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My wife, Patricia, sends me to a hotel room with three gorgeous milfs!
I had left my beautiful wife Patricia in a hotel room at the Atlanta Hyatt smiling in the strong arms of her handsome black new lover for the night. Patricia had encouraged me to take my three beautiful and exciting sluts up to our room for an evening of sexual pleasures. We had been met by some young college studs, who were excited by my ladies, and gave $350 for the privilege of being satisfied by my willing sex slaves. Fully satisfied, the boys left, so I sent my whores into the large shower to wash off the sex they had had. I heard them giggling as I stripped my own clothes off to join them.

I could not believe how amazing this anniversary weekend had been so far! My wife had never been interested in adding any additional partners to our sexual life, but had written me a sexy note expressing curiousity about sex with others watching, "Maybe you could take my top off in the back of the movie theater so anyone looking could see these nice tits you like so well! Too bad public fucking is illegal! We could put on quite a show!" That enticement had made me hard, but I couldn't have guessed she'd act it out and invite two other couples and two beautiful milfs to join us in orgies. My love slaves for the weekend included Jill, the black goddess; Diane, the blue-eyed, black haired southern belle; and Lori, the gorgeous and still lactating redhead.

"Ohhh, Master! You are sooo hard! Your cock is standing at attention, looking for some delicious cunt!" Diane cooed. "Get in here and let us give you the foreplay you know you want!" Jill and Lori each offered a beautifully manicured hand, leading in to the steamy shower stall. I was now surrounded by three of the most beautiful women I had ever seen, much less touched. Diane smiled, turning slowly around to let me admire her beautiful body. Her shoulder length black hair was now wet, her bright blue eyes shining. She had on that nice quality waterproof makeup, so her full lips and lined eyes accentuated her beauty. As she showed me her fine, firm ass, I noticed that the stripes from being punished earlier by Jill were still visible. "Like what ya see, Babe?" She asked in her sexy southern accent. "Just remember, I'm all yours this weekend, and I want you to use me!" She wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me to her 36D breasts, then kissed me deeply, probing my eager mouth with her sexy tongue. I dropped my hands down to her perfect firm ass, and squeezed two hands full. "Yeah, Master, enjoy my ass! It's yours, lover!"

As I continued to kiss her, Lori, my gorgeous redhead began sensuously washing my back. She leaned toward me, and began whispering in my ear as Diane sucked on my tongue. "Hey, my hot stud! I hope you remember that I'm the one who gets that long hard cock of yours! I've been waiting for you! I want to be your pleasure toy. I'm giving you everything! You get it all, Master!" Lori then swirled her wet tongue inside my ear as she ran her delicate fingers up my thigh and found my hard member. She then began fondling my balls and softly sighed, "Oh, you're so hard! Are you just about ready to take what's yours? I want you inside me! I want you to fill me with your hot seed! I'm hoping you knock me up, too! Now, come with me, Master, and let's have some fun! Ladies, I'm takin' our man for the next hour! Y'all can come watch us if ya want to! Let's go Stuart, and show 'em some hot fuckin' sex!" Lori firmly gripped my hand in her tiny one, leading me out of the shower and quickly wrapping us both in a towel. She began drying us both as she rubbed her gorgeous wet tits across my chest, giggling. My cock continued to rise as she began grinding her shaved pussy on my engorged member. "Ooo yeah, Baby, get hard for me! I want that cock as hard as a steel rod, so I can ride it for hours! I want to be impaled on this wonderful fucker! Come conquer me, my lover!" Mostly dry, she led pulled me eagerly along to our waiting king-sized bed. I was gazing at her jiggling breasts and her lush red mane, her fine ass and pale skin, flushed pink by the hot shower. She gave me a mischievous grin and playfully pushed me onto my back. As Lori knelt on the bed above me, she smiled and looked into my eyes,"Lover, I'm going to give you more of me than I've ever given even my husband. My girls are going to get me ready for you,and I want you to enjoy the show. Here's the camera, so take lots of video and pics for us to watch later!" Diane, her lovely tits with the huge 'nursing mommy' areolas bouncing, entered, carrying a makeup box, all smiles. "Master, we're going to give Lori a full-on makeover! You will find her even more stunning!" "That's right, Baby!" Jill joined in, her lovely ebony skin glowing as she carried in the blow drier and perfume. "Your beautiful redhead is gonna be hotter than a movie-I mean porn star!" All three girls giggled.

