One of my brothers sent this one to me. We both fucked our little sister for many years. Let us know how you like his story.

“Well, how was it? I've been waiting with my dick in my hand for an hour already.”

“Ha, ha, ha. You wouldn't believe it.”

“Try me. You did fuck him, didn't you?”

“Not really. What fucking got done, I had to do. You saw his limp penis at the nudie park. It doesn't get half an inch longer or thicker at all. It barely got hard.”

“Oh. I'm sorry, babe. I wish it had been better for you.”

“I know, but, hey, they can't all be Brad Pitt. Fuck me. I'm still half way to the stars and I need to fuck to get there.”

I slammed into her juicy cunt as hard and fast as I could. When she gets hung up with no orgasm, she wants it rough. I could feel my cock sloshing around in her cum filled pussy. At least the twerp had managed to cum in her. I grabbed her nipples and used them to pull myself harder, deeper into her supple body and emptied my nuts as she screamed out in orgasm.

A few deep breaths later, she said, “I'm so glad I have you, my little brother, to rescue me from lack of orgasm. Sometimes it seems like I just won't have one until I get home, no matter what I do or he does or how big he is. Oh, god, Leon. Remember that half-wit from Georgia. What a cock he had on him.”

“Yes, he did and you are still wound up pretty good. Why don't you go down to the Adult Store and play a while. That should get you mellowed out.”

“Oh, Honey. You think of everything. Where's that pull-over dress of mine. I don't want to bother with undies. Just take them off anyway and they end up in the floor with a bucket of cum or two spread all over it. I'll be right back...well, a couple of hours. I may need you when I get home.”

“I'' be here.”

In a hustle, she sped out the door. I didn't see her again until after five the next morning. She didn't want sex. She didn't want to talk. She just crashed. She woke about two in the afternoon with a long loud groan.

“Hi, baby”, I said. “How ya doing after your little excursion to the Adult Store yesterday?”

“Awful. I'm so sore and I need to pee and I know it's going to hurt. My pussy hurts so baaaaad.”

“Better go get the pissing done. I don't want a puddle in my bed. Then come back. I could use a nice blow job.”

“Oh, no! Please! I can barely talk now. I lost count of blow jobs at fifty. I had to throw up cum four or five times. I pity the poor bastard who has to clean up my mess.” She made it to the bathroom, her hot stream bringing tears to her eyes briefly. “Now here comes that part that's going to hurt. Hold my hand, Leo. Here it AAAAIIIIEEEE!!!”, She screamed.

Two more times as the turds moved through her bowels, she let out equally deafening screams. Finally finished with her bodily functions, I helped her into the shower and got in with her. She knew she was going to get fucked. She just put her hands against the wall and spread her legs.

I let the hot water run over her cunt and ass before I filled them with dick. She whimpered in pain, moaned in pleasure, held me to her until I came. I got us cleaned up and into the living room. Naked, of course. We didn't wear clothing at home.

“Tell me about it, baby.”

“Okay. Well, they got a new guy working the counter. I'm glad they got rid of that last one. He stank to high heaven most times I was there and kinda rough with me, too. But, anyway, the new guy is as dreamy looking as a girl could hope. He was a hunk. So I went to one of the booths and got out of my dress. I saw movement through the hole in the wall to my left, so I walked over and got my pussy real close to the hole. The guy said he didn't want pussy. He wanted a suck. So, I obliged him. He came so fast, I wasn't sure he had cum until I tasted it, but there wasn't very much at all. Anyway, I saw something in the hole in the other wall. It was a dick. How about that. Can you belive it? A real dick in the wall. When I got closer, I heard the man say he wanted pussy, so I gave it to him. He was good. He lasted at least ten minutes before he filled me full of cum.

I realized I had company in my cubicle. Two men had come in, one the new counter man. The other I hadn't seen before. They had cocks in hand. I turned my back to them, bent over and put my hands on the little stool and told them to fuck anything they thought they were big enough to fuck. They emptied their balls twice each in my cunt and ass. There was a cop followed them, then a lady cop. She just licked five or six guys' cum out of my pussy and ass while she stuck her gun up her own cunt. That damn thing was loaded, too. Scared the hell outta me, I'll tell ya that.”

