This one has a little something for mothers on Mother's Day.
Like any teen exhibitionist I loved the mall. In the closest mall to my place my favorite store was on the third floor. I was feeling lazy one day I didn’t feel like going up the stairs so I decided to try the elevator instead.

I was about fourteen when this happened. Actually, I didn’t like elevators much for the fear that they might get stuck. So I go into this elevator and standing there is this lady I`ve seen before, I think she works for the mall. She was in her mid-thirties and was a hot blonde, with long legs and a short skirt so tight I could make out the curve of her pussy mound. Her titties were small but they stuck straight out from under her sexy blouse, and I caught a glimpse of her hard nipples as I stepped onto the elevator.

I had short brown hair and was wearing skin white jean skirt and a thin tank top that showed off every curve of my petite body. Of course I never wore a bra or panties for my mall adventures. It occurred to me that I would give anything to fuck a hot blonde lady like this one

I smiled back flirtatiously, wondering if she thought I was hot and sexy.

Then she asked me, ”Are you skipping school?”

“Yeah it’s something me and my friends do all the time,” I replied nervously, feeling her blue eyes scanning my body.

“Nice where are your friends?” she asked as she looked directly at my ass.

“ Uh…they are waiting for me on the third floor because I went to the restroom,” I said staring at her perfect titties and her hard nipples.

Suddenly the elevator stopped.

” That`s strange, why aren’t we moving?” she said bending to look at the button panel, now it was my turn to check out her amazing ass.

“Huh?” I replied.

”Oh damn, the elevator is stuck,” she said looking pleased at the turn of events.

`Hey, don`t worry, they`ll get us out of here in no time. Really. Are you okay?” she said smiling, which helped. She reached over and touched my face and it was as if an electric charge passed through me.

“I guess I have this thing for small spaces,” I said hoping she would touch me again.

“Well I don’t know about you but I’m going to sit this one out,” then she slowly sat down, as I watched breathlessly, as her legs parted and I caught a glimpse of her mauve panties.

I slid down the wall across from her keeping my legs together for not wanting to flash her, not yet at least.

“Listen, you are nervous, why don’t we play a game…hey what about truth or dare…why don’t you start, truth or dare hunny?”she said as her mouth turned up into a sexy smile. I could feel my cunny tingle at the thought of playing truth or dare with this amazing lady.

"Okay, I choose truth, ” I said staring at her legs, ” Did you ever skip school?”

“ That’s a good question. In fact I did many times and I came here all the time. I did a lot of wild stuff when I was your age,” she said, looking at my titties, with my little nipples poking out of my tank top.

” So do you want truth or dare?” I asked my mouth was dry and I licked my soft lips.

“Let me think,” the blonde stretched her legs out in front of me. With the way her skirt had ridden up her thighs I could see a small triangle of her mauve panties. “I choose truth. I think you do wild things here at the mall as well. Tell me have you ever flashed your pussy and tittes for a woman in the mall?”

This time she was licking her lips, as her blue eye’s looked directly into mine. All I could do is nod.
“Well, you have to tell the truth, I want to hear all about it, and make it hot hun,” she said in a voice that made my little pussy moist.

“Well, you know, the rest pit at the north end of the mall, out of the way where people can rest,” I started haltingly.

“Yes, of course I do, go on,” she said parting her legs ever so slightly, I dared a glance at her mauve crotch, and sighed.

“Well, one day I was here around six o’clock, not many people around, and I noticed that there was a woman, a woman about your age, nursing a baby. I looked down at her for a minute or two, and she was beautiful, red hair, and was wearing a pink summer dress.

I mean it was a turn on, and there wasn’t anyone in the pit so around there anywhere so I walked down and sat down in a chair just across from hers…” I paused.

“Oh my, you are a bad little girl, aren’t you?” she sighed and parted her legs wider, giving me a full view of her panties and the slit in the crotch that outlined her moist pussy.

“Do you like bad girls?” I asked looking right at her cunt.

“Oh I do now tell me more,” she commanded urgently.

“Well, pulled my legs up on the chair, like the way I’m sitting here and pulled a comic out of my bag, and pretended to read it. It was really hot, because I could hear the slurping sounds of the baby at her tittie. Slowly, very slowly I moved my legs apart like this,” I paused and parted my legs for the hot blonde, “

“Oh fuck, you are such I little slut. Yes show me how you fleshed her your sweet little cunt,” she was breathing heavy now and I smiled as her fingers moved to her pussy over the mauve panties and she pinched her cunt lips together through the fabric.

“I looked over my comic, and then I saw her look. As first she had a look of panic as she looked around, as if to see if I was alone, and then she turned back to look at my pussy, and her cheeks kind of blushed. I put one of my legs over the arm of the chair, so my pussy lips opened for her,” I licked my lips, enjoying the view as the blonde continued to touch herself, I spread my legs wider showing her the pink insides of my cunt.

“Oh fuck don’t stop, you have an amazingly beautiful pussy, tell me what happened next,” the blonde said furiously working her pussy through her panties

“I could tell by the look in her eyes that the new redheaded mom was really getting turned on, she had her baby wrapped in a little blanket, and she shifted her to her other breast, but didn’t cover up the tittle that the baby had just fed off of. I put down the comic and slowly lifted my thin tank over my flat tummy and over my perky little tittles. I put my other leg over the side of the chair and was spread in front of this hot mom.
I pinched my nipples hard, and groaned softly. To my surprise the mom, pinched the exposed nipple so milk dribbled from between her fingers and down her large breast. She scooped up the milk and brought her wet fingers to her mouth, and then cupped her big tittie as if to offer it to me.” I said, humping my ass off the floor to spread my legs wider, I could feel my juices begin to flow, and I wanted the blonde to see how wet I was.``

“Oh fuck you little mall slut, you are driving me crazy, I have to fuck myself,” she groaned and pulled aside the now soaked panties, exposing her shaved cunt, and pushed to fingers into her pussy hole.