Lori stood, naked in all her glory, allowing Jill to blow-dry her hair, while Diane blotted her with a soft towel to catch any remaining moisture. Lori smiled at all the attention she was getting from these two sexy women. Jill continued to fluff her red hair, letting it fall over her white breasts, each nipple a warm auburn color and stading erect, ready for more excitement. When they were satisfied that their charge was completely dry, they both began to gently and firmly knead rose petal lotion into Lori's soft white skin. Lori cooed in satisfaction as my girls softly caressed those lovely tits, twisting each nipple gently so that each stiffened with pleasured arousal. Tiny white droplets of warm milk appeared on her nipples, and Jill noticed. She immediately suckled at Lori's left breast, drinking the liquid and tonguing the nipple for more. "Mmmmm..Lori, your milk is so sweet!" Jill licked her lips and leaned in for another sip. Diane noticed and immediately moved forward to Lori's right breast and lached on. Lori rolled her eyes heavenward, smiling. "Oooo, yeah, slut sisters! Drain my tits for me! I can feel your beautiful lips on my nipples, pulling my milk out! Let's go over here, girls." Lori sat on the bed next to me, kissed me deeply, then opened her arms for her lovely babes. They each stradled one of her spread thighs and snuggled up to her waiting tits. This was so hot! Lori tenderly cradled each girl's head in the crook of her elbow, then sensuously ran her fingers through their hair as she enjoyed their attentions. As I gazed at these beauties being nursed by my redhead, it seemed a tender moment, as a loving mother feeding her two beautiful (and oh so sexy!) daughters. Lori caught me staring and smiled as she noticed my raging hard-on. "Well, sisters, it seems that our Master is enjoying our show! Do you like watching me nurse your ladies, Master! Don't worry, I'm saving some of my sweet milk just for you!" She looked down at her feeding babes, their luscious lips attached to her tits, their cheeks pumping out the precious liquid. "Now, girls, I want to sample some of my delicious milk! I've never had it before, though my kids have loved it. Now, share, please! With that Jill sucked a mouthful, knelt above Lori, and dripped a stream of hot white milk into Lori's waiting opened mouth. Lori savored it, licked her lips, and opened wide for Diane's sample. Diane kissed her lightly on the lips, held the sides of Lori's lovely face, and gently spat another stream of the white stuff into her friend's mouth. "Mmm, I do taste good, don't I?" Lori commented, and all three ladies kissed and giggled. "Let's continue preparing her for the Master's cock. Look how hard he is!" Diane observed.

Lori then stood up facing me, and Jill and Diane resumed rubbing rose-scented lotion onto Lori's alabaster skin. They finished her waist and began kneading Lori's ass, firmly working the lotion into each cheek, then delicately along her cleft and asshole. Lori sighed as Diane probed the orifice with her dainty finger, smiling. They worked around to her pussy, making sure it too was lubricated, scented and stretched. "Stuart, you are gonna like this white girl's cunt! I know I do!" Giggled Jill, her ebony jugs bouncing with every laugh. Lori's eyes were closed as she enjoyed the sensations of my sluts' massages. After Jill and Diane had finished Lori's legs, feet, and toes, they applied the makeup- a light silvery blue for her eyelids, a tasteful amount of liner for accent, and a deep auburn red to accentuate Lori's fair skin and red hair. Next they took the same lipstick and painted each aureola and nipple. The effect was stunning! "You are a gorgeous, exquisite creature! Baby, I want to enjoy every part of you!" I lauded. "Not so fast, Master!" ordered Diane, playfully pushing me back to the bed. Lori stood over me, her beauty mesmerizing me. "You like, Master?" Inquired my gorgeous redhead. I nodded enthusiastically. "Well, great- 'cuz you'll get every piece of this fine ass: my mouth, my tongue, my tits, my naked pussy, and my virgin ass. You can enjoy it till you've got nothing left! But first, I want to give you a show you'll never forget: I want you to watch me cum in a body-splitting orgasm! I want you to film me while my slut sisters build me up to explode! So enjoy the show!" Lori lay on the bed next to me, smiling confidently. Now, ladies remember: I want to have the biggest orgasm ever, so don't stop- no matter what I say- until I pass out. And I mean pass out cold. Show Master how it's done, sisters!"

Lori then lay down next to me, with each of my ladies straddling her open thighs. As each of my sluts cupped one of Lori's hot soft tits, Jill began to kiss her neck softly. "Girl, you are one beautiful chick! I can't wait to see Master enjoy your fine white cunt!" Lori just smiled and sighed. Diane began a southward journey of exploration along Lori's perfect waist, then paused at her navel to give it some special attention. "Lori, we've been friends for more than five years, but I never knew how beautiful and sexy hot you are! Your husband is an ignorant beast if he doesn't treasure you and your luscious body!" Diane then continued to caress and kiss my gorgeous redhead, kneading her firm thighs as she began to softly stroke Lori's pussy lips with her wet tongue. "Oh, yeah! You go girls! I'm your open cunt, so use me! Your tongue feels so hot, Diane! My lips are hot for you! Jill, you are such an exciting kisser! I love your tongue! Explore me- all of my body, please, My lovers!" This encouraged both of my sluts, and their mouths really began to titillate Lori's body. She was all goosebumps as she squirmed in her enjoyment of the focused affections of her beautiful sisters. Lori broke from her kissing with Jill to look over at me for approval, sensuously running her wonderful tongue across her lips. "OH, Master! I see you're very interested in our fucking! Your splendid cock is sooo hard and pulsing with interest! And look at this tasty crystaline stream oozing from your purple tip!" With that, she adjusted her position and leaned over to suck the tip of my steely rod. "Oh, nice to greet you again, you throbbing love maker!" She encouraged my raging hard-on. Yes, oh fuck me, Diane! Open my slit with your sexy tongue!" Diane turned slightly to give us a wicked smile, as she thrust her strong tongue into Lori's lips, then tenderly sucking them. "Oh my God! You are such a fucking slut! Do my cunt, Baby! Mmmm!" She was just then stuffed with Jill's eager tongue, groaning in pleasure as she sucked Jill's mouth organ. They were locked in passion, Jill's right hand kneading Lori's left tit as her own left nipple was caressing Lori's left. This was so hot, I could hardly keep myself from rushing over to ram my cock in each of my sluts' beautiful cunts!

