A dad un-intentionally starts an incestual relationship
Introduction: How an accident led to a new Life
Since writing my true life story in the Young Passion series, I have enjoyed the art of writing. Not only have I written more on this site, but I also am writing a book of my life to be published hopefully next year.

Sometimes people write to me and tell me their stories. They don't want to write them just tell someone. I got thinking about this one story that I thought seemed at least plausible, so I decided to write it.

I will be telling this from a first person stand-point as the person who told me. This is fiction because I have added to it and who knows if anything anyone tells you is actually true. This is a small story, due to my time limitations, I will post part two very soon. Enjoy the story.....

It was Friday night and after a hard week of working I was both mentally and physically tired. I hated being this tired because I never can rest like this. I knew that if I wanted any sleep I would have to relax some. I found the easy way of doing that through drinking a few beers.

My wife had taken off again to leave me at home with our daughter Jane as she went out with her girlfriends to drink and party. Sometimes it really bothered me because my wife Ashley would primp herself out gorgeous. Even without make-up Ashley is hot. She was 5'6, 125 lbs, with heavy B cup breast, but her nipples were her best feature, they were so nice. She had long black hair that went 3/4 of the way to her nicely shaped ass. Her eyes were so green they looked like emeralds, and her smile would knock you back.

My wife was sweet, but her going out with her friends was one of the biggest issues we had. She would let other guys buy her drinks and one time a friend told me that he was at a club and saw her leave with a guy out to his van for 30 minutes. I questioned her but she denied it. I also knew that she was bi and two of the girls she hung with were Lesbians, so I am sure she is having fun with them, even though she tells me she isn't. Never the less, I didn't really trust that she was being faithful with me, yet I had strayed once or twice myself.

The way she was with them, I knew that I would be lucky to see her till 2-3 in the morning. At least she was somewhat respectful about it, she always put her night clothes and pillows and covers out so that she wouldn't disturb me in the middle of the night. She would sleep on the couch.

As the night passed I had drank about 6 beers, figured why not just get a good buzz while I was at it. I usually didn't drink a lot, but tonight I needed it. Between my hard week being annoyed at my wife Ashley for once again going partying, I was just annoyed and not in a good mood. But Jane had a way of loving on me and hugging me that made me feel that everything would be better. Tonight though she had a small head-ache. Being only 10 I was worried about her head-ache, but is seemed to me to be her sinus's. So I gave her some medicine and she crawled into my lap and it knocked her out.

I picked her up, realizing that I had drank too many already, and took her to bed. I then decided to take myself to bed. It was only 10pm but I was drunk now and tired. I felt as though I was floating as I laid down, but with-in minutes I was out.

Now our bathroom comes off both the master bedroom and the hall. So it has two entrances and at night none of us ever cut on the light nor shut the door all the way, but we did leave the hall light on that would give a little light to the bathroom.

I woke up slightly and looked at the clock, it said 4:15. I got up, still drunk and half asleep. I walked into the bathroom and felt the wall to know I was at the toilet. I didn't care if I hit the damn thing of not, I was going to take my piss and do back to bed. Suddenly I felt someone was there, I thought that is my worthless party hoe wife, probably just getting in from her party. I will show her I thought. So I grabbed some hair and pushed my dick into mouth. I had to piss so I unleashed it and even though I heard some gagging I was emptying my entire bladder into this bitch's mouth. Should teach her I thought.

But as I finished I was getting a hard on. I started fucking her mouth, I was so drunk that I didn't pay attention to anything other that blowing my load and making this bitch pay. I fucked that mouth for what seemed like 15 minutes and then I blew a load on cum right into that mouth. I heard a little gagging, but I had proven my point and now I was ready to go back to bed.

I woke up the next morning late, it was almost 10:30 and I never sleep that late. But I was ready for an all out fight with the wife. I just knew that she would be pissed at me for forcing her to drink my piss and swallow my cum, but as I woke I smelled breakfast being cooked and knew that this was my wifes way of sucking up to me for going out and partying again.

I walked into the kitchen to her with a light hangover smile and her acting very sweet and loving. Maybe she had another blackout I thought. She had many times in the past drank so much that she couldn't remember the next day. Maybe I am lucky and she won't remember it. Jane came into the kitchen. She had done woke and gotten dressed and said that she felt better. We all ate and took some tylenol for our hangovers.

The day went fairly normal I got busy doing some work to my home and Ashley was cleaning, washing clothes, and still paying for that hang-over. Jane spent part of the day outside playing and then came in to play.

