Our trucker, Gary takes Megan on a summer vacation she will never forget.
Trucker's Journey

By Tanya Writer

Copyright© Tanya Writer 2013

This is a work of fiction for adults only. The characters and their actions are fictitious and none of this has ever happened. The author does not endorse or condone any illegal activities written of in the story. This just a story, do not do this at home.

Chapter 1

I woke up and it wasn't light yet. I don't know how long I was asleep, but I was laying on my back and I had a companion in my bed. That is something I don't have often. Mostly with lot lizards when I cum, they go. But here was this little girl here with me whose name was Megan. I'm not sure you could call her a lot lizard, but I did pay for her.

I'd never been with a girl like this before. I told her mom that I wanted someone like her, well not like her, just young and with a small, maybe even a tiny chest, just to get rid of her. But here I am with this little girl. I figured that when I offered her only a little money she would take the kid and go. But she didn't, so who am I to turn down this bounty that was dropped in my lap?

She had her head on my chest and her arm across mine. I could feel a little wet spot on my chest so I looked down and saw she had her mouth open a bit and a bit of her drool on my chest. My first thought was 'Euuuuuu!" But as I lay there, I got to thinking, here was a girl who didn't even know me, who was willing to have sex with me. She hadn't ever had sex before, but she was an enthusiastic lover, and she really seemed to like it, even if she was unskilled in it. And she liked me. She seems so comfortable with me. What's up with that?

The lot lizards or waitress I have had don't really care about me They get off and that's good enough for them. The lizards don't even get off, they just play along like they do. They only got off on the money. But here was this little slip of a girl, who didn't know me, and yet she liked me. I don't think I have ever had anyone like me so unconditionally. Was I missing something in life?

I moved to look over at the clock to see what time it was. Shit! Only three in the morning. Well it means that I can still get more sleep. But my movement did it and she woke up.

“Gary, are ya awake?” she asked sleepily.

“Yeah baby doll, I am,” I replied.

“I need to go pee,” Megan announced.

“OK, let's go," I said, pulling down the covers so we could get out. "But I have to tell you that the bathrooms are closed.”

“What do we do then?” she wondered.

“We just pee in the grass," I answered. "Put your slippers on.”

First thing I did was grab the key and unlock the driver’s side door. The last thing I wanted to do was be locked out of my truck naked with a naked little girl.

I lifted up the shade over the passenger’s window. Fog! I knew it was humid in the day time, and I guess the coolness of the night combined with the humidity did it. She started to put on her PJ's.

“You don't need to do that, we're just going to get back in and go back to sleep.”

We got out of the truck and looked around. “Where do we go?” Megan asked.

“We just step a bit away from the truck a bit and we can just go there, if you just need to pee,” I told her.

“Won't someone see?” she asked, embarrassed.

I assured her “There ain't anybody around.”

She just squatted and went, while I just stood there and let loose my pee. Well, I thought, this was different, we watched each other; she was as interested in me as I was in her. I looked between her legs as she squatted and got a good look as her yellow stream exited her hairless lips. I gotta say that my pecker started to take a lot more notice than before. We got back in the cab quickly because it wasn't the cold, but it was cool.

“Let's get back under the covers;" I suggested, "And we'll get warm that way.”

“Your thingy was all small,” she commented.

“Yeah it is that way most of the time," I explained. "But it gets big when I like someone the way I liked you.”

“Ya liked me?” she asked shyly.

“Yes, I did and I still do,” I assured her.

She wondered, “Will it get big again?”

“You keep talking like that and it will," I said confidently. "Did you like what we did?”

“Oh yes! I loved it,” she cried.

“It didn't hurt?” I asked.

“Noooo! It felt real good.” Then she looked serious and said, “Gary can I stay with ya?”

“Why would you want that?” I asked.

“So we can do that all the time!” she cried.

That made me laugh. “What about your mom?”

“Mommy is not feeling so good. She is sick and she says that she might go away, and I would have to go to the Child Protective Services.”

“Oh-oh!" I said. "That's not so good,”

“But ya can take me with you and I'll play with ya'r thingy and I'll suck it for ya, if ya'll fuck me,” she exclaimed.

“Look what's all this talking done.” I pointed to my stiff pecker.

“Oh good!" she sighed, "It's all big again. I love it when it gets all big. Can you put it in me again please?"

I took her in my arms, I could reach all the way around her with ease since she was so small and kissed her. She responded with all the enthusiastic energy she could muster. I got the feeling that this girl didn't do things half way, and if she was in it. she was all the way in it. She was all over my lips being a bit sloppy with her kisses, but she seemed to want to please. We went like that, then she tried to slip her tongue in my mouth. I was surprised and pulled back.

She said, “Was I doing it wrong?”

“No baby doll, you're doing great," I assured her. "It was just a bit of a surprise. You were saying before that you thought it might be gross, so I was just surprised that you were doing that.”

“Ya like doin' that don't ya? I only want to make ya happy.” But she said slightly in a lower voice, sorta shyly “It's pretty nice after all, it ain't gross.”

“Come here, kid!" I said heartedly, "I've got a lot more kisses for you! Come on and get over here and get 'em.”

She just about jumped into my arms. We attacked each other with our tongues it was a real wrestling contest. I let her win, and she did a thorough exam of my mouth. Any second now I thought she was going to tell me that I had a cavity in one of my teeth she was examining me with her tongue so much and well. I don't know what there is about this girl, but she seemed to have kisses sweeter than wine, and I knew I could get drunk on them.

I could tell I was leaking pre-cum a lot. I don't think I ever leaked so much without me or someone touching me. Damnation! This girl got me doing it without touching me, and I had to touch her. I pushed her back, just a bit, so I could still kiss her and yet get my hands on her chest. I loved those tiny areolas. I touched them and I felt a shiver go through her, and seems she shoved her tongue at me all the more when I did that.
Well as sweet as her kisses are, I love a woman's boobs. She wasn't a woman except in a Biblical sense, but that doesn't mean that I couldn't get into her boobs. I went to town sucking on those little puppies. I was licking and sucking on them, while she was laying back on her back with a look on her face filled with happiness and contentment.

My hands went down and began to pat her belly. At first she giggled but then she was more like purring. I explored her soft albeit skinny belly while I was trying my best to get milk out of her almost non-extant boobies. I knew she wasn't going to be giving any milk but you can't blame a guy for trying.

When I touched her little pussy, she jumped but was pushing back against my hand. I traced my fingers around the shape of her mons and her groin. I loved the shape of them; just a small U shaped extension to the bottom of her groin there. Her lower lips were just a little peach, without the fuzz, their inner lips were not visible and I sure couldn't feel them until an began to explore inside her. When I touched inside her I could start to feel some wetness.

“Gary!" she gasped, "Can you fuck me, please?”

“Turn over on your side face that way," I instructed. "Let me get some lube on us and we'll do it. Good. Now lift your top leg.” I had her face away from me. I got behind her and moved so that my cock was near her hot little pussy. I put some lube on me so it wouldn't hurt her going in. As I got into position she reached down and grabbed my cock she was guiding me to her little hole. I slid into her pussy from behind. Damn, but she was tight. I loved it!

I had one hand around her on her belly to give me something to hold on to while I was banging into her. My other hand was under her body and I could reach up and toy with her nipples, what there were of them, or reach and flick her clit from time to time.

