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Bob's busy schedule
Bob grabbed his clipboard from the work board hanging in the shop and glanced over his job assignments for the day. A smile crept across his face as he read down the list.
Broodings - wall outlet bad
Stone – wire to work building
Cronnis – ceiling fan install
Shannon – sump replacement – afternoon
He turned and headed for his truck, this was going to be a busy day he thought to himself. Three of the names were familiar he had done work for them before. He had been to the Stone residence several times in the past year. Mrs. Stone was insatiable; her favorite position was bent over the kitchen table. Lydia Cronnis was a tall slender black haired woman that always feigned surprise when he slipped his hand under her dress and fingered her wet pussy. Each time she struggled for a few moments before giving in and letting him spread her hot cunt enough to take his huge cock. Once his cock was lodged deeply into her she would squeal in delight and ride him for all she was worth.
The name that surprised him though, was Fran Shannon. It had been a couple of months since he had replaced her circuit box after a bad storm. His guess was that there wasn’t anything wrong with the sump pump, instead her curiosity had gotten the better of her and she had to have another round with his log. Climbing into his truck, he laid the clipboard on the seat beside him. Broodings was the only name that wasn’t familiar, he knew what awaited him at two of the calls and the Shannon call was afternoon, so he drove to the Broodings address. He rang the doorbell twice before someone from inside shouted to hold on a minute. He waited patiently until the door opened. It was a man, in his early thirties.
“Yes.” He said politely.
“Gordo’s electric, sir, we had a call for a bad wall outlet.” Oh well he thought, he had three women on the docket today, that would just have to be enough.
“Oh yea, listen I’m on my way to work, running late.” The man hurriedly stepped past Bob. “Maria, my housekeeper will show you the problem.”
“Sure thing Mr. Broodings.” Ok so he might have to help himself to the hired help, he didn’t have a problem with that.
“Maria, the electricians here, could you show him the problem.” Mr. Brooding shouted from the front porch.
“Yes sir, I will.” Came a heavily accented answer from inside the house.
A moment later Mr. Broodings had disappeared and Bob was face to face with a plump young Mexican woman. Plump may really not have been the right word it was more like baby fat plump. She was probably only about eighteen and very pretty. Her breasts were full and moved freely under the loose fitting housedress she was wearing.
The plumpness was in her breasts and her full hips. She smiled at Bob when she noticed he was checking her out, but said nothing.
“Theese way, sir.” She said, lowering her eyes as she spoke. Turning she lead Bob down a short hallway, to a bedroom. “Meester Tony would like for you to feex this, eet doesn't turn on anymore.”
Bob smiled at the young woman. “Not a problem, sweetie, have you turned on in a few minutes.” He could feel his cock begin to swell just a bit. This dark skinned little hottie seemed to be a prime candidate for his special treatment.
“Have you worked for Mr. Tony for long, Maria?” He asked, unsnapping his tool belt.
“A few months, sir.” She quietly said, watching as he lay the belt down at his feet. Her eyes lingered just a moment on his crotch. It was hard not too. His cock was very noticeable through his jeans. Bob knew all the simple tricks to get a woman’s gaze to linger on his crotch. “Bob, just call me Bob, honey.” He said as he bent to get a screwdriver from his belt. As he straightened back up he noticed her eyes diverting to his crotch a second time. “See something you like, Maria?” He leered at her.
“Ohhh no sir, I just……” She stopped talking as her pretty brown eyes fluttered, her dark cheeks blushing.
“Bob, remember, just Bob.” His hand went up to her flushed face and stroked it gently. She stepped back from his touch, then turned and walked down the hall without saying another word. He watched her as she walked down the hall her pretty ass swaying under the print pattern of the housedress. Just before she disappeared into the kitchen, she turned and looked back at him and smiled. Bob’s cock swelled a bit more in his jeans; this little Mexican beauty was soon going to be his.
“All finished.” Bob’s voice startled Maria from her daydream. She was standing at the sink; her thoughts had been of the hidden treasure of the electrician. She normally wasn’t one to think of such things but this guy, there was something about him. Menacing yet safe she decided, quite a combination. She turned around and smiled once again at the ruggedly handsome man. “Is there something else I can help you with?” Bob said, stepping into the room. Her brain screamed no, her pussy screamed yes. Her pussy won. “I think that is all?” She looked at the floor as she spoke. Bob recognized a submissive when he saw one. He wondered if Broodings had been training her or it was just who she was?
