Naughtiness in the Visiting Room
I am Sandy. Mother of Cindy and lover to both Charlie and Ed. I am also the wife of Steve who is in prison for the sexual abuse of my daughter Cindy who has decided sex feels so good she does not want to give it up.

I was sexually abused by my father who started fingering me at 8. Eating my pussy at 9, had me masturbate him at 10 and sucking him off at 11 and finally taking my virginity at 12. I was the school slut in High School and my husband gave me permission to have affairs as long as no children came as a result. Just like my daughter, I think sex feels too good to do without it.

Steve is aware that his early introduction of sex to Cindy has made her want to do it and to feel sexual stimulation almost constantly. So after she got two teachers at her school fired for putting thier fingers in her panties he agreed I needed to get her a sexual outlet.

My neighbor Ed used to watch me sunbath and I got tinier bikinis to try to provoke his reaction. I caught him watching me and decided to untie my bikini but stay on my stomach so as not to be so obvious.

When my 9 year old baby started to realize he was looking at me she decided she was going to have a crush on him. She begged me to let him babysit her. I refused until she brought up her grades. My husband agreed she could choose her own partners as long as she was careful. Since he started her down this path he figured he had no right to object.

He is one year into a 25 year sentence with an 85% mandatory minimum and is still appealing the sentence. Our daughter has filed a affidavit stating she seduced her father with forethought and wants him out of prison. My husband understands her need to have sex and holds no grudges against the two teachers or her current lovers, Charlie and Ed.

This story is of the visit I went on before she had met Charlie when I left her at Ed's house. Ed is a mystery writer and thus spends most of his time at home writing. z

It took a couple of hours to drive down to the prison where Steve is. I took along several erotic CD's to play on my car stereo on the way down and was aroused when I got into the visiting room.

I sat at table while my husband was strip searched and redressed before he could come into the visiting room. I had deliberately chosen a table in the darkest corner of the visiting room and had to stand up so he could find me.

He came up and, in accordance with prison regulations, gave me one short kiss and a hug. He sniffed and smelled my arrousal and asked me what I had been doing. I told him I had a Natural Reader program on my computer that could read the stories off web sites like and I made the output into an MP3 file which I then copies to CD and I listened to these erotic tales on the way down and that was why I was hot and bothered.

I told him I'd like relief but was not sure how we would do it. He said he would go to the bathroom and I was to wait one minute and follow him in. He left and I waited a minute and then followed him. As soon as I walked into the room he stuck to door stop wedge in the bottom gap of the door to lock it.

He grabbed me and pulled me to his chest and said,"You have no idea how much I have missed this." Then he unbuttoned my blouse and skirt. I had shed my undies in the car knowing he would want me. But he was not hard yet. So I knelt and opened the zipper of his jeans, extracted his penis and began to suck him. As I sucked he took off his jeans. I took my mouth off his organ so he could take of his prison issue briefs. Since he was hard I lifted my skirt and backed up to the wall. He walked up. Squatted slightly to line his penis up with my vagina then stood up and pinned me to the wall. I had not had him in over a year and of course he wasn't getting any in prison. God did this feel good!

So I'm fucking my husband in the visiting room bathroom when I hear someone try the door and my Steve calls out,"I'm almost done I'll be out shortly." He was fucking me hard and fast and I only came once but it was screaming orgasm that everyone in the visiting room heard.

We left together and the guard called us over,"You really should try to keep it quiet if you are going to do that." I told him, "What do they expect us to do when you force us apart?" He said, "A lot of women have affairs while in prison." She said, "Yeah but nobody can get to me like my husband can." "If you do it ever again I may have to bar you from visiting." My husband spoke up at that point."Please don't log this or report it. I want to stay married for the duration of my sentence and I sometimes have to remind her how much I love her." The guard said,"Don't do it again that I find out about.Okay? Now get back to your table and have your visit." My husband and I went back to the table and talked for a couple more hours.

He asked me if I had found a lover and I told him I know someone I could get.Then I told him about Cindy's crush on Ed. He asked if I though she could seduce him. I said I had not been sure until she had done it. He said he was glad she had someone to fulfill his former role.

Then he told me of his plan to take Cindy to the Pedophile club after he had broken her cherry. He gave me the number and the name of the president. He told me if I could find a man with a taste for young girls to have him take her to the club.

One of Ed's books was a murder mystery where a father was killed by some family member after sexually abusing his own daughter. My husband had found Ed's book and said it sounded earily similar to how he had started the affair with our daughter. Ed had told me in pillow talk that he had written that novel based on a friend of his who had served time for the sexual abuse of his own daughter. I did not know at that very moment that Ed was calling the man and asking him to do things with our daughter.

My husband suggested if Ed ever went out of town to promote his books as authors often do if the guy did not live far away maybe I could get him to baby sit. "The abuse he gave his daughter in the book was similar to what I had done to Cindy so if he's available get him." was my husband's statement about it.

I told him she had taken her virginity and he told me that would make her eligible for the club if Ed could not get in he knew the guy that had gone to prison would be able to get in.

We talked about my other lovers and about the time I had been caught giving a blow job by my daughter and then taught her how to do it better. He said he wishes he could have seen that. I told him i had it on video tape and he said,"If I get out on appeal it will be okay. You'll have to get it transferred to DVD if I stay the whole 22 years."

I also told him Ed used an unusual variation of missionary position that gives me more orgasms. He asked me how it went and I explained that he starts normally then I close my legs and his legs are outside of mine. He thought for a minute and said,"That would force his penis to the top of your vagina make it closer to your clitoris which explains the orgasms. He asked me if Cindy had experienced multiple orgasm and I told him "Yes, Ed did give her one after other again and again." He said,"Well I'm glad he did because I had not gotten to that part of her sexual education yet."

We talked about a lot more including how he would invite the guys who kept his daughter sexually active over for dinner and an orgy if that was okay with me. I said it was. Then we hugged and kissed one more time and I drove home.

When I picked up Cindy at Ed's she told me she had been gang banged but only by two men. Then Charlie came back and showed me the intercourse video which seemed to come from his own point of view but since I had been with my husband that day I did not want anything that night.

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2014-07-18 15:11:03
i41NuN Really enjoyed this blog post. Awesome.


2013-05-12 19:03:58
Yes, In the story Ed Takes Cindy Home Sandy is away visiting her husband in prison. In comments after that story someone wrote a piece claiming to be the father threatening Ed because of the abuse. I wrote this piece to counter that comment.

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2013-05-10 18:39:00
Another short and sweet story. Was this attached to the Cindy stories about going to a Ped Club in some of your other stories?

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