Every summer I would always spend a few weeks with my uncle in California. I loved it because he was single and would always leave me at home alone so I could basically do whatever I wanted to do during the day. But what I love most about his house was the big swimming pool he had in the back yard. I would go swimming everyday and would love to lay out and get a nice tan so that when I went back home to Chicago everyone would ask me where I went for summer. On some days when I felt daring I would tan in the nude.

One day after swimming for about an hour and a half I got out of the pool and was laying out in just a pair of Speedos, the kind that barely hides anything. I Must have been pretty tired from all the laps I did that day because I fell a sleep and didn’t notice that the pool guy had come into the back yard to do his monthly pool service. My uncle had told me that he might be coming over some time this week but didn’t know for sure. When I woke up I thought I was dreaming because cleaning the pool in just a pair of swimming shorts was this really cute Latin guy. He looked between 22 and 25 years old was about 5’ 9” and was totally in shape with a hot buffed chest and was totally smooth and tan.

I got up and said hi and he looked up and said oh hello I’m Petty and then said are you Mr. Burns son. I laughed and said no I’m his nephew and that I was staying with him for a few weeks during my school’s summer vacation. Petty then asked if I were in high school and I said “NO I’m a sophomore at the University of Chicago”. I always hated the fact that I looked so young. I was 20 years old but most people thought I was 16, I guess it was because I was only 5’ 5” and weight about 125 and had this boyish face. Petty then asked me how old I was and I told him I was 20 and then he said dam your only 4 years younger than me.

Petty then started cleaning the pool again so I walked inside the house and decided to make myself a sandwich which was a good excuse for me to be in the kitchen which faced the backyard so I could get a good view of Petty cleaning the pool. Petty was so hot I couldn’t help myself from getting a hard on while watching him clean the pool I wanted Petty to come inside and take control of me with his hot muscular arms and his nice tan defined body. I ate my sandwich and grabbed a couple of sodas and went outside to offer Petty one.

Hey you ever take a break I asked Petty and he turned around and said yeah only when I see something I want and laughed. I didn’t really understand what he meant and said well then come take a break with me and held out the soda. Petty walked up to me and when he got closer said I don’t want a soda I want some of this and grabbed my ass. Petty then said I saw you watching me from the kitchen and then started to pull me even closer to him. I didn’t know what to do or say, only thing that was thinking was my little head which was by now rock hard again and sticking out of the top of my Speedos.

Petty started to pull down my Speedos when I tried to pull away but he held me and said come on you know you want some. I didn’t know what to say or do because I really never actually went all the way with a guy, my only previous encounter with another guy was when I was a junior in high school and it was with my friend and all we did was jacked off together. Petty then looked at me and slowly untied his shorts and pulled out his dick and said go ahead and taste it. Dam his dick was big it must have been at least 8 to 9 inches. Petty started to push me down when I stopped him and said wait I never really messed around with a guy before.

Petty started smiling and said what you’re a virgin and then said I am going to have to teach you some lessons and then dropped his shorts all the way off. He was standing completely naked now and grabbed my hand and took me to the pool and said take off your shorts and jump in the pool with me. We both were completely naked in my uncle’s pool and Petty started to caress my butt under the water and then started to kiss me. After a few minutes Petty then went under water and next thing I felt was his lips around my hard dick. Dam Petty was sucking me dick underwater and it felt so hot. When he ran out of the breath he came up and told me to turn around and lifted me out of the water onto the side of the pool so that my stomach and chest was laying flat on the outside of the pool while my butt was at the edge and only my legs were inside the pool.

What happened next was so hot I had never felt someone do this but Petty started to lick all around my butt and inside my hole. Fuck it was so hot having him eat my virgin hole out up and down my crack and then deep inside my hole. Petty would lick all the way down to my balls and then started sucking on my balls and then started to stick a finger inside my hole. Fuck yeah your hole is tight I am going to enjoy fucking you, Petty said. He jumped out of the pool and we both walked to the patio where he told me to lay down on my stomach. I saw him grab some my tanning oil and started to rub it all over my body and then all over my crack of my butt. I was completely covered with oil when he got on top of me and started to rub his body all over mine. It felt so hot our two bodies all soaked with oil rubbing against each other his dick rubbing between my butt cheeks. I was so turned on I started to actually lift my ass in the air getting into a doggy position I wanted Petty inside my virgin hole.

Petty then started to spread my butt cheeks apart and then started to stick his dick head inside me. Fuck it hurt so much but yet I wanted him to stick it in more. He could feel me tense up and told me to relax and held his dick inside me until I was able to get used to having him inside me. Once he knew I was relaxed and use to it he shoved it all the way in and said how does that feel. Fuck it feels good Petty and with that he started to fuck me slowly pulling his dick almost all the way out and then shoving it back deep inside my hole.

Petty was really getting into it fucking me really hard I could feel his balls slap against my butt when he was all the way deep inside my hole. My own dick was getting ready to exploit I knew I wasn’t going to take much more of him fucking me so I told him fuck Petty I am getting close to Cumming when Petty said fuck yeah where do you want my cum because I am going to cum. I told him don’t cum in me cum on my back and with that he pulled out and started to shoot his load all over me. He then grabbed my dick and started to jack it off I came within seconds all over the patio floor.

Petty then got up jumped in the pool and then jumped out and then said fuck I need to finish the pool. I told him ok and went inside to shower and clean myself off. When I finished I went back outside and he was about to leave. He said I’ll give you a call tomorrow see if you want to hang out again. Then he looked at me and said fuck your even a better fuck than your uncle and then walked away.

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2008-09-27 02:09:06
i am bi i like fucking pussy as well as somebody fucking my asshole same time

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2008-09-22 13:23:08
Great story


2008-02-06 02:57:14
a very nice fuck, I'm so jealous


2008-01-11 02:37:08
Stop being mean, it was a hot fuck


2007-09-05 23:54:17
funny how the bible thumping pseudo-intellectuals always manage to blatantly display their lack of education while being so ritious...
i mean english isn't even my first language, but at least i know where to put the apostrophe in "Did'nt", the difference between "to" and "too", and that " 's " isn't a way of pluralizing a noun
...all i can do is laugh at their stupidity and even pity their lack of education and blind faith
ATTN: Bible Thumpers
P.S. home school does NOT count

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