“Come here, Maria.” He added a little authority to his voice. She hesitated only momentarily before walking slowly over to the man. He watched her movements, her hands to her side, her eyes riveted to the floor as she walked up to him and stopped.
“Has Mr. Tony been teaching you to be a good little slave?” Bob asked reaching out and cupping her chin and lifting her head up until she was looking directly at him. She didn’t answer, only nodded as best she could. Her dark eyes smoldered in lust. After a moment she looked down once again.
“Look me in the eye, Maria, and tell me what you want.” She once again looked up at him; he let go of her chin and put both hands on her shoulders. “You have to tell me, Maria or I leave and you will not see me again.” Bob’s hands kneaded her shoulders gently. His touch was much softer than Mr. Tony’s she thought it felt good.
“I want to see your thing Meester Bob.” Her voice was soft and trembling.
“My thing, Maria.” Bob laughed. “Do better than that.” His hands slid off her shoulders onto her upper arms.
Maria’s smoldering eyes burnt into his, her gaze hadn’t left his since he told her not too. “Your cock, Meester Bob, I want to see your cock.” Her voice became a bit stronger. “I want to feel your cock, I want to taste your cock.” Her eyes silently pleaded with him.
“On your knees my hot little Maria.” He didn’t need to say it twice. She immediately dropped to her knees in front of him, but made no move to release his now rapidly growing tool. Her gaze was now fixed on the growing monster in front of her. Mr. Tony was not nearly this big. Bob had laid his tool belt by the door before he stepped in he knew what was going to happen. He had learned over the years that confidence is the most important aspect of seduction.
“Take my cock out Maria.” He said, his voice firm, but not demanding. Her hands went to the top button of his 501’s. As she undid the second button, Bobs cock had been released enough the head worked it’s way past the waistband of his underwear. Maria moaned as it slithered up toward his navel. She realized for the first time he was not merely large, he was huge. She now had second thoughts her eyes flickered just a hint of panic.
“Meester Bob, you are, you are, much to beeg for me.” She shuddered as she continued to unbutton his jeans. What she saw scared her, still she couldn’t stop herself from seeing more.
“No Maria, you will find it is just what you have longed for.” Bob watched undo the last button then lean back on her haunches, mesmerized by the growing monster before her. Her hands dropped to her side, she watched as Bob reached down and pushed his jeans and underwear down. His cock sprang free slapping her on the forehead before she could get out of the way. Her eyes widened, she now was truly scared. The length didn’t scare her as much as the thickness.
“Lick it, honey, get it nice and wet then try to force it into that pretty little mouth of yours.” For the first time, she hesitated. Bob grabbed the base of his cock and slapped her cheek with it. “Now!” His voice boomed. Maria rubbed her stinging cheek at the same time flicking her tongue across the head of his cock. The sweet nectar of his pre-cum tasted good on her lips. She swiped for another taste, and then stretched her mouth over the mammoth cock head. Bob watched as she worked her lips over the head, his hips flinched as he felt the warmth of her mouth. “There you go, that’s it honey.” He put his hand on the back of her head and held her in place while he pushed a bit more of his turgid member into her mouth. It was only a couple inches in when she first gagged; she looked up at him, her eyes watering. Backing up just a bit, then tried once again to force more down her throat. Her tiny mouth was no match for him.
Maria gagged and sputtered around his cock but didn’t try to come off of him. She could feel her entire body responding to the assault on her tender young mouth. Bob now had her head in both hands working his cock in and out at a steady pace backing up each time she began to choke. “Nice little cock sucker, Maria.” Bob moaned as her tongue somehow found room in her stuffed mouth to move over his cock. Though only four inches or so was in her mouth she was good enough to have his balls tingling in only a few minutes. It would be great to shoot in her mouth but Bob wanted to feel the soft confines of her chubby pussy. Letting go of her head he gently pushed back until his cock popped from her mouth. Her eyes glistened with lust as she took one last swipe with her tongue.
