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It was spring vacation, I was 13, and I had decided to spend my spring vacation playing basketball. I found a league that held a program and I signed up. On the first day, I put on my new basketball shorts, a T-shirt, and basketball shoes. I brushed my long, straight dirty blonde hair and pulled it back into a ponytail. I examined myself in my full length mirror. With my straight blonde hair, big green eyes, long lashes, b-cup tits, flat stomach, and long legs, I was naturally pretty. I grabbed my water bottle and walked out the door.

When i got there, I put my bag in a locker and started shooting around. I loved basketball and was pretty good at it, so in no time, I was winning knockout against the older boys. As I bent down to pick up a basketball, I saw a few of them staring at my ass. I quickly straightened up and tried to ignore them. But when I turned around and saw the most gorgeous boy looking back at me. He had messy dark brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, and a gorgeous smile. I smiled back at him, shyly, and softly said, " Hi, I'm Ashlee". He replied, "Cute name, I'm Nick". We talked for a bit, and I found out that was currently going to the school I was starting next year. He was sweet and cool and ridiculously hot. The other guys flirted with me but I barely noticed that they were there.

Later that day, after lunch I was looking for the bathroom when I heard some of the guys talking in an empty room. I stood in the next room, and by pressing my ear to the wall, I could hear everything they were saying. They were first talking about COD and other video games but then Jack, a tall black haired boy, said "Ok, we can all agree that Ashlee is fucking hot, right?" The other guys agreed and then another boy named Ben said, "Seriously, bro, I want to throw her onto the floor and fuck her brains out until she's screaming my name and leaving scratches down my back." "Definitely," Jack agreed, " I bet she would be good at giving head". I didn't really want to hear anymore, so I walked away. But not before I heard another voice and my jaw dropped when i realized it was my coach Anthony saying, "Her tits are so perfect, it's kinda hard to pay attention". The boys laughed at this and shuddering, I slipped quietly away.

I spent the rest of the day avoiding eye contact with any of the guys, especially Anthony. When it was 4 and finally time to go, I felt relieved. I slipped outside to walk home and saw Nick standing with Jack. I wondered if he had been a part of their pervy conversation. "Can we walk together?" I heard Nick ask. "Sure," I blurted out. Jack muttered that he would walk with us and they walked on either side of me. We talked about basketball and school and I tried to forget what I had heard.

The next few days were really fun and eventually I forgot they had ever said anything and just focused on having fun. On the last day, I put on lacy pink and white panties with a matching bra and my basketball clothes, and pulled my hair into a loose braid.

I walked inside the basketball place and realized I was early. I sat on a bench next to Nick and we talked. A few minutes later, he grabbed my hand and we sat there like that, with me trying to control my racing heartbeat. When the other guys came and it was time to go upstairs to the court, he dropped my hand, and I was felt disappointed but didn't want to get teased by Jack. We walked upstairs and coach Anthony closed and locked the door behind us. This surprised me because he had never done it before. I was thinking about this when I heard a crash next to me and jumped back as 3 guys tackled Nick to the ground tying his wrists with rope. "What the hell?!" he shouted. I was about to run over there but before I could, Jack grabbed my shoulders and tied them behind my back in the same way he had done with Nick. I screamed but his hand quickly covered my mouth. "What do you want?" Nick asked. "Don't worry bastard, we don't want anything with you, we just want Ashlee. We tied you up because we figured you would defend her against what we are about to do", Jack answered. My face must have paled because Jack laughed and said,"Sorry babe but your sin is being too pretty for a 13 year old".

The guys holding Nick tied his arms to a pole and Jack pulled me into the center of the gym. "Everyone who can make a free throw shot can feel her up and go down on her," he said. He dropped me onto the floor and grabbed a basketball. He made it in easily and walked back over to me. He yanked my shirt over my hand and pulled my shoes and shorts off, so I was standing there in just my bra and underwear. Jack looked me over and I saw a bulge in his pants as he did so. He pulled my bra off, and I tried to struggle, but he was just too strong for me. My tits bounced forward and he caressed them, rubbing them and pinching my nipple. He brought his moth down to them and he licked and sucked on my nipples, eliciting a moan from me. This encouraged him and he sucked harder until I could feel my panties getting wet. He slid his hand down my panties and slipped a finger into my tight, bald pussy. He rubbed his finger up and down my clit, making me shiver with pleasure. He pushed me up on to a table and kneeled on the ground. He pulled my panties off and pushed his tongue deep into my cunt, making me gasp. He licked and nibbled on my clit until I came, releasing my sweet juices all over his tongue. He then stood up, leaving me completely naked for everyone there. The other guys walked to the free throw line but coach was the only other one who made it because they were so nervous. He took me into the back room and with a huge boner he felt up my tits and pushed three fingers into my cunt. He then went down on me, flicking his tongue in and out and making me cum.

