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Three sisters and little brother part 2 – Heero Yuy

This is part to of the series, I know part one was written terrible but I got some positive messages and I thought to myself let’s try again. This time I tried to write it better I hope I succeeded. Rate my story and give an honest opinion so I can improve my writing
I woke up in the middle of the night, I looked around trying to figure out how long I have been a sleep. I tried to stand up but I realized I am still stuck in this room.

Suddenly I heard a lot of laughing coming from downstairs.

“OMG.. you really did that to him, show me! You did made some pictures right?”

I recognized her voice, it was my oldest sister Madina. I heard footsteps on the stair, I knew they were coming for me. I tried to think how I could make this al go away but I quickly realized it’s better to just let them do whatever they want and get this over as soon as possible.

“Heero, are you ready for us we brought big sis with us. Apparently she wasn’t impressed with us, she is going to teach us some new things”

The door opened and I saw Mauri and Ellen come in first, they were dressed all black. Black jeans, black heels, black shirt and they both put there her in a knot. Behind them Madina come in, it was almost like a movie when they finally reveal the bad guy.
She was wearing a leather catsuit, with 18cm heels under them.

“Well little brother it seems that you like to be humiliated, is that true?”

“No, they tricked me”

Mauri and Ellen looked at me and just smiled at me. They knew I always wanted to be dominated by a group of strong gorgeous young woman, but not by my own sisters.

“Release him, and bring him upstairs to my room!”

Ellen and Mauri picked me up and brought me upstairs, before we entered the door of Madina’s room they blindfolded me again.

“Lie him down on the bed, he won’t run”

They laid me on the bed, sitting strait I was just waiting for the beating to start, but it didn’t.

“I saw on the video that you enjoyed swallowing your own cum, tell me little brother are you gay?”
I sat there in silence… SLAPP…the only thing I could think of was who slapped me so hard.

“Answer her faggot brother!” Ellen said.

“Uuuh no I am not gay sister”

“Why are you lying to me brother, you clearly enjoyed swallowing cum, maybe we should test you.”

My mind stopped, test me? How, are they going to milk me again? And then I figured it out how they were going to do that.

“You can come in sweety” Madina said.

Her boyfriend! I almost cried could it get more humiliating then this?! I felt that they climbed on the bed, Ellen went to sit behind me closing me in with her legs. Mauri tied my legs to the bed and made sure this was being recorded. I heard Madina on the phone talking to someone, I couldn’t figure out who she was talking to but what I heard didn’t make things any better.

“Yes it’s no problem my parents are gone for a few weeks, come over you’re not going to believe what I got in my room.”

“So, everybody is ready and at seems to me that you’re also ready”

Meaning my raging erection. Ellen grabbed my head and pulled it back towards her, I was lying with my full weight between her legs. She then used her index finger and her middle finger to keep my mouth open on both sides.

“Are you ready sweety he is all yours and baby please don’t go easy on him”

He climbed on the bed and positioned himself in front of me, I was terrified I couldn’t see how close his penis was but I could smell it. “You’re going to like this” he said.
Without a warning he shoved his penis in my mouth deep throating me immediately. He grabbed my hair and kept fucking my face harder and harder. Meanwhile I was gagging and drooling all over my self and at some point I even started crying.

“Oooh yeah that’s it, take it deep you’re doing a fine job..Ooh yes hahahah”

I heard Madina encouraging her boyfriend. “Sweety go harder I want him to puke all over, don’t give him time to breathe just skull fuck him!”

“This is so good I am going to watch this over and over hahahah” Mauri said.

While I was gagging and trying to swallow al the juices in my mouth Ellen was whispering in my ear. “ yeah you like that don’t you sissy boy?... Look how hard you are, you like that dick? You want to feel all his cum in your mouth!”
“Madina can I cum in his mouth?” “No sweety he enjoys that too much, why don’t you cum all over his face”

“yes ma’am” He said.
I could hear him stroke his cock harder and faster and it didn’t take long and he jizzed all over my face. I couldn’t open my eyes without getting cum in them. My sisters just laughed at me and were just screaming at me. “ YES SISSY BOY PIECE OF SHIT, LOOK AT AAAAALL THE CUM ON YOUR FACE” “HAHAHAHA PIECE OF SHIT, YOU’RE NOT OUR BROTHER, YOU’RE OUR LITTLE BITCH SISTER”

“sweety you’re done here, you can go home now replacement is already on its way”

What I am not done yet, they are going to humiliate me in front of more people. I couldn’t believe it, they are never going to leave me alone.