“Get on the table, baby and spread your legs.” There was no hesitation from Maria now, she quickly stood up and moved to the table and lay down. She bunched her dress up and spread her legs. Mr. Tony evidently didn’t like her to wear panties, or shave. Her thick bush glistened with the remnants of an orgasm he hadn’t noticed her having. She reached under her plump thighs and pulled her legs further apart, then stared wantonly at her new master. “Please Meester Bob, please.” Was all she said, as her fingers found each side of her damp cunt and pulled her lips apart. Bob wanted to taste her, but his lust for filling her hot young body was overpowering. Maybe next time he would taste her, now all he wanted to do was fuck her. His cock found it’s mark immediately, she was tight but then all women were tight the first time they felt his cock. The head of his prick popped inside her wet channel and her eyes bugged out. She could feel the enormous girth stretching her walls. Her eyes watered once again, but she said nothing. Her fingers pulled more at her pussy trying to widen herself as much as possible.
Bob watched her pained flushed face. He knew it was hurting her now from experience he knew she would adjust to accommodate him. With steady pressure he pushed more of his cock in slowly, with each inch or so he would stop back off just a bit then proceed once again. “You like my big cock, Maria? He asked running his hands over her still covered breasts. They were full soft pillows, her hard nipples strained for his touch.
“Ohhhh sir, it is so beeg.” She let go of her pussy lips grasped herself just at the juncture of her knees and pulled back opening herself more to him. He slid in deeper the heat from her pussy made his cock twitch. He was nearly halfway impaled in her; his hands left her breasts and grabbed each thigh. “Now you get fucked.” He sneered as he shoved hard against her trembling cunt.
Her agonizing scream pierced the air as Bob’s lust overtook. He generally was much more gentle with his first time partners, now he couldn’t control himself. The hot little Mexican beauty beneath him drove him into a frenzy. Pulling his cock about halfway out he slammed back into her. Her pussy opened and took him all. Her screams of pain pierced his ears; tears filled her eyes as she thrashed helplessly beneath her assailant. Bob viciously pounded his cock into her, he didn’t know what had come over him but at that moment he didn’t care all that filled his mind was filling her tight cunt with his hot liquid.
“Take it my hot little Mexican bitch, fuck me, fuck me back.” He growled as he slammed into her. She was moaning and groaning as he pounded her poor ravaged cunt. At some point she didn’t quite know when, the pain subsided and a certain bliss overtook her. Her body began responding to the relentless savagery of her cock stuffed cunt. She began blabbering something in Spanish as Bob fucked her harder. As best she could she met the hard thrusts. An orgasm overtook her as she fucked back, gritting her teeth as the first wave of pleasure cursed through her body.
“Oh god, you hot little bitch, I’m gonna explode.” Bob growled slamming one last time into the hot hole. He erupted into spilling his seed deep within her. She moaned through a second orgasm when she felt his cum filling her. He held his cock tightly into her as he dumped his full load deep within her pussy.
“Ohhhhhhh Meester Bob,” She groaned, as he pulled his cock from her sore swollen cunt. The accumulated cum streamed out of her ravaged love hole onto the table as Bob backed away from her. He reached down and slid his fingers into the sopping mess, then rubbed it across her lips. She hungrily licked his fingers clean, then dipped her own hand down and got some more.
“You were incredible, Maria no one has ever taken me all the first time.” He smiled at her, now feeling a little remorseful he had lost control.
“Anytime you want me, I’m yours.” She said softly, now rubbing her pussy. Bob walked around the table and slipped his rapidly softening cock into her mouth. He let her clean his cock for a few minutes, then pulled his jeans up and buttoned them.
“I will be back, and we will take things a bit slower next time.” He bent and kissed her, tasting their mingled juices on her lips.
It was just past eleven when Bob pulled up to Mrs. Stone’s home. Bob never found out just how old she was he only really knew two things about her. One she was loaded due to a massive divorce settlement and second was she would fuck at the drop of a hat, or tool belt in Bob’s case. The first time he was called to her house it wasn’t five minutes before she was bent over the kitchen table screaming for him to fuck her harder. She couldn’t take it all the first time but that didn’t stop her from trying. He imagined her now bent over the table and his cock slowly began to stir. As he got out of his truck he could see her in the front window. From where he was standing he could see she wasn’t wearing much. She smiled and waved at him then disappeared. He knew from experience she would be ready for him by the time he came through the back door. He didn’t even bother with his tool belt he knew nothing needed fixing except her hot box. The only tool he needed was in his pants.
