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Getting to know Molly
As this is an actual retelling of events, the beginning is a bit slow. If you want to skip to the sex, jump down to Chapter 3. The names have all been changed, including mine, to protect the not so innocent. If you want to read more about my history, read the prologue.

Chapter 1

I was still learning the layout of the school on the first day and was grateful that my first class was my free period. I was wandering the halls in search of the teachers’ lounge, and more importantly a cup of coffee, when a gorgeous, petite blonde ran into me as I rounded the corner. I staggered back briefly and instinctively wrapped my arms around the energetic woman. We both stared at each other for a moment; then she blushed brightly. I followed the crimson wave as it spread across her face, to her neck and finally disappeared under her loose blouse. I found her reaction quite alluring and couldn’t help but stare, wondering just how far her blush went. She apologized, saying she was late for work and had to get going. I realized I was still holding her, and quickly dropped my hands to my sides as if I had been caught doing something wrong. She giggled and introduced herself as Molly, the dance teacher. She flashed a dazzling smile at me and I was stunned for a moment by the life that shone from her green eyes before she strode away. My eyes dropped to her ass of their own volition. I heard her giggle and looked up to see that I was busted so I shrugged. I called after her, asking where the lounge was and she told me to follow her as it was on the way. I loped after her, easily catching up to her as she hustled along the corridors. She pointed to a windowless door and I waved before ducking inside. Okay, so I stared at her ass before heading inside. I swear there was more sway to her hips than had been there before.
There were a few other teachers milling around, and everyone was quick to introduce themselves to the newest member of the faculty. As I was shaking hands, an older woman announced that she knew all the gossip so if I wanted to know anything all I had to do was ask. When the others went back to their conversations, I pulled her aside and asked about Molly. The older woman smiled and said every new male teacher wanted to know about Molly. Molly had been at the school only a few years, starting work there right after getting married. After hearing all the details about the other female teachers I hurried back to my class room.

The day passed rather smoothly and before I knew it the final bell had rung. I gathered my things and was headed to the gym to meet up with the cross-county team when I saw Molly heading toward me. I smiled at her, nodding my head in greeting. Rather than pass me by she stepped into my path grinning from ear to ear. Her eyes shown with mischief as she said, “I heard you were asking about me.” I groaned, silently berating myself for trusting the older woman. Molly giggled and added, “I hope you weren’t too disappointed to learn I am married.” I looked at her hand and confirmed what I had noticed earlier when we shook hands, no ring. I looked back into those emerald eyes, and she blushed slightly. She pulled a long chain from under her blouse, showing me the band. “I don’t wear my ring to work after nearly losing it several times during dance practice.” I nodded. Molly giggled again, “You are a quiet one, Mr. White. I have to get going, before my girls get completely out of hand.” I managed to say goodbye and shook her hand again. I tried to force my eyes back toward the gym, but I lost the battle and turned to watch her walk away. I saw her turn and flash me another of those dazzling smiles before adding even more sway to her hips. I grinned to myself, wondering if she flirted with everyone or if I were somehow special. Needless to say, I was completely distracted at practice that afternoon. I saw Molly after, walking to her car. Her hair was pulling out of the ponytail she wore and face was slightly red and covered in sweat from dance practice and I instantly imagined her naked and dancing on my cock. I knew I was in trouble.
After that first day, Molly and I flirted outrageously at work. She seemed to delight in getting me turned on and then sending me to either face a class of teenagers or the cross-country team. I pulled every trick I could think of, but couldn’t seem to rattle her. One Friday I had stayed late to work on some paperwork for the upcoming section. Paperwork is not my forte so I was heading to the track to blow off some steam when I heard Molly’s voice describing how horny it made her whenever I touched her. I was shocked to hear her speak like that at school so I stopped and listened. Her sister had surprised her with a visit and I was blown away when she asked Molly to set us up. Molly said it would be too weird to lust after her sister’s boyfriend. I smiled and redoubled my efforts to touch her every chance I got. Hey, I’m a guy. I finally noticed the slight change in her breathing when I let my hand linger on her. Most days I would go home and stroke myself to several orgasms picturing her or watching one of the recordings I had made of her demonstrating a dance to her girls. It was wrong but there was something about her that set me aflame. She was different than every woman I had met, but I still cannot tell you exactly what about her makes her unique. I met her husband at the Christmas party that first year. I would like to say he was an overweight loser with tiny dick, but Chris was actually a decent guy and in relatively good shape. We got along fairly well. I still thought of him as having a tiny dick, but now I felt a bit guilty when I imagined him trying to fuck Molly with it and her asking if he was in yet. Chris and I started hanging out and often met up for a game of flag football or volleyball. I invited him to go running with me, but he declined citing a bum knee. At the athletic awards event at the end of the year, I was named coach of the year for leading the cross – country team from last place to district champs. I had known they had all improved, but had no idea it was that bad before I started working with them. I had no idea I would be in contention so did not have a speech. Everyone laughed and I started rambling about how poorly I felt the first weeks of coaching had gone.

