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Hopefully you've read the first part because there IS a story here.
Michael moved like a wraith from six to seventh. It must have looked normal to most, but inside he was essentially dead. Eighth period of the day was horticulture, a class taken by Michael as a filler class. While he enjoyed the outdoors and working with plants, Rose the freshman was in that same class period. In fact, they sat next to one another. It had never been an issue, due to the two never talking, but her words just after the incident with the peephole played themselves over and over in Michael’s head like a broken record.
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She had seen his eye and hadn’t yelled, hadn’t screamed. He knew she probably had no agenda, and just hadn’t wanted him to get expelled… that was the neutral possibility. The worst was that she had some sort of sinister blackmail plan, and was just as bad as the rest of Michael’s five tormenters. He finally reached eighth period and sat down in his chair. He always chose the table closest to the door, no matter who was in the class. Rose sat next to him. The class consisted of three columns of two-seater desks, each one boy one girl, with relationships being separated and students being placed with the one student that they requested not to sit with. The teacher had a cruel sense of humor, for sure.
When Rose sat down next to Michael he just kept looking forward. He prayed that she was talking about something else, something having nothing to do with the hole in the wall. She continued to look at him expectantly.
“You look extremely pale, Michael. Are you ok?” He just kept looking forward, hoping that there was some sort of notes to take off the board that would shut her up. She set her bag down on the table and left off. Sadly, the teacher was a substitute, meaning that today the class would be around the campus in pairs to fill out a worksheet on common plants. Michael groaned when the elderly woman walked in and sat behind the desk, telling the class what all of them knew.
Ten minutes later, the pairs were outside on a circuit that they had all memorized. They had to find thirty common plants on the campus and mark them on the map. The teacher hobbled in front while the pairs spread out and looked in places where the plant was known to exist. Rose purposefully took too long to document the plants, knowing that any pairs splitting up would get a seventy on the next test. After the first five plants they were out of hearing range from the rest of the class.
“I honestly expected a thank you from you. After all, I could have made your life miserable… well, more miserable.” Rose’s voice startled him back to reality. For a moment Michael had been remembering the sight he had been treated to during lunch. His head sank lower as he stuffed his hands deep into his pockets, trying to hide the growing hard on persisting in his shorts. Rose sighed in what sounded like annoyance. She grabbed his elbow, just as she had before those awful words left her mouth, and stopped him. No one really noticed that the two were not with the class.
“I’m sorry if I scared you… you know, if that’s why you won’t talk to me. But seriously, I don’t plan on doing anything about it. I just noticed that the hole was blocked and knew you were the only guy in the bathroom… honestly I liked it!” Michael stared at her for a minute, rubbing the back of his neck embarrassedly. Now his manhood was straining, desperately trying to get free of his shorts and present itself to the tiny little freshman. She was adorable. That was the only word Michael felt comfortable using about a freshman student. Compared to his six foot frame, brown hair and blue eyes Rose was five foot tall at best, with short cut chocolate colored hair and big brown eyes that screamed innocent, untainted young girl. Looking closer at her for the first time he noticed that her haircut went from short in the front, by her ears, to longer in the back, forming a sort of spear point in the middle of her back. Her eyes were bigger and lighter in color than he had thought, and they sparkled in the sunlight. Her breasts weren’t bad size; small but enough that she had noticeable chest weight on her teeny body. Michael stopped himself, his cock now beginning to push at the fabric of his shorts. He looked at the ground, refusing to meet those cute, heart-melting eyes. She huffed at him again.
“God, boys! Michael, why won’t you just look at me!” He turned and started to walk away, until he heard her voice crack. He turned halfway to meet her eyes, now seeing the wet corners that preceded tears. He sighed and walked back.
He tried to talk, but somehow he just couldn’t find the words. She laughed as he tried to start and just gave up. She sniffed and looked at him. Michael suddenly remembered the image of her pulling her hand from her shorts, the look of absolute pleasure on her face. With that thought his cock, which had begun to shrink, resumed its growth until it pushed at his shorts enough to tent them. He sighed, turned and looked away from her. He couldn’t talk with that poking out. He wanted to take her and fuck her, but something stopped him. The image of all the girls at lunch flashed through his mind, and he knew. He wanted to know something more than just one girl. He couldn’t bring himself to hurt her, the innocent little freshman.
The gentle touch at his elbow forced him to turn and look at her. He gave up. He yanked his hands out of is pockets and grabbed her, wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her up to him, kissing her hard. She moaned as she felt him grab her and pull off of her feet. Her legs wrapped around his waist and she gasped when she felt the bulge in his shorts. They pulled apart and smiled at one another, each experiencing a rush of endorphins and a massive boost of adrenaline at the feeling of lust boiling in their veins. He lessened his grip, only to feel her arms encircle his neck and her legs straddle him even harder.
“Don’t even THINK about putting me down yet.” Rose allowed him to look at his watch, before unwrapping one arm and pulling his face to hers, kissing him passionately. He kissed her back, probing her mouth with his tongue as they explored their newfound companionship. After five minutes Rose allowed herself to fall to earth, grinning up at him as her hand traced the tent of his cock. He grabbed her hand and forced her to palm his erection, making her gasp at the size. Then he pulled her back to him and hugged her, kissing her lightly. She returned it with gusto. Once they were separated Rose wrapped her arm around his and they strode to catch up with the class.

When the bell rang, the two kept apart. Knowing that if the other four saw them it would just be difficult for both of them, they kept to themselves as they usually would. Michael headed towards his usual route home, walking slowly for the first time in a long while. He had no companions, and he had no want for them. His cock was still straining against his shorts, so when a car passed he swung his backpack out in front of him and attempted to find something deep inside of it. When the car passed he went on. Halfway to his house he dazedly stuck his hands into his pockets and heard the crinkle of paper. Pulling out a folded slip of notebook paper he felt his heart rate speed up.
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