She got so that she was pushing her hips back at me when I moved forward. This girl is a natural! We could go a while since I just had her last night and I didn't need to cum so soon. I could even reach over and kiss and nibble on her ear and suck on her neck. It seemed to go on for a while yet at the same time, it wasn't long enough, and I could feel my cum heading through the pipeline. She might not get as much this time, but these were made just for her. But before I could give them to her, she was clamping down on my dick. She was coming fast and she was coming hard! It seemed to be just as powerful as the first time we screwed, but without the scream this time. Well, that was an improvement! But still I needed to release my cum in her, and that is just what I did, shoving my dick all the way in her to her cervix. Spurt after powerful spurt of white hot baby juice splashed against the walls of her cunt, and this time it was almost me screaming.

We lay there for a couple of minutes as I shrank and slipped out of her. She rolled over to face me and I saw a small stream of cum leaking from between her hairless lips. I
loved making a cream pie with this girl!

“Gary," she purred, "that was so great! Ya know how to do it good.”

I kissed her and she snuggled into my arms and we were both back asleep in short order.

Chapter 2

I don't remember anything until I heard a banging on the truck door.

“Hey honey you in there?" cried a woman's voice. It was Donna, Megan's mother. "You got Megan in there, fella?”

I rolled over and looked at the clock. Crap! It wasn't even 6 yet! I grabbed a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt and went over to the door. I opened it and before I could say anything she was climbing in. Megan was quick and she had her PJ's on before I could say anything to her.

“Hi mommy,” Megan said.

“Megan girl, are you alright?” asked Donna.

“Oh yes mommy!" she beamed, "I'm real fine. Real, real fine!”

Donna exclaimed, “OK girl, let's go!”

“Can't I stay here with Gary?” Megan asked with an alarmed look.

“What?!” We both said at the same time looking at her.

“Mommy, you said that you might be going away and I would have to go to Child Protective Services" she said, with a tear in her eye. "I don't want to go with them! Can I please go with Gary?”

“I ain’t going anywhere soon," Donna announced. "Why you want to go with him, anyways?”

“He fucked me real good," she said proudly. "I really loved it!”

“Maybe you should pay me more if she is such a good fuck,” said the last candidate in the world for Mother of the Year.

“Is it true that you're sick and might be taken away?” I asked.

“Yeah, so what if I am a little sick," she conceded. "What's it to you?”

“I have the impression that it's more than 'a little sick'," I told her. "What kind of medicine do you take?”

“I just have some pills that I have to take a couple of times a day,” Donna said grudgingly.

“What kind are they?” I demanded.

“There just for something I caught!" She looked hostile and said, "It ain't your affair anyway.”

“Megan seems to think that something is going to happen to you and she's going to be left alone,” I continued.

“Still, what's it your affair?” Donna demanded.

“She's a nice kid and I wouldn't want anything bad to happen to her,” I explained.

“Wouldn't want anything bad to happen to her? Dude, you just fucked an eleven year old girl, last night, an' a virgin at that! Ya wasn't so concerned 'bout her last night, ya just wanted to get ya'r rocks off in a flat chested little girl," Donna cried. "So the little cunt was a good fuck? C'mon girl, haul ya'r ass out to the car. Yeah, I think ya should pay me more money.”

Donna reached over, grabbed her girl by the hair and began to pull on her. I reached over and took her hand off Megan's head. “Hey look, if you want to talk more money, we can do that. Let's just treat her nice OK?”

Megan whined, “Mommy, I'm hungry! Can we go home so I can get some breakfast?”

“Shut up brat!” Donna spat back at her.

“Listen Donna," I said in a conciliatory tone, "How about we take her home, so she can eat, and let's see if you and I can come to some understanding, OK?”

“Alright! Ya gotta know I'm no good this early in the morning without my coffee," Donna conceded. "Get in the car Megan." She looked at me and said, "Ya can come too. We'll go to my house and settle accounts.”

As soon as we were in the car she light up a cigarette. She made a beeline, for some place that was open this early and dropped $7 on a small cup of coffee.

As we were driving to her place I asked, “Can you tell me about this sickness of yours?”

“I got a few years ago, but I didn't know I had it until early last year. I was in Great Falls, then I musta caught it from some guy. Some of them don't like to wear rubbers. I get more if they go bareback and I musta got the wrong guy that day. When old doc Fischer found out I told 'em I wasn't with nobody but Henry Jenkins. Everybody there knew he was fucking me. But he's dead now, and he ain't gonna be saying different," she related.

“When I come up here, people around here don't talk about what other guys I done, 'cause they don't want their wives to know that I was giving it to them, and they's paying me for it. So now I don't do bareback any more. But most of the guys in these parts seem to know about me that I am sick they don't want me no more. So I gotta find new guys around," she spread her hands in mock surrender.

“But the medicine cost a lot, the county gets it for me, but they don't give me nothin' else. Them fuckers won't even give me food stamps. Say I make too much. Shit! old man Lewis don't hardly pay me much!" She pointed over her shoulder at Megan. "Then that pig back there always sayin' she's hungry, eats so damn much.”

I asked, “What brought you up here?”

“See it was this way, Megan was around 2 and my mom had cancer, then she died. I was only 23 an' still lived at my parents place. A few years later I was home with Megan one day, my brother and dad was gonna go huntin'. They's driving through the mountains and some asshole from Washington state run 'um off the road. That was when we had the daytime speed limit what says 'reasonable and prudent.' But to them assholes they think that there is no speed limit and there gonna drive across Montana in just a couple hours. So they drive like a bat outta hell. He run 'em off the road and over a cliff. There weren't much left of 'em for a decent burial," she sniffed.

“I was the only one left so I got my dad's house and my brother's too. We was living there by Great Falls, but the house wasn't all paid for and I couldn't keep up the payments so they took it from me. But my brother's place up here was all paid for so we come up here. Just hard to find much work up here.”

I asked, “Can Megan go to her father?”

“Her?" she snorted. "She don't got no father.”

“What do you mean?” I wondered.

Donna said, "Well, I was 20 and I liked to party a lot, see and I got drunk at this party and I fucked a bunch a guys an' one 'em is Megan's father. I don't know which one. Wasn't worth trying to find the right one, cause they're all lowlifes and wouldn't do nothin' for her even if he knew she was his. So she's my problem.”

We got to her place and I could see it a bit through the early morning light and the thick fog. It was a single wide trailer set on a decent sized piece of ground. It had old junk cars in one area, but in another there was a cleared area with some trees.

We got of the car, Megan said, “Gary, want to see my garden?”

She took me around; she pointed all vegetables: carrots, beets, potatoes, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, peas, green beans, tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, and zucchini. It was all well cared for nice straight rows and no weeds in it. This girl also had green thumb as well as a golden pussy.

Then she showed me two apple trees, a couple of cherry trees and two pear trees. She said that there had to be two trees of the same kind like apples, but they should be different kinds of apple trees to make the fruit. She also had a chicken coop too with seven hens and a rooster.

This was really good, I thought, so I pulled out my phone and had her pose for a picture in her garden. No one would believe me, I thought. Did she have to raise her own food? Megan shouldn't have to live like this and it was too bad she was stuck here. If she really wanted to go away with me, maybe I should take her. I asked her, “Do you really want to go away with me? I don't have a home I live outta my truck most of the time, just driving from place to place.”

“Oh, yeah! I wanna go with ya!" Megan cried. Can we go see different places? I ain't never been outta Montana 'an I wanna see other places. But will ya promise to fuck me more? Oh but will mommy let me?”