When he came through the back door she had already shed what clothes she had been wearing and she was bent over the kitchen table, her open sloppy cunt dripping from the anticipation. Bob’s cock was responding as normal. “Mrs. Stone, it is so nice to see you.” He said, unbuckling his belt as he walked across the room.
“Bob, I’ve been waiting, please hurry, I need you in me so bad.” She smiled back at him as he unbuttoned his jeans.
“Waiting for this?” He grinned stepping between her widely spread legs. One swipe through her hot cunt then he slammed his cock into her. She took about half with the first stab and moaned loudly. He pulled back and pounded into her a second time this time impaling her fully on his throbbing member. “Nice and rough just like you like it baby.” He groaned as he plowed into her a third time. He grabbed her asscheeks and spread them and rubbed her tight back passage with his thumb. “When you gonna let me have your ass baby?” He groaned sliding his thumb down to coat it with her juices then back up to her tight back opening.
“Ohhhhhh I don’t think I could ever handle your cock in my ass hon.” She moaned grinding her pussy back into his savage assault. As loose as she had become fucking Bob fairly regularly over the past year, her big sloppy cunt still felt good. Bob rubbed her asshole with his thumb a few times before popping it into her back passage. It only spurned her on. “Fuck me good, lover, fuck me hard, fuck me.” She continued to moan as he pounded her sloppy fuck hole relentlessly. His thumb worked her bum over until she was shaking in orgasm. “You are so fucking good, make me cum over and over again.” She rose up on her hands as best she could as she continued to shove back on his invading prick. A few more strokes and she was cumming again. Her entire body tensed then relaxed completely. She passed out just as Bob buried his prick for the last time. His seed flooded her overflowing cunt; three harder slams and his deposit had been made. He felt his cock shrinking.
Mrs. Stone lay motionless on the table for a few minutes before she came too. The first time this had happened Bob actually thought he had fucked her to death. Slowly she rolled over on the table and smiled weakly at the electrician. Her large soft tits separated her large brown nipples were still hard.
“Bob, you are the greatest, I think I’ll make it another week or so now. He smiled at her as he re-buttoned his jeans.
“One of these times, sweetie, I’m gonna take that hot ass of yours.” He buckled his belt. “Whether you want me to or not.” She smiled at him, and then brought her finger to her lips as if to tell him a secret.
“That is probably all you would have had to done anytime you were ready sweetie, it would hurt but it would hurt good.”
“Then you better be ready the next time you make that appointment, you have a nice day Mrs. Stone.” He turned and walked out of the door. As he got into his truck he realized he had fucked twice already today and still hadn’t made it past the kitchen table.
“You eat where the foods at.” He grinned to himself.
He had been at Mrs. Stones house for only about twenty minutes. He decided to stop and have lunch before making his last two stops. He pondered which to go to first. He knew what awaited him at Lydia’s house. She always seemed to like the idea that it really wasn’t her idea that he fuck her, she just didn’t have a choice. It had been fun the first few times and as the saying goes the worst sex he’d ever had was great, but the Shannon woman fascinated him. He had hoped she would call back but it had been a few months so he really didn’t think she would. Her name on the list that morning had surprised him.
As he ate lunch he relived the day he had gone to her house. He smiled remembering how he exposed himself to her on the basement steps. How he had totally taken her by surprise. He could feel his cock stiffen as he remembered the way he had pulled out of her and shot his cum on her face and down her throat. It was definitely the Shannon house after lunch.
Fran Shannon had nearly called twice that morning to cancel the appointment she had made. There was nothing wrong with the sump pump but it was the only thing she could think of that Harvey wouldn’t try to check out himself. He told her to give the people a call that had put the new breaker box in, they had done a good job and their prices were reasonable. Fran giggled at that statement, if only Harvey had known what the electrician had taken as a down payment she wondered if he still would think it was reasonable. In the ensuing months after her first encounter with Bob the electrician, she had found out a lot about herself. As she thought back on that day, she realized it wasn’t just the size of Bob’s cock it was the power he had over her. She got a perverse pleasure from being used, from being spanked, from being overpowered with her own lust.