Both ladies then penned their squirming redhead onto her back, her legs spread wide to receive Diane's tongue fucking. Jill rose up directly above Lori's gasping mouth. "Now, slut, open your mouth for me; I'm gonna give you a sweet drink." Jill smiled, then bent closer, releasing a stream of her bubbly saliva into Lori's eager open mouth. For a full 30 seconds, Jill gave Lori a steady drink of her spit, and my redhead drank it up greedily, savoring every drop. "Oh, thank you, my goddess! that was so sweet- just like spring water! Jill leaned down, smiling, then deeply kissed her willing recipient. Meanwhile, Diane was deep inside Lori's cunt, sucking her lips one by one, then focusing on her swelling clit. Lori gasped as Diane gently worked her clit between her teeth and tongue. As Diane continued, Lori stiffened, her eyes rolling in ecstacy as her first climax washed over her. Her breathing became shallow as she built up for another. "You've got her, now, Diane! Keep fucking that little clit! This looks like it's gonn be a big one!" Diane gave a stifled giggle as she continued to suck Lori's clit in pulses. Lori tensed again, her breathing in rapid gasps! "Oh, fuck!! You're doing me! Watch me, Master! I'm... I'm...I'm gonna come!!! Yessss!!!" Lori screamed in pleasure.

Diane rose up to kiss Lori, and she opened her mouth to receive Diane's cunt-soaked tongue. "Mmmm... I taste so good! You're beautiful, my naked lover! I love it when you tongue fuck me! I... Yes!" She had been interrupted by Jill's sudden sucking on her pussy lips. My girls weren't going to let Lori come down from her orgasm. Jill aggressively began sucking and tongueing Lori's clit. Lori began squirming, trying to break off the relentless waves of pleasure. "Okay, okay! Let me take a breather, you sluts! Please.... I.... Ohhhhh!" She tensed again as another climax slammed her. " Master... Master! Please... make.... them... stop! I... I... Aaaaagh!" She tensed again, her legs quivering, her breath ragged in deep gasps. "Please... Let... me... go! I can't... Master... please!" Lori was now struggling to get free, but my sluts kept her down. "No, my liitle cunt! You wanted it, and we're gonna take it all! Now Just enjoy the ride! It's gonna be a long one!" Diane teased. "Master...I... " Lori gasped. "Yes, you can, my gorgeous lover! Now show me how much pleasure you can take! Take it all, girls!" I encouraged. Lori seemed to be energized by my comments, and turned herself over to the collision of pleasure. " me come! I... Aaaagh! Aaaagh!" Suddenly she tensed and quivered, her mouth opened in a gasp, her eyes closed. She then stopped breathing, out cold! My girls looked over at me, concerned. "Don't worry, sluts, you didn't break her," I reassured. After 10 seconds, Lori took a long deep breath, and her eyes opened weakly, blinking. "What... what happened? I was cumming so hard, then..." She looked at me, then at my ladies. I looked into her eyes,"Lori, you had the biggest orgasm I've ever seen! That was awesome!" "Did I please you, Master? Did you enjoy our show?"
"Yes, my love, I enjoyed it- I filmed you cumming, in fact. We can watch it later! Now, come over here and rest awhile, before I fuck you myself! Well done, my three sluts!" I gave each of my ladies a deep kiss, then we lay down together: Lori in my arms, Jill and Diane snuggled up behind us. This was a great weekend!!

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2013-07-23 04:17:11
you ended this story kind ofd abruprtly............. what happened tro his wife .............. did she tale off with the nigger nsd leave her husband and what about Dianes husband............seems to be a lot more to explain............. I hope here is more coming?????

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2013-05-10 13:57:32
Where is Part 3???? It's not on your list.

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2013-05-10 11:23:52
Question...with all of these wives pledging their bodies to other men, why are they even married? I THINK that Stuart and Diane believe that this is just for the weekend, but do Patricia, Lori and Jill know that? If this is true, are they taking pictures and video to use as evidence for the pending divorce? We all know it is coming it is just a matter of time if Patricia actually follows through on the I am Big daddy's ho to use at all times after "the weekend".

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2013-05-10 09:37:35
Seriously? If this is a true story then why are you married in the first place?

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