I assured her, “Leave it to me, OK?”

Chapter 3

We sat at her kitchen table. “So she's a good fuck?" Donna demanded. "Ya was worried about her being a virgin an' all.”

“I will say she was a lot better than I thought. But you know I can see she is a burden to you and I think I can help you out. You wanted $200 for her last night, how about I give you that, and you can keep the $125 I already gave you.”

“What's the catch?” Donna said suspiciously.

“There isn't one, but how about you let her come away and spend the rest of the summer, with me?" I offered. "I'll feed her and you won't have to do anything for her.”

“Yeah 'xcept than I don't get nothin' when some guy wants to fuck her,” Donna pouted.

I asked, “How many guys have asked for her services?”

“Well you're first one," she said. "I gotta be sure of who I'm offering her to.”

I continued, “How long ago did you pop her cherry, looking to offer her?”

“It was a couple of months ago, so what?” she snapped.

“Maybe you aren't going to find anyone, especially if the guys around here know about you," I offered. "If they know you have a daughter and nobody's asked about her, it must mean they think she's sick, too.”

“So can you make it more than $200?” Donna asked slyly.

“You'll take $300?" I offered. "But I want you to write out something that says she has your permission to be with me.”

“If ya make it $500, ya can keep her! Shit! She likes ya more than me, and I'm her own ma,” Donna cackled.

“For that kind money you'll have to take a check or we would have to go to a ATM. Do you have one them in this town?”

“I don't take no checks," she snorted, "but yeah there's a ATM down across from the post office.”

“It's after 6 here so that means it is after 8 eastern time. Let me call a friend..." I fished out my cell and found the number. When it was answered, I said. "I would like to speak to Michael Ericsen.... Mike, hey it's Gary. Hey can you help me out?... Ha-ha, no I don't need bail. That was only once. Besides who else was going to employ a wet behind the ears lawyer just passed the bar... Hey I have a kid I want to take with me to go ridding in my truck... No, for the rest of the summer. Yes I have her parent's permission, but shouldn't I have something in writing?...Can you fix up something?" I looked over at my hostess with the leastest and said, Donna do you have computer and an internet connection, with a printer and scanner?”

“Yeah,” she answered.

“Here talk to Mike give him your info. If you don't mind I will use your bathroom; I can get a shower?” I got ready to hand her the phone, but first said, Hey Mike I have her mom here, she'll give you the info.” To her I said, “When you're done, can you get some breakfast for Megan?”

“She knows how to cook, she can do it herself," Donna snapped. "Now give me that freaking phone and let me talk to him.”

Megan heard me and went collected eggs and picked some things from her garden to put in an omelet for me and her.

While I was in the shower Mike sent a release to Donna. We ate and I sent Megan in to take a shower, and then pack her things.

“Ya gonna take her for the summer?" Donna asked. "Ya know you can keep her after that, I don't care.”

“Doesn't Megan get a say in this too?” I wondered.

“Yeah well whatever," she admitted. "Ya can ask her. If ya want to bring her back at the end of the summer after ya find out what a pain she is, ya can.”

When she was out of the shower, I told her, “Go and pack your things. Take all your clothes and anything else that's important to you.”

“Ya gonna take me with ya for the rest of the summer?” Megan asked hopefully.

“Yeah," I admitted then asked, "Would you like that?”

“OH YEAH!" she shouted. "But I want to take Buddy, OK?”

“Who's this Buddy?” I asked guardedly.

She ran off and came back with a ratty teddy bear, and said, “This is Buddy.”

“Yes," I said relieved, "He can certainly come along on our adventure.”

We got her packed up into a few plastic grocery bags.

“Why don't you stand over there next to your mom," I suggested. "I'll take a photo of you two.”

After having taken the photo, Donna gave me her birth certificate, her Medicaid card, and said I can write the school for her records. It was getting late by now, after 8 here.

We got in her car and drove to the bank and I got her the money. We drove to a notary got stuff signed, and copies made. I got the notary to fax a copy to Mike and she drove us back to my truck.

Megan gave her mother a kiss and said, “Bye mommy.” Donna looked like it meant nothing at all to her. We put her things up into the cab and I finished my check of the truck. We were off for better or worse. This will either be my worse mistake or the greatest investment I ever made.

Chapter 4

I still needed to make some up time. It was way late and I need to get this stuff off in Glasgow, still a away down the road. I just hoped there weren't any cops around.

Megan looked out the window as we moved out of the mountains and down to the farmland and ranch land. She watched it all roll by. I asked her if she was missing her mom, but she said no, she doesn't get to see much and she wanted to see as much as she could. I asked her if she brought along anything to do while we drive. She had a couple of books but there were old and she read had them all many times. She said she liked to read, but she didn't have any new books, just old ones her grandpa bought for her long ago. He used to read to her, like that Cat In The Hat, and ones like that.

“What kind of things do you like to read?” I asked.

“I like everything," she replied. "Sometimes I like stories about other girls, sometimes I like to read things about places or things. But I like to work puzzles too.”

This kid was seriously neglected. No wonder she wanted to get away from her mom. Poor thing, she deserved better. But hell, I live my life on the road. The closest thing I have to a home, when I do get home, is my brother's house, I have a bedroom in his house.

Wayne is divorced and his ex got the kids, not that I see my nieces and nephews much; hell he doesn't much either. His place is more a place that I can get my mail at than a place I live.

She just watched the scenery roll by, not saying much. I was wondering if this was such a good idea and we hadn't been going much more than an hour. Hell what did I know about girls like her? How could I relate to her?

I decided that I wouldn't worry about it. Classical music always relaxes me so I turned on the satellite radio to the classical station. She began to look at the radio like it was going to grow horns and a tail, or jump out and do back flips. Finally she spoke, “They don't sing? They don't have any words and the songs are so long.”

“This is classical music," I replied. "Most pieces of music don't have words, but some do and yes the music is longer than the 2 and half minutes of a pop song. What music do you like?”

“Mommy listens to the only station we can get in, it is country music. But this is different than that.”

I asked, “Do you like it?”

“Yeah," she said. "It's nice.”

“Do you know anything about this music?” I continued.

“No, I ain't never heard this before.”

Well now I could reach her. We spent the next couple of hours talking about music. I gave her a basic education in classical music which she soaked up like a sponge, plus she asked good questions too.

We were in Glasgow, before I knew it, and the time now seemed to fly. She watched them offload the truck. I called in to dispatch and they wondered why I was so slow which I blamed on heavy fog.

They had a load for me to pickup near Terry. Some piece of the large drag shovels that they use to do coal strip mining was broken and it need to go to Denver to be repaired. If we hurried could get there by evening and get it on the truck so we could move on. We needed to get this done in a hurry since I didn't want to end up spending the weekend in the sticks waiting for them to open on Monday to get loaded.

Megan told me that she was hungry. I gave her a couple of bucks and she walked down to a nearby store. She came back with sandwiches with some fruit, and juice to drink for us both; smart girl.

We made time getting down there, we got down in time for them to load me up. It wouldn't take that much time to get to Denver and we couldn't unload until Monday so we could go at a more leisurely pace to get down to there. We went over to near Hardin and called it a day.

The next day as we were near the Custer site at the Little Big Horn Battlefield Megan saw the sign for it, and started asked questions and wanted to see the battlefield. We were able to get over to the Last Stand Hill, and the museum there. We looked at the museum and walked up the hill and got to hear a ranger talking about the battle. We even got a tour of the battlefield. All this excited her. Afterward we went over to the Crow Agency Trading Post where I bought her some books about the battle and about life of the Indians and the settlers. She wanted us to get matching T-shirts from the battlefield. She was really turned on by all of it.