For three years Molly and I continued our little game. I dated a few women, but never took one to bed. If I happened to be talking about one of my dates around her Molly would abruptly walk away. After the first time, I did my best only to answer questions about my dating life when she wasn’t around. I knew this wasn’t a simple infatuation I had for her, but she seemed happy with Chris so I never made a move. We would sometimes get a group together and go dancing, where Molly and I spent the majority of the night on the floor together with Chris watching as he always complained the old knee injury kept him from keeping up with the wild dancing Molly liked. On the dance floor, Molly would dance very close to me, looking up at me and playfully batting her eyes as she rubbed her breasts against my arm. By the end of the first song my hard cock would be pressed against her. The more she drank, the more she would grind against it with her green eyes burning into me. When we did part I had dozens of women eager to take her place. Molly would sit with Chris for a song or two watching me the whole time. Whenever my new dance partner would get too friendly she would reappear to claim her place in my arms. I always wondered what Chris thought as his wife would plaster her body against mine, but his face never showed any jealousy. Maybe they fucked like rabbits after our nights out so he was too busy looking forward to an all-nighter with his wife.
Molly discovered that my birthday was a few weeks away and informed me that she was taking me out on the town. I smiled at her bossy nature, but the thought of spending the night dancing with her made me agree. She beamed at me and said she had lots of plans to make. Plans? This sounded like it was going to be a much bigger deal than turning 35 required but looking at the glow emanating from her I couldn’t say no. As the days ticked by, Molly tried to tease me about “the big day” but I successfully played it cool. The day before she informed me that her sister was coming with us; then sternly told me that I was not allowed to sleep with her. I was shocked, as Molly had never before mentioned my sex life directly. I chuckled awkwardly and said that was between her sister and me. Molly’s green eyes glowed with a fire I had never before seen and she said if I ever wanted to speak to her again I would not sleep with her sister. I was taken aback by the fury in her voice and noticed she was shaking slightly. Wow. I knew from past experience that sisters are competitive, but I was still shocked by the raw emotion flowing from Molly. I slipped my arm around her shoulders and promised I would behave.

Megan, her sister had other plans. From the moment the limo picked me up (Yes, Molly hired a limo so we could drink ourselves silly) Megan was all over me like a dog in heat. She laughed at every one of my corny jokes (even the ones that weren’t meant to elicit laughter), leaning against me and resting her hand on my arm or leg while she did. She kept my glass full of the champagne Molly had brought to celebrate my “big day” as everyone referred to it. Megan favored her sister considerably. Both were slim, athletic with a full C or small D cup. Megan was brunette with a slight tan while Molly was a red head whose skin refused to absorb any sun no matter how long she sat out. Megan’s eyes were a sparkling blue compared to Molly’s vibrant green eyes. Molly was an inch taller and Megan was two years older. Megan was wearing a strapless dress and every time she leaned into me I was amazed her breasts didn’t tumble out. I was reasonably certain she was not wearing a bra and would have to be careful not to get too crazy on the dance floor or they would make an appearance. Both women had cute button noses and nice full lips. Megan had a few freckles on her cheeks, but Molly’s cheeks were free from any mark as if they had been sculpted by an artist. Molly was sitting across from us in the limo, next to her husband, and glared at her sister the entire ride. It was not the most comfortable place I had found myself in. Nor was it the most awkward situation I had been in, I ruefully thought to myself. I found myself smiling at that thought and Molly’s scowl deepened. I shrugged sheepishly and she turned to talk to one of the other guests while Megan tried to monopolize my attention. Slowly the limo filled up with friends as we made our way through bottle after bottle as each new group of friends insisted on toasting me.

