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Jen and Lisa's ex-boyfriends decide to bully me in the school locker room, but little do they know what they are in for.
I woke the next day as if nothing had ever happened. Jen wasn't rude, but happy as she woke me up for the breakfast Mom was making. Mom had the day off as did we, and we enjoyed a Sunday home as a normal family.

It was refreshing to take a break from sneaking and hiding from my mother. That and yesterday was kind of exhausting, so just relaxing and watching TV and doing normal house chores was nice. I decided that from now on I would try to keep Sunday as a day of rest from sex since the last thing I wanted was to ruin my valued family time.

Monday morning came and I was refreshed and ready for action. I rode to school with Jen, picked up Lisa and Katey, who both sat in the back with me of course. Then I got what was now a customary double blowjob from my foxy ladies on the drive to school. While Lisa had my firm cock in her mouth Katey whispered in my ear, "I've decided to stop taking my birth control pill." Then she deftly pulled off her panties from under her skirt and put my hand on her pussy.

Shit that made me so hard I almost came in Lisa's mouth right then. I diddled her already wet cunt and asked her softly back, "Do you really mean what I think you mean?"

She nodded and pulled me in for a hard passionate kiss. After that I almost roughly pushed Lisa away and in the tight confines of the back seat I turned to get between Katey's parting thighs.

I'd fucked my sister once in her back seat, but then it had just been the two of us and the car wasn't moving at the time. It was difficult to get any rhythm, and I might not have even cum before we got to school if I hadn't been so turned on, but having rested up the day before filled her up with my sticky swimmers.

"Tomorrow I get the cream pie before school," Lisa teased with a smile as we pulled into the school parking lot. Quickly we all put back our clothing for school and went about our day as if nothing unusual had happened.

I didn't really pay attention much that day, because Katey's intentions got me worried once I wasn't lusting for her. She wanted to have my baby? We were technically a couple, and I think I did love her more than just a object, but what if what happened to my mother happened to her? If she got pregnant would the spell get broken and would she hate me? I didn't like that idea at all, but I guess the only way to find out if that would happen would be to try it.

But was I ready to be a father? I didn't have a job, or any means of supporting us. I still had two years of high school after this one. I suppose Mom would let us stay at home, but she was already working long hours to support the two of us, much less another woman and a child. And on top of that, was I sure Lisa and Jen were both on the pill? I'd never used a condom, so for all I knew they could all be pregnant already! My imagination was running away with me. Mom's a nurse, and if I knew Jen was sexually active, then Mom must have known also, so had to be on the pill. Lisa I was less sure of, but decided I'd have to ask later.

Most of the day was spent with me then imagining each of my girls with round bellies and kids underfoot. It really did make me smile and I realized that would actually be a great future, but I'd need to find a way to afford it. We'd need a big house, lots of yard space, and I'd need to find a way to get a good job that paid lots of money. What was I good at? I got decent math and science grades with lousy English and almost failing Spanish grades. Maybe an engineer, architect, or banking job would be for me? I decided to visit the guidance councilor during a study hall.

He was a weird guy I'd never seen before, but that's because he mostly dealt with seniors and juniors. He was balding with frizzy hair and thick glasses, but still seemed polite as he welcomed me into his office and asked what he could do for me.

I explained how I was already thinking about what job I wanted after school, and he just talked about college and my grades. I tried to narrow down on what I could do without college, since I really didn't want to wait another four years, and maybe couldn't if any of the girls were already pregnant, but he didn't listen to anything I had to say and just droned on about how if I wanted to get anywhere in life I absolutely has to go to college, and to do that I needed to work harder on my grades. After ten minutes I thanked him for his time politely, if disingenuously, but he seemed happy thinking he'd helped and I returned to my study hall positive that had been a complete waste of my time.

Maybe I didn't need to go to college, or even finish school at all? If this power I had worked, then maybe all I needed to do was use it on the right people and I could get whatever I wanted. So what did I want? I decided to make a list, so took out a notebook and started writing. First up is money, so I'd need a banker or someone already wealthy. Second would be a house, a nice big one, so an architect to build one, or a realtor to buy one. Mom was a nurse, so covering medical wouldn't be a problem. But I didn't know anyone who could fill the rest of this list, but I decided to start keeping my ears open and ask some questions.