Boy before I couldn't get her to talk, now that she got something to talk about she couldn't shut up. Not that listening to her and explaining things to her was a bad thing. This was actually kinda fun. It was like I was her teacher and I was opening new worlds to her.

We drove into Wyoming after dark. We got to a truck stop for a quick dinner and back to the truck. The meal wasn't bad, but Megan complained about it, the meat was over cooked and the they didn't do the vegetables right.

We got back to the truck and into the sleeper. I was bushed, but she asked, “Gary, are we going to fuck now?”

“Didn't you have an long enough day yet?” I asked.

“It was a great day," she agreed, "but can't we have some sexy sex?”

“Now Megan," I warned, "nobody can know that we have sex together. They need to think that you are just traveling with me for the summer, as kind of a vacation for you.”

“I know that. I know ya would get in trouble if they knew. I won't tell nobody," she agreed. "But ya'll fuck me tonight won't ya?”

Well hell, I was never one to turn down a lay! We got undressed and I lubed her little vagina as well as my dick. I had her lay on her back. I figured this would be a quick thing. But was I wrong.

I got over her and was ready to go into her, but she wanted the foreplay first. We kissed, and it seemed every time we did it she got so much better that I got really enjoy it. The lizards don't kiss and I don't get to kiss very much and I forgot how much I liked it. I forgot about stuffing the salami into her, and was more into kissing her. I didn't get below her nipples with my hands, but she did. She took my hard cock in her hands and she was jacking me like she had been doing it her whole life. Hell she just learned this trick yesterday! How could she be giving me so much pleasure? She had me close to cumming twice and I had to get her back off a bit because I hadn't even touched her pussy yet.

She then started to guide me to her open her pussy lips. How could I fight it? I would have been the biggest fool in the world to turn it down. It was the tightest squeeze in my life, but one of the best feelings. I began to move into her an my cock pushed her lips in when I went in, and pulled them back out when I pulled back. I would only get out so far before I had to go back in. She began to roll her hips as we did it. Shit she was going to make me cum! But before I could, she was already cumming. Her body was covered by mine her face was into my chest. It muffled her cries, of joy and I had to restrain my own cries, but I joined her in cumming.

I pulled out and we both needed the sleep. This girl could kill me, but what a way to go! In the morning, she went into a little store and got some things for lunch. We had breakfast in the truck stop restaurant. Again she didn't like it, but we headed off anyway.

She was a chatterbox most of the time, which is kinda a good, because I tend to be the quiet type. I guess that is why I do this job. I don't have to deal with people much or talk when I don't want to. But talking with Megan was fun and not a chore at all. She was nice to have around.

On Monday, she was all eyes again as we traveled the freeway around Denver getting to the place where we would drop off the load. She said she had never seen such a large city before and was amazed at it all.

Who knows if I would be the one to haul it back up to Montana, and we would be back this way. But in the meantime I needed to get there and get this cargo off the truck. When that was done, they had a load of conduit pipe down in Colorado Springs that needed to go to Nebraska. We got there in time to pick it before they closed for the day and headed out across the plains.

We passed a sign for a farmer's market off the freeway and Megan wanted to stop. She bought more fruit and some healthy snacks she fixed something up for us. She said this would better for us.

We stopped at a rest stop for the night. I figured that she would want to get fucked again. But instead she asked me about masturbation. We got naked and I started giving her lessons in how to please herself. The first thing I found was that she didn't know much about her body. Her mom had only told her that they guy would put his thing up her hole and push it in and out, and that was fucking, and that was all she needed to know, to take care of any guy.

So first I pointed out all her parts with their names, and what they were for. I had to get a hand mirror so she could see some of her girly parts inside. I also explained the parts of my body.

I told her, “Touch your boobies... use a wet finger... circle around them... pull on you nipples a bit. Touch your chest and rub it lightly... Good, now go down and touch your belly... Now touch your legs and all around your pussy. But don't touch your pussy yet." She sighed in frustration, but followed my instructions nonetheless. It was incredibly sexy to watch her hairless pussy get plumper and plumper as more stimulating fingers caressed the area around it.

I continued, "Use your fingertips around your whole area, but not yet on your pussy...Good, keep it up! Now you can lightly run your fingertips across the lips there. Explore them and feel them now. Reach down and use your other hand to open the lips..." I was incredibly hot watching this preteen touch and stroke her lips. I could see a bit of wetness seeping out from between them,

I continued, "Now touch inside and explore it inside... Can you feel the wetness of your pussy? Wet your fingers and place one into our pussy so that you can send it up inside you." She eagerly followed my instructions and sighed some more as waves of pleasure shot through her young body. "

Feels good, doesn't it? Keep doing that, but now use two fingers. Use you first finger to touch the top of your pussy and rub it up and down. Good..." I kept encouraging her. "Now do it in circles around it. Keep it up going in and out off your pussy, but now use three fingers. Good do it more faster, don't let up... keep it up!" Her fingers became a blur as she stove to reach her climax, Her face contorted into a mask of pleasure/pain and she took a deep breath.

“Ahhhhh! Oh my God!" she groaned as she got her cum by her own hand. Later, after she had rested a little and gotten her breath back, she asked, “Do boys do that too?”

“Sure they do," I said. "I think that is one of the first things a guy learns to do.”

“Can I watch ya do it?” she asked eagerly.

“Would like to do it for me?” I offered.

“Sure!" she exclaimed. "Like we were doing the first day?”

“You think you can do that?” I wondered.

“'K, I'll try.”

“OK hold it like that," I instructed as she reached out and took my rock-hard prick. "That's good," I assured her, "You have a nice grip, and it's not too tight. Go up to the top, make sure you hand can slide up." She complied like the good little cock wanker she was learning to become…or should I say "be-cum"?

I encouraged her some more, "Good like that…now do it a little faster. I want you to do something a little different; put a little twist in your wrist when you do it you twist the skin on there just a little bit. That's it keep it up....Now hold it up more by the head....Go a little faster..." I could feel my cum boiling in my balls, so I got ready.

"Good keep going...Take your other hand and reach under my balls, take and support them and hold them, but loosely in your hand...Ahh keep going...go faster...Ah shit here it comes.” My cock erupted in five or six long ropes of cum some of which hit her on her budding tits and other spurts landed on my chest.

“Eeeuuu!" she cried, "Ya're peeing on me!” She started to wipe it off, leaving my cock bobbing on my belly.

“Don't stop!" I gasped. "Keep going! Don't worry about that stuff.”

“Oh wow!" I panted as the last of my great climax feeling passed. "That was really good.”

“Ya peed on me!” she exclaimed.

“No baby doll that isn't pee, that's cum,” I explained.

“What's cum?”

I pointed at her titties, “That white stuff on your chest there. You don't know what that's for?”

“No,” she admitted.

“That's the stuff to make babies with.”

“How do ya do that?” she wondered.

“You really don't know where babies come from?” I was flummoxed.

She said, “No.”

I asked, “You don't know anything about, sex?”

“Yeah I know about sex," she said defensively. "That's what mommy told me, it's fucking and the guy puts his thingy in my hole and he goes in and out until he is done.”

