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Mom comes home early from work
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Prior: Happy Mother’S Day

Smack. Smack. Mom took two more head shots.
“Fuck, when you going to learn.” Yelled Maribel.
“You are mine, you are fucking mine.”

Mom was on her knees. I could hear her slurping. I looked at Maribel
and she smiled at me. I looked at Mom, kneeling eating pussy, her ass, nice full 40 year old
ass up in the air.


Maribel was groaning as she pulled Mom’s head tighter into her crotch.
“Cock sucking, pussy eating SLUT.” Maribel yelled into her ear.
I was intent looking at Mom’s full MILF body kneeling in front of me.
Her ass in the air was inviting me , her slightly fat pussy looked so ready.
Tits hung and swayed.

Sonia, Dean and I watched while Maribel arched her back.
I could see my Mom’s mouth and tongue working Maribel’s clit.
AHHHHHHHHHH. Maribel screamed as she reached an almost excruciating climax.

Sonia pulled off her top and shorts and started to dance, laughing.
“My Turn NOW.” “Time for the PIG to eat my Pussy.” Sonia laughed and pranced.

Maribel got up and Mom tried to pull away again.
“Damm, Bitch.” Sonia and Dean held her while Maribel grabbed the dogs leash off a hook. She looped it
around Mom’s neck so it would choke tight when pulled.

Sonia sat down on the couch and yanked Mom down with the dog leash.
“AHHHHHHHHHH” Mom screamed when Maribel kicked her in the Ribs.
“You better listen unless you want a good old Ghetto Ass Kicking.”
“I should just stomp your stupid ass.”

“Please, no more, I can’t take it. Please Bob help.”
Dean grabbed Mom by the hair and pushed her face into Sonia’s tits.
“Mrs. D., suck on those.”

“Mairbel egged me on. Come on Bob, what are you waiting for. Come on, manup.”
Mom’s face was buried in Sonia’s big breasts while Sonia and Dean were making out.
Her MILF ass and cunt were just there in front of me, waiting.
“Come on Bob you know you want it. Fuck her Bob, what are you waiting for.”

Sonia pushed Mom’s head down to her crotch. “OK, eat out that.”
As soon as she started, Dean jerked her head over to his crotch
and shoved his cock in her mouth. She sucked his cock for
a bit and then back to Sonia. Back and forth between the two
they used her face for their pleasure and amusements.

Sonia and Dean made out and laughed as they abused Mom’s mouth.

Maribel knelt beside Mom and ran her hands over her butt.
Come on, it all yours Bobby. She took her fingers and spread Mom’s pussy lips.
I knew I wanted it, I knew I would, but FUCKING my own Mom?

TOTAL SUBMISSION – Mom was not fighting any more. She had given up.
She was ours to use.

I was on my knees between Mom’s legs,, my hands on my Mom’s ass. I was shaking with excitement.
Maribel kissed me. Sonia was watching. “Go For IT.”
“Fuck that CUNT.!” Yelled Dean.
“DO IT.” Screamed Maribel.

I started to rub my cock against her. Up and down her slit, pushing against her pussy.
MOM pulled her head back and turned around.
“NO NO Bob. For God’s sake, I am your Mother. Don’t do this. What did I do to you.”

I could see her eyes, the tears, the pleading as I grabbed hard onto her hips and
jammed my cock inside her.

I had the fat around her waist firmly in my hands as I pumped as hard as I could.
Crying, Mom just let her head hang down crying her stupid head off.

“STOP STOP YOU ARE HURTING ME. STOP BOB PLEASE.” But she did nothing to stop me.

I can’t tell you how good it felt. I was so hard, so hot, Fucking Mom’s cunt.
Maribel was kissing me. Mom was sucking on Sonia and Dean would jerk her
head over to his cock with the dog leash. Mom would suck for until Sonia pulled her back.
Every time I would shove my cock inside I could see the ass meat ripple back and forth.

Maribel grabbed a bottle of Baby Oil and oiled up Mom’s butt.
It really shinned , felt so sweet. Maribel took the bottle and shoved the
neck up Mom’s ASS squirting oil into her. She slapped her ass hard watching it redden and
jiggle. The she took two fingers and pushed them up Mom’s butt.