Another class ended and I was headed to gym. It was the only class that groups all the classes together, from freshmen to seniors, but I really didn't know anyone much outside of my own class. I'd have loved to see any of my girls now, but they all had gym in the afternoon. Not even Jake was in this class with me, so gym was often lonely.

I didn't usually have a problem, but today while changing two seniors came up behind me while I was only in my underwear and grabbed at my clothes. "Hey," I said harshly, while feeling very scared that I was going to get beat up.

The bigger one was blonde and his name was Derrick, but I didn't know the slightly smaller guy with brown hair, but they both were football players and well built strong guys. Derrick took the lead while pulling my pants away from my grasp, "What's his sister call him again Chad?" he asked his friend.

"Runt," said the other. I recognized his voice then and remembered Chad had been Jen's last boyfriend. I had a bad feeling this was going to get ugly.

"So tell me, Runt. What's this I hear about you spending a lot of time with my girl?" Derrick asked, but it was more a threat than a question.

"I dunno," I said nervously.

"See, she told me she was seeing someone else, but all I see is her hanging out with your ugly face," Derrick poked me in the forehead as he looked down on me. "I think we need to help remember. Whatda you think?"

Chad grinded "A swirly facial." They laughed and each grabbed one of my arms. I struggled and begged, but soon they had me in the handicapped stall , one on each side holding me upside-down and plunging the toilet bowl with my hair and flushing it to allow me to breath. After they thought they tortured me long enough, or at least as long as they thought they could get away with it, they left me alone finally with the parting words from Chad, "Tell Jenny to call me or you get another treatment next time."

I spat out toilet water and dried my face and hair before going to my next class. The rest of that day's school was spent plotting my revenge and by the time school was out I had it all planned out. Chad and Derrick wanted to get back with the ladies, but I wanted to make them pay and never bother me again, and since I was able to get Jen to accept Jake as her boyfriend maybe I could be even more convincing in other ways.

I had to try, so I told Jake to head home without me and do my homework before I met up with the girls who I started explaining my plan to as we all headed back to my house. Mom would be out for a little bit longer and I texted her to let her know I wouldn't need a ride from Jake's tonight as I'd be home on a triple date party with Jen and Lisa and their 'boyfriends'.

When we were home I had Lisa invite Derrick out on a date, as well as Jen call Chad, telling both of them to drive over here for a romantic dinner. Of course Katey was happy to be my date, but we had work to do to prepare dinner and get everything ready. Jen and Lisa started cooking right off and I took Katey to my bedroom with an empty cup from the cabinet.

"What's the cup for?" Katey asked as we sat on my bed and she kissed me.

"It's for the secret ingredient for tonight's meal," I replied and kissed her back while already feeling good from thinking ahead to my plan as I began grabbing at her big soft breasts through her shirt. "And you are going to help me harvest it." To that I unzipped my pants and pushed off my underwear with them, leaving me just in socks and tee-shirt with a mostly soft cock.

"But that won't get me pregnant," she whined as she grabbed onto my soft package and fondled my harry balls pleasantly. "I told you that want to have your baby."

"I know you did," I comforted her, and remembered this morning. "You really do want to have my baby, don't you?"

"More than anything," she said with stars in her eyes like it was a dream come true.

"But how could we support a family?" I asked a little frustrated that she wasn't considering the future.

"With love anything is possible," was all she said and silenced me with a passionate kiss. Our tongues tangled and soon it didn't matter what we were talking about anymore. I was getting horny in her hands, while she was still fully dressed. I reached up under her short skirt and pushed one finger under the side of her panties to rub her clit.

We sat there masturbating each other for a bit, then she pulled back and pulled off her panties, much as she had done this morning. "If I can't get your cum, then the least you can do is let me have some fun." Then she pushed me back so I was lying on my bed as the feisty redhead, still apparently fully dressed, straddled my waist and slid my hard cock easily into her pussy while her skirt concealed the action. It felt great, but she didn't waste any time and began ridding me hard, jabbing my love spearhead against her cervix as she fucked me.

I loved feeling and watching her bounce on me, with her big breasts still bound in her shirt and bra, like fucking me was a secret affair. "I'm sorry I didn't make you cum this morning," I apologized as I grabbed her hips, "But you'd really turned me on so bad." I pulled her down hard on her next bounce while bucking up into her. She squeaked and I could tell she was getting close already. "I promise, I'll do you as often as it takes to put a baby in your belly." That did it and she squealed out her orgasm loudly as her pussy convulsed around my prick fully embedded within her.