“Well baby doll he's done when he makes that stuff come out," I patiently explained. "When it comes out of his 'thingy' or cock or prick, it feels as good as you feel when I fuck you. The only difference is when I feel good, I spurt out my cum. It's like small tadpoles and they go up inside your pussy when I fuck you, and get the good feeling, or what is known as orgasm. When I do that they all go up inside you.”

“Ya was putting them in me before?” she wondered.


She cocked her pretty little head and asked, “Why do ya put them inside me?”

“Well one reason it feels good to put them inside you," I said, "but also, it is what guys are suppose to do to make babies.”

“Are ya trying to make a baby in me?" she wondered. "How would I make a baby? I don't know how.”

“You make a baby by fucking when you are at the right time of the month," I continued my basic Sex Ed course. "But I would bet you haven't gotten your periods yet.”

“Periods? What's that?”

“That is when you bleed from your pussy a couple of days a month. You don't do that do you?” I asked.

“No the only time I had any blood from there was when mommy put the carrot up inside me,” she pointed to between her delicious and hairless pussy lips.

“Well then you can't have a baby yet,” I assured her.

Chapter 5

After doing my check, we were off to find someplace to get breakfast. Before very long we could see a sign for a Wal-mart (God are these thing everywhere?) and Megan insisted that we stop. She went in and selected some things from their grocery area. I told her that I didn't have any way to prepare those things which meant a trip to the house wares section. Yes we could plug a microwave into the truck's electrical system. She asked if the refrigerator could be used for more than just soda. We ended up buying some pots and pans a small electric hot plate, paper plates and bowls, with plastic flatware as well as paper cups, in addition to the food. Also I went over the electronic department and got a small portable DVD player and some DVDs for her to watch.

Once we were back in the truck she set about making a simple but good breakfast. She may not have known much about sex, but she sure knew how to cook. She said that now we don't have to stop at truck stops for their yucky food.

We made good time getting the load to the pipeline they were building. I called the dispatch about the next load and they informed me that I was overdue for some days off, and did I want them? I hadn't realized that it had been more than five weeks since I last had a day off. Yeah sure, I'd take a few days off. It was decided that I would go over to Peoria and pick a new Caterpillar excavator and I was to drop it off at a strip mine in West Virginia. That would get me back close to my home east of Pittsburgh.

I told Megan to get some things for herself and dropped her off at another Wal-mart while they were loading up the equipment. I came back to pick her up a little later. She had the few items of clothing that she needed. She couldn't walk around in her old ratty shorts they were a couple of years old and you could see a camel-toe in her when she wore it. That was some of the best of what she had to wear. Her pants weren't in much better shape, I know that having rips in your clothes is the in thing, but hers weren't there for fashion. The few dresses she had with her equally old and they showed so much leg on her, that she could have been another lot lizard. She also got herself some word puzzle books.

The trip became so much shorter with someone to talk to in the daytime. Almost every night she wanted to be fucked and I, of course, obliged. I had to think of new ways for us to do it. I passed an adult store and stopped. She couldn't go in but I found some DVDs that she could watch, sort of like instructions. She studied them, looking for different ways for us to do it.

She found a episode on the video that she liked, in which the girl was being eaten out. She wanted to do that again and that was something that I wasn't opposed to.

We got naked and I was going to start on her, but she corrected me that I shouldn't just dive in there. She said I needed to kiss her first. Oh how silly of me! Kissing was getting to be slow soft and sensual with her but not only with her lips. She had her arms around me softly caressing me but that was the only thing about her that was soft. Her tongue was very rough in what she wanted with my mouth. She was quite the contradiction, soft kisses and caresses but an aggressive tongue. She was getting to know what she wanted and she went for it.

When she had enough of my tongue, she pushed my head down to her breasts. Sure they weren't very much, in fact you could hardly call then much of anything, but I was going over these little nubbins. How any guy could prefer the huge udders some women haul around? Even worse some women like her mother, pay to get huge fat bags put in there. As I feasted on her tiny things was hoping they didn't grow very much when she really got into puberty.

I was licking her areolas and nipping at her little nipples and she was cooing over that. I licked all around her chest where her little boobies would someday be. I was back sucking on her areolas and what I could of her little nipples. It seemed the attention I paid to them paid dividends with getting her little pussy wet.

I wanted to do something special for her so I had bought some edible lube at the store. The special thing about it was that when you put on, it warmed the skin underneath. I took some and gently stroked her legs. It started as a gentle warmth but it got to be an nice warm feeling. She was feeling so relaxed from it, I almost thought she wasn't going to want to fuck. Boy, was I ever WRONG! Not only was she wanting to fuck, but first I was to eat her pussy.

I kissed my way around her whole groin area and with small licks here and there, I was getting her to simmer. I traced my fingertips around her labia and then pushed slightly inside her. I followed my fingers with my tongue, lightly licking her all around her lips. I then began to flick the opening to her pussy hole with the tip of my tongue. She began to make her cream so I began to lick it up. As she made more, I became more aggressive with my tongue. Soon I was moving my head up and down as well back and forth with the flat of my tongue rubbing against her. I put my finger into her pussy and got it wet. While I was licking her I began to toy with her butt hole. She was going wild from all of it. I put my finger into her asshole and began to finger fuck her ass. It turned her up from a simmer to a rolling boil and soon she was cumming.

While she was in the middle of it, before she had a chance to lose it, I moved into position and buried my dick into her hole. I pumped away like I didn't care. It drove her to new heights. She eventually came down from it, but I was still pounding away in her. I then released my cum, spurt after spurt, chug after chug, surge after surge and that sent her over the top again, so that she felt all the spasms of her previous cums again. Let me tell you, it drained us both but good.

When we could drag ourselves out of bed in the morning we did the daily inspection of the truck. She wanted to know what I did and what I checked and why. She watched the gauges and all the things I needed to drive. I explained about it all and how and when to shift the gears.

We found that with the things she now had and the food she bought we didn't need the truck stops, except for the showers. We could save time and be moving more, and in my business moving is where the money is.

We got near Illinois and stopped for the night. She made us dinner, and we settled in. Tonight was to be no different, as this girl was insatiable. I ate her again and finger-fucked her. But she wanted to fuck but I told her now today was going to be different. She was going to learn to suck me off.

I laid on my back and had her sit over my legs. I was hard, I had her take me in hand. She stroked me like she had before. She opened her mouth wide and took me in. I had her make a O shape with her mouth so her lips were sealed around my dick and was having her move up and down.

“OK now lick it while you move it in you... Flick your tongue across the head... Try and keep some suction in your mouth while you are doing that...Move your head up and down... You can just suck while you move the head, but try also to move your hand on the rest of my cock. Try to time it with you head movements.... That's good keep doing that a bit...OK now just hold it still in your mouth. You can still move your hand, but use your tongue to lick all around the head....Keep up the suction! If it gets too wet in there you can let some of it slip outta your mouth and down my cock. Or you can just swallow it it's just saliva, your spit, right now.... Suck me lover, use that hand... Oh Baby doll I'm gonna cum....Don't stop keep doing it...Oh baby take it....Keep doing it. Ahh.” I let loose a day's accumulation of spunk and laid back. “Oh baby doll you did good! Just swallow it, it won't hurt you.”

“That was cum ya'r put in my mouth?” she asked, wiping her lips. A small dribble of sperm was on her dimpled chin.

“Yeah,” I sighed.

“It won't hurt me that I swallowed it?” she said with a questioning look.

“No, you'll be fine," I reassured her. "How was it?”

