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PART 2!!!



After around an hour we heard the front door slam shut and in walked sara and my mom,"hey guys! how have you been today" my mom asked, "great thanks" we all replied.
We all lounged around the living room talking and watching tv till around 9pm when i decided to get some sleep, "good night everyone" i annouched before heading up the stairs and climbing into bed.

Around 2am i was awoken to the sound of my door opening and ellie walking in,"can i sleep with you tonight rob? i had a bad dream." "sure i said, hop in,"
I wrapped my arm around her and hugged her close and gave her a soft peck on the cheek, we both drifted off to sleep in each others arms.

I woke up bright and early around 7.30am and headed to bathroom for my morning shower, just i got there the door opened and becky walked out with a big smile on her face,"morning rob! me and ellie are going over to haydens place later, do you want to come?"
My face lit up like a lightbulb as i had a crush on hayden,"of course i'll come, just going to hop in the shower so i'll see you downstairs after."

Becky giggled slighty as she hurried away to get ready, she how much i liked hayden.
I rushed into the shower and wasted little time get showered and quickly dried off and ran back to my room to put some clothes on, once i was finished getting ready i made my way downstairs to the kitchen for some breakfast.

As i walked in the room there was a bowl of cereal waiting for me that ellie kindly prepared while i was getting ready, "hey thanks ellie."
Ellie smiled and replied, "your welcome rob!"
once i quickly devoured my cereal i got my shoes on and we all headed for the front door, before heading out my mom appeared, "and where are you guys off to in such a hurry?" "were going to haydens for the day, we wont be back till later today" i said.

My mom smiled and seemed rather happy we were leaving out for the day," ok guys have fun, see you later".

We all left out the front door and made our short 20 minute journey to haydens place, once there me and ellie stood behind becky as she knocked on the door, there was no answer... "hmmm are you sure shes in becky?" i said "yes she must be around back, lets go" becky replied
We strolled around the back and sure enough we heard splashing sounds as we made our to the pool, "how hayden! how are you" becky asked, "oh hey becky, rob and ellie, nice to see you all" she replied.

Becky had a huge smile on her face and then i realised hayden was skinny dipping in the pool, i felt my dick rising to attention as she climbed out the pool stark naked dripping head to toe.
"oh my god i squealed." becky and ellie giggled as i eyed haydens beautiful tanned body up and down.
Hayden had the most fantastic body you could ever hope to see, she is 16 years old, slim and slightly toned with awesome 32c tits, she had long brown hair and stunning blue eyes.

My knob was clearly visible through my shorts at this point, becky and ellie joined hayden on the sun loungers befors stripping naked themselfs, i just stood there shocked as hayden shouted,"come on rob, get over here and strip!"
I obeyed her command and hurried on over, i pulled my shirt off and ripped my shorts down releasing my cock for the whole world to see.

Becky, ellie and hayden giggled as my dick bounced free, i jumped on a sun lounger and lay down while keeping a firm eye on haydens body, for the next 30 mins becky shared the story of yesterdays events which obviously sparked some curiosity in hayden, she stood and walked over to me.
She didnt say a word, she just knelt before me and grabbed my dick squeazing it gently, "uurgh" i let loose as her head lent forward and her tongue touched my dick for the very first time.

I tried to keep my cool as i heard becky and ellie giggling away as my raging hardon began leaking precum onto haydens tongue,"mmmmm, that tastes good" she moaned before wrapping her lovely wet lips around my cock, her head bobbed up and down coating my shaft with saliva as she greedily took more of me into her mouth.
My head went back on the sun lounger as hayden continued to expertly suck me off, she started rubbing my balls and sucking harder and faster, my cock was now oozing precum into her mouth which she easily swallowed and it wasnt long before i felt my cock entering her throat.

"Jesus fucking christ" i moaned as i felt my cock surging in her mouth, i knew it wouldnt be long before i gave her my load, she moved her hand from my balls and wrapped it around my shaft and began jerking me up and down rapidly as her tongue went to work on the head of my now throbbing cock.
That was it, i felt it deep inside, my climax raged through my loins and surged up my shaft as my dick erupted a huge load into haydens mouth, 5 long strings of cum later, hayden was slurping and gulping every drop she could get, she finally pulled away smiling with cum dripping down her chin.