I rolled her over and mounted her just long enough to give her juicy cunt a few more good hard thrusts before I pulled out and grabbed the cup. It was almost painful to not be allowed to plant my seeds in her fertile womb as I had done so often these last few weeks, but I needed it for my plan. I grunted as I fist pumped my slippery dick over and over while gazing at Katey still panting from a good cum until I sprayed my precious semen into the glass with an audible splurting sound.

I squirted out five good jets and a few more that only dribbled out some more in aftershocks, but with my collection done I kissed Katey and set down the cup on the bed stand. "At least let me get whatever you're not going to take," she whispered then twisted her head down and sucked on my shrinking and tingly leaking dick. She worked and squeezed every last drop out and was tonguing my pee slit when I finally made her stop.

I got my pants back on and Katey followed me out back to the kitchen with the cum cup in hand. "So what's for dinner?" I asked Jen.

"Chad and Derrick are always eating meat and pasta to bulk up for the football team, so tonight we made steak tips in linguini," she showed off the dish cooking in the oven. It looked and smelled great, and I said as much, but it was time for them to get dolled up for the boys. "Take it out in fifteen minutes," Lisa instructed me as they headed to her room.

Katey and I set the table up for six people while the food finished cooking. Then I took our meal from the oven and Katey started dishing out a serving to every plate as I heard the knock at the door. Jen and Lisa came out to answer it and I quickly I spooned out half of my drying cum onto the food on the two plates at the end of the table and stirred it in to hide it in the white sauce of the pasta. The four older teens came in and I was worried my plan would fall apart right off.

"What's he doing here?" Derrick asked, obviously meaning me.

"He lives here too," interjected my sister.

He was going to argue, but I spoke up, "I wanted to apologize for any misunderstanding, so I made dinner for us all." Then I held out the center chair on one side for Jen.

"I ain't eating that shit then. Come on Lesse, I'll buy you some REAL food," Derrick said annoyed. Damn it, I need this to work!

"Well I'm staying and eating Russell's meal," Lisa said and I directed her to the middle seat opposite Jen, to make sure the two guys sat and ate the right meals. Then I got to my seat next to Jen, and Katey to hers opposite me by Lisa.

Luckily the peer pressure was enough that they also sat and soon everyone was eating and talking. I passed out sodas and quickly enough the two guys really loosened up. They talked about football and how hard the coach and teachers were on them, and as I'd told Jen and Lisa to play up their roles as girlfriends. They laughed at their jokes and were touching their arms and shoulders and even kissing them on the cheek. They even started talking to me a little, and weren't total jerks either.

I almost decided to chicken out on finishing the last part of the plan, but the hatred I felt for them couldn't be washed away so quickly. Besides, I had so see how far I could push them, even if only to see how much control my power actually gave me.

By the time dinner was over Mom was just getting home. "Save any for me?" she smiled. There was, and I told her we were just about to watch a movie in the living room. "Don't let me interrupt." She sat in my seat to eat, and the pack of high schoolers followed me. I had the perfect movie for my plan all picked out, even though I'd never actually seen it before. Katey sat next to me on the couch, with Chad and Jen squeezed in on the other side, and Lisa sat on Derrick's lap in one of the plush chairs. I clicked on the TV with the remote and pressed play.

'Brokeback Mountain' wasn't actually as bad a movie as I thought it was going to be. Everyone was always complained about how it was a gay film, but it was moving and I thought the story was great. I didn't swing that way, but the point was to put the conversation out there afterwards and see what I could do with it. The guys groaned when it came on and made some rude comments at the first gay scene, but their dates jabbed them in the ribs and the movie went on. Mom came in about halfway through and told us not to stay up too late then headed for bed.

When it ended about two hours later the girls are weepy and clingy at the sad ending, so the guys didn't seem to complain at all. Jen and I went to the kitchen to gets some cookies.

"Hey, push Chad and Derrick to see if you can get them to kiss," I told her.

"That'd be funny," she smiled and we came back, served the cookies, and soon we are sitting around talking about the movie.

"I'm not gay, but that was a good movie," I commented.

"Hey, I'm not gay either," stammered Chad and everyone laughed.

"You never thought about it once?" pried Jen?

"No way!" said Chad like he was offended.

"But I bet you guys like seeing girls kissing each other though. I know I love watching Jen and Lisa making out," I threw in. They looked at each other, then at their girlfriends, but neither spoke. "Hey, it's only natural. Go on sis, give Lisa a kiss and show them how it's done."