She scrunched up and made a bit of a face, “It was kinda salty and slimy some. That's what ya been putting in my pussy?”

“Yeah it is,” I told her.

“I think I like it in my pussy better than my mouth,” she said smiling.

“Come here my little cocksucker I need a kiss,” and I got to taste myself.

Chapter 6

We got up early and Megan had breakfast for us in short order. It didn't take long to get to our loading destination, and they were pros they had me loaded in short order. We then made tracks. Those CB's were real good for those smoky bear reports. We made it just in time to get my cargo off before it was too late and I was free now.

I called what passed for home for me. "Hey Wayne," I said to my brother, "I'll be home late tonight or early tomorrow morning.... "Hey," I added, "I'll have someone with me...Mike called?... Yeah I guess she is the one he would be talking about... I'll call him tomorrow. OK thanks, I just wanted you to know about her....Her name is Megan. I didn't want you to be surprised when I got there. I'll try and be quiet when we come in if it's late.... I'll see you in the morning," I told him and pressed disconnect on the cell.

I was off the road only as long as I needed to be. We got home very early in the morning. I brought in at least part of our gear so we had the things we might need. I thought that it best that we not sleep together. I sent her into my bed while I made up the couch in the living room to sleep on it.

“Hey little brother you're up?” He said when I opened my eyes to noise he was making in the kitchen.

“How could I not be up?" I said in an irritated tone. "It's not like you’re so quiet.”

“So are why are you on the couch, I thought you said you were bringing someone home with you?”

“I did," I said, "She is in the bedroom. But I didn't sleep in there with her because she she's eleven years old.”

“Oh!” he said bit astonished. “Well, there is milk, juice, eggs, cheese and butter in the fridge. Bread and toaster are in the normal places. I made coffee, you want some? Mike sent over a package for you yesterday.”

“OK, thanks,” I said after he handed it to me.

He looked closely at me, “What the hell are you doing with an eleven year old girl?”

“I met her and her mom," I related. "Her mom is a first class bitch, and I think the girl was being abused. The girl wanted to get around and see the country and maybe get away from her mom, I think, and she seemed to have been taken with the truck and me. Plus I think there was a chance the girl might up in foster care. I figured she was better off with me than in that situation, besides I like the kid. So I agreed to take her with me, for the summer. Megan is funny, in that some ways she is wise beyond her years, but in other ways she is very childlike. She seems to be smart but she doesn't know much, kinda innocent and naïve, but she is curious and wants to learn. She's actually a lot of fun to have around.”

I opened the package. It was Megan's medical records, along with her report cards and other documents. There were her school photos and a few other snapshots of her, taken over the years. What was the meaning of all this?

I called Mike as soon as his office was open. “Mike hey it's me, Gary. I'm home, and I got the package here with all kinds of stuff in it about Megan. What's up with that?...She what?...Wow! That being the case I guess I will! I mean what choice do I have? Not like she even asked Megan....Geez I know she just wanted to come with me for the summer, and I have no idea if she would want to stay with me....What's the next step?"

I listened as my lawyer friend explained, "It goes to the courts?... How do you think that will work out?...How long do you think this will take to all work out?...OK, go ahead with things. You'll be my lawyer for this?... Yeah, I'll ask her about it. If you don't hear from me, just assume she does and keep going ahead.”

“So what was all that about?” Wayne wanted to know.

“Looks like I have a kid now,” I said, spreading my hands in a jester of helplessness.

“Welcome to ranks of paternity, bro!" Wayne cried. "Look on the bright side! At least you don't have an ex to go with it.”

“What? Are you going to tell me Ellen and Billy aren't worth what you went through with Edna?”

“Well, they're good kids, but Edna isn't such a bargain," Wayne admitted. "She was good in the beginning, she just got twisted. I just hope she doesn't get them twisted. So, bro, if you have an eleven year old then she'll fit right in with Ellen. But you know that you two both can't live here. And you can't leave her here while you're on the road. So what are you gonna do?”

“I know that they have some inside jobs at the depot," I said, thinking. I guess I could work in the office, they have a dispatcher job open, I know, but I'd have to move over near the regional office.”

“Oh break my heart!" Wayne exclaimed. "My freeloading little brother won't be here anymore!”

“Oh you love me and you know it!" I said, giving him a playful punch on the arm. "Hey! I got an idea, do you have the kids this weekend?”

“No but I don't think Edna would mind getting rid of them for a while," said Wayne. "Why? What are you thinking?”

“How about we take all the kids to Hershey Park?” I offered.

“That sounds like fun!" Wayne said. "I know Ellen and Billy would be up for it. How long you figure we'll be gone?”

I said, “If you can handle leaving tonight when you get off, we'll drive over tonight, and spend two days there and come home Sunday night. You can swing that?'

“Yeah I'll call Edna, and tell the kids," Wayne offered. "Do you want me to say anything about Megan?”

“No maybe better not for now," I said. "I don't know when I am going to tell her about her mom and all. It might be kinda hard on her when she finds out. Maybe after she has had a nice weekend of playing in the park, she'll feel better about it all."

“Yeah," Wayne noted. "And from what I just heard with you and Mike, you think that will make her feel better about whatever it is her mom did, and want to live with you now. Can you say bribery?”

“Just go to work," I ordered. "Somebody, somewhere must be needing their plumbing fixed.”

“You know that is nice thing about owing the company," Wayne laughed, "you can go in anytime.”

“You think you're the only one who owns his own company?" I asked. "What part of owner/operator don't you understand?”

“That maybe, but having only yourself as your employee is not much of a company," he said, giving me my playful punch back. "You want more coffee? I'll get you some.”

“Yeah. I get more done by myself than you do with your whole three people," I teased. "Of course that includes yourself, and the person who answers your phones.”

“Morning, Gary.”

We were both startled, and there stood Megan dressed in her PJ's. I answered her with “Good morning, Megan. This my little big brother, Wayne. Stand up Wayne! Oh you are standing!” It was an old joke among us siblings.

“Hello Megan," Wayne countered. "Don't mind my baby brother, he thinks he's funny, because he doesn't know how long a couple of inches are; that is why he keeps telling girls this is 6 inches.” He held his thumb and forefinger two inches apart.

Megan just looked at us with a puzzled look.

“Isn't there a stopped sink somewhere?” I urged.

“Yeah, I'll get going," Wayne said heading for the front door. "Megan, it was nice meeting you," he said to the girl, then to me he said, "I'll call Edna from work, and you can make the arraignments; the tickets and motel for all of us for two nights maybe two rooms? And, Gary, none of your two-bit flophouses this time?”

“Yeah Richie Rich," I told him with a laugh. It was another running joke between us."Get outta here before I step on you, you pipsqueak! Do you want some breakfast Megan?”

“Ya, want me to cook you somethin'?”

“It's alright," I assured her. "You don't have cook while you are here. Just think of it as if you are on vacation. Speaking of vacations, how would you like to go on a little trip?”

She sat down at the breakfast table. “Where are we gonna go now Gary?”

“Would you like to go to Hershey?” I asked.

She didn't know what it was. “What's that?”

“Seriously?" I asked. "Hershey? You don't know about it? You do know about the candy?”

“No," she said seriously. "Mommy don't let me have no candy.”

“Hershey Park is an amusement park," I related. "There are rides and roller coasters and a water park. Then we can go over and watch them make the candy.”

“Can we have candy?” she wanted to know.

“Yes!” I exclaimed.