It wasn’t that Harvey had a small cock. By no means was it small, it just wasn’t anywhere near as large as Bob’s. Harvey was a tender lover, always had been, that was what she had always thought she liked that is until Bob. Harvey was never much for oral sex either giving or receiving and it always seemed he approached sex as if he didn’t want to hurt her. Fran shuddered as her emotions flooded out, now she knew when Bob got there, she would do whatever he wanted. She didn’t want tender or gentle, she wanted to be ravaged as she had been before.
The more she thought about that day, the more she began to experiment with her own body. Something she had never done before. It had started a few days after that day, when she was taking a nice hot bath. Harvey had gone to work early that day so she ran a nice hot bath and soaked. The longer she laid in the bath, the more her hands found to play with. She soaped her breasts and as she did she accidentally scraped her fingernail across her nipple. She was stunned the little bit of self inflicted pain shot straight to her pussy. After rinsing off, she began pinching her nipples. At first gently, then with more pressure it seemed there was a nerve directly from her nipples to her cunt.
It was only moments before she was fingering herself to a climax while roughly pinching her nipples. She started with one, then two and finally three fingers working roughly into her pussy. She came so hard that first time, she slid under the water and nearly drowned herself before she regained her senses. As time went on she tried more and more things, but none more perverse and satisfying than when she discovered her tight tender ass. Her pussy still got wet each time she thought of that first time when she was laying on her bed fucking herself with a nice thick cucumber. She had gotten good at pounding herself hard with the cucumber in then fully out then back in again. In the throes of one orgasm she pulled the cucumber out her hips raised and she slammed it back into her virgin asshole. She wasn’t sure how far it actually went in that first time or if it even did. She only knew her pussy erupted so violently in orgasm when the cucumber hit her anus her juices shot from her cunt soaking the sheets. She trembled for many minutes until the orgasm subsided. From that day forward she dedicated herself to anal sex even if it was self-inflicted.
The doorbell brought her out of her daydream. Walking slowly to the door she peeked out the window. Bob the electrician was at the door. He was more handsome than she remembered. She opened the door and smiled all pretenses of why he was there were immediately shoved aside. She knew he could see in her face there was only one reason she had called.
“I was beginning to wonder if you really were serious about not wanting to take it all.” That damn leering smile was back on his face.
“I see your still the same arrogant asshole you were a couple of months ago.” The words were cruel but the conviction in her voice just wasn’t there.
“Of course I am, and I see your still the same hot lady that can’t remember to put on her underclothes.” Fran wasn’t wearing a bra; it was evident by the hard little buds of her nipples pushing her t-shirt out. “So are you ready to ride the horse all the way.” When Bob had someone in his grasp he didn’t let up. His hand came up and cupped her breast then lightly pinched her nipple through the shirt. Fran pulled him inside then shut the door. Her face was flushed as she let him feel her pert breasts and tweak her nipples.
“Damn you.” She mumbled as he pulled her shirt up and over her head. “I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked Mr. Arrogant bastard.” Her arms went around his neck and she pulled him close kissing him passionately on the lips. Bob was caught off guard, he realized quickly that he wasn’t in charge he liked that. His arms went around her, his hands grasping her short covered ass and he lifted her up. She immediately wrapped her legs around him and continued to kiss him.
“Take me somewhere and fuck me.” She groaned when the kiss finally broke.
“You got it baby, anywhere but the kitchen.” He smiled at her then walked through the living room and into the first bedroom he came to. He threw her onto the bed and began unbuttoning his shirt. Fran watched as he pulled his shirt off, then began on his jeans. She slipped her shorts and panties off and lay back on the bed, her legs spread so he could see her soaked cunt.
“You ruined me, you know that don’t you?” She asked as her hand went to her pussy and she worked a finger over her hardened clit. “Since you fucked me I haven’t been the same.” The words she spoke weren’t vicious or vindictive just matter of fact. “You stirred things in me I didn’t know existed.”
“It didn’t ruin you sweetie, it freed you.” He said as he pulled his jeans down and off, then his underwear. “Come over here and suck my cock, like you been dreaming about.” Fran remembered his monstrous cock; she just couldn’t believe she had got it in her mouth. Scrambling up on all fours she crawled to the side of the bed as Bob stepped forward. She flicked her tongue across the head, and then backed off looking up at him.
