers I had one older brother and my brother is eighteen now. Hi I'm Alisa I’m fourteen my birthday is tomorrow me, my brother, and Marcus all going out to eat on my birthday my two closet friends. Zane hops onto the expressway all Marcus did is tell joke on the way to their apartment some of his jokes were good i close my eyes when Zane pull into his apartment parking lot I "get her bag I have to go". I walk over to the driver window I lean in and kiss Zane on the cheek "bye big bro" I yell Marcus drops my duffel "ow" Marcus screams. I started to whisper something in Japanese i was J "I know you whisper something in Japanese" Marcus says I walk over to him I stare at his left foot it was red. "Lets get you up to your apartment so i can put some ice on this" the whole time I talk Marcus stares at my big tits they were big i had got mines in the beginning of fourth grade. I help Marcus to the gate I turn the knob we enter I press the up bottom on the elevator we take the elevator to the fifth floor we get off we turn right we walk down the hall. All Marcus did is moan in pain as we walk down the hall to the fourth apartment I unlock the door Marcus sits in the den I grab a clean glove I fill it with ice then tie it i go in the den. I lift Marcus feet up I put a small pillow to elevate his foot I put the glove of ice on his big bump "ah" Marcus says I lean back Marcus grabs my hand I blush "yes" I face him. "Thank you" he squeeze my hand I get up "I'm going to take a shower call me if you need anything" one thing for sure anyway Marcus acts like a kid I was always nice to him at one point I did like him, but he was three years older then and I bet he didn't like me he did only date two girls. I'm still a virgin I was going to give it up to my first boyfriend until I found that he cheated on me one night my boyfriend almost rape me lucky Marcus was at the drive in movie theater with some girl he grab my boyfriend and punch him. Marcus took his date home then me I told him thanks that night I go in the shower when I came out the room to see Marcus asleep I pull the blanket off him to see him jacking off I open the whole blanket then cover him. His dick did look big I wonder what size it was I thought to myself I go in his room I lay in his bed I take a nap I woke to see my pajama shirt all open I rub my tits I cover the blanket over myself when I heard footsteps. Marcus enters his room.
“I made dinner”.
How long was I asleep ?
“Three hours”.
What's for dinner ?
“Japanese girl favorite”.
“But first you should wash your hand I think I caught a cold”.
You didn't sneeze on the food did you ?
“No I had something covering my nose while I cook”.
“I be ready soon”.
I go down the hall to bathroom I wash my hands then dry them I enter the dining room I sit on the right side while Marcus sits on the right Zane enters the apartment. “I have bad news” what ? me and Marcus both say we laugh “I have to work tomorrow on your birthday”. “That bad news for me I wanted to spend time with my two favorite guys” I say “well you can spend it with Marcus will all go out to eat tomorrow night well save me some food for work I'm tired I'll hop into my shower then bed”. Zane goes to his room Marcus say the grace then we eat Zane comes back five minutes later he sits with us “Ill eat you guys I am hungry”. Zane sits with us while he talks about his day while Marcus kept rubbing his right foot against my feet I giggle everything okay sis ? “I'm fine just eat this wonderful food Marcus made”. Zane slides his plate away “I'm not hungry anymore I'm off to bed got to work early. Once Zane left I go wash the dishes when Marcus enters the kitchen “stop flirting with me” I say.
“I'm not”.
“Yes you was playing footsies with my feet”.
“Oh my swollen foot was itching me I'm so sorry”.
“No problem”.
Later that night all I dremp about was Marcus dick when I accidentally took the blanket off Marcus earlier today I started to play with myself I cover my mouth with a hand towel when I moan his name. I sneak down the hall to the den to see Marcus asleep on the pull out bed I quietly walk over him I pull the blanket off him a little. I pull his boxers down I stare at his dick it had to a eight or nine inch and it's bigger then my brother I saw his before when I walk in on him when he was in the shower that before he move to Texas it's a hour away from the state I live in. I grab Marcus dick I rub it for a while when he started to moan he moves in his sleep I let his dick I was about to get up when Marcus grab my hand he pull me back down I landed on top of him. Marcus had his eyes close I knew he was half asleep. Marcus grab my big tits they where cover up by my tee shirt I lean in an tongue kiss him for two minutes when he pull my shirt the shirt unbutton he grope my tits. What size are these ? He whisper “a forty D” Marcus kept groping them I lay his dick between my tits I move my tits up and down he started to moan I kept doing that for a while until I heard footsteps. I hide behind the couch Zane walks by the den when he stop he enters the den “man you have to jack off that early in the morning”. “I couldn't help myself” have you seen Alisa ? “I think she in the shower”. “This time in the morning” Zane goes into the kitchen “gotta go” I say I rush down the hall I grab my towel from Marcus room I go to the bathroom I hop into the shower my shirt started to get wet when I felt a hand grab me “shh” Marcus covers my mouth with his left hand while he use his right hand to grope my tits. “Now listen to me I want you to suck my dick you little Asian whore” I bop my head back and forth Marcus move his hand from my mouth. I turn around I push Marcus against the shower wall “dang women” I kiss Marcus chest when we heard a loud sound at the bathroom door sis are you okay ? Marcus grab my breast I moan “I'll wait until you get out the shower” Zane yells he goes back to his room all I felt was my hair getting wet my long Asian hair. Marcus leans in an kisses me Marcus steps back I rub my hand against his chest I squat I grab Marcus dick I rub it for awhile then I lick it for a couple seconds I stick his dick in my mouth I start to suck it. Marcus grab my tits then he grabs my hair I started to choke Marcus lets go of my hair “I'm so sorry I'm not trying to kill you” “It's okay”.I stare at Marcus “you have cute big eyes”. I keep sucking his dick once he was about to cum I pull out he cums all over my breast some landed on my face I smile I look up “now that my good girl”. Marcus pats me on the head I bark in a low soft voice Marcus laughs. I wipe my face off with soap Marcus slides the shower door open he leaves. After my shower I go in his room when he was walking down the hall when I slip my head out the door and kiss him then he leaves. “I'm going to have the best birthday tomorrow since I'm spending it with you” I whisper then I close the bedroom door I left him standing there with a boner in his pants.

If you want me to write a second part please comment I do take good and bad comments so please leave message on my page. There will be a second part soon if my fans want a second part ?

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2014-07-25 20:24:36
This story was fantastic! I personally like the babysitting Mya ones better but this is great too! If you write more of either one I'll be happy!

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I liked it should definitely do another one

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