“Oh!" she cried, "then I want to go. When can we leave?”

“Tonight, when Wayne gets home, and we'll get his kids and go.”

“Wayne is going too?" she asked seriously. "Gary, we won't be able to do stuff together, then?”

“No, I think that we won't, but I think you can go a day without it. Besides you'll like the park. Do you have a swimming suit?”

“No," she said sadly, then brightened and asked: "Are there others going besides you, me, and Wayne?”

“Yeah," I told her. "Wayne has two kids: Billy, he's 9 and Ellen, who's 12. They'll be going with us.”

“I don't know how to swim,” she said.

“Well then you'll have to stay with me in the water," I said. "You can do that, can't you?”

“Oh yeah!" she whispered, “Gary, are we alone? ”

“Yeah, why?”

“Will you fuck me now?”

“I created a monster.” With that I began to chase her around the house. When I caught her we both collapsed into giggles.

“Come on, let's go take a bath.” We went into the bathroom and I found some of the kids bubble bath I filled the tub and we got in together. I had her sitting in front of me with my arms around her and her leaning back into me. As we talked I was fooling with her little boobies or fingering her little hairless pussy a bit.

“How's things with you and your mom?” I asked idly.

“Mommy has rules I have to follow," she said. "If I follow them, it's OK.”

“What kind of rules?”

“I have chores to do when I get home from school. I am not to go out except for my jobs outside," she said. "I have to leave her alone in the morning, and if she has someone over at night I am not to bother her.”

“What kind of chores do you have?” I asked.

“I do the dishes. When I'm done that, I have to get my food, and I make my dinner. Then I have to do my homework from school. If I am done with all that, then I can watch TV for half an hour.” she said.

“What do you mean get your food?” I asked, puzzled.

“I work in my garden," she said, "And feed my chickens and gather the eggs.”

I wondered, “Why do you do that?”

“So I am not a burden to mommy and so I can pull some of my weight,” she said, plucking at her bony hips.

“You grow all your food?" I asked incredulously. "Is that what your garden is for?”

“Yeah," Megan said. "Mr. Scholz helped me, he plowed the ground with his tractor, and Mrs. Scholz helps me with canning my vegetables. Also they have a goat herd and give me some milk and cheese. Sometimes, they even give me some goat meat.”

“Doesn't your mom ever get any food, for you?” I was getting seriously depressed over this poor girl's life.

“No," she sighed. "Mommy says that I cost too much and she doesn't have the money.”

“How long have you had a garden?”

“I've had it about two years now,” she replied.

“How long have you been doing dishes?” I probed.

“Ever since I started school," she said. "When I come home from school, mommy isn't home so I do my chores. I have everything ready when mommy gets home, because she's tired and she works hard to pay for me.”

She bent her head toward me. “I can I tell you a secret? Sometimes, I don't do all my homework right away, I go on her computer and look at things. You won't tell her?”

“No baby doll I won't tell her," I assured her. "What do you look at?”

“I like to see different places," Megan admitted. "And I like to read stories and about other people. 'Cause I ain't never been outta Montana, 'til now.”

“Megan people are going to ask how it is that you are with me. You know that we can't say we're having sex. But they'll ask how it is that you're with me. So we have to have our story straight. You and your mom were out driving, coming home from the store. You needed to go pee, and you stopped at the rest stop. But you found out that the bathrooms were closed and you had to go anyway. When you were done you wanted to see my truck, so you came over to me. I was on the other side of my truck and I didn't see you two until you come up. We got to talking and you were asking about traveling around and what it's like. You asked if you could travel with me. You mom was willing to let you do that. So that is how you are here with me. Can you remember that story?”

She said "Yeah.”

“If you get a physical exam and they want to look in your pussy, they will see that you don't have your cherry. What you do is pretend like you don't know what that is, and you haven't had anything up there," I told her. "It was always that way as far as you remember. You can tell that story?”

“OK,” she said simply.

“Stand up," I said as we sat in the tub. "I'll wash you.”

“Can I wash you when you're done with me?” she asked with a grin.

When we got out of the tub, we got silly again and I chased her around the house again, this time naked. I caught her and began to tickle her with a feather duster. It became more like foreplay so I stopped that and we sat in a chair in the living room with her on my lap facing me and her legs straddling mine.

We began some serious kissing. I took breaks from her lips to kiss her neck and around to her ears. She was putty in my hands. I nibbled on her ear lobes and blew gently in her ear, and kissed her neck as I was caressing her tiny body. She felt so good in my arms.

I moved down to pay homage to her little nipples. I paid their due tribute, but I didn't spend too much time with them.

I changed positions with her. She sat in the chair while I was on the floor at her feet on my knees. I moved down to lick her pussy, something she was in favor of. I spread her lips using my fingers and was able to get my tongue in her and I went all over her insides. I stopped for a second while I took my first two fingers of my right hand and put them in my mouth to wet them then I went back to sucking on her clit. I put one finger in her pussy and was finger-fucking her while put my other finger up her ass and began to finger-fucked there as well. I could feel my fingers separated only by a little tissue. It sent her out of her head. As soon as she can down enough I changed our positions again putting myself in the chair with Megan sitting on my lap again facing me.

I played with her little titties again and then I spit on my hand and rubbed it on my dick. I had her lift up a bit and sit back down with my cock going into her pussy. I was lifting her up and down so we could fuck in that position. The best thing about that she could hug me while we did it. She came first, getting really red in her face and across her chest, something I saw called a "sex flush." I had my own flush: I flushed about a gallon of spunk out of my cock and through her hairless lips into her cunny.

After we calmed down, we took a shower again. This time without fooling around. I sent her into the living room to watch TV while I made some phone calls.

Then we went shopping for a bathing suit for her. There weren't any two piece ones she liked, so she ended up with a one piece that was actually a bit tight on her, but she liked it, and it didn't show her off too immodestly. I got her some other things including a couple of tops and some pants and two dresses and a skirt We also got her some underwear and even a couple crop tops. I figured that her boobies would be growing soon. I knew later we would have to think about bras. We spent a few hours shopping and because her mom hadn't done any, I discovered that it was something she enjoyed.

Wayne got home in the late afternoon. I told him that I wanted to take my car if he would take his truck. That way I could stop in Harrisburg on the way home where I was going to interview for the dispatcher job.

After five, Edna dropped off my niece and nephew, and I introduced them to Megan. At first they were all bashful, but it seemed like they would all get along.

Chapter 7

We stopped at a fast food place to save time and Megan insisted that we have items off from the healthy menu choices. We there left and drove a couple of hours to the motel. Wayne and I agreed it may be best if he and I took a room and put the kids in the other room. Billy would get his own bed, the girls would share a bed.

The next day breakfast and then off we went to Chocolate World for the tour. Megan liked the singing cows, but that only took about an hour then we moved on to the roller coasters. We started with some of the milder ones because Megan had never been on any before, and I wanted our breakfast to have settled more. It isn't fun to see your meal a second time. We all got into it so much that we forgot about lunch. We rode the coasters until about dinner time. We ate and then back to more rides, and managed to fit a couple of shows in between until closing time, which wasn't until 11. After our long day, we had three very tired little ones.

Wayne's kids accepted Megan fairly well and they seemed to get along with her, but she did want to ride the rides with me. She clung to me tightly on the roller coasters, partly because she hadn't ever been on anything like that before. But toward the end of the day, we were alone for a couple of minutes and she told me that she loved me. I was happy to hear that since I had growing those kinds of feelings for her too.

