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This is just a rough copy of an original piece, thought I'd try something new completely. Inbox me or comment your thoughts on it? depending on the remarks I may well finish it.
The polished dancefloors reflected the images of the thrashing teens, a mess of organized flailing limbs and phermones. The overpowering aroma of aftershave, perfume, sweat and alcohol hung thick in the air. Brightly coloured neon lights pulsated through the inky darkness, casting dancing sillhouettes. Tonight was a costume night, October brought the usual sexy and revealing outfits as it did every year. Woman dressed in short skirts and low cut tops, exposing a large amount of cleavage for the eager boys to oggle and drool over. The boys attempted to dress in sexy attempts at vampires, werewolves or some other modern teen novel heartthrob.

Alice had been forced into a tight ice-blue dress by her friends, the skirt was a short one, resting just below her thighs. Her flawless mily skin peered teasingly below her skirt. The defining curve of her inner thigh was shown just above tight white stockings, frilly lace garters holding the stockings smoothly in place. Black poly shoes gleamed against the strobes, revealing red diamond symbol buckles. The top half of Alice's dress was a tightly bound corset, pale-blue fabric decorating white lace covering in thin black strings which sat below her breasts, exxagerating her already volumptuous breasts. Alice's large, deep, cobalt-eyes shimmered. Her face was one that needed no improvement, no make-up or self enhancing appliances. Her pink cheeks were lightly freckled and lustrous dark brown hair cascaded down her back in a sexy and refined mess of curls. She was tall, around five foot and eight inches. Her long toned legs were stretched out in front of her, pressed together. Her hands rested upon the top of her legs as her heels clicked together in the rhythm of the beat. She was sat in one of the circular booths watching as her friends danced.

A cold pespiring glass of Cola sat upon the table to her left, a straw poking outwards of the sleek glass. Her pink, full pouting lips closed over the straw as she sucked up some of the refreshing liquid, her tongue drifting along her top lip to catch a stray bead of Cola. Her cheeks were flushed slightly from the stifling heat of the bar. Her breasts heaved as she dragged in breaths of thick, warm air.

The door opened and another stream of teenagers poured in, Alice allowed her gaze to wander, picking out some of her usual college friends. A little way back from the crowd, a new face appeared through the darkness. Alice had never seen him before, her small home town usually held no secrets but this new guy? She didn't recognize him at all.

The boy had a rugged look about him, a strong jaw and golden-tanned skin. His eyes were the colour of rust, a dark brownish-red colour which seemed to illuminate with each pulse of the lights. His smile revealed perfectly straight white teeth which quickly dissapeared as his gaze wandered over the writhing dancers. He was taller than her by a few inches. His shoulders were broad and his chest muscular beneath a tight white t-shirt. His hair was thick, long and messy, a raven-black in colour. He wore tight dark blue jeans and a black leather jacket. Sure, he was attractive but that wasn't what drew Alice's gaze. Horns protruded from just above his forehead and a black devils tail trailed behind him, the details were amazing!.
The boy swept aside the stream of flirtatious woman with a cold unresponsive manner. He leaned against the bar, a cold beer in his right hand. He scanned the club with deep mysterious eyes. Alice bit down on her lower lip as his gaze slid over her, suddenly seeming to hold her in place, piercing into her very being. He held her gaze for a moment before approaching, sitting in the seat opposite without invitation.

His voice was dark and seductive, a ringing dominance undertone to each carefully defined word. "You must be Alice" a playful smirk playing upon his lips. Alice brushed a strand of stray hair from her eyes and nodded once awkwardly, averting his piercing gaze. She kept herself quiet, hoping he'd simply lose interest. Maybe if she stood very still... It worked in Jurassic Park? Nope, although, speaking of predators, this guy sat opposite her made her feel on edge, as if being sat in a cage with a large predatorial cat, covered in blood with an apple between her teeth. His movements were graceful, unnaturally quick. If he was not staring blankly at her with a scrutinising gaze, he was sat abnormally still, staring out to the mess of dancing teenagers. The silence lasted for around five minutes (seemingly hours for Alice) before he finally stirred, as if roused from a deep sleep, his pupils dilated. He broke the silence again, so far she had put no effort into forming a conversation. "Dance with me" his voice was a demanding one, he phrased it as an order rather than a question.

He was beside her in an instant, his arm snaking tight around her waist. With a sudden tug, he pulled her body in close against his, her breasts pressing against his hard and warm pectorals. His skin was heated above normal temperature, yet no perspiration. Alice blushed as her body was pinned tight to his by muscular arms. "Please - Uh" her voice faltered and stopped in her throat. He guided her in dancing after releasing her, his body moving in hypnotic grace to the beat. His movements were not an unco-ordinated mess but as if he was a trained professional in seductive movements, a private dancer maybe.?
Alice followed his movements as best as she could, embarrassment clear upon her now scarlet face as her body kept a few inches between his deliberately. He moved a hand across to her hip, pulling her closer in against himself to once again feel the heat radiating off him. Alice dropped her gaze to stare at their feet however his hand soon guided her eye-line back up to meet his, they were uncomfortably close. She could feel his hot breath fluterring over her own slightly parted lips as his hand drifted along her cheek. Her skin was soft, unflawed, his thumb traced a slow path along her cheekbone as he stared down deep into her eyes. His scent was strange, metallic and spicy, alluring and yet, his inviting form only made her seem more intimidated. She promised herself, she would escape as soon as she was able.