“where is she?” Ellen asked, “ We can’t give him time to rest hahah it wouldn’t be fun”

“Don’t worry she will be arriving soon” Madina said. With that been said someone knocked on the door. Madina ordered Mauri to put the camera on the tripod and go open the door. Mauri went downstairs and opened the door, I heard her giggling but I couldn’t figure out who the second girl was downstairs.

I heard them on the stairs coming, Mauri was telling what they were doing but the other girl couldn’t believe them and started laughing.

“Here is your surprise Heero” Mauri said. “You’re so going to love this” Ellen whispered into my ear.

“I have been waiting for this a long time” I thought to myself she sounds familiar, but who is it. Madina started giving instructions to everybody, “Ellen tie his hands behind his back and then tie his ankels to his hands” “Mauri, let’s get undressed” “and you to” she said to the unknown girl.

I lied there real unconformable legs spread and tied to my hands behind my back and still blindfolded. The girls were al undressed now, Madina gave everybody a strapon but told them to wait with putting them on.

All the girls climbed on the bed and stood around me, they all positioned themselves with me between their legs. Madina whispered something to the girls but I couldn’t hear it when suddenly it was too late.

A warm liquid was being poured over my entire body, they were PISSING ON ME! I felt disgusting every time I tried to breath more piss would go into my mouth. I tried to role away but they wouldn’t let me go away that easily. My hair was drizzling piss my penis, legs and the rest were being pissed on and were becoming sticky.

The girls laugh and laugh. “HAHAHAHAHA look at him he likes it, unbelievable look at him trying to catch his breath” But it was far from over, not all of the girls were done pissing on me. Madina and Mauri were done and started to beat me up and trampling me, Madina pushed her feet into my mouth and Mauri started jumping on my penis.

I almost chocked thanks to Madina, she has really big feet and she forced hers with her entire weight.
When the other girls were done they joined Mauri and Madina, Ellen rolled me over with my face down on the bed.
The new girl and Mauri started kicking me in the side and Madina still tried to push her feet down my throat. Ellen went to stand behind me and gently lifted her feet up and placed it on my ass. Without saying anything she pushed her big toe into my asshole, I let tried to say something but I was still gagging on Madina’s feet.

“You girls think my feet would fit in his pussy?” Madina laught and said ”If it doesn’t fit just make it fit”
Suddenly Ellen pushed her entire feet into my asshole and didn’t do it gently either, she just used her weight and shoved it down my asshole.

“OMG it fits unbelievable HAHAHAHA, little brother is a faggot HAHAHA” Ellen continued to shoving her feet in and out, fucking my asshole for a long time. I was crying and puking at the same time. I puked all over Madina’s feet and the look she gave was devilish.

“Look at him, disgusting he just puked over my feet” Madina pulled her feet out and tolled Ellen to switch she needed to clean her feet. Madina went behind me and said “ You think you can puke over my feet and get away with it, you know you’re going to clean with your pussy right?”

With that she shoved her puke covered feet into my asshole even faster and harder than Ellen did. And I already told you guys that her feet were big so it stretched my asshole even further I was just screaming my longs out.

But Ellen quickly stopped that, she shoved her feet right into my mouth just as Madina did, so the gagging started again. After an hour of feetfucking and feet gagging they stopped.
“Time for the main act” Mauri said.

They all picked their strapons and got them self-ready. Madina positioned herself behind me and was the first one to fuck my asshole. She had a big long black strapon, it’s was three times as thick as mine. The new girl went to lie in front of me on her back, she picked my head up and just let it go when it was above her strapon. I was too tired to put my head gently on her dildo, it felt like she created a hole in the back of my throat.