“Then there was this little kid. I mean, he might have been sixteen. The little brat had a cock on him and he wanted my ass. He got more than he asked for. I liked it so much when he was done, I told him to come back in an hour for more and he did and he fucked my cunt like a full grown man. Never did figure out who brought him in.”

“Wow! You did have some fun. Has it satiated your sexual appetite?”

“Shit. Are you kidding? I don't care how sore I am, show me a dick and I'll find it a place to go.”

“I was thinking about calling Jubal and asking if he'd like to come over and help us out with some things around the house, now that we have the money to do it. I can pay him a salary and insurance. He is the handiest man to have around a house I ever met and he has a cock on him you will appreciate.”

“You are going to hire a man to fuck me.”

“No. I'm going to hire a man to work as our handyman, driver or whatever. It just happens, that man is very well endowed and my sister likes well endowed men.”

“Oh, I see. When is he supposed to be here?”

“Sometime tomorrow afternoon. He'll be bringing our new limo.”

“Oooh. Is it a mile long?”

“No, silly. It's a small stretch. Nothing drastic. You'll like it.”

“Ooooh. I can't wait. Oh. I just thought. Where's he going to stay?”

“With us, of course. Our bed is more than large enough to accommodate all of us.

“All three of us?”

“Uh, four.”


“Yes. He also is bringing his little sister. She's our new cook and maid.”

“I suppose she fucks, too?”


“Naturally. Fine. I like it that they are siblings, like us.”

“That's what gave me the idea. I've known Jubal most of my life. I saw his cock when I was maybe six years old. He shook that thing at me and scared the piss out of me. His sister is, Junea. Or something like that. He says she's cute and she's as black as an African fresh out of Africa.”

“Little brother, you do treat your lonely old worn out sister very well and she thanks you for it.”

“Sis, you thank me for it every day and I hope what I give you is half as valuable as what you give to me.”

“Oh, lord. Next thing you know, we'll be weeping all over each other and dribbling snot all over the place. Why do you always get so disgusting?”

“Me. Did you hear what you just said? Never mind. Do you want to plan anything for Jubal and Junea?”

“Let's just play it by ear.”

The next afternoon, Insatia was standing at our open doorway as they drove up. She jumped up and down like the immature young woman she was, clapping her hands all the time. She loved that limo.

When Jubal and Junea got out of the car, Insatia went totally silent. She slowly turned her head to me and said, “Wow. They are gorgeous.”

“Don't tell me, silly sister. Tell...”

“You guys are hot!”, she blurted out. “And you're brother and sister?”

Jubal's deep voice rumbled, “We are indeed my dear lady. I think my sister and I need to get out of something uncomfortable and join you in the nude.”

“Brilliant idea, Jubal. Get naked and give me the biggest, tightest hug you ever gave anybody and don't worry. I don't break easily.” Insatia had a way of getting to the point pretty quickly sometimes. I think she underestimated his strength when all the air in her lungs was suddenly gone. I saw panic in her eyes. Jubal released her so she could resume breathing. Insatia supported herself on Jubal's big forearms. She said, “I'm yours, Jubal. Right now or any time you want.

I managed to get them inside as far as the common room before Insatia had Jubal's thick meat in her mouth. She looked up at him and asked, “Does black man cum come out black?”

Jubal seemed taken aback for a moment, then realized she was serious. She just didn't know. “I never paid much attention, Insatia. I always emptied it inside someone else. Why don't you finish what you started and Junea can do something or other naughty with your brother.

Junea wiggled her finger at me. It was then I realized she had disrobed and was stunning. Her mocha skin shone. There was moisture at the junction of her thighs, too. Her finger gently pulled my chin downward until our lips barely touched. “I want to put this finger up your ass and massage your prostate until no more cum will come out. Would you like that, Leon?” I flopped onto my back and pulled my knees up to my chest. “Does this tell you? Got lube right over there.”

She eased the slickened digit into my anxiously awaiting asshole. A gay friend had done this for me once and I liked it a lot. She whispered, “One nuckle deep......two knuckles deep......”. On third knuckle deep, the cum began to flow. Junea was apparently practiced at doing this because she kept a fairly steady stream of cum flowing for two or three minutes before an orgasm hit me and ended it all. Bone dry.

Before I could react, my precious sister found my mouth and shared Jubal's white juice with me. Hmm. I think this arrangement is going to work out very well.


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