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I was just about finished washing the grime of a hard day’s work out of my hair when you pulled open the shower curtain and squeezed yourself into the stall with me. I smiled at the sight of you. I can never get enough of the soft curves of your body, especially the curve of your lips as you give me a lascivious smile. Turning to close the curtain, you back your body against my chest. I wrap my arms around you, pulling you close so we can share the warm water. The feel of you turns me on and I feel my cock rising. Taking you by the hips, I pull you closer so you can feel it pressing into the crack of your ass.
I reach a hand up to cup your breasts and lean my head down to kiss your neck. Your soft moan encourages me to continue while you pour the shampoo into your hands. Setting the bottle down, you stretch your arms up and behind you and run your fingers through my hair, lathering me up. You carry on long enough to make the soap start running down my neck and shoulders. I back up a step to rinse it off but I keep my hands on your hips, holding you in place until the shampoo is all running down the drain.
Once clean, I pull you back into the water with me sliding my rigid cock between your legs. I can feel the heat and moisture coming from you and it turns me on even more. I kiss your neck more and reach for the shampoo myself. I want to return the favor and I love running my fingers through your hair. Within moments, I’m gathering your locks up into my hands, caressing and squeezing them, and soon I slip my body around yours so that the water rushes down onto you directly. Gently I take your chin in my fingertips and lift your head back, smoothing your hair back with my other hand to keep the soap out of your eyes.
That done, I move to one side, turning you to face me as I do. I grab both of your wrists and raise them above your head and against the wall. This is my favorite part. I think it may be yours as well. I love to have control of you, move you according to my will and desire. I love to push you against the shower wall, lean down and press my face into your breasts. I kiss my way down your neck and chest, making a spiral with my tongue around your nipples before pulling one into my lips. I pull it into my mouth far enough to lash it with my tongue while sucking it and your moans of pleasure gratify me beyond words. A few moments more and I repeat the process on your other side.
I’m overcome with lust for you and I step closer, pressing your body against the wall where you can’t escape me. Growling my desire, I use my legs to push yours apart and thrust into you, one long and firm stroke. I bury myself to the hilt in you, eliciting a gasp of surprise and pleasure. It’s been too long since I was intimate with you and after only a few strokes I come, streaming ropes deep into your pussy.
You seem disappointed at first, until I take a cloth and pour soap onto it and begin softly cleaning your body starting at your neck and working down your body. The scent of jasmine fills the shower as I spread the washcloth across your skin. Once finished, I turn you to face the wall and lather the soap across the slight curves of your back. I follow the gentle lines of your spine down to your ass, and gently parting your legs again, I reach through and clean your pussy and thighs where my seed is flowing down.
By the time I’ve finished covering your body in soap and pulled you into the water to rinse, I’ve recovered myself. I feel the stirring of my cock rising to join with you again. I hold you close to my body, still with your back to me, and caress your throat with one hand. I slide my other hand across your breasts and down soft curves that highlight your abdomen and hips. My questing fingers finally slip toward your pussy, and I’m determined to bring you the pleasure you just gave to me. Even under the water I can tell you are wet with anticipation, and I do my best to not disappoint. My middle fingers find your slit and press into it, where I find your clit.
A little gasp escapes your soft pink lips. I take my time with this, despite my urge to gratify myself again. I caress your clit and slide my fingers in and out of your pussy, taking long strokes with my fingers. I know just how you like me to do this for you and I’m putting my full effort into pleasing you. Obviously, it’s been a long time for you as well, so it doesn’t take long until your little gasps of pleasure become ragged panting for breath and your soft moans become muffled cries. I feel the pulse of your orgasm and the flood of your juices cascading down my fingers. You shudder and arch your back and at last break through my self-control.
As your back arches and your ass sways back toward me, I slip my rock hard cock between your legs, using my own hand as a guide. Overcome again with my desire for you, I press hard into you, driving my cock as far forward as I can. I quickly grab your hips and pull them back even more. You lose your balance slightly and brace your arms against the wall.
Driven mad with my lust, I take advantage of your hands bracing you and take a step back, dragging your hips with me until my shoulders rest against the opposite wall. Using that leverage, I thrust in and out of your pussy as hard and as fast as I can. I’m able to last much longer this time, thanks to your slippery pussy and my earlier orgasm.
I plow into you like a man possessed, taking perverse delight in watching you try to brace yourself on the opposite wall, watching your face and tits press into the tile. The water turns cool as I continue on. I snarl and slap the handle on the faucet, ceasing the flow of water over our bodies. Our humping rattles the basket hanging from the shower head and a bar of soap falls onto the floor of the shower.
I grasp your hips tightly to me and take another step back. “Pick it up,” I command you. Confused, you try to look back at me, but I simply press a hand against your back, bending you over at the waist. Still pumping, I hold you like this, bent over, presenting that sweet ass to me until you realize that this position is turning me on so much. Forgetting the soap, you simply grab your ankles and start talking dirty. “Is this the way you want to take me, baby? That’s right, you can take me any way you want. Fuck your little bitch, baby, slam that cock into my pussy.”
That’s all it takes to finally push me over the edge. Growling, I make one or two final pushes into your slick, hot pussy; then pulling your hips against mine as hard as I can, I make a last press and blow my load deep into your cunt.
The sheer relief I get is nearly overwhelming. I feel your knees start to buckle and guide you down slowly, until you are bent over the edge of the tub and I’m kneeling behind you, my cock still buried. There is a sheen of sweat on our bodies from the exertion we’ve just made.
I rub my hands across your back, enjoying the view afforded me with your sexy ass high in the air. Almost immediately, I can feel my prick stiffening, and with an almost apologetic, “Sorry baby, I can’t help myself,” I start thrusting in and out again. Your body twitches spasmodically; still too sensitive after the railing I just delivered. I don’t care. I want to come in you again and in your current position, I have all the leverage I need to make sure that happens.
Fortunately for you, it only lasts for a few minutes. It is hard to hold you still enough for me to ensure that my dick is pressed against your clit for each full stroke, but I want to try to give you another orgasm, if I can. You begin bucking, too sensitive to keep this up. Easily enough, I grab your hair like a horse’s bridle and slap your ass every time you twitch. I rise to my feet, squatting to give myself more leverage. Your moans and screams turn me on beyond belief. It is so much the better that I got you to finish again, because that final orgasm is what brings about my own.
I stand up, sliding out of you as gently as I can, and step out of the tub. I reach for the softest towel on the rack, wrapping it around you as I help you to rise. I expected you to be angry after the last rutting, but when you raised your head, the smile you gave me was wicked.
I wonder how much rest I’ll get before you decide to get even…
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