"did you enjoy that rob? i know i did." she said, "hell yeah i enjoyed that!" i squarked.
"mmmmmm, oh yeah, faster ellie" we heard being moaned from the sun lounger across from us, me and hayden turned to find becky on all fours with ellie kneeling behind her with her face buried in beckys juicy cunt, "wow, now thats a sight" i shouted!

Hayden sat in my lap as we watched ellie eat becky's pussy, ellie was doing an amazing job as her tiny little tongue lashed up and down becky's slit and from time to time clamping her little mouth down on her clit and lightly chewing, becky was moaning insanely loud by now.
Hearing becky's moaning only fueled ellies efforts as she munched harder on becky's clit, suddenly becky screamed out,"I'M CUMMMMMING, dont FUCKING STOP!"

Ellie pulled away quite shocked as becky squirted pussy juice from her juicy cunt, becky's pussy looked fantastic with drips of cunt juice sliding down her thighs.
By this time my cock was once again hard and poking hayden in her side, "hehehehe,down boy." hayden giggled

Ellie stood up and sat beside up before wrapping her arms around me, becky was still laying there collapsed on the sun lounger out of breath.
"Lets go indoors" hayden announced, hayden and ellie went on ahead as i had to help becky to her feet before joining them inside.

We all gulped down a glass of water and headed to the living room where things could get really hot!
I slumped down in the middle of the sofa and with no warning ellies jumped in my lap and pressed her mouth against me, we shared an intense kiss which lasted a few minutes before she pulled away,"rob will you lick my pussy for me." she sweetly asked.

"it would be my pleasure" i said as i softly pushed her down and made my way down her tiny body, i kissed my way south past her belly and traced my tongue down the sides of her tiny virgin pussy and kissed my way up and down her thighs.
I wanted to take my time to enjoy my little sister so i didnt rush to her pussy, i continued kissing and licking her thighs for a few more moments before lightly flicking my tongue over her tiny clit for the first time,"oh my god" she moaned and i flicked over her clit again and ran my tongue slowly up and down her slit,"my god you taste amazing ellie!" i said while tracing my middle finger up her slit.

Ellie started to moan as i continued licking her tiny clit while sliding my finger up and down her juicy little pussy, i took my time eating her sweet tasty pussy as her first orgasm rushed through her body and she let loose a little river of cunt juice which slid down her thighs and all over my face, i decided now was the time to get serious.

I moved my mouth from her clit and placed it over her tiny soaked pussy and began mashing my face against her which caused her to scream out,"I'M CUMMMMING AGAIN." i felt her body tremble and shake as her orgasm washed over her and her pussy once again released a stream of sweet young pussy juice into my mouth.
I drank every last drop eagerly and placed my hands under her knees and pushed her back so her ass came off the sofa so i could begin licking her tiny little asshole,"OH MY GOD, rob what are doing... uurGGGHH."

Ellie was squealing as my tongue pushed inside her little asshole and it was mere moment before she began trembling once more, her pussy was dripping pussy juice all over my face as i tongued her asshole a little longer.
Moans of pleasure filled the room, ellies hips bucked and her body violently shaked and yet another orgasm was building within her, i pulled my face away and slammed it back into her soaked tiny pussy while i plunged a finger deep inside her asshole, that was all it took to finish her off and her pussy squirted a generous amount juice over my face.

Ellie lay there panting for breath while i sat up and turned to hayden and becky who's eyes were glued to us" WOW holy shit rob, that was fucking awesome." they both chanted.

Hayden stood and walked out the room, she returned a minute later carrying some sex toys,"here you go becky" she said as she handed over a selection of toys.
Then she turned to me and grinned, she walked over and sat down in my lap and whispered in my ear,"fuck me."

I wasted little time and began kissing her while getting into posistion over her, i reached down and guided my rock hard cock towards her wet pussy and slowly pushed inside, hayden immediately began moaning as my full length was now buried within her tight wet hole.

