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The third installment of the SP series, hope you enjoy it, please leave suggestions on how i can improve and what pairings i should do next LB
Skulduggery Pleasant – Chapter Three – Double Trouble

Fletcher felt the world stop.

{This can’t be happening} he thought as Valkyrie stormed towards him, shadows curling around him and pinning him to the wall.

“Shit, Val I didn’t know” he said as she glared at him.

“Of course you didn’t” she growled though closed teeth, shadows writhing like angry snakes behind her.

“You know I wouldn’t cheat on you on purpose!” Fletcher tried, then remembered China and gulped.
Valkyrie thought for a second then looked at the Reflection who was still on her knees, she glanced at Fletcher, noticing that his dick was still hard and pointing straight at her.

“I guess we can call it even” she said and Fletcher slid down to the floor.

“Even?” Fletcher croaked as he got to his feet.

“Well I kind of forgot your birthday” she said smiling apologetically.

“You forgot!” Fletcher said indignantly, he crossed his arms and tried to look hurt, a difficult feat considering he was still sporting an erection. Valkyrie stepped closer and Fletcher flinched.

“You’re such a wimp” she said then grabbed him, she kissed him and wrapped her hand around his dick, he kissed her back and wrapped his arms around her squeezing her perfect ass. She kissed his neck and slid down so she was eye to eye with his pulsing member, Fletcher tried not to smile, he didn’t think it would be a wise idea with her teeth so close to his most cherished part of his body next to his hair.

She started to slowly slide her hand back and forth eliciting a moan from Fletcher, she then brought her mouth to his head and licked away a drop of pre-cum, Fletcher’s legs almost buckled and he slid his hand into her hair, she looked up at him swirling her tongue around his tip, Fletcher moaned quietly trying thrusting his hips trying to get deeper into her mouth, she anticipated this however and leant backwards, so only his tip was in her mouth, he tried not to mewl with need.

She looked up at him, taking his dick out of her mouth for a second she looked at him.

“So Fletcher, what do you want for your birthday present?” she asked through half lidded eyes.
Fletcher smiled and thought about it hard, what did he want? The answer came to him along with a sly smile.

“I want you to do, whatever I say….” He gauged her reaction, she stopped stroking his dick and looked at him uncertainly. She didn’t like taking orders from people, Skulduggery being one of the few she people she took orders from, but she knew that it would be extremely hot for Fletcher considering she never listened to him anyway.

Slowly she nodded and Fletcher grinned.

“Take of your clothes” he said in a commanding tone, she complied almost instantly, starting to hastily pull off her black jacket.

“Not all at once, slowly” Fletcher ordered sitting down on her desk chair “strip for me”.

Valkyrie felt the insides of her legs grow moist, she liked this Fletcher, she sashayed her hips and took off her jacket, pushing her chest forward as she done so dropping it to the floor, she crossed her arms and pulled the hem of her tunic up, slowly past her stomach to the underside of her breasts, she paused, then lifted it over her bra and then her head, tossing it into the corner of her room.

She looked past Fletcher and saw the reflection was staring wide eyed at her; she walked over to Fletcher swinging her hips from side to side as she got closer. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her jeans and turned as she pulled them down, past the curve of her ass, she bent over and slowly dragged them down, Fletcher could see her cotton panties, then his breath caught as her sex was revealed, clearly defined through the wet material, she kicked her jeans towards the growing pile of clothes and knelt in front of Fletcher clad in only a matching pair of dark red underwear.

She then kissed the head of his dick and leant forward she took the head of his dick in her hand and slid it under her bra, and between her breasts, Fletcher groaned at the feeling of her tantalizing tits encompassing his cock, she slid them up and down his shaft a few times before reaching back and unclipping her bra, she stood up leaving her bra hanging of fletchers dick, she stepped forward and straddled Fletcher rubbing herself along his length making them both moan quietly.

She leant forward and whispered into Fletchers ear.

“I think someone wants to join us” Fletcher turned and looked at the Reflection whose hand was under her skirt furiously rubbing her clit. He turned back to Valkyrie the question in his eyes, she leant forward kissed him, then nodded.

He stood up and pointed a finger at the Reflection who looked at him confused, he motioned for her to come to him and she stood up, taking her hand out from her skirt, she walked over and looked at them uncertainly.

“you can strip for me too” Fletcher took Valkyrie’s hand and led her over to the bed where they both sat watching the Reflection, Fletcher took Valkyrie’s hand again and put it on his dick, she got the idea and slowly began to jerk him off as he slid his hand into her panties and rubbed his middle finger up and down her moist womanhood.

The Reflection went to undo her school tie but Fletcher interrupted her,
“Leave it on, and the skirt” he ordered as Valkyrie pulled a bottle of lube from her drawer, she squirted some into her hand and resumed her task.

