A fantasy that never happened.
This story is pure fantasy based on somethings that occurred to me in my thirties while undergoing dental cleanings in a dentist's office

She was in her mid-twenties with shoulder length light brown hair and a slender body which featured a nice set of C cup breasts. She was the dentist's wife. And every time she cleaned my teeth she pressed those magnificent orbs into my chest.

These cleanings were done every quarter because of gingivitis which was threatening my teeth's anchors. Unknown to me after one such cleaning she went to her husband and said,"Every time I clean his teeth I push by breasts into his chest and brush my arm over his groin but he does not take the hint!" He replied, "Well honey maybe he gets the message but doesn't know our marriage is opened. Perhaps you should tell him." She said, "I know I'm getting to him because his pants are tenting by the time I am done but he refuses to act instinctively."

He suggests, "Next time take him into the corner treatment room and close the door. Then you can straight out ask him if you really want him that bad." She ask, "Can we bring him back in a month?" He said, "I will try to clear it with his insurance."

The next day they called me and told my wife, "We need Charles to come back in a month because the infection is advancing too much with our current treatment. Can he come in on the 20th of next month at 9AM? She said, "I'll let him know and he'll make time."

So on the 20th of the next month Brenda took me into the corner treatment room and closed the door. I sat in the chair with my mouth opened ready to have her clean my teeth below the gum line along with the discomfort that caused.

She came around the chair and put the equipment tray on the swing out table next to the chair. I noticed she had unbuttoned two top buttons of her white uniform blouse exposing her cleavage. She said, "Close your eyes and open your mouth!" I did as instructed though the request to close my eyes has to precedent. The next time I felt was her breasts pushed into the chest just before her lips touched mine, pressed and her tongue came into my mouth!

I push her off and said, "Mrs. A I think you are trying to seduce me.!" She said, "I am." 'What about your husband?" I asked stalling for time. She opened the door and yelled, "Doug, come here please."
Dr. Doug came in and said,"What's going on?" She answered him,"This guy asked, 'What about your husband?'" Dr. Doug came around the chair to face me and said,"Charlie, our marriage is an opened on so if you want to do Brenda don't hesitate on account of me." Then he walked out, closing the door behind him!

Brenda came around the chair and said,"Is it okay now?" She was standing very close to my chair. I reached a hand out behind her neck and pulled her face down to mine and kissed her and gave her my tongue. She returned the favor and out tongues wrestled in our mouths.

I reached up and unbuttoned another blouse button, and another and another and another. Then I reached in and realized she had no bra on! These were really firm breasts. I felt her up and teased the nipple and it stood up straight out of her boob.

When she broke the kiss she moved the nipple to my mouth and I sucked and licked it keeping her aroused. One hand was busy on the other breast and the other was working on the bottom on the side of her skirt. When it opened I unzipped it and it fell from her slender but round hips. I pulled her hips close to the chair and realized she was either wearing a thong, or she had no panties on at all!

I ran the hand up her bottom and found the strap so I started working them off. She pulled herself to a standing position of shucked on the blouse. She took off her panties and then her shoes and socks. She was nude. I ran my eyes up and down her legs, thighs, hips, flat belly, voluptuous breasts her shoulders and lovely face.

He leaned in and unbuttoned my shirt. I took it off and threw if over the side of the chair. She pulled my T-shirt off over my head and then went to work on my belt. Once she had defeated the belt. She unhooked my dress slacks and unzipped the fly and pulled them down. I kicked them off onto the floor.

She said, "Now I'm going to see what you have." and with that she pulled off my jockeys.

I told her, "Ladies cum before gentlemen." I stood up. Got out of the chair and gestured with my arm for her to take a seat. When she did I dove into her pussy and started to lick. She was moaning with the pleasure of my muff diving. I love to eat pussy and did so with relish. She climaxed within a couple minutes.

When she came down she said,"What's good for the goose is good for the gander." Then she stood and stepped away from the chair using the same gesture I had used to tell her to sit. I sat back down. She reached for my organ and began to jack me.

The she did something my wife had not done in nearly 5 years. She kissed my cock and licked its head. Then she opened her mouth and nearly swallowed the whole length of it" She then closed her lips around it and pulled up until the head of it was just against the inside of her lips. She dove on it again. She repeated this action again and again and again. After about three minutes of this rare delight I had to cum or stop her. So I pulled her head up and my organ fell out of her mouth.

She asked me,"Don't you like it?" I told her, "I like it fine but while it does me a lot of good it doesn't do anything for you." She said, "What do you want to do?" I answered her,"Fuck you." She stepped up on the foot rest and swung the arms of the dental chair outward so they would not be in the way. She put one foot on each side of my hips and squatted on my prick lining it carefully with her pussy's hole. As she lowered has pelvis over my cock her tight little pussy engulfed my organ. Then she swung her legs over the side and took me in to the hilt.

Then she squeezed me with her vagina. I was in heaven. As she pulsed her vagina muscles she moaned in pleasure as she proceeded. God, this felt wonderful. My hands were on her clit and one breast and my mouth was involved with either her luscious mouth or her other breast. She rocked her pelvis and I rocked mine as best I could pinned as I was in the chair. She leaned over my shoulder and whispered,"Give it to me. I want your cum." I held off for a long time until she stiffened and screamed in orgasm. Then I let go and pumped her full of cum. My wife had not been taking care of me for a while and she only wanted to do it in missionary position and this lovely dental assistant had sucked my cock which my wife had not done since our first child was born.

After we both rejoined the real world. We each got dressed. She put on her clothes and I put on mine. She said,"Same time next month?"
I replied,"Will the insurance cover it?" She said,"Doug will fix it so it will." I kissed her good bye and left the office with a lot to think about.

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2013-10-25 08:43:56
zZAJxP Awesome article.Really looking forward to read more. Keep writing.

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Yawn.... did nothing for me.

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2013-05-10 22:59:51
This would have been a good story if the grammar, spelling, and structure was good. The premise is there, but since it is not your first story, I have to say you need to really work on your writing.


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2013-05-10 18:21:34
This was a delightful little story. There is a dental assistant at the dentist I go to that I would love to have this story become real. Gee's she is so fucking beautiful. While I was reading this I ws thinking of her. While this was short and sweet, it was great anyways. I don't what you could do to further this story along. It pretty much says it all.

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