“What’s the matter honey, don’t know if you like the taste of another woman’s pussy.” He didn’t let her retreat far; he grabbed her by the back of the head and pushed his cock once again to her lips. “Suck it baby taste the other lady.” He rubbed his cock across her lips until she relented, opening her mouth wide and letting him push into her. The mixed juices of his previous conquest were faint distinctively different and drove Fran wild. Once she got his cock lodged as deeply as possible she frantically moved her head back and forth sucking for all she was worth tasting as much of him as possible.
“Oh yea that’s it, like it don’t you.” He said, reaching under her and trapping her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Fran began too suck harder and trying to get more of him in her mouth until she was gagging around his fully erect tool. The harder he pinched her nipple the more furiously she sucked on his cock.
“You like the pain don’t you.” He gloated. “I thought so when I was spanking you last time.” He thrust his hips forward she had about half of his cock down her throat gagging and sputtering but not trying to escape the assault. “Damn you are one hot cock sucker.” He moaned, finally dislodging himself from her suctioning mouth and pushing her back. She had barely enough time to get her feet out from under her before she felt his mouth cover her throbbing cunt. Bob jammed his tongue into her creamy opening as deeply as he possibly could then licked across her hot swollen clit. She jumped then got both of her hands on the back of his head and hunched her pussy onto his waiting tongue. She thrashed and screamed as her orgasm overcame her and she dumped her hot liquid onto his waiting tongue. “Oh my fucking god.” She screamed as she fucked his face it seemed as if all her insides were going to end up on his tongue. She couldn’t control the flow of cum that spurted from her pussy.
For the second time in the last fifteen minutes Bob was caught off guard. He had only been with one other squirter in his life and it was nothing like the bath he was taking now. After several minutes he rose up and stared down at the petite woman her face twisted in unbridled lust. He leaned forward over her and kissed her deeply, letting her taste her own juices on his lips and tongue. It seemed only to spurn her on. His cock found her splayed cunt as they kissed and he slammed into her. Her legs were spread wide her hips thrusting to meet his. He worked his cock further and further into her as she continued licking her juices from his face.
“That’s it give me all of your hot cock, I want it all.” She grimaced as he fucked more of his monster into her. “Don’t stop until I can feel your balls on my ass.” She hissed.
Bob was more than willing to give her what she wanted. Nothing felt better than to pound hard into a willing cunt. He pulled out until the head of his cock was massaging her swollen pussy lips.
“For you baby!” He growled plowing his enormous cock deeply into her. Even with the ferocious thrust his cock he still lacked a couple of inches of fully penetrating her. Fran was wide eyed with anticipation as he pulled partly from her before pounding once again into the damp deep cavern of her cunt. “Ohhhhhhh damn, damn, damn.” She screamed hunching her hips to meet his thrust. Tears streaked her eyes as she valiantly tried to finish the impaling. On the third stroke Bob slammed home, his balls slapping against her ass. Once fully in he grabbed her hips and held her firmly in place. “Like that honey, is that what you wanted to feel.”
“Son of a bitch, damn, fuck.” Fran sputtered almost passing out from the massive intrusion between her legs. “Yes, yes, now fuck me, fuck me until I scream.” She had the look of a wild woman as she pounded her pelvis into his each time he rammed home her entire body shook uncontrollably. She knew she wouldn’t be able to walk when he was done with her. She didn’t care, she wanted to feel ravaged, used and abused.
Bob pounded his cock into her savagely time after time, holding her quivering thighs for more leverage. He felt his balls tighten and knew he would erupt soon. Today though there was only one place he wanted his seed to go. “I’m cumming baby, ahhhhhhhh.” He screamed as he filled her one last time.
“Ohhhhhhh god, ohhhhhh god.” Fran mumbled almost incoherently as she felt his cock throb and unleash his hot juice. She was on the pill now but as deep as he was in her would it even make a difference. She could actually see the swell of her lower abdomen where his cock was lodged. Her pussy was on fire as his molten seed emptied deep within her. How could she ever face Harvey after this? She stared up blankly at the man above her. He smiled down at her as he slowly pulled his cock from the tight confines of her ravaged love hole. As his cock head plopped from her a gush of cum followed him out. Fran watched as it slowly shrank to mere huge proportions. She felt empty, he cunt gaped open as if inviting the intruder back in. Reaching down she felt her open cunt. Her moment of facing Harvey passed quickly as she slipped her hand into her ravaged gash. “My god,” She cried, “my hole hand fits.” Gingerly she extracted her hand then once again looked up at her lover. “I will never be the same, never.”