Jen and Lisa both giggled and hopped in front of the TV like it was a stage, then looked into each other's eyes for a moment as they embraced to push their breast and hips right up together and wrap their arms around backs and butts, then tilted their heads and pressed their mouths together. God that was so sexy and beautiful. I'd seen them all naked before, playing with each other's bodies while I was too busy, and even eating out each other's pussies, but even fully clothed just being totally enraptured with kissing each other got me hard all over again, and I don't think I was the only one. I saw Chad shift in his seat while Derrick actually pushed at his crotch to adjust himself in his pants. Fortunately for me I still had Katey at my side and she hugged my arm with one hand and just let me direct the show.

After a solid minute of this erotic sapphic entertainment they finished and looked back at their guys. "Your turn," Jen cheered.

"What the fuck?" Derrick jerked up with a quick look back at Chad.

"No fucking way!" agreed Chad.

"Oh, come on," pushed Lisa now, "It'll make me so hot."

The guys just looked back and forth, still trying to refuse, but also trying and not upset their girls. I needed to push some more, "It's only fair since you got to watch them. " That seemed to do it and they stood, and then did a quick peck of lips together to the jeers of the girls. "Jen and Lisa made out for several minutes, with full tongue! You guys gotta do at least a minute. Here, I'll time you." I looked at the clock and said, "Go."

They moved closer now and then they were actually doing it. Not as enthusiastic as the girls had, as they kept their hands to themselves, and only locked lips, but they actually kissed each other. It was a little creepy, but I couldn't help but laugh internally as the minute dragged on and for even a moment after I said, "Time" they finished more slowly than absolutely necessary.

The girls cheered and with that first victory I decided to risk going further. I hoped that they were fully under my power now, so it was time to really test it. "You guys sure are confident, but I guess you're like brothers being on the football team together."

"Yea," Chad said, "It's a brotherhood with a real team spirit."

"You gotta really trust the other guys," Derrick agreed.

"Do me a favor and look at each other," and then they did, just like they had before they were kissing, but more relaxed this time. "You guys trust each other deeply don't you?" They both nodded and I continued, "You would do anything for each other." Again they nodded, "You love each other like brothers." Once again another nod, "More than brothers, you actually love each other more than anyone else in the world." They didn't nod yet, so I kept going, "It' time to be true and open your hearts. You cannot be truly happy with anyone else. You are in love with each other. Say it."

Then to my shocked delight they actually both said together, gazing into each other's eyes, "I love you," and then all on their own they kissed again. This time we could all really tell they meant it too. As they kissed now Katey began rubbing my cock, and I could tell this was turning her on.

"So guys, I'll see you at school tomorrow," I said to break their mood.

"Right," Derrick said, "Er, sorry Lesse but..." he stammered to explain.

"Don't worry, I love Russell," Lisa said and I knew she meant it too.

"Jen, I..." Chad began but my sister cut him off also.

"I'm in love with Russ too," she smiled.

"But he's your brother?" Derrick asked.

"Only my half-brother, but he's all the man I'll ever need, even if I have to share him," Jen answered and then her and Lisa came to sit on the couch with Katey and I and we all hugged.

"Hey, I'm not one to judge," Derrick said and grabbed Chad's hand to hold it before they kissed once more briefly. "So, your place or mine?" he asked his friend as they walked to the door. I heard Chad say something about his father freaking out, but then they opened the front door and were gone.

"Now it's time for you to give me your baby juice," Katey sexily whispered to me.

"No fair," Lisa fussed, "I wanted to feel him inside me next! You already had him twice today!"

"Ladies please," I silenced them. "I promised Katey she'd get every load until she's pregnant, but I got a lotta fucking until I cum again."

All the girls laughed with me as we set about taking off each other's clothes, all four of us kissing and touching each other, until once naked again I directed Katey to sit in the middle of the couch and got Lisa and Jen to each side. Then I stood in front while they all sucked on me together. Katey got my tip, while Jen and Lisa sucked on each side of my shaft, whetting it down, sucking on it or sometimes my fuzzy balls.