But before they started Ellen went to get the camera so she could make pictures and Mauri took the video camera from the tripod. That’s when Madina said “Let’s take his blindfold off that way he can see who is making him gag hahahah”

Madina started fucking me immediately after she said that, she was shoving her dildo in like she was trying to tear my asshole open. “I am going to fuck you soooo hard little brother, your pussy is going to be destroyed after we are done!!”

I stared moaning from the pain when I felt that someone was taking the blindfold off, I couldn’t believe it. It was my ex-girlfriend Samantha!!
Samantha was a hot tanned Asian with sexy slim body, she didn’t have those beautiful curves that my sisters had but she did had the hottest legs.

“Have you missed me” she said with a big smile on her face. This just encouraged her to fuck my face even harder. I was gagging and trying to keep my puke in.
“Aaaah yes yes yes yes, take it like a little bitch” Samantha said. She was grabbing my hair and pulling it down with all her strength just slamming my face and throat against her legs and dildo.

After a good 30 minute they switched they were like a good oiled machine, tagging each other so that the fucking and gagging could continue. Mauri went behind me and Ellen lied in front of me and it was the same drill except Ellen was more aggressive then Samantha. Ellen was a strong girl and it definitely made a difference for me, because puking became a fact. I came all over her dildo and legs and stomach but she didn’t stop and I couldn’t stop.

“Look at him AHAHHAHAH look at him, piece of shit HAHAHAH puking on this long dick” Everybody was laughing Samantha was also enjoying herself. She was fucking me deep and hard like she wanted to see how deep she could go.

“Ooh Heero if this continues we need to get some bigger dildo’s or start fucking you with both our feet” she said. Laughing hysterical.
After a while they stopped not because they were bored only because they were getting tired of fucking me all day.

Madina ordered the girls to untie me and tie me to the four corners of the bed. They were all standing around me but it was Madina who was first to move in front my face. She bent over and opened her mouth and started gagging, it was harder then she thought so she used her fingers. She puked all over my face it was so disgusting that it made me puke to. All the girls followed after her. Mauri was still filming and Ellen made come good pictures form close-up.

“Whe should finish this, we have all day tomorrow” Madina said. “how should we finish this? Mauri asked.
“Well I know something, as it seems that I am haven’t enjoyed as long as you girls have I propose that we finish it my way” Samantha said while looking me in the eyes.

“It’s your call Samantha tell us how you want it” Madina said.

Samantha left the bed to sit on a chair, she told the girls to first piss on her feet than puke and let Heero cum on it and lick it clean.

“OMG GENIUS, it will be soooo disgusting HAHAHAH you’re so evil” Ellen said and all the girls were pumped up to make me lick this feetcocktail of puke and piss.

Madina, Ellen and Mauri all stood over her feet and started pissing on it.

“It feels so warm hahaha” Samantha said. Soon after that the puking started, when my sisters were finished they looked at me with an evil look. I was still tied up but I was already destroyed I had no willpower to fight against this anymore. So when Mauri untied me I just crawled behind her towards Samantha’s feet. Mauri and Madina grabbed my body and kept it in place while Ellen milking me.

It didn’t take long and I came in huge blast of cum over her feet. I was cumming for at least a full minute. Samantha was laughing and couldn’t wait for me to start licking her feet clean.
After I came Mauri and Madina pushed me on my knees and positioned my face right in front of her feet. Ellen continued filming the entire process, when I was in place I opened my mouth to start licking.

Samantha however had a different idea, she kicked her feet will full strength down my mouth in to my throat. My sisters kept my head still and I tried to fight it somehow but they were too strong. She kept pushing and pushing her feet down my throat.

“Hahahah take it sissy, hahaha take it like the filthy whore that you are..Piece of shit!!”

After kicking and shoving her feet for at least 50 times into my throat she stopped, her feet were clean and I was humiliated to a whole new level.
My sisters let me go and started laughing again. “You’re done for today sissy brother” Madina said.
“Tomorrow we will start all over again and you better be prepared little shit brother”

Samantha and the girls kicked me in the balls on more time and told me to leave the room and get myself cleaned up for tomorrow.

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