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This is the (probably) final version of Interracial encounter with my neighbor. Enjoy :) comments and suggestions are apprectiated.
I feel I should share this story but first, a little background information. It took place when I was 18, in my senior year of high school and at that point, I was a total virgin. I was 5’6, about a 120 pounds and entirely smooth on my body. My brown hair and brown eyes were the same shade of color. My white skin had a nice little all-over tan to it. I had a pretty feminine figure due to my slightly wider hips and small bubble butt that seemed to attract stares in the locker room at school. I had never done anything with anybody of either sex. At that age, I wasn’t entirely sure what my sexual orientation was. I thought I was possibly gay because I had never seen a girl that made me think about having sex with her. I did however; see guys that made me stir in my pants. I seemed to be particularly fond of older black men, which is exactly what my neighbor was. He was 6’2 and about 220 pounds of muscle. I used to peek through my bedroom window whenever he worked outside in his yard. Seeing his muscles move while he did yard work made me want to touch myself. His wife was out of town one weekend so he asked me to babysit his two children while he worked all day. I happily agreed and this is the story of what happened that night.

I sat on the couch of Mr. Thomas’ house watching TV. I wondered to myself where Mr. Thomas was, since it was already 11:30pm and he had told me he would be home 2 hours ago. I didn’t really care though. The kids had already gone to bed hours ago and I had pants in the dryer. I had accidently spilled some tea on my pants a little while ago and so I threw them in the dryer. I didn’t have any underwear on so I just picked a pair of Mr. Thomas’ basketball shorts out of the clean laundry bin and slid them on. They were very big on me but I didn’t care. I was lost in my own thoughts when I heard the front door open. I sprang to my feet to see Mr. Thomas’ walking through the door.

“Hey Michael, sorry I’m so late. I went out with the guys from the job site for some after work drinks and lost track of time. It was a good stress reliever. Were the kids okay tonight?”

“Its okay Mr. Thomas. The kids have been in bed for hours and they were well behaved all day. Sometimes a guy needs to blow off some steam. Besides, I have pants in the dryer so I didn’t mind waiting. Sorry about stealing your shorts.”

“That’s okay.” He sat down on the couch and put his feet up on the ottoman. He was wearing work boots, blue jeans, and a wife beater under an opened flannel button up shirt. Even with his shirt on, you could still tell that he was a muscular man. “I’m surprised that those aren’t falling off of you. What happened to your pants?”

I sat down on the couch next to him. “I have them cinched up tight as they go but they still keep falling down all the time. I spilled some tea on my pants so I threw them in the dryer. Do you need these back?”

“Well no I don’t but if you don’t mind giving them back, I’m sure I can find something that fits you a little better. Just wear your shirt till I can find something.”

“Uuumm Mr. Thomas, I’m not wearing any underwear. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. Just wear your shirt until your pants get out of the washer, it should be long enough to cover everything. We’re both guys right? It’s not like we haven’t seen all this stuff in a locker.”

My mind raced, was he trying to get me naked? Did he want me? No, of course not. He was a married man with two young children. He didn’t seem the kind of guy that would be gay. I settled on he was just trying to get his pants back and that he didn’t want some neighbor boy free balling in his shorts. “Okay, I’m gonna take these off then.” I stood up off the couch, faced away from him, and slid off the shorts. I immediately realized that my tight blue shirt was not long enough to cover my entire butt. I just stood there in shock at my embarrassing situation with only ¾ of my smooth white ass covered before I could react by pulling my shirt down to almost cover the rest of my ass. “UUmm Mr. Thomas, I think I have underestimated the length of this shirt.” I turned my ahead around and thought I caught Mr. Thomas staring at my ass.

He snapped his head back as soon as I turned my head around and said,
“Well that’s okay. I’m sure I have something that fits you in my room. Let’s go take a look.”

“I’m so embarrassed right now. Alright, let’s go look.” I kept my ass to him and turned around to climb up the stairs that lead to his second story bedroom. As I climbed the stairs, he stayed 3 steps back and I could almost swear that I could feel him staring at me as we climbed the stairs. I kept my shirt pulled down as I skipped up the steps. “I’m so sorry, I don’t want you to see anything and get disgusted with me.”

He just smiled and said, “It’s okay Michael. I’ve seen man ass in the locker room before.”

I got to the top of the stairs and walked into his bedroom. “Alright, let’s get some pants for me so you don’t have to see my ugly white ass anymore.”

“It’s fine Michael. Not trying to creep you out but your ass isn’t that bad looking.” He walked over to a dresser and pulled out a pair of grey yoga pants. “These are my wife’s but you are about her size so these should fit. I hope these are okay.”

I replied, “These are fine, thanks.” I pulled on the tight fitting pants and was pleasantly surprised at how they felt. I liked the way that they hugged my ass and cradled my little package. I turned around and jokingly said, “How do they look?”

