the next part in the tentacle series!
Okay then! as i had plenty of comments and pms about what actually went on inside the cocoon! i decided to write up a smaller story just for you guys!

here it is!

as allways i welcome any and all comments/suggestions.

sry in advance for any typos i may have missed!

The cocoon slowly wrapped around my cum drenched body and closed shut, i was asleep but somehow aware of what was happening to me.
It must be the tentacle monster keeping me aware in a totally suspended state, it took only seconds before i felt the first of many tentacles attach to my naked cum stained flesh.

The first tentacle slithered and spiraled up my leg heading for my now well used anal passage, it wasted little time nudging and pushing it way inside me, though i was suspended i felt every wave of pleasure rushing over my tired body.
I felt different tentacles touching me now, as 2 of them wrapped around my now massive tits squeezing them so hard that they actually started leaking, the tentacle up my ass was now wriggling inside my gut and seemed to be expanding.
The tentacles around my tits sprouted sucktion cups which clamped to my nipples and began a slow process of milking me and replacing the liquid with new fluids!

What the fuck was happening to me i wondered, suddenly my mouth was pushed open as this new large tentacle pushed inside my mouth and slid straight down my throat, at the same time i felt a bunch of small tentacles wrapping around my now throbbing clit, the heat within my body boiled my blood as the first of many orgasms rushed over my pleasure battered body.
I wanted to scream out as this orgasm slaughtered its way through my body and caused me mind blowing pleasure, my body trembled and shaked as my cunt sprayed pussy juice down my thighs and coated the assaulting tentacles, yet another tentacle slammed its way inside my still dripping cunt and it was totally relentless as it pummeled straight past my cervix into my womb where fucked my insides without mercy.

As all the tentacles attacked my body i became aware of a pressence in my mind, althogh not speaking i was informed of what was happening!

I now knew my body was undergoing a transmutation, i knew i was going to have new abilites when i awoke in the morning but i also knew i was remember none of what was happening right now.
The tentacle in my womb began depositing a warm fluid, i could feel my body start expanding slowly but surely, the tentacle down my throat started spurting thick liquid too and soon enough i felt pregnant but not.
Another orgasm began deep within me and soon enough i was once again in ecstacy as it thrashed my young body, my cunt was leaking juice constantly now, this orgasm was never ending.

All the tentacles in my body were now spurting its mystery liquid into me and i felt strange, this stuff was changing me and it worried me but it also excited me.
My allmighty huge breasts felt amazing with the sucktion cups working there magic on my tender little nipples, my body was still being thrashed by orgasms and my cunt was still dripping or should i say pouring, i was starting to drift into a slumber as the tentacles continued there job.

As my mind drifted away i knew things were going to be strange and wonderfull tommorow....

Meanwhile sam was also being transmutated!
Sam had 3 tentacles fucking her holes so far but things were about to get even wierder, a huge tentacle appeared from the cocoon and it slowly slithered towards her young pussy, once again the 2 tentacles inside her ass were slamming her into oblivion and splurting huge strings of spunk within her.
The huge tentacle finally reached her juicy pussy and clamped around her drenched hole, a massive orgasm started inside the young girl as the huge tentacle deposited small creatures inside her, golfball size tentacle critters marched up her cunt canal which only made her massive orgasm larger and more powerfull than any before!

The creatures continued there journey inside her pussy untill one by one they popped inside her womb and rolled about, this was allmost too much for sam to handle as her orgasm battered her body with wave after wave of mind blowing ecstacy, her pussy was overflowing with juice which the tentacle had little problem devouring.
Now all the strange creatures were inside her womb and still rolling around the huge tentacle unclamped and pushed its way inside, the tentacle was insanely large and would take time to fully enter her little cunt.

Tubes from the walls of the cocoon flew out towards her and penetrated her nipples, more creatures were being inserted! much smaller creatures but caused just as much pleasure, an explosion of orgasmic energy emerged within her again and again, bolts of pleasure passed though her causing her pussy to drip a continuos stream of cunt juice.
Sams allready massive tits grew larger to accomidate the new creatures which tumbled around excreting thick slime.

At last the huge tentacle reached the entrance to her womb and with one mighty push its head popped inside and let loose a river of slime which made the creatures go crazy!
The creatures rolled and rolled around in a bath of slime and slowly they began merging into the liquid and would soon be absorbed into sams body.

Sam was now also drifting into a slumber....

Her mind went blank as her body continued to get battered by all the tentacles...

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