At about 4pm I needed to go to the bathroom again. I walked in to see that Jane was in there and hadn't shut the door. She had just finished peeing and wiped and stood up showing me her pussy in the process. I was about to say I am sorry when she walked over grabbed my hand and took me over to the toilet and sat back down. She undid my pants and pushed my underwear down and took my cock into her mouth. It dawned on me in an instant that I had not pissed and came in my wives mouth last, but instead in my daughters.

She took her mouth off of my dick, looked at me and said "Please daddy, do it". I don't know why I did it, but I started pissing and this time I started and stopped and she swallowed load after load of my piss. Once done I once again was really hard. I knew she wanted my cum. I started pumping into in and out of her mouth. I was trying to not make it go too deep, but that didn't work for her. she kept moving forward until I had at least 75% of it in her mouth. The fact that she was sucking her daddies dick took me over the edge, I came into her mouth and she quickly swallowed it all.

She got up then and walked out of the room. Leaving me there wondering what the hell just happened. I stood there for a few minutes wondering how this had began. I never intended to commit incest with her. I never meant to molest a 10 year old. Yet here we are. Not only did I force her last night, but now she begs me to do these bad and degrading things to her. How in the world would I handle this?

I left the bathroom and headed to the living room. Ashley saw that I was deep in thought and came over to me to ask me what was wrong. I couldn't tell her, fear came up inside of me and I feared not only losing my family and lifestyle, but also going to jail. I just told her that I didn't feel good, she didn't act like she believed me, but at least she backed off.

Now my wife had been in a car wreck at the age of 21 and broke her back bad. So bad that they actually had to put a steel rod into her back. Most of the time she was fine, but any bending over hurt her badly. So ever since Jane was too big to take a bath in the kitchen sink, I have had to give her baths.

Now I have never had an issue with it til recently. My little girl started becoming a woman. Her breast had started to grow and for a slender girl she was already a small A-cup, but even worse is the fact that her nipples are huge. Now Ashley also has huge nipples, I was told that her mom and grandma do as well, so I guess it is a family trait. Ashley's are actually so big that she wears those no leak baby pads in her bra to help hide it, cause if she doesn't she points heavy all day straight through her bra and top. The pads hide almost all of it. But Jane already had nipples that were half the roundness of a dime and stuck out when they were cold (i.e bath time) at least 3 dimes flat if not four. That made me feel that she was old enough to bath herself.

"Ashley I think that Jane is old enough to start bathing herself."

" I don't, we tried that a few months ago, she say's that she can't get the soap out with out it going into her eyes"

"Our little girl is turning into a woman Ashley, if DHR found out I still bathed her they would lock me up as a pervert child molester."

"I think you are over reacting. I tell you what lets ask Jane. Jane come down here for a minute." She hollered.

With in seconds Jane came down the stairs. " Yes Mom."

" Daddy seemed to think that you are getting to old to have him bath you. He is worried about others finding out and thinking that he is a bad person. What do you think."

"I want daddy to keep bathing me. It is our time together. I really like the way he washes me all over making me really clean."

" Baby I cant give you baths forever, you are 10 and a lot of people would think that you bathe yourself now."

" I really don't care what others say, they don't have to know do they? You say I am old enough, so maybe I am also old enough to decide what I want. I really want you to bathe me."

" For how long though."

" Till I turn 16" She said with a grin on her face.

" Oh this is not going to be easy." I said

" Why not Daddy? She said smiling innocently at me again.

"Okay baby go back upstairs and let me and daddy talk." Jane left the room and went back upstairs.

"Jim, I am not stupid, Jane wants you to bath her because she likes your hands on her."

" I have never touched her in a way a shouldn't Ashley !!!!"

" I am not saying that you have. But, ...... Maybe you should."

" What are you saying, that you want me to molest our daughter?"

" I am going to tell you something that I have never told anyone. My daddy gave me baths till I was 19 and then again when I got into that car wreck. Mom knew that he gave them to me up till I was like 6, but then he told her that I was taking them alone. Mom didn't know because she worked second shift."

" Why did he give you baths for so long?

" Because I liked them, just as Jane does. I wanted his hands on me. It turned me on. When I turned twelve my breast were already a B cup and I had really big nipples that I knew daddy loved. He started spending more time cleaning my breast and sometimes he would just use the bar of soap and his hands, no wash cloth. His bare hands and that soap felt so good on my nipples, he really turned me on so much. Often times when he was finished he would stand I I would see that he had a hard on. I would go back to my room and masturbate, just as he did. And just as you do with Jane......"

" I can't help it Ashley. This is why I shouldn't do it. I am afraid I will go too far with her. It does turn me on."

" Good, their is nothing wrong with this Jim, I loved those years with my dad, and now that he is no longer with us, I so wish that I could have him touch me again."

