this is the next chapter in the Mommy: The Sex Ed Teacher series. In this chapter, Joyce and Janet talk about some more about Joyce's cousin and then fuck each other to many orgasms. It is a little short, but don't worry, chapter 3 will be out soon.

“I like sucking cock mommy, it makes me feel good.” Joyce laughed and then her hand went in between her daughters legs as she gave Janet’s crotch a slight rub through the jeans.

“Baby, you have no idea how much better it can feel. But that’s okay, you have mommy here to teach you.”

And Now…

Chapter 2

Janet giggled only like a 14 year old slut could as her mom pulled her hand from her crotch. Steve, his bald head shining in the light, got up off the couch and pulled his pants up. It was just then that Janet noticed the wedding ring on Steve’s left ring finger and gasped a little.

“You’re married?” Steve zipped up his pants and then looked down at Janet and then at Joyce who was now also getting dressed. Joyce looked over at Steve’s hand and then slightly smiled.

“Yeah er I’m married…”

“How could you just cheat on your wife?”

“It’s complicated sweetie…” Janet didn’t know why she was so upset but she was. When Joyce finished dressing she seemed like she was gonna go over to Steve and kiss him but noticed that Janet looked upset so she just told him goodbye and he left, calling a cab to pick him up.

“Mommy have you ever cheated?” Joyce sat down on the couch (which still had various juices on it) and patted the seat next to her for Janet to sit on. Janet did and she looked into her mom’s eyes awaiting an answer.

“Not on your father baby, no. But I did cheat when I was younger.” Janet’s eyes widened.


“Well honey… I don’t know its complicated.”

“Please tell me mommy. I want to know everything about your sexual history.” Joyce smiled at Janet and then told her the story. It was actually connected to the story about her cousin she told her daughter before.

“Well baby, you know the cousin I told you I fucked when I was 16?” Janet nodded, “Me and him spent two months on his farm… well his dad’s farm… And well I was never looking for anything serious with him, but he developed romantic feelings for me, which I thought was just odd, cause we are cousins. But anyway, it was like the last week I was at the farm when, I guess you could say, cheated on him.” Janet was intrigued as always.

“Who did you fuck?”

“I fucked my uncle, baby. His dad. And he found out about it and got really mad and well he sort of attacked me but his dad stopped him. Then my aunt, his mom, found out and she hated me forever after.”

“When was the last time you talked to them?”

“Well we talk on the phone Christmas time but the last time I saw them was when I was pregnant with you. My cousin actually got his wife pregnant around the same time and I was there when their son was born. But I guess his wife knew about our history and she couldn’t stand to look at me so I never saw them after that. My uncle died of cancer when you were really young and my aunt is off doing god knows what now, I think she got remarried and started a new life.”

“Wow I never knew our family had such a big secret.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if there was incest going on right now somewhere in our family, I know a few family members that would stare at me at family reunions.” Janet leaned against the couch and now turned on the TV thinking about everything her mom told her.


“Yes dear?”

“Do you think there are any cousins that would want to fuck me?” Joyce was once again a little surprised at her daughter’s bluntness.

“I bet there would be.”

“Even the girls?” Joyce felt her pussy starting to burn.

“Yeah baby even the girls… There is one big girl sitting right here that would…” Janet quickly looked at her mom and Joyce could feel her face going red.

“You want to fuck me mommy?” Joyce swallowed hard and nodded, smiling at her daughter.

“What would you do to me?”

“Well baby, I would start by licking your delicious young pussy until you came, and then I would fuck both your holes with anything I could get.” Janet bit her lip and her hand went to her crotch. She rubbed her crotch through her pants for a few moments before she looked at her mom’s eyes and Joyce could see the lust in her daughter’s eyes. They both lunged forward and started kissing heavily, and passionately, their tongues dancing in each other’s mouths.

Joyce could still taste the cum that was in Janet’s mouth and her pussy produced a bunch of liquid at the memory. Joyce pushed her daughter onto her back and held herself up over top of her, mother and daughter furiously making out. Janet had never kissed a boy, or anyone before, so she was a little sloppy with her technique but her mom didn’t care. The TV was blaring in the background as the two of them kissed for a good five minutes. When Joyce finally broke the kiss and started sucking on her daughter’s neck, Janet let out a wonderful moan.

“Ohh mommy fuckk me!”

Joyce stopped sucking on Janet’s neck long enough to pull off her shirt again, letting her daughter get another look at the tits she sucked on as a baby. Soon after, Joyce was ripping apart Janet’s clothes, first her shirt got pulled off in such a force that there was a little tear in it, and then she took off her daughter’s small bra, covering her small and petite tits. Joyce’s mouth moved down to her daughter’s breasts as she took each one into her hungry mouth and started to suck on them like it was her job.

Janet kept squirming and moaning softly as her mom made her feel things she had never felt before. While Joyce sucked on her daughter’s nipples, she unbuttoned her daughter’s pants and tugged them down enough to get a hand inside Janet’s panties, where she felt the wetness her daughter had already produced. Joyce looked up at Janet and Janet blushed a little. Joyce then started to kiss her way down Janet’s flat stomach and pulled down her pants and panties as she did so. Before long, Janet lay completely nude in front of her mom.