“They look fine on you. You have a feminine figure anyway so they hug your curves,” he said with a little wink and a smile that I took to mean that he was poking fun at me.

I laughed and said, “Well they do accentuate my hips and ass nicely. I might have to keep these.”

“Go ahead. She has plenty of pairs of those damn things.” He sat down on his bed, removed his shirts and started to unlace his boots. I was shocked at how smooth his dark muscular body was. I started to feel myself get a boner so I quickly turned away and acted like I was just looking around his room.

“This is a nice master bedroom you got here.” I looked back to see him standing up in nothing but his dark blue boxer briefs. I stared at his crotch and noticed how he had a large bulge. I quickly looked back up at his face. I don’t think he noticed me staring so I continued on. “Well you went full locker room real quick.”

“This isn’t full locker room. Full locker room is naked but I didn’t want to get naked with you in here and weird you out.”

I chuckled and said, “Alright well, I’ll get out if you feel uncomfortable.”

He replied, “Why would I be uncomfortable?” He dropped his boxer briefs and there it was. A glorious piece of large black meat and he wasn’t even hard. It was so big, so full of veins, and so smooth looking. “Hey would you go get me some underwear out of that dresser over there for me please? They’re in the bottom”

I pried my eyes away from his big swinging cock and walked across the room. I opened the drawer and bent over to get some out. I rummaged around in the drawer but couldn’t find any underwear. “Umm they’re not in here.” I looked around to him and thought I saw his cock getting a little hard.

“Oh sorry, they must all be dirty. Well, I’m gonna hop in the shower now. You can just watch TV in here until your pants get dry.” He then turned away quickly and walked into the bathroom, leaving the door open a crack.

I sat down on his bed with the TV on and started to think. He is amazing looking. Was his cock getting bigger because he saw me bend over in these yoga pants? Did he find me sexually attractive? Was he jacking off in the shower thinking about me? I heard the shower running and decided to wait a while. I had to see it again. I walked over to the door and peeked inside. In the mirror reflection I could see him pulling on his cock while he waited for the water to warm up. I started to get hard and rub myself through the thin pants. Suddenly, he looked up and said,”Hey could you hand me the towel off the back of the door?”

I jerked away from the opening in the door. Had he seen me? He hadn’t said anything so I assumed that I was in the clear, at least partially. My cock was straining at the seams of the pants and there was no hiding it. I grabbed the towel off the back of the door and lowered it so it would cover my crotch, and walked inside. “Here you go.” I tried to lay it down on the sink and walk out as fast as I could but he was too quick. He yanked the towel out of my hands and left me standing there with my erection.

“Well, well, well, what’s that all about? Are you gay? Do you like looking at my big black cock?”

All that I could do was stand there frozen. I mumbled, “uuhh sorry. I was thinking about some other stuff. Please don’t think I’m weird and tell everybody in the neighborhood.”

“Well now why would I do that? It seems that we can have a good time and nobody will be the wiser. Why don’t you touch my cock? See what a real man feels like. Your little thing barely qualifies as a penis. Go on and touch it.” With that, he put his large muscular hand on my shoulder and pushed me slightly to my knees.

I kneeled down before his chiseled dark skinned body and reached my hand out to touch his member. “I’ve never done anything like this sir.” I ran my fingers along the ring of his large mushroom shaped head, which elicited a twitch from his cock. I then wrapped my hand around his shaft and started to slowly and gently pump it up and down. I could honestly feel it getting slightly larger. I was bewildered by how large it was. My fingers could almost touch and I could easily put my two hands on his length with room for more. I looked up at him while I stroked his cock and said, “Am . . am I doing alright?”

He chuckled and then replied in a dominating tone, “Yes you are little white boy. How about you try sucking it now? Have you ever done that?” I nodded my head no. “Well then, today is a good day to learn. Work your tongue and do not use your teeth. If your teeth touch my cock I will slap you. Do you understand?”

I replied, “Yes sir. I’ll try my best.” I grabbed a hold of his cock and pointed it at my face. How I was ever going to suck this monstrous meat pole, I hadn’t the slightest idea. I stuck my tongue out and ran it along the head and all the way down his shaft. I then pointed it at the sky and ran my tongue from the base of his cock all the way to his head and circled around it. I took one last breath and decided to just go for it. I opened my mouth and slowly started to take it in. I wrapped my lips around the head and started to push it further and further into my mouth until I gagged. I had only taken a little over half of it and was wondering how anyone could ever deep throat anything like this. I started to increase my speed and bob my head up and down till I gagged. The feeling of his warm cock pulsing against my tongue was amazing. On the way up to the head, I would trace some of the prominent veins bulging against his cock skin with my tongue. I bobbed and gagged and slurped on his dark pole until my eyes started to water.

Suddenly, he grabbed the back of my head and told me to stop and go lay down on the bed. My heart was pounding in my chest as I did as I was told. He sat down next to me and said, “For someone that has never done that, you sure have some skills. Now let’s take this a little bit further.” He reached into his nightstand and pulled out a large bottle of lube.

