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"Please stop. I can't take it."

Her voice was hoarse from screaming. She was face down on the bed. Her ass up high like he liked it. Her ass was red, but not raw. He had stopped beating her to undress himself.

"I can't take it. I don't want it. Please."

He chuckled to himself, laying his belt down beside her and leant down grabbing a fistful of her long red hair. He viciously pulled her head backwards and leant in towards her.

"And since when has it been about you, slut? This is about what I want and I want to hurt you tonight. Hurt you and fuck you. You will take it. I don't care whether you enjoy it or not. In fact, the less you enjoy it - the more I do."

She started whimpering. It just fuelled his fire.

He raised his hand and she flinched. He let it down gently and grabbed her ass cheek hard, squeezing. He wanted to make sure she'd bruise.

She felt his erection pressing into her thigh. He was firm, but not rock hard. She knew she'd need to take more to make him rock hard. She wasn't sure she could. She wasn't sure he'd give her a choice.

Hr grinded his cock against her thigh.

"Do you remember begging me for pain? Begging me to unleash my fury on you?"

The way he pronounced the word fury was to belittle her. To make light of her predicament. It worked. She felt stupid.

"Well, whore? Do you remember?" With every word he landed his palm firmly onto her ass.

She groaned. "Yes, Sir. I remember."

"Tell me what you said."

She gulped and stuttered "I said.."


"Ohhh fuck. Ouch. Oh. I..."

"Don't. Lose. Concentration. Slut" he leered; still accompanying each word with a hit.

She gulped. "I begged you to unleash your fury on me. I said... Ohhhh fuck. I said... please Sir. Won't you... won't you hurt me" she stuttered out. Her ass struggling against his palm.

He groaned and let go of her hair. She collapsed onto her stomach.

Next thing she felt was his fists laying into her ass. Just one after the after. They came hard and fast. She screamed. The punches hurt a lot. They lasted only a few minutes or so but it felt like an eternity. Her ass ached afterwards.

She felt him mount her and rub his cock against her cunt. She wasn't wet.

He groaned gratuitously. "Mmmm not wet. Does't that make a change. That cunt of yours is normally sopping wet. I'm going to enjoy fucking you dry."

She sobbed. "No.. Please, no."

"Oh, but you love getting fucked. Remember? It's what you were born to do?"

He was still mocking her. When was she ever going to learn. He had warned her to be careful what she wished for but she just couldn't help herself. She so desperately wanted to be his paintoy; to fulfill that sadistic side of him.

He brought his cock up to her ass hole.

"Hold your cheeks apart."

"No.... No, please. God. No."

"Hold your fucking cheeks apart you little bitch or i'll make it worse, much worse."

She complied. She hated him at that moment. Pure, unadulturated hate.

He spat into her ass and laughed. "That's all your going to get. I hope for your sake that your ass is self lubricating."

She felt him press the tip of his cock against her bud.

"I'm going to make it slow. I wouldn't want it to hurt now would I?" He whispered almost tenderly.

He slid inside her. Slowly. Inch by inch. She knew he enjoyed the friction.

"Ohhhhhhhhh fuck." She panted and whimpered. She didn't want to cry for him.

"Mmmmmm. I love the way you hurt, slut. Now enjoy my cock. Feel me stretching you open."

It was excruciating. Her ass hadn't been fucked much in years and wasn't used to all the attention he was paying it. He loved anal. Probably because it hurt her so much.

He fucked her slowly; agonisingly. Both his hands pressing hard into her lower back.

"Take my cock slut."

She took it. Every excruciating inch of it.

He fucked her for several minutes.

Finally he stopped and just held his cock still; deep inside her bowels. He reached down for his belt. Once he had grasped it he pulled her up by her hair again and looped it around her neck.

She struggled against him but was impaled on his cock and weight pressing down on her. She felt helpless and vulnerable.

"No. No. Please."

He didn't acknowledge her pathetic attempt at a struggle, though he was enjoying the sensation on his cock.

He let rip. His fury was his cock, not his fists. He thrust in and out of her dry ass hole like an animal. His grip tightened on the belt. She struggled for breath as he pumped in and out of her.

She felt her face muscles tightening, short of breath. She gurgled. She wanted to claw away from him up the bed but it just pulled the belt tighter around her neck.

"Please stop. Please. Please. Please."

"Don't waste your breath. It's not going to stop until i've pumped you full of cum."

The lack of breath was making her eyes water. She sniffed, feeling a tear escape. He would be familiar with that sound, he would know she was crying. She felt his cock throb inside her; responding to her helplessness.

"Please Sir, please cum. Fill me up with your cum like the dirty whore I am."

He fucked her harder.

She was screaming and the tears were flowing freely down her face.

"Aaaaagh. Oh fuck. Oh my god. Ohhh. Please fill me with cum."

He groaned and finally after a few more minutes, pulled the belt taught and pumped her full of his seed.

She sobbed, grappling at the belt; trying to loosen the grip. She couldn't speak.

"Mmmmmm." He loosened the belt and her head flopped forwards.

He left his cock in her, letting her muscles milk him of all his cum before he pulled out.

After a minute or so he slid out. She curled her legs up nearer her chest and lay there, spent and violated, his cum leaking out of her ass.

"Clean me."

She knew better then to disobey him and did as instructed. She sucked his flaccid, wet cock into her mouth. She made sure she licked beneath the foreskin as he liked. She took her time, doing her job properly.

She lifted her mouth off his cock. He had a semi-erection again.

"I didn't say stop" he spoke; slowly and purposefully.

She groaned. "But you just came?"

He laughed. "I know. So it's going to be much a much longer fuck this time isn't it? I may just be able to last all night."

She sobbed. The tears starting again as she returned her lips to his cock. She knew that was where they and she belonged.

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