This was some crazy stuff.

I was screwing my Mom while my girlfriend was finger fucking Mom
in the ass. Mom was screaming until Sonia pulled her face down to her snatch.
Sonia wrapped her thighs around Mom’s head burying her face in her pussy.

It was unreal, beyond what I could even think of. Maribel now had three fingers in
Mom’s ass. She was pushing in and down. I could even feel the pressure on my cock.
She laughed as she could feel my dick inside my Mom. She twisted and turned gapping her ass.

I wanted it to go on forever. I never felt so good. Maribel took her fingers out of Mom’s ass
and she took my cock guiding into her Mom’s butt hole. I shoved my dick into the hole Maribel
had lubed up for me and reamed. I pulled Mom’s ass up as I stood up.


I was out of my mind as I fucked her harder and harder. Dean stood up grabbed her head and
rammed his cock into her mouth. The girls were laughing and screaming. “FUCK HER. FUCK HER

I could see Dean’s cum shoot out over Mom’s face and I couldn’t hold back as I shot my load
in her butt. AHHHHHHHHHHHH. What a feeling. I kept jamming in as I could feel my cum filling her
up. Cum dripped from her ass as Maribel shoved her to the ground.

Start Crawling Bitch on your hands and Knees.
Where am I going. I can’t go on.
THUDDD. Mom took a kick to the ass. Get a move on.

Sonia pulled her with the dog leash and Maribel pushed from behind into the basement bathroom.
I straddled the toilet bowl and they made Mom kneel in front t me.

“Clean off that mess from you boys cock. Lick off the shit and the cum.”
“No No I can’t. Don’t make me do that, no more, please.”
Maribel only raised her hand and Mom quickly grabbed my dick
and started to suck it clean. “Lick those balls too.” We all watched laughing as the pig
was licking my balls clean. The cum and crap hung from her mouth.

As she was done I let go with a steady stream of piss on her
head dripping through her hair into the toilet bowl.

Mom hung her head down, the piss running over her as she cried.


Maribel stood over her from behind and pissed on head.


Dean took my place, pulled up her head . “OPEN YOUR MOUTH COW.”
Mom looked up at him with her mouth open.


Sonia straddled right over her head and pulled her face up to her piss hole with the leash.

Sonia pissed into Mom’s open mouth, some piss swallowed the rest dripping down her tits.

Mirabel had taken some phone photos and texted her Gang Brother, Juan.

“Hey, Got Bob’s Pig Mom here, come over for some fun.
NO Can, got the Gang here, Bring Mrs. Slut over for a PARTY
Ok< On the way.”

Mirabel kicked Mom. Get up on your feet, we got to go.
Wait, I need some clothes.
You don’t need no clothes for the party you are going to.
Sonia Yanked her with the Dog leash.
“Get that MOM ass going Bitch.”
Mirabel slapped her ass. “Faster Slut/”


The End.

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2014-03-15 05:40:28
I loved the story. I am a big fan of, incest, forced sex, and forced piss drinking. :) Keep up the writing. -- Slutkitty36


2013-10-09 11:49:25
I have to disagree... it was a well thought out story, even though the subject matter isn't to everyone's taste - if you read this story, then you must have been looking for "forced sex".... IT was clearly labeled, and you shouldn't come down on the author for his choice of subjects.

Clearly, he cross a line for you but you are all adults and should respect the tags. I must admit, it crossed a few lines for me but I enjoyed the fact that it wasn't poorly written as many stories on here tend to be, "forced sex" stories aren't always what the reader wants but without summaries on these story listings, you have to take your chances on picking a story.

I say, push for having summaries of the stories along with TAGS and titles on this website, perhaps then you can stay away from stories you find more than MERELY objectionable, and I will too.

Once again, GOOD STORY... even though it wasn't a story type I'd normally read!

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2013-06-22 14:39:46
you are a sick bastered

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2013-06-02 01:03:16

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2013-05-29 23:27:45
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