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Well hey everybody I'm 14 year old I'm gonna tell you my first gay experience (I'm not gay I was then I started hating gays don't know why) so that's how it started !

I was a scout every year we made a test of camping so we slept one night at the scouts club. my friend avren was there (its not his real name well nobody gives a shit) so I liked this guy he was with me since kinder garden and he would always wear sweat pants and he would rub his bulge every time he was in front of me . he told me his secrets that he did not have much hair at his dick and he couldn't cum and that he was a heavy sleeper because he didn't enter puberty yet(this was 1 year ago) he was 15 year old . so we were at the club we were exhausted and went to an room we were 6 friends avren said that we should group masturbate but everybody just ignored it because we all were exhausted. I had forgotten to bring my sleeping bag so avren shared his with me at first he slept on top of me and I could feel his cock this turned me on . I could not sleep at night I was thinking about the cock of my friend that I could touch all night so I pretended to sleep touch him. I could see a bulge from his sweat pants I finally put my hand over his bulge over his sweat pants ohhh man the bulge was huge and it felt so good that I was touching it .so I started rubbing his huge cock over his sweat pants and now I could feel his 6 inch semi-erect cock over his sweat pants so I decided to take of his sweat pants . I took off his sweat pants he was wearing boxers I took off the boxers to and there bounced at me a 8 inch fully erect cock ooohhhh man it was huge but he had very little hair beside it how could have a 8 inch dick without any hair (he had not shaved yet) I started to play with his huge balls oh god damn they were huge I started stroking his cock he started moving so I immediately stopped . I waited 30 min to let him go back to his dreams oohhhh god I could see that huge bulge now I took it to a whole new level I started playing with his dick and sucked his balls then I rubbed my 7 inch cock with his one ohh man it felt good ... Then I got on top of him he started to move I was busted !! I was thinking in my mind that this friendship is over ! He saw me naked and started smiling and without any words started stoking my cock ohh his smooth hands were giving me a handjob and I to started to stoke his cock he closed his eyes and started moaning ! And said "I'm cumming" oh and in 2 seconds my face and his belly were covered in cum . Then he started to give me a blowjob he was swallowing my 7 inch cock and rolling his sweat tongue all over my dicks head oh it felt good I moaned ahh ahh and in less than one minute avren sucked all my cum and then we started kissing each other rubbing our penises on each other and holding his smooth hand that gave me a handjob !
ohh his tongue sliding along mine and his dick rubbing against mine ! Oh then the real thing started he got on top off me and inserted his dick in my asshole at first it hurt but then I started enjoying it I had 4 inch of the 8 inch cock in me and his smooth hands were on my cock then it got a whole lot better when we did the 69 position ohh my cock was in my friends beautiful mouth and hid huge cock was in my mouth and started rolling my tongue in circular motions along his cock and a load of cum was already in my mouth and I swallowed it . That was my best night ever . now I miss him so much !! I miss his cock ! Mis his mouth !! Mis his ass ! Miss his smooth hands ! And miss all the nights that we spend together !

If you want me to contact you just give me your kik and facebook account :p this was my first true story story please don't criticise to much and enjoy as much as you can love y'all I'm bi see ya falk .


Sorry the story was to short but that's what happened truly so I can't make it longer :( sorry for that :) hope you'll understand.


Don't forget to like the story and add your comments please don't be to rude about it it was my first time you can criticise to make my other stories better ! :p

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2015-03-11 14:48:00
Learn the English language dude.

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2013-09-07 21:21:27
I am 15 and gay I was so turned on by your story I thought I was going to chum all over my bed i`ve had sex with boys at school in the bathrooms but i`d like to see your penis if I could ssend a pic of my penis I would mostly when I am chuming on myself you`d love it hopefully. love STEVEN

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2013-07-12 06:33:49
im bi amd i like gettin BJs im a 21 m with a 6inch cock wont hurt ya :-(

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2013-05-12 03:43:42
so if you or yall are bisexual swingers and you girls want a dick for your husband or boyfriend to suck leave number!

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2013-05-12 03:35:26
if u have a 15 inch or bigger dick i want to see if it will go alk the up in my male virgin ass i think i can do it

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