“And I’m not done with you yet.” Bob stared down at the pretty woman he had just fucked. “Give me a few minutes and I’m gonna give you more.”
“I don’t think I can.”
“You can and you will, sweetie.” Bob said reaching down and stroking the side of her face. “I have never had anyone like you in my life and there have been many.” His hand traced down from her face and across her chest until he found her hard nipple and pinched it lightly. Even with what she had just experienced, she felt her sore cunt twitch when he pinched her. She had become insatiable she now realized that and she also realized she would do whatever he wanted. Her hands came up around his neck and she pulled him down to her. There was one thing left to experience, and her pussy tingled at the thought of trying. “I mean I don’t think I can take it in my pussy again.” She said just before their lips met.
She couldn’t figure out what ignited the fire within her but as soon as their lips met she started to boil once again. As the kiss ended Bob rolled to the side and lay next to her contemplating what she had just told him. Was she giving him the ok for a truly rare experience? It wasn’t often that a woman would give up her ass to him and he couldn’t blame them. Next to him, Fran slowly closed her legs, for the first time she realized just how stretched she was. Oddly enough there was no intense pain, just a dull throb. Rolling up on her side, she nuzzled into Bob’s neck, biting his earlobe gently before whispering in his ear. “I told you, you ruined me, I’ve been experimenting.” A sly grin creased her lips. Her hand dropped down to his flaccid cock and she slowly stroked it. “It took awhile but I can fuck myself with a nice sized cucumber in my ass.” Her body tingled as she told him of her anal conquest. “And now I want to take your cock there.”
Just the thought of buggering her tight little asshole had his cock stirring. He stared at the ceiling, for the third time in the last hour he had been caught off guard. This hot little lady was definitely full of surprises. “How you want it baby, you want to sit on it or you want it doggy.” Rolling up on his side he slid his hand down her hip so it rested on her quivering ass cheek. She didn’t answer instead she rolled over onto her stomach then pushed herself up on her hands and knees. “Such a nasty little woman.” He grinned as she wiggled her butt. He sat up on the bed admiring the view, his hand sliding down the crack of her ass. Her pussy still gaped open and dripped juices from their previous romp. Sliding his hand down he wet his fingers then moved back to the tight little bud of her asshole. After only a moments probing his finger slid past the tight outer ring. His finger slid in easily all the way.
“You have got the most beautiful ass I have ever seen.” He said as he worked a second finger in with the first.
“Mmmmmmmmmmmm.” She purred as he worked his fingers more vigorously into her hot ass. She could feel her clit responding to the perverse pleasure of someone other than herself working her tight back opening. “Oh Bob, it feels so hot.” She moaned as he worked a third finger in. Bob’s cock was rapidly gaining its strength once again.
“Oh shit yes, finger fuck my ass baby.” She groaned pushing back on his fingers. “In the drawer, there’s stuff in the drawer.” She waved wildly with one hand toward the nightstand.
Bob pulled his fingers from her tight back hole and slapped her ass once before reaching up and pulling the tube of KY from the drawer. Her ass shook from the sudden blow and she moaned. Her eyes were closed she didn’t want to see the assault only feel the perverse pleasure of being taken. Bob squirted a generous amount of the lubricant on his hand then slicked his now fully erect member until it glistened. He then did the same with her pliant ass. Getting up from the bed he pulled her back until she was at the edge with her ass lewdly hanging over the side. He swatted her ass one more time before lining his cock up with the tight opening. “Are you sure?” He asked one last time as he poked gently as her butt with his cock. Once again she didn’t answer, only wiggled her ass inviting him in. She laid her head on the bed and took a deep breath as she felt his cock probe the rubbery ring.
With steady pressure Bop pushed until his glistening helmet popped the outer ring. Fran’s eyes popped open when she felt the monster spear her. “Ohhhhh no, bad idea, bad idea.” She screamed, trying to pull off the giant meat sword. Bob knew the worst was over so he firmly held her in place. His prick was only an inch or so in her backside was spread grotesquely over the hard meat. “It’s still too big, ohhhhh shit it hurts, it hurts.” Her tears were streaming down her face now as she tried to come off of his cock.