" So you think this is something that me and Jane should explore then?"

" Yes, I do. I think that if she wants it, then have fun with her. Take things slow, and just see what happens. She will tell you know of if she wants to stop."

Eight o'clock was now here and it was bath time. Jane who could care less about clothes, comes running downstairs totally naked. " time for my bath", she says as she runs past us and to out master bedroom bath. All I could really see was her little ass as she ran past me. I got up, looked at my wife and said. " Time to molest my daughter." She laughed at me and said, " Have Fun".

I went into the bathroom to see that my daughter had already started the bath. She was bend over the tub with one leg up on the tub, adjusting the hotness of the water. My first sight of her has her having her ass at me, with that little pussy staring at me between those legs. I was instantly getting hard.

Jane, turned around just in time to catch me staring at her ass. She smiled at me and then turned back to her water.

Jane always had liked using our tub for her baths. It wasn't a normal tub. This tub was almost a Jacuzzi with jets in it that we rarely used. It even had a small seat in one corner If filled up you could get about 2 feet of water into it, although we rarely put that much into it and Jane never used that much.

Once the water was ran Jane got in. I was surprised that this time she didn't add more water, but it was her bath so I didn't say anything. But Jane had planed of her own and had planned this out. She leaned back into the water laying on her back, her stomach and pussy was out of the water mostly and I could see what a wonderful hairless twat my little girl had. My mouth watered as I looked at it wanting it like nothing before.

I had not notice that Jane had opened her eyes. She was staring right at me as I stared her pussy down. I then noticed and looked at her. She spread her legs in the water.

"Daddy come clean it for me please."

What I should have done was to get up an ran, but what I did was kneel beside that tub and touch and play with that beautiful pussy of hers. As I rubbed her, her eyes closed and her fingers went straight to her nipples. She rubbed them and squeezed them and played with them as I was really turning up her heat. Then all of a sudden she shook and then I found out a secret about my little girl, she squirted all onto my hand. I finished getting her cleaned up and then got her out of the tub. My dick was so hard, but she was about to pass out. I took her naked body into my arms and took her upstairs to her room and put her to bed.

" So did Jane enjoy her bath?"

" Ya I would bet she did."

" What about daddy."

" Well daddy has a hard dick right now."

" I will have to have a talk with her about finishing what she starts."

" God what am I getting into. Every part of me screams that this is wrong, but I am so enjoying it."

" It's only wrong then they don't want it. She apparently does. Now let me take care of that dick of yours before it burst through your pants."

Ashley came over to me. She undid my jeans and pulled my pants down, then she reached up for my underwear. Looking into my eyes, she looked directly at my dick and then engulfed my dick into her mouth. This was so unlike Ashley, I could tell that she was turned on. She worked my dick in and out of her wet and warm mouth. She didn't use her hand at all, she just lunged onto it time and time again, at times even gagging on me. The more though she gagged the more I wanted her too. I couldn't resist her urge as I felt my balls tighten, to grab her head and force fuck her. She always hated me to grab her head during sex, but I didn't care what she wanted nor did I care that she never swallow my cum. She was going to tonight.

I could feel that I was on the urge. I couldn't help but to be a total jerk to her.

" Bitch you are going to swallow all my cum, you understand?"

She just closed her eyes, and as I came into her mouth, she gagged. I shot rope after rope of cum into her mouth but she did get it all down. But what happened next totally shocked me. After a few seconds she moved back to my dick and licked it totally clean.

" I have never enjoyed that before, but I loved it that time." She said with a smile.

One thing was for sure. My playing with Jane was really going reawakening Ashley's sex drive. I think that my times ahead are defiantly going to be interesting.

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I truly understand her. I loved being bathed by my mom and dad. We had a water tank under the windmill where we all bathed together, and I learned so much about life there along with my brother. Thank you for a sweet reminder. Jeanne

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Little Jane wants to be jammed... just like my eleven year old sister did, when I was fourteen and we were home alone for the day. I fucked and came in her four times. After the first time, she said she was going to tell mom on me. When I fucked her the fourth time, she was hanging onto my waist and fucking me back. Afterward, she asked if we could do it other times, after her pussy stopped being so sore.
We're both married and have never stopped fucking each other. The sex that we have is much better and far more satisfying than what we have with our partners. If we wouldn't have been arrested, I'm sure we'd have lived together and had kids. (we did live together for a couple of years after highschool but started getting a lot of heat from the family. I'm 99% sure that mom knew we were fucking each other)

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Very hard from this story. Enjoyed it a lot. He needs to bathe with her and maybe run the jets in the tub.

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More horny sex with yr daughter

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more of it pls :) ....

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