After this, Jack pulled down his pants and his huge dick flopped out. He ordered me to give him head and shoved me onto my knees, slapping my ass. I brought my lips around his head, and slowly took his entire length into my mouth. Crying, I flicked my tongue along the tip of his dick and gently squeezed his balls, sending shivers of pleasure down his spine. I deepthroated him until he shot long ropes of cum down my throat. He finally released his grip on the back of my head and i sat back, crying. Ben came over and pushed his cock into my mouth and rubbed my tits as i went down on him. When he came, he pulled me to my feet and shoved me into a little room and brought Nick in there too. "You can rest for a few minutes, but get ready to ride me when you come out," Ben snarled.

I collapsed onto the floor, rubbing my wrists where the rope had cut into them. Nick ran over to me and put his arms around me. "Are you okay?" He asked. I just cried harder and he hugged me whispering," I'm sorry, Ashlee". I laid my head down on his chest and just lay there. He ran his fingers through my hair and kissed the top of my head.

After a few minutes of this, the door banged open and Ben pulled us out again and tying Nick to the pole again said,"You can have full view of your little girlfriend". Laughing, Ben pulled me toward him. He pulled down my panties and pried my legs apart. He positioned his 8" cock at the entrance of my pussy. I struggled and begged him but he didn't let go. Slowly, he slid the head in until he felt my cherry. He quickly thrust forward, popping my cherry and causing me to cry out in pain. He thrust in and out so hard that his balls were slapping against my ass. His cock started rubbing against my clit and I tried to hold back my moans, thinking they would only encourage him. After a few minutes of this, he came, shooting his cum deep inside me.

He pulled himself off me and he handed me over to Jack. Then Jack walked over to where Nick was awkwardly sitting. He untied him and said," Let's see how macho you are, we're gonna double pound her". His eyes widened and I paled. "Just leave her alone, Jack, haven't you done enough to her already?" Nick pleaded. "Hell no, let's go", Jack laughed. Nick pulled his pants down and slowly slid his thick, long cock inside of me, making me gasp with pleasure. Then I felt Jack pulling my ass cheeks apart and slowly sliding the head of his huge cock inside. He thrust the rest of it in quickly, making me scream loudly with pain. With the two inside of me, I felt very full and kind of turned on. They both thrust into me in a sort of see-saw motion and after a few minutes, both shot long ropes of cum into my ass and cunt. Exhausted, we all flopped onto the floor. Nick kissed me and whispered in my ear,"I'm so sorry that I had to do that to you". I just kissed him back and clutched him closer. I looked up at the clock and saw that it was 4 and sighed with relief. "You have to let me go home because if I'm not home in time people will come looking for me," I said triumphantly. Jack reluctantly stood up and untied me, handing me my clothes. "Fine, you and Nick can go, but I know you won't call the cops, because if you do, you'll always be known as the girl who was raped, and nothing else. And if you do, I will hunt you down, I promise," Jack threatened. Frowning, I thought this over, and realized he was right. I couldn't ever tell anyone, it would just be my and Nick's secret. Nick pulled his clothes on too and we walked out the door, holding hands, never to come back to this terrible place.

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2015-03-11 13:46:33
It's sad when teen boys write out their fantasies. They are never realistic at all. Now go wank your little peepee.

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2013-06-10 21:32:45
You should cont the story of Ashlee and nick just them two next time or when he gets her home and make sure to mention if she in basketball clothes she wearing socks too so if u remaster this add her socks were taken off somewhere in the story when they strip her or have it on the continued story of her and nick

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2013-05-15 01:58:49
A Virgin wouldn't know how to give head like that .... led alone touch a guys balls for the first time... and three fingers would bust open her cherry and HURT.

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