The 14 year old pussy that Joyce should have never touched was now attached to her mouth. Joyce didn’t give Janet anytime to get used to the extreme rush of new sensations she was feeling, but instead stuck her tongue deep inside her daughter’s pussy, her jaw open as far as possible, with her mouth completely covering the teen pussy in front of her.

“Oh FUUUCK MOMMMMMMYYYY!!” Joyce worked her mouth and tongue on Janet’s wet pussy for minutes, not stopping once. When Joyce could sense her daughter coming closer to orgasm, she stuck her index finger inside Janet’s virgin hole and started finger fucking her with speed. Janet at this point was bouncing on the couch, her hands covering her face as she let out loud screams.

Before long, Janet experienced her first orgasm and it sent her body into a whole new universe. Her body tingled from head to toe, as wave after wave of sensation went through her, peaking at her pussy. Joyce stopped eating out her daughter and watched the beautiful girl in front of her coming off that high.

“Holy shit! That was amazing!” Joyce laughed but Janet was dead serious. In fact, that orgasm seemed to awaken a part of Janet that had been imprisoned her entire life. The slut inside Janet was surfacing.

“Do it again! Lick my fucking cunt mommy!” Joyce was once again shocked at her daughter, and now Joyce could see herself mirrored in Janet’s eyes. Unlike with Steve, Janet was being more dominant.

“Oh still horny?” Janet nodded her head quickly.

“Please mommy, lick my pussy!” Joyce didn’t waste anymore time and she went back to eating her daughter’s delicious 14 year old cunt. Janet was a lot more fierce this time as she grabbed her mom’s hair and started to grind her sloppy wet pussy against her mom’s face. Joyce could barely keep up, her tongue was inside Janet but it kept popping out and instead Janet would grind her cunt against Joyce’s nose.

It took even less for Janet to cum a second time but it felt even more powerful. Once her orgasm died down again, Joyce pulled her head free and then went back up to Janet’s mouth as they started to make out again. Joyce had her daughter’s juices litterarly dripping off her face and she loved it. But now her pussy was almost on fire from how horny she was and even though Janet seemed like she wanted another orgasm, Joyce needed some relief too.

Janet started to push her mom’s face back down towards her crotch without even asking but Joyce stopped her.

“Mommy pleaseeeee!” She grabbed her mom’s hair again and started to push on her but with how horny Joyce was and the pain of the disrespectful hair pulling, she had enough. She grabbed Janet by the wrist and squeezed tightly until Janet let go of her hair.

“Shut the fuck up slut! I am your mistress, not the other way around!” Joyce was back in her world of lust and her expression managed to scare Janet enough for her to just nod in fear. “Now, I am horny too you whore, and if you really wanna be a good slut, you will know how to not only suck a cock, but how to eat a pussy.”

“But mommy, can you lick me some more first?” Joyce slapped her daughter, not with full force, but also enough to tell Janet she wasn’t messing around.

“No! You are my whore and you will respect me!” Janet was almost in tears from fear now and Janet smiled at her. “Good, see you are obedient.” Joyce then laid on her back and pulled off her pants and panties again and then rubbed her pussy slowly waiting for Janet. Joyce had a small bush of pubes but there wasn’t many and Janet got off her back and onto her stomach as she laid inbetween her mom’s legs. Joyce had her feet on the couch with her knees raised in the air while Janet laid on her stomach, her cute little ass giggling a little and her legs bent at the knees, with her feet in the air behind her.

Janet then slowly leaned in and gave her mom’s pussy a short little lick, testing it out much like she did with Steve’s cock. Joyce didn’t want to go through the process of patiently waiting as her daughter got used to it, so she grabbed a handful of Janet’s hair and pulled her face into her cunt. Janet let out a little shriek but started to lick and move her tongue around as soon as she had no other choice. Joyce kept looking down at Janet as she did her best to copy everything Joyce had done earlier and Joyce absolutely loved the sight in front of her.

Janet started to get the hang of it a bit more and started to shove her tongue inside her mom’s delicious used pussy, licking around the walls of it, trying to get as much liquid down her throat as possible. The taste of pussy wasn’t bad to Janet anymore and she was willingly swallowing anything she could. She started to think about the hot thick cum from Steve’s cock and got a sudden bolt of pleasure shoot in her pussy thinking about getting more of it. She wanted to be a cum slut, for both male and females now.

Joyce laid back with her eyes closed and head resting comfortably and let her daughter keep sucking on her pussy. It was one of the best feelings in the world. She had gotten her cunt licked hundreds of times, quite a few by girls too, but none of those matched her own daughter.

Joyce started to feel herself approaching her orgasm and ordered Janet to go harder, to lick faster, eat her out more, do whatever she could to push her over the edge. Janet willingly obeyed and started to move her tongue in every direction she could, bobbing her head up and down, shaking it side to side, and doing her best to make Joyce cum.