It was midnight before we got back to the motel. In an effort to get things done faster, Billy came over and used the shower in our room. We had the girls take their shower together, so they could be faster. Wayne and I would get our showers in the morning.

Sunday we were going to do the water rides. We went over bringing our suits and caring our towels. Wayne, Billy and I changed in the men's dressing room. Megan went with Ellen and we placed all our clothes in a shared locker.

I must say that Megan looked nice in her light green one piece suit. It was kinda tight in that it showed her just budding boobies and a bit of a camel toe when it was wet. Sometimes I had a hard time keeping it down looking at Megan and even Ellen and some of the other girls that were running around all wet in and clinging suits.

Megan and I rode the two person inner tube rides together, or she wanted me to come down after her on the one person rides.

Wayne and I took a bit of break sitting back on a bench in the shade. The kids scampered about running from ride to ride when Megan got enough nerve to ride by herself without me.

Wayne told me, “You know Megan isn't too bad looking. And she looks a little hot in that suit!”

“Yeah, I guess I would have to agree with you," I said. "I didn't think she would look quite like that when we got that, but Wayne, you are going to tell me that you are even checking out girls like her?”

“Hey, I may be divorced, but I'm not dead. Don't tell me that you haven't noticed how cute she was before you agreed to take her with you. I know that you noticed it before; now that you might keep her, you can't tell me you don't think she's sexy," Wayne leered at me. "I know you, little brother, and I know your choice in women.”

“Ha-ha!" I laughed. "So you know my tastes so well? But in truth, I think she is cute and running around like that, she's also very sexy. But you know what they say about the acorn not falling far from the tree. You maybe my brother and not my dad, but you can't tell me you don't think the same about Ellen.”

“Just between the two of us," he said conspiratorially, "I have to remind myself sometimes she's my daughter.”

“Yeah! I can understand that!”

“Wouldn't it be wild if sometime if we traded?” Wayne said with a gleam in his eye.

I asked, “You and Megan and me and Ellen?”

“It isn't like an uncle and niece never did anything together,” he conceded.

“I could say the same thing about father and daughter,” I noted.

“All this fantasy might be too much for a couple of middle aged single guys,” Wayne said laughing.

“Hey!" I cried, "watch who you're calling middle aged.”

We both laughed and went back to join the kids in the water before we both got hard. But I would bet Wayne was getting hard talking about Megan and Ellen, and with all the other girls running around half naked.

It had been another full day, but we couldn't spend as much time as the day before. We were all tired and they had the drive back, while Megan and I would be heading over to Harrisburg.

I explained to Megan that I needed to talk to someone there. I had a job interview and if I got it I might stop driving my truck

Chapter 8

We drove over there and got a room with two beds. I told them I was traveling with my daughter. When we got into the room Megan, of course, wanted to sleep with me.

But the last two days had been so eventful she was too tired to want sex. As we lay together in the bed, I asked her, "Did you have fun?”

“Yes, it was great!" Megan exclaimed. "Oh Gary! Thanks for takin' me! And it was nice to go with the other kids. Will we see Ellen and Billy again?”

“Yeah sure," I told her. "They're my brother's kids even if they aren't with him all the time, but I am sure you will. Why? Did you like them?”

“Yeah! They're fun. I don't got no sisters or brothers," Megan said wistfully. Will we see more of Ellen?”

“Yeah sure, why?" I asked. "Would you like to have a sister?”

Megan nodded and asked, “Do you think she's cute?”

“Yeah," I admitted. "I guess so.”

She blushed a bit, "Is it bad if I think she is cute too?”

“No," I said, "that isn't a bad thing. Why do say that?”

“When we was in the shower, I was seeing her naked, I liked to see her like that," Megan admitted. "That ain't bad to want to see another girl naked?”

“No, I don't think so, but what gave you that idea?”

“Ya know them videos that you got from that store I couldn't go in? Well some of them had girls that did things with each other. I got to thinkin' that it might be fun to do stuff with another girl.”

“I don't know about that. I mean I don't mind that you want to be with another girl. But it might give away what we do," I explained. "Are you thinking of just being with any girl, or did you like Ellen?”

“Oh! I liked Ellen!" Megan exclaimed. "She was nice and Billy was too, but I liked seeing Ellen naked. Gary, does she do sex?”

“Oh that I don't know," I said. "I don't think even Wayne knows about that. Why, do you want to do things with Ellen?”

“Yes, but I don't know if she would wanna to do things with me. I knowed that people think it is naughty for two girls to do things together. Ellen has boobies and she an' she's growing hair on her pussy," she said pointing to her crotch. "She's not like me, I don't got no boobs and I don't got no hair down there.”

“Oh baby doll you're great the way you are," I told her. "In fact, when your hair starts to grow, will you do something for me?”

“What?” she asked.

“I want you to shave your hair, that way you will always look like you are now. You are so cute right now.”

That caused her to beam me a very big smile.

We got off to sleep. In the morning I had her mess up the other bed so it looked slept in and we left.

We drove over to the company office. I left her in the car with something to read and I went in to pitch for the job. I'm glad to say that the interview went well. Why shouldn't it, I have been an owner/operator with them for 10 years after driving for them for 5 years. They offered me the job and I told them I would give them an answer shortly because I needed to talk to someone first.

I took Megan to a park and we got out and sat a bench together. Now I needed to get up my nerve to tell her.

“Megan I wanted to talk to you about something. Do you like me," I asked with some trepidation. I mean, have you enjoyed your time with me?”

She seemed to sense something coming. “Oh, yeah, it has been great. But Gary, ya like me don't ya? I'll be good, I won't do nothin' wrong. Ya aren't getting rid of me?”

“Actually Megan it's like this," I explained. "While we were on the road, something happened. You know that your mom signed a paper that said you could come with me? Well, later she called back my friend, Mike, the a lawyer and asked for more papers from him. He sent them to her and she signed and sent them back to him. What those papers said was that she was giving you up. She is giving up her parental rights. She will always be your mom, but you won't live with her and she won't be doing things for you anymore.”

Her face looked like it had lost all the color in it. She sat there dumbfounded and I felt like shit telling her that. There was a great depressed look on her face. At first she was at a total loss for words then the tears began to break out with three great big sobs. She managed to get out, “What's gonna happen to me? Where am I gonna go? Who'll look after me?”

“Your mom called him," I continued, "and asked for the paper, but she asked him for them because she was offering you to me. She said she that I could have you. Would you like that? You want to live with me, forever?”

Megan immediately perked up.“Oh Gary, really? I can live with you? Ya want to keep me? What'll you do?”

“Yes you can stay with me," I told her. "That is why we came here, they're offering me a new job. I'll be off the road and home all the time. Would you like to live with me?”

“Oh Gary YES! I love ya!" she cried, throwing her arms around me. "Will ya'll be my daddy now?”

“Megan, I love you too," I said, hugging her back, "but I'm not going to be your dad. I will be your guardian. I can do all the things that a parent can do for you, but I won't be your dad.”

She looked crestfallen, “Ya don't want to be my daddy?”

I whispered to her, “Your dad can't fuck you, so I won't be your dad.”

After a second, the light came on in her head. “So ya can still fuck me?” she whispered back.

“Yeah!" I said with meaning. "Let's go! I gotta tell them that I'm gonna take the job then WE need to find a place around here to live.”

As always thanks to my editor Nicknason for all his help and work.

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