We went to an upscale club downtown and Molly announced had reserved the VIP room for our party. I was blown away at how much money she was spending and clumsily offered to pay half of the night’s festivities. I knew Chris made good money, but this had to be extremely expensive. Molly giggled and said the owner of the club was a friend and he had arranged the limo, so it only cost a fraction of what I was imagining. I knew we had downed at least a case of bubbly in addition to the other costs, so I guiltily offered to pay for that. Chris overheard me and said they were collecting from the other guests to cover any liquor costs. I wasn’t convinced but I had made the offer so my chivalrous nature was assuaged.
Once inside, Megan dragged me to dance floor before we could order drinks. I didn’t complain as I was tipsy from the champagne in the limo ride. In no time, she molded her body against mine. I noticed her tongue flick against her lips; then she slowly ran it over them. My cock went from slightly happy to fully erect in a split second. Her eyes widened as she felt it. Her eyes darkened and she spun to face away from me and pressed her firm ass against my erection. My hands were on her hips. Apparently that was not enough for Megan as she placed her hands on mine and slowly slid them around her hips to her stomach and up to just beneath her breasts before moving them back to her side and down to squeeze her ass. She moaned as my hands continued roaming over her body. She looked at me over her shoulder and pulled my head down for a steamy kiss. I knew I was in deep trouble, but my dick was thinking that it wasn’t a bad situation to be in. After thirty minutes of dirty dancing, I was jolted back to the present when Megan’s right hand began stroking my cock through my slacks as she pulled me down for another passionate kiss. I heard a few cat-calls and looked up to see who was watching our show. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Molly’s shocked expression before she whirled away and disappeared into the crowd. Damn. I had been flattered by the attention and let my other head do the thinking. I leaned toward Megan and said I had to use the rest room. I disentangled myself from her and headed off in the direction Molly had. I found her in the hallway, facing away from me. “Molly, I . . .” My words died in my throat when I saw the tears marring her sculpted cheeks.

“You promised!” she growled and lunged at me, hurling her small frame into me. I took a step back and raised my hands in surrender as she pounded her fists against my chest. I was too stunned to speak or move to defend myself. After a few minutes, her blows ceased and she wrapped her arms around me sobbing against my chest. I was finally broken from my shock and wrapped my arms around her.
“I’m sorry.” I muttered. It was all I could say and rather than soothe the blubbering woman in my arms my words only made her bawl more. I ran my fingers through her hair and simply held her while she cried. I knew Megan would be wondering where I had disappeared but I was more concerned with the woman in my arms. Finally Molly’s sobs subsided and she stepped back. Tears still streamed down from her shimmering eyes, but she was clearly trying to pull herself together so she could say something.
“I’m sorry. I know it isn’t fair to you. I’m married, but I can’t STAND the idea of you being with her.” Molly wiped her eyes, and I did my best to look abashed. “She always does this. I doubt she wants you, she just wants to take you from me!” My mouth dropped open. Did she realize what she was saying? Sure I was extremely attracted to her but had never acted on it and I had no idea she had feelings for me as well. Looking back, I can see it now but in the moment I was certain I was simply projecting what I wanted her to feel. After all, she and Chris seemed so happy, so there would be no room in her heart for me. I am very dense when it comes to a woman’s feelings. I realized I was standing there gaping at her, and attempted to will myself to say something. Preferably something smooth and charming. But nothing came out of my mouth. Molly shifted back and forth on one foot while staring up at me. My mouth moved, but no words came from my lips. Tears still fell from her eyes, but the flow had lessened. I took solace in the fact that at least she could see the shock on my face. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything. You’re single and so is Megan. You can do what you want,” she mumbled bitterly. “I’m drunk, so let’s just forget this talk. Okay?” She tried to paste a smile on her face, but I could see that it failed to reach her eyes. I stepped forward to hug her again, but Molly pushed past me and headed back to the dance floor.