Joyce still couldn’t cum though and wanted to make things kinkier. Joyce had experienced all kinds of sex, almost anything a person could think of in her high school and college days (even some watersports with a brief ex, but no scat) and one thing she really enjoyed was assplay. She had licked various assholes, guys and girls, and had her own licked, by guys and girl. A smile went across her face as she got the kinky idea.

“Baby, I want you to eat my ass out.” Janet didn’t stop licking and sucking on her mom’s pussy but she looked up at Joyce with her eyebrows raised. “Go ahead, don’t worry it’s clean.” Janet still wasn’t so sure but once again Joyce took form in her mistress dominant side and smacked her daughter across the face again, after which, Janet obeyed.

Joyce lifted her legs into the air which Janet had to hold up and then spread her ass cheeks, opening up the brown hole for Janet’s mouth. Joyce did almost daily enema’s as she always wanted to be ready for any ass play that could be involved.

Janet’s tongue went to work just like it did with her pussy, and she gave it a nice lick, and once she couldn’t taste any shit or anything gross, Janet started to lick the hole all around, covering it with spit. Joyce was now moaning louder than ever and Janet, realizing her mom was on the verge of an orgasm, started to push her tongue against the opening of the hole, trying to get it inside. It took a few tries but eventually Joyce’s asshole relaxed enough for Janet’s tongue to enter it. Janet could feel her mom’s sphincter tightening on her tongue and she actually liked it. She started to move her head in and out, tongue fucking Joyce’s ass.

Joyce had now started to furiously rub her pussy, alternating with finger fucking herself with three fingers and simply rubbing it with all the speed she could get. Soon enough there was a loud scream and Joyce twitched and pushed her hips into the air as hard as she could, making her ass detach from Janet’s tongue and pussy juice spray out of her cunt. Joyce was a squirter. Her cum shot out and went over top of her head, hitting one of the walls.

“Oh mommy that is so cool! Will you teach me how to do it?” Joyce laughed and then promised her daughter to teach her how to squirt sometime.

“But for now, I wanna make my baby girl cum again. Come on, get your pussy over here.” Janet giggled and with some simple instruction, soon Janet was in a 69 position with her mom. They spent the next half hour like that, eventually even rolling onto the floor where they made each other cum again. Janet said she came three more times while Joyce came twice. Joyce wanted to shove her tongue in Janet’s ass so badly but knew that her daughter had never gotten an enema so she restrained herself.

On Monday, Janet made sure to wear the very provocative clothing her mom had bought for her and she instantly got attention. In fact, by the end of the day, she had 5 boys offering to take her out on a date. Even some of the older guys that had cars were offering her a ride home. Janet refused it all and instead took the bus home as usual, noticing many people on the bus staring at her. Some of the more Catholic girls started to resent Janet as the week went on and she kept dressing like a slut, but the more skanky girls of the school warmed up to her very quickly.

They even invited her over to their houses after school to hangout and with Joyce’s permission, Janet went. Joyce and Janet continued to fuck for that entire week. Joyce bought an enema kit for Janet to use and soon Janet was cleaning out her ass for her mom’s tongue almost every day.

By the time Thursday came around, Janet had gone through a complete change. She was no longer innocent and into reading books and doing homework all day, she was now basically the most popular girl in school as she was in with all the popular girls, and everyone knew her name. Her daily routine consisted of going to school, passing notes in class (for lack of a phone) and then either going home to mommy and getting fucked senseless, or going out with her popular girlfriends to the mall. Thursday night when Janet got home, she told her mom that she wanted to fuck a guy again. Her mom was proud of her daughter and supported her 100%

“His name is Michael, and he’s my age and really cute. He is always so nice to me. Is it okay if I bring him home with me tomorrow?” Joyce smiled at her daughter.

“Sure baby, but make sure he doesn’t think of you as a girlfriend, we don’t want his heart getting broken, I have big plans for you.”

“What do you mean mommy?”

“I don’t want you tied down to one boy, that’s boring. I want you to be the slut of the school and of course my little slut too.” Janet grinned.

“I will always be your slut mommy. And also, my friend Jessica wants me to go for a sleepover this Saturday. I bet I can get the girls to play some naughty games.” Joyce hugged her daughter and wanted to cry from happiness.

“You’re gonna be a great slut, baby. I love you.” Janet kissed her mom on the lips and then went out into the backyard for a swim in the pool.

To Be Continued in Chapter 3...

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Of course the best part mother Joyce is not having to coerce nor force her daughter--other than the initial act of getting Janet to suck Steve's cock with a blowjob and cum swallow--into the ventures Joyce wants her daughter to learn and be proficient!

It is a shame that mother Joyce has waded with her daught into many aspects of lustful sex perversion without her daughter Janet having her first, virgin-busting pure ole down-home cock fuck!! There's teasing of another Chapter, with Janet bringing a classmate home that probably will fuck both daughter and mother!!

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