I got wide eyed and timidly asked, “What exactly does that mean?” I knew what he meant. He wanted to fuck me in my ass. I was about to have a full on panic attack. How could he expect that thing to fit inside me? I had used my fingers on myself before but this was no comparison. His cock would split me in half.

“I’m going to fuck you.”

“Please sir, I’m a virgin. That thing won’t fit inside of me. It’ll break me apart.”

“Well that’s even better. I’ve never fucked a virgin white boy. Especially one with an ass like yours.”

My head started to spin. I had to get out of here. There was no way this could end well for me. I shot him a look and dashed for the door but he caught my arm on the way and threw me back on the bed. He stood towering over me with his massive hard cock staring at me. “Oh no, there’s no way that you’re gonna parade that little white ass in front of me and get away with it. I’m gonna make you worship my black cock.”
He leaned down and grabbed my arms and held them with one hand. I struggled against him but he was too strong. With his free hand, he reached down and pulled off my pants with one smooth motion. I managed to roll over but that was even worse for obvious reasons. With my arms pinned he reached down to the floor and grabbed a belt and bound my hands together with it. Now I just laid there on my stomach with my hands bound and nowhere to run. He grabbed my hips and pulled me onto my hands and knees. I heard a cap pop off of something and then felt a cool liquid on my ass. I couldn’t help but let out a small moan at how . . . good it felt.

“See? You like it. Now we can either do this the easy way or the hard way but the fact is, my black cock is going inside your ass.”

I pleaded my case with tears in my eyes one last time, “Please don’t! It will hurt too much.”

“You’ll learn to love it.”

I then felt him rubbing his massive cockhead around my tight pink hole. It sent shivers throughout my entire body. I felt an enormous amount of pressure and then a pop. The pain was indescribable. It felt like my ass was on fire and that I was going to be split in two. I buried my face in the sheets and started to cry. My fists clutched the bed like it was my only savior. He slowly pushed in and out, in and out. My tight hole expanded around his girth as he slowly moved inside me. As the minutes that seemed like hours passed by, I started to feel weird. His balls rested against mine as I realized he was all the way in. It felt like I was impossibly full. He withdrew and then pushed back in with a little more force. He hit my prostate on the way in and I felt ready to collapse. The total feeling of everything was overwhelming. He started to slide in faster.

“Oh gooddd! That feels so good.”

“See white boy? I told you that you would love this meat inside of you. Tell me how much you love it!” He started to pound me rapidly, hitting my prostate with each thrust and driving me insane.

“OOhhh please fuck me with your big black cock! Oh my god! Yes! Fill me up! You feel so good!” His huge balls slapped against mine with every forward stroke and my dick was rock hard.

He suddenly pulled out and said, “You are going to ride me now like the bitch you are.” I had never felt so empty in my life. It was like a part of me had just disengaged from my body. All I could think about was how much I wanted that cock inside of me. I eagerly straddled over him as he laid down on his back. He undid the belt and tossed it aside.

As I used my hands to steady myself, I slowly lowered my ass back onto his throbbing cock. The head popped in and instantly I felt better. Before I could descend any farther on it, he thrusted upward. His cock slammed into my prostate on the way to, what felt like, touching my lungs. It knocked the wind out of me and I almost lost my balance.

“Now bounce on it boy.”

I positioned my legs and started to slowly rise up and down on it. I started to bounce up and down faster. His balls touching my ass while my balls where on his pelvis. My dick jumped up and down each time I bounced. I started to scream out, “Oh you feel so good. I love your big black cock. Ohh my ass feels so good.” He grabbed my ass and started to pull me down onto it. I kept bouncing and singing the praised of his dark pole. I then looked in his eyes and said, “Oh god I think I’m going to cum!”

“Me too! Take my black seed inside of you.” He then pulled me down on his cock as hard as he could and started to pulse. His large pulsing cock felt amazing inside of me and I came. It shot all over his chest and mine.

I just sat on top of him panting until his throbbing subsided and then rolled off next to him. As his cum ran out of me and onto the bed and my legs, he leaned up and smiled at me.

“I think you should stay the night white boy. Your pants probably aren’t ready yet and I have other things to teach you.”


2017-05-02 00:30:45
Oh how I wished that was me having that BBC in my ass!!


2016-09-17 17:43:58
I find the comment about 20 yr old white guy being forced to suck a black man in the theatre so sexy, made me cum!!


2016-09-17 17:40:52
I'm married and white but so much want to worship a muscular black man, I want to be his personal cocksucking slave.

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2015-03-18 06:49:32
would have loved to be the one in the story. first to taste that then to feel it inside. how much better could it be

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I loved this story. I personally love big black cock up my man pussy. I sucked off my p.e. teacher in the 9th grade and haven't looked back. I am a hopeless black cum we slut.

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