Alice was shocked when she felt his lips press firmly to hers, this was definitely moving too fast. His lips pushed her roughly apart, forcing her lips to yield to his as she was held tight into his body, his hand drifting downwards to squeeze her bottom firmly, cupping the perfectly toned and well-formed ass. He pulled her closer to him, forcing her hips to mash tight against his own, she could feel his hardened shaft through the denim of his jeans. Alice struggled against his grasp, her lips attempting to break from his however he followed her movements, keeping her locked in the forced embrace. His tongue moved to dominate hers, forcefully massaging. Alice yelped slightly into the kiss, his hot breath filling her mouth. She arched her body inwards against him in attempt to push some distance between them however his body didn't budge despite her desperate writhing. It simply caused her breasts to rub along him, seeming to spur his movements onward. Her bottom stung only slightly as his fingers squeezed and fondled at it, It wasn't an uncomfortable sting, more of a border between pain and pleasure. She never believed herself to have a masochistic streak, all of these new feelings were happening so suddenly out of the blue. His eyes closed and he growled a low inhuman sound against her lips as her body stumbled closer, forcing here breasts to once again crush against his chest, bulging slightly in the material.

Alice whimpered slightly in attempt to gain attention, to no avail, the teenagers were far too busy dancing, drinking and discretely popping pills. She squirmed against his grasp, finally managing to break the kiss as she twisted her head to the side. He took advantage of the situation, his lips moving to ravage at her neck with an onslaught of short but firm kisses. Alice gasped as he sucked at the skin of her neck firmly, an involuntary moan escaping her lips. She swiftly pursed her lips and closed her eyes tight, tilting her head back. He was eager, his lips parted and the tip of his tongue eagerly tasted her soft skin as it dragged slowly upwards, a low, dark moan reverberating along her neck as his fingers curled inwards upon her back. His nails teasing at the exposed silken skin of her back as he dragged them slowly downwards. The dress was far too revealing! She felt vulnerable and exposed beneath the gaze of countless guys who were carelessly taking in her features. It showed far too much skin! If it wasn't for the dress she wouldn't be in this damn mess! she swore internally as her eyes scrunched closed as the guy continued to force pleasure upon her.

"I don't even know your name" she whimpered as she managed to get a hold upon her shoulders, her fingers curling into the leather jacket. She pushed slightly, again her strength failed her, he didn't shift in the slightest. His jaw pressed to her cheek slightly as he leaned in close to whisper into her ear, his voice a dark seductive purr, "Adrian."

Alice shuddered as his voice echoed into her ear, followed by his teeth nipping at her earlobe, his hands drifting down to rest upon her hips. She attempted to pull back as he leaned in again, kissing her once again upon the lips, holding her tight into it. She suddenly felt a heavy drowsiness fall over her, she clung onto him as her body began to betray her, her eyelids becoming heavy as she fell into a deep sleep.


Alice awoke slowly, the gleam of her own bedroom lights filtering a pink glow through her closed eyelids. Her thoughts were a mess of scattered memories of the previous night, where had Adrian gone? what had happened after their dance?. Her drink had clearly been spiked, that was it... There were lots of people on drugs last night and she HAD gained a lot of unintentional male attention. So that begged the question, what had happened past her blacking out?. She groaned slightly and stretched, her back arching inwards and her arms stretching upwards above her head. She yawned loudly as her body squirmed, sending the sheets of her bed into a mess.

Alice paused, something felt good against her breast, a somewhat warm feeling. It took her a moment to register the palm upon her, an arm rested against her stomach, the skin hot against her. She glanced backwards to note the guy from last night asleep beside her. He was wearing only deep grey boxers, somewhat flimsy material which outlines his thick "item" perfectly. He was perfectly muscled, his body toned to perfection, muscles bulging. She had to admit, the strangeness of the situation wasn't all together unpleasant, at least she had been spiked by somebody attractive, not that his looks made it any better. She lifted her hand to his, gently tugging it downwards, only to be thwarted as he gave her sensitive nipple a gentle squeeze. Once again, a gentle moan escaped her and she felt her nipples harden against his palm. Alice turned back to see Adrian's eyes slowly open, the deep rust-red glistening with lust.

"You have to go now Adrian" she spoke with a facade of confidence, trying to put on a serious tone however, the fact that he had begun kneading at her breast firmly made it a lot harder for her to push him away. "I'm not even nearly done with you" he purred as he moved to pin her to the bed, his bare chest mashing down against her. Alice wriggled her body beneath him in attempt to slip free, her brow furrowing and her cheeks becoming a deep red once again. "No! not again you -" she lost her words as his lips pressed to hers, cutting her off. She flailed her fists against her back and bucked her hips in attempt to push him off, to no avail, he kept her lips busy as they remained crushed to his, being forced to part to accomodate for his tongue which seemed to bully her own. He ignored her feeble strikes, to him they were no more painful than a brush from a feather.

Alice paused as her lips continued to submit to his overpowering kiss, his horns were still attached, as was the tail from yesterday which she could have sworn was curling and drifting about in the air with each of his movements. She panicked, was she in some kind of erotic nightmare? was she about to get eaten? She whimpered into his mouth, trying with renewed desperation to force him away from her. His hand moved down towards her inner thigh, rubbing his palm firmly up along the skin as a low growl escaped his lips, almost a mocking sound. Her words were muffled and lost, a long groan of pleasure sounding out against his lips as his fingers brushed against the thin material of her panties. His fingers relentlessly massaging the swiftly moistening area between her legs.

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