“Relax baby, relax and get used to it, the worst is over.” Bob tried soothing her. He pulled slightly back, and then slid in just a bit further. “That’s it, relax.” He could feel her ass give just a bit more as pulled out slowly then pushed back in once again just a bit deeper than the last. The sensations he was feeling were overwhelming. If he hadn’t already cum three times today he was sure he’d be filling her hot ass with his cum pretty quickly.
“It’s so fucking big, it hurts so much.” Fran cried but her body actions began to tell a different story now when he pulled back her ass would follow and she would push back when he pushed forward. He had about five inches of his rock hard manhood buried in her tender little ass now and the feeling was indescribable.
“Your ass is so fucking hot and tight,” he groaned “so damn fuckable.” He pushed in further. Now Fran was a willing participant once again. She could feel his cock touching things that should never be touched and it was starting to overcome her. Her clit throbbed with the perverse pain he was inflicting on her. She started to grind her ass back trying to take a bit more as he tightly held her.
“Your fucking my ass with that monster cock of yours and it hurts so damn much, don’t stop, and give me more.” She urged him as he began a more steady rhythm into her butt. She was fucking back on him now; she could feel her gaping pussy dripping more cum as an orgasm overcame her. Bob reached around her and found her hardened clit and rubbed it, then lightly slapped it as he worked his cock deeper into her. Each time his finger found her love button she would shiver through another orgasm. She was having trouble controlling her shivering limbs.
The harder he slapped her clit the more she came the harder he pounded her ass the more she wanted. Looking down he could see his cock was most of the way buried in her hot ass now and still she was trying to push more in. He knew he wasn’t going to be able to hold off much longer. The entire scene before him was too much. This nice respectable housewife on all fours with his twelve inch log buried completely in her ass and her pussy Cumming in gushes all over the bed, her body twitching violently as he slammed his cock into her.
“That’s it baby, no more, I got no more.” Bob growled as he once again grabbed her hips and slammed one last time fully into her hot ass and held her there as his cock erupted time after time, sending his scalding cum deep into her bowels. “AAHHHHHHHHH!” He screamed.
Fran was beyond screaming every nerve in her body was hot wired directly to her burning ass as she flooded the bed with her juices. She passed out with the intense pleasure and went limp on his cock as the last of his seed spilled into her. Bob’s knees were weak fell to the side, pulling her limp body with him. He too passed out momentarily, thinking he had finally met his match.
They both stirred a few minutes later. Bob’s cock was soft now but still buried in her ass. Gingerly pulling forward Fran slowly disengaged from his now soft prick. Her entire body ached from the ordeal she had just been through. She felt as though she had been split into. Slowly she rolled over and looked at her slumbering accomplice. Looking down she saw his raw ravaged cock now not nearly as menacing in it’s slumbering state. She figured he wouldn’t be slamming any poor unsuspecting housewife for a few days. She knew she wouldn’t be worrying about taking anything in her ravaged holes for a while.
Bob opened his eyes and saw her staring at him. “Alright you arrogant asshole, now it’s time for you to get the hell outta her so I can clean up.” She smiled at him.
“Yes ma’am and where did you want that bill sent to for the sump.”
“That would be to Harvey Shannon, this address, he likes you because of your reasonable prices.” She laughed as she slowly, ever so slowly pulled her aching body from the bed. There was not a muscle that didn’t ache and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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2012-06-25 02:29:27
good thing this is fiction cuz no wman can take a 12 inch cock up the ass all the way............ that humanly impossible and the next thing i want to know is how is she gonna explain to her husband why her cunt is so stretched out so much all of a sudden........... if her husband fucks her he will probaly just fall right in and drown LMAO


2008-05-24 00:08:13
Great story. Get all three of the housewives pregnant and the housekeeper too. This senario would give you at least four sequels.


2007-01-09 00:38:00
oh yea, he can fix my appliances anytime. this story made my cunt wet.


2006-08-13 17:56:13
never did fix anything though, just kidding good story


2006-03-27 14:35:53
Talent, talanted, excellent writing. Think about writing a novel, you have what it takes. This is one hell of a story. I read part one and was really happy to find part 2, I have bookmarked this story, already shot off a load and only got halfway, will be back later to try to finish it, i would say that I will be shooting a lot of loads over this story time and time again. Excellent stuff.

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