The Reflection unbuttoned her blouse letting it fall to the floor, she unclipped the bra and let that fall also, the school tie nestled between the valley of her breasts, she turned round and bent over pulling down her panties, she tossed them behind her, not knowing they had gone straight out the window.

Fletcher leaned over and whispered something into Valkyrie’s ear, she paused then nodded he turned back to the reflection and stood up.
“get on all fours” he instructed and she followed his order instantly he grabbed the tie and used it like a leash, she got the idea and crawled over to the bed she climbed onto it and Fletcher turned back to Valkyrie she got up onto the bed and laid down, he grabbed her panties and slid them down her toned legs, he knelt between her spread legs and bent over and kissed her before lining up his aching dick to her needy entrance, he pushed himself inside her gasping at the feeling of her tight walls clamping around his cock, he pushed harder sliding more and more of his length into her, she moaned and wrapped her arms around him, before he could react she spun him around so she was on top.

Before he could complain or even comprehend what had happened, Valkyrie began to gyrate her hips, he groaned and grabbed her hips, trying to get deeper into her, he turned his head and saw the reflection was busy pumping a dildo inside her pussy, the sight alone almost made him cum but he clung on, he could feel Valkyrie getting close, he began meet her thrusts with his own, a faint purple aura surrounded Valkyrie as she came, her walls clamping down on his dick as she shuddered, Fletcher gave one last thrust then surrendered into his orgasm, he pulled out as thick ropes of cum shot from the end of his dick, the Reflection flung herself forward and held out her hands to catch his sticky seed, Valkyrie pulled herself up and watched the Reflection bring her hand to her mouth, she licked the cum from her hand and before she could swallow Valkyrie lent forward and kissed her,
Fletcher watched in amazement as his girlfriend kissed a mirror image of herself, even though he had just climaxed his dick had already started to harden again, his mouth opened in shock when Valkyrie leant back, opened her mouth, showing Fletcher the cum before swallowing.

He was extremely hard again by this point and was itching to get back inside of Valkyrie but she looked at him apologetically.

“you fucked me good, I need a minute to catch my breath” she said, at her words the Reflection went to crawl on top of Fletcher but he grabbed her wrist, he got up and grabbed her ankles pulling her half of the bed, he flipped her skirt up revealing her pussy lips, he then lined himself up and slammed himself into her in one rough thrust, the Reflection yelped in surprise and pleasure as Fletcher began to fuck her with long, hard strokes, whilst he was careful with Valkyrie he didn’t need to be with the Reflection, the Reflection on the other hand seemed to love being man handled, within minutes she was Cumming, Fletcher continued to piston in and out of her wet pussy, Valkyrie climbed over and presented her pussy to the Reflection who instantly began to lick and suckle on her clit, Valkyrie gripped the Reflections hair and mashed her face into her hot womanhood, Fletcher reached forward and Pinched the Reflections nipples, the Reflection orgasmed and Fletcher could feel himself getting close, he pulled out of her and pulled her down to the floor, much to Valkyrie disappointment.

“Suck it” Fletcher ordered and the Reflection eagerly took it into her mouth, she gasped around it when she felt him grab her head and begin to face fuck her, she took him deep into her throat, fighting back the gag reflex she moaned, this sent Fletcher over the edge, he gripped her head and came, the first volley went straight down her throat and when he let go of her, the rest splattered against her face and chest, he collapsed onto the bed Valkyrie was rubbing her clit quickly and she shuddered hard as she came, the Reflection stood up and looked at the scene, clothes were scattered around the room, it smelled strongly of sex, and Fletcher was dozing next to Valkyrie who still had a finger inside her, the reflection smiled, for now it was sated.

Valkyrie watched the Reflection still covered in cum climb into the mirror, groaning she got to her feet and touched the mirror; she fell backwards as she remembered what it was like to be fucked roughly from behind and how it felt to have a dick deep in her throat whilst it fired cum deep into her stomach.

If she wasn’t so exhausted she would have got Fletcher to fuck her again, but he was snoring lightly his hair messed up and covered in her and the Reflections Juices. She manipulated the water in the juices into a small ball the size of a marble and was about to throw it out the window before changing her mind and swallowing it, she licked her lips and went to wake Fletcher.

After they cleaned the room, and made sure to leave no trace of their threesome for her parents to find. Valkyrie climbed into bed and Fletcher vanished to his own home, where they both fell into a deep sleep, to be woken the next morning by Skulduggery calling Valkyrie to remind her of the meeting with Madame Sutra, she called Fletcher to take her to the Sanctuary and released the Reflection to resume her normal life.

Unbeknownst to them, in the dim light of the dawn, a pair of panties were illuminated, the crotch still wet, a dark silhouette bent down picking them up and bringing them to his nose, he sniffed deeply, he growled slightly and grinned, showing slightly sharpened teeth, her placed the panties into his pocket and watched as the reflection began to walk to school.

Caelen licked his lips.

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