Once I was really hard I had Jen and Lisa turn and get onto their knees, each straddling Katey's open thighs, with their naked asses up for my pleasure. "There it is…" groaned Lisa as I slid my dong into her tight cunt. Jen started kissing Lisa's cheek and soon they were making out while I gently fucked Lisa from behind. Not to be left out Katey grabbed one of each girl's breasts and began rubbing and sucking on them. I reached over and gave Jen's ass a firm spank to stun her and get her attention. She pulled away from kissing Lisa and I started fucking her hard and fast, making her gasp and growl, then I pulled out hard making her moan and shudder.

"My turn," Jen cheered and I quickly got behind my sister and sheathed myself into her hot box. I took my first thrusts into her slow to let her vagina expand to my manhood's full size. Once she was opened up completely I started fucking her hard and fast as well. I saw Lisa moan as she couldn't stand being without me and was now shoving half of one hand into her pussy and frigging her clit with the other. I was already getting close and with a firm grip slammed my sister's ass hard and pulled out of her just as suddenly as I had Lisa's.

Luckily Jen's tit was in Katey's mouth or she would have screamed so loud the neighbors would have heard when I gutted her with my fuck spear. She was wet, but hadn't had anyone opening her pussy up as I brutally plunge into her harder than I had intended, but my lust had overtaken me. I plunged in only a few times, pushing my sister and Lisa out of the way as I took Katey forcefully. Katey knew I was close and begged, "Fill me with your baby!" My painfully huge cockhead kissed her cervix and I blasted jets of cum deep into her womb.

Lisa groaned with me and I could tell she had gotten herself off as I tried to impregnate her best friend. Jen started rubbing herself also watching us mate but seemed a ways off, and as I seeped the last of my seeds into Katey's furrow and I knew she hadn't cum again. "I'm sorry. I couldn't hold it any longer," I explained regretfully to her, but she just kissed me.

"You gave me everything I always wanted," she smiled and I knew I loved her desperately. Even more than any of the others. "Here…" she said before pushing me off. Then she turned over and got between Jen's legs, "before you get all the way soft, put it back in." Then she started munching on Jen's kitty. I was getting much softer, but was still just hard enough to slide my semi into Katey's gooey honey pot from behind. Lisa was behind me and hugged me as she molded her body to mine, pushing her small tits with rock hard nipples into my back and softly biting my neck and shoulders. Then she squeezed and spanked my ass a few times. Between that and watching Katey eat Jen out I actually started getting hard yet again.

Then Lisa snaked one hand between my ass cheeks and poked at my anus. It surprised me, but actually felt good and I just fucked Katey harder as I regrew inside her. She teased and rubbed my anal opening, but didn't penetrate me, and raked her fingers over my tight ball sack. She gently squeezed and massaged them and I started groaning loudly at how good this felt. I am normally a silent guy as I fuck, but the over stimulation on my sensitive cock and everything else was really putting me over the moon.

I'd lost track of everything else other than Katey's pussy and Lisa's hands when Jen started cuming with short spasming grunts as Katey's tongue flicked her clit and drank up her pussy juice. Then Lisa whispered in my ear, "You want to knock up me next, or your sister?" That tripped my trigger and I was actually surprised that I was cuming again already. I didn't even think I'd gotten fully hard yet, but with a guttural grunt I deposited a fresh coating of sperm to Katey's well used cunt.

Before I was completely done cuming Lisa's hand moved forward past my balls and I felt her diddle Katey's clit and the combination finally set her of. "Mmmmm!" she screamed into a mouthful of Jen's pussy, making her shiver with pleasure as well. After I'd finished Katey's still spasming vagina squeezed me out and we kind of collapsed on the couch. After a second Katey started pushing herself out of the pile of sated flesh and grabbed her panties. "Gotta keep it all inside," she explained as she quickly slid them on and tight up to her leaking wet pussy. Even as she did so I could already see the white wet spot form on the crotch before she cuddled back onto the couch with me and the other two girls. I guess this day didn't turn out too bad after all.



Chapter 2: Fresh request - Jake's virgin fourteen year old sister Jackie ask me out, and I decide to take her.

Chapter 3: Pool party - Chad and Derrick invite me over to a senior party and I spy my next conquest, Shanique, a sexy black girl.

Chapter 4: School hijinx - I got Shanique under heel, but get detention by my teacher for having Jake doing my homework.

Chapter 5: New and old - Mom takes my mind off things with an old video she made with her first husband, and I help her relive it.

Chapter 6: Discipline and control - Saturday detention with my MILF teacher, Shanique, and four other guys. It's good to be bad.


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