I began pushing in and out building a steady motion while gripping her slender hips for extra control, i slammed in and out of her pussy hard and fast which made her howl with pleasure.
She began pushing herself back against me to meet my mighty thrusts, "thats it rob! FUCK ME" she screamed, a moment later i felt her pussy clenching around my rock hard cock before she bathed my shaft in her slick juices.

The sensation of this nearly made me cum then and there so i paused for a moment to regain control, i then pulled out and bent her over the sofa and slammed my cock back inside, thats when i noticed ellie had gone and i looked over to find becky fucking her arsehole with a small pink vibrator!
Screams filled the house with sounds of pleasure, i refocused my attention to hayden and began fucking her tight juicy pussy harder, i reached a hand around her and played with her clit as i pummeled herdripping cunt without mercy.

I was nearing my climax as i fucked hayden hard, suddenly she screamed out,"I'M cumm cumm CUMMMING"
Haydens body began trembling beneath me and once again she coated my cock with a river of pussy juice, that pushed me over the edge and i knew i was about to cum, i pulled my dick from her soaking cunt and announced, "I'M GONNA CUM" hayden span around just in time as my dick began spurting stream after stream of hot sticky spunk all over her face!

Hayden was a total mess lying there with a face full of cum, i managed to stumble past her and collapsed on the sofa.

As i relaxed a little after the fucking i gave hayden i lay back and watched the show ellie and becky were putting on.
Ellie was still bent over on all fours with becky not far behind pushing a small pink vibrator in and out of her tiny asshole, ellie was moaning constantly as becky had now started flicking her tongue up and down the young girls dripping slit.

"hey hayden, you ok?" i asked

"yeah i'm really good actually, just a little tired out."

I reached out and pulled hayden close to me so we could enjoy the sight of ellie getting a good fucking.
Becky was mashing and grinding her face against ellies tiny pussy and it was clear ellie was about to climax yet again, ellies legs trembled and shaked as her orgasm thrashed her young body and soon enough her pussy was pouring its juice over beckys face.

Ellie could no long support herself and collapsed on the floor with the vibrator still buried in her young ass, becky didnt stop torturing the young girls pussy either as she bent down and continued sucking her tiny throbbing clit,"URRRRRGH, i cant take mu.. much more of this" ellie squealed.
I clibmed off the sofa and pulled hayden to her feet and led her over to becky, i knelt down beside becky and pulled hayden close and pushed her head down on my limp dick hoping to she could bring some life back into it, and i moved my face to beckys juicy cunt and began flicking my tongue over her stunning clit.

I then placed 2 fingers at her tight pussy entrance and pushed foward until they were buried to the knuckle, "Holy fuck" becky screamed as my fingers pushed deeper and deeper, ellie was still crying out in pleasure and started to crawl away from becky.
Since i now had becky's attention ellie was able to relax a little from the anal fucking she recieved, i plowed my fingers deep into becky's gushing pussy, with every thrust of my fingers pussy juice leaked more and more from her juicy cunt.

Hayden was now sucking my dick like a pro and i was nearly fully erect again so i pushed her face away and knelt behind becky and pushed my hard cock deep into her pussy, i slammed my meat in and out of becky as fast as i could and within seconds becky let out a roar as another orgasm built inside her, she began thrashing about as her new orgasm hit her loins and exploded between her legs, my cock and balls were delighted to bathed in pussy juice once more.
i continued fucking her pussy a while longer, but i was getting close again so i pulled free and picked up a fat dildo which hayden bought in earlier, i eased the dildo in her pussy slower till is was about half way in, i then spat down on my throbbing dick and massaged the saliva all around my cock before placing it to her asshole.

I pushed my dick into her tight anal passage and began building up a steady motion, i pounded her tight asshole for a few minutes but soon enough i felt my balls tighten and my cock began surging and with one last mighty thrust i sank my prick deep into her ass as the first big load of cum sprayed deep within her bowels, feeling my cum spurting inside her asss set her off again as her body violently trembled as the orgasn raced through body and pussy juice ran down her thighs.

I fell back onto the floor totally spent and tired out of my mind...
After a few minutes we all cuddled up on the sofa and had nap, we woke an hour later at 2pm and cleaned ourselfs up.

We talked for a while before deciding to head on home early as we were so tired.


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