I sighed heavily and headed to the bathroom. My shirt was wet where she had cried into it and I did my best to dry it. I didn’t want Megan to know that our actions had brought tears to her sister. Satisfied that I had gotten most of it, I made my way to VIP area and ordered a stiff drink. The waitress brought it quickly and I downed it before she finished distributing the round so I ordered another. Molly was nowhere to be seen, so I sat and mingled with our friends and was drinking steadily until Megan found me and dragged me back out on the dance floor. Despite her best efforts, I couldn’t respond the way I had during our first dance. I could feel her growing frustrated with my lack of reaction, but my mind was filled with the sight of Molly standing there waiting for me to reply. I chastised myself for freezing up. During my “wild phase” I prided myself on being smooth and suave. I was never at a loss for words and could sling a line of B.S. at a second’s notice. I noticed Megan had stopped moving, so I looked down at her questioningly. Clearly I had missed something in my reverie. Her hands were on her hips and I could see her eyes smoldering with barely constrained fury. “I asked if you fucked my bitch of a sister!” Megan yelled, drawing the attention of everyone around us. Suddenly, everyone was standing around watching.

“No,” I growled. “And never call her a bitch in my presence.”

“Then what happened?” her voice grew louder as she ranted. “You couldn’t keep your hands off me and then bam! I might as well be dancing with my brother. Are you gay?”

“Nothing happened. And I’m not gay.” I growled through gritted teeth. I was losing my cool. While I may not have been attentive to her during our dance, my dick certainly had and was as hard as I had been all night. I turned to walk away, but Megan grabbed my arm. I glared at her hand, but she refused to take the hint.

“Damn it, talk to me! I thought you liked me! Now you seem like a different man,” she whined. The crowd had gathered closer, watching the show and trying to hear every word.

“I am not getting into this here. Follow me and we can talk.” With that I jerked my arm away from her grasp and headed back to our area. I sat with my friends and we laughed about my impending demise. I tried to take it easy on the booze, but the waitress brought me a double every time no matter what I said. I didn’t see Megan again until we were all piling into the limo. She refused to look at me, so I rolled my eyes. I helped the ladies stagger into the limo and then turned to help arrange one of the guests across the back seat as she was sound asleep in her husband’s arms. When Megan and I wound up sitting on opposite ends of the bench, Molly quirked her eyebrow at me. I shrugged and soon had a fresh glass of champagne in my hand. I sipped it slowly, but both Megan and Molly seemed determined to outdrink the other. Megan leaned forward and whispered something to the driver. As we made our way back toward our side of town, the limo took an unexpected exit. I looked at Megan as we wound through the city but she refused to meet my gaze. “Who lives here?” one of our friends slurred when we pulled up to a large townhouse.

“I do,” Megan huffed.

Chris perked up at this. “I thought you were staying at our place?”

“I have a stomach ache,” Megan replied as she climbed out. She caught her heel on the curb and nearly faceplanted. One of the guests laughed, and she strode away angrily. When I turned to face the remaining people Molly was staring at me, with an unreadable expression on her face. I shrugged, not knowing how else to respond. Chris fell asleep as we dropped the rest of the guests off at their houses. Soon, it was just Molly, Chris and me.

I was still trying to get my head around what she had said earlier. Did she really think I belonged to her? Did that mean she was in love with me? I was so engrossed in my thoughts I didn’t notice Molly move until she crawled into my lap. “I’m sorry I ruined your birthday,” her words struggled to escape her inebriated mind. She leaned in, resting her head on my shoulder. She reeked of booze. It was the first time I had seen her this drunk. “I had planned on giving you a lap dance at the club, but then I got jealous.” I was shocked how easily I understood her drunk speech. “How about I give you a rain check?” she giggled and pushed her breasts into my face. I was partially sober, but couldn’t resist burying my face in her cleavage. God she smelled good! I nuzzled her breasts, kissing every inch of exposed flesh. I kissed my way up to her neck and heard the most delicious groan escape her lips. I raked my teeth across her collarbone and felt her shiver against me. Her hands grabbed my face and tilted it up as she crushed her lips against mine. Her tongue forced its way into my mouth, causing me to groan and wrap my arms tightly around her. I knew I should stop, but I was lost in the moment. Molly hiked her skirt up and straddled my quickly growing erection. She ground against it as we devoured the other’s tongue. Luckily, the limo had reached my house before things got too far out of hand. I noticed the divider was down and the driver was watching me make out with another man’s wife. Seeing him watch us sobered me up enough to stop. Molly fought me as I pushed her off me and crawled out of the limo. I smiled and thanked her for a great night. I walked up to the driver and handed him a $50.00 thanking him for a great night and his discretion. Yeah, it was a slimy thing to do, but I didn’t want Molly’s reputation to suffer from my lack of self-control.

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