“Oh fuck you are amazing,” I moaned.

“Just tell me, what did you do next you little cunt!” she said, her eyes fixed on my pussy.

“I stood up, looked around, still no one, then on shaky legs I walked over and sat down beside her. She stroked my hair and asked me how old I was, I told her I was thirteen which I was then. She smiled and put her hand on the back of my head and guided my mouth to her wet nipple.

‘That’s it baby girl, mommy needs your mouth. Yes, suckle me, mommy makes milk just for you. ‘ She was stroking my hair and I could see the little baby nursing on her other nipple, and I could feel the juices dripping down my thighs when I felt her hand cup my pussy. If felt so good and I sucked harder releasing her warm, sweet milk into my mouth as her middle finger entered my tight cunt, like this,” I groaned, amazed at how hard and fast the blonde was fucking herself and I rammed a finger deep into my pussy and groaned.

“Oh fuck, look at you, such a fucking slut, I love it. Please finish, I need to cum so bad,” the blonde groaned.

“I moaned softly on her nipple, not wanting to attract attention as she fucked me and I let stream after stream of milk slip down my throat. It was too much for me, my little cunt was about to explode and she knew it with the way my tight cunt was grabbing at her finger.

‘Oh fuck I want you to cum all over my titties and my little girl, stand on the chair, grind your cunt into my hard nipple. ‘ I couldn’t believe my ears but I did what she asked. I straddled her and her baby on the chair and pressed my little cunt into her firm, big, milk wet tittie, and started grinding on it. The sensation was amazing as the long, pink and stiff nipple circled my hard clit then entered my cunt. The redhead mom, took the towel off her little girl and lifted her so her pudgy little pussy was pressed against her mother’s nipple, as she tongue kissed her little girl.

The baby was almost asleep and didn’t fuss over what was happening to her but watching that hard nipple impale the baby’s soft folds was too much for me. I plastered my cunt to the moms breast and sent a fine spray of little girl cum flying everywhere. The mother groaned and to my shock pressed her baby’s soft mouth to my clit, the next squirt hit the baby straight in the face and woke her up, sputtering and whining, then it was the mother’s turn, as she buried her tongue in my tight cunt I came again flooding her mouth and face with my juices. My whole body collapsed onto the crazy red head mother’s lap as she presented me with her little girl’s cunt, dripping with my juices, of course I lapped it up, and as my tongue entered that impossibly small cunt hole I came again.”

“Oh you little cunt, you did it, oh fuck , I’m going to cum, get over here and take my hot cream, you sick little bitch,” the blonde’s eyes were wild as I scooted over between her legs and as she removed her fingers I clamped my mouth over her throbbing cunt just as a torrent of creamy, sweet cum flew down my throat. I moaned and swallowed as the second wave of cum filled my mouth and squirted out and down my chin. I thrust my quick tongue deep into her convulsing cunt and sucked all of her lovely juices into my mouth.

Suddenly she pushed my back onto the gritty elevator floor and shoved her tongue into my mouth and lapped up her own cum from my lips, chin and neck.

“I don’t give a fuck how old you are, I am going to fuck you good you little cunt,” she groaned

Our tities were rubbing each other and I could feel her hard nipples pressing down on tiny boobst. She began to rub my clit as I grasped on to her tit she moaned aloud enjoying the pleasure.

“Spread your legs and let me fuck you bitch,” she commanded her eyes wild with lust. She quickly stripped and lowered her cunt onto mine and began grinding her shaved pussy on my wet cunt. I loved being controlled by this woman and my cunt felt so good against her shaved pussy. We both moaned heavily and the slithery, sloppy sounds of out cunts grinding together.

“Oh fuck your young little cunt feels so hot on mine, but I have to eat you, I have to suck on your little teen cunt!”

She lowered herself and started licking and sucking on my puffy little clit, then slipped her middle finger into my tight cunt.

Suddenly the elevator started moving, but going down instead of up. The blonde didn’t seem to care as her tongue circled and sucked on my clit and her finger when so deep inside me I groaned long and low.

I tried to push the blonde away afraid that the doors would open at any minute, but when the elevator arrived at the basement it remained closed.

” Ahhhhhh don’t stop please ooooooooohhh, make me cum, make me squirt my cunt juice down your throught,” I pleaded.

The blonde sucked on my wet pussy, then sucked my baby clit into her mouth and began nibbling on it with her teeth. I screamed with pain but yet pleasure I could feel myself cumming. The blonde took out her finger began sucking and licking my throbbing pussy she rubbed my clit then began tongue fucking me it felt so good that I grabbed her blonde goddess hair and began pushing her head deep into my cunt as I exploded washing her mouth and her face with a long spray of creamy girl cum.

As I recovered she moved up and kissed me gently and then started getting dressed.

“I gotta go,” she said.

”But the elevator doors aren’t open,” I said still moaning.

“Me and Sandy made it that way” she then pressed a red button ” you see, Sandy has seen and heard the whole thing, on that camera,` she pointed to a camera in the top corner of the elevator I hadn`t noticed, ” she smiled and leaned down and kissed me one last time.

`You were everything I hoped you would be, I`m sure Sandy`s cunt is dripping with cum too. By the way you are always welcome in this mall. ``

The doors closed behind her and she was gone.

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