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so basically, this is how it was. within 3 days of me knowing them, I was now effectively living with a very hot loooking nympho and her very pretty little girl of 7 years old.

Kathy and I would fuck at night, sleep naked, wake up and fuck, we'd go to work and within 15 minutes of being home we were fucking again. she could not get enough and I wasn't about to complain.

the only time I went back to my apartment was after they left, Kathy for work and Nancy for school, I'd go to my apartment shower, change, and work from my home office.

Sometimes Kathy would come home before picking up nancy and blow me while I was on the get some sperm in her throat, then go pick up nancy, and then I'd come over for dinner, fucking, and sleeping.

Kathy was wild and desperate for constant sex. I can't even remember it all, but when she was in the kitchen cooking, she'd call me from the living room where I"d be with Nancy, playing, helping her with homework, etc. I'd go into the kitchen and she'd quickly get on her hands and knees and blow me.

now the kitchen was separated from the dining room and living room by an island, so I could see Nancy on the couch, and many times she could see me - her mom would kneel down and not be seen while she blew me. I can't count how many times I came, while I was watching nancy, making sure she come to the kitchen but also starting to wonder what she was like - so cute and adoring at 7.

sometimes, we'd all be at the dinner table - Kathy would drop a fork, and climb under the table, scoot over and pull out my cock, and suck on it for a few seconds...put it away and emerge again, with her fork and a smile...all while nancy sat there eating..I'm sure she did not see what her mom was doing.

one night, about a week or two into me being there...we were watching tv...Nancy was on the floor in front of the sectional holding my hand - I was laying on the sofa sectional,, and kathywas sitting, my legs over her, a blanket on me covering her hands as she took my cock out and stroked it...not 3 feet from her daughter.

she got up and went to her room, and came out in her PJ's...really just my t-shirt...and no panties...straddled me, put hte blanket on us...took my cock (it was already out!) and inserted into her pussy - and just barely moved....until I was cumming inside one made a as not to disturb or let her dauhgetr know, who was still sitting on the floor, holding my hand.

now, because I was there, and helpful, and nice to her, and her daughter, Kathy was not only a nympho but very affectionate. a second piece of information is that little girls imitate their mommy's. and Nancy was no exception....

so if Kathy was not kissing me, caressing me, straddling me, Nancy was. Nancy was blonde, dirty blonde, unlike her mom's black hair. but her body was the spitting image, only shorter. Really really skinny, long torso, thing, long legs, and no chest..she was a child after all, adn remember her mom was 'a' cup.

she was also in love with me,..her eyes gleamed, and blushing, and touching - she was indeed a MASSIVE turn on. I can't describe to tell you how hard I'd get with a sexy little 7 year old, kissing my face all over, while she straddled me...she'd seen her mom do that. Or lay with her head in my lap...she didn't suck me, or touch my cock, but MAN, did it get me hard...she'd sometimes watch tv, straddling just one leg, and gently rock on it...I knew her pussy must have been just as hungry as her mom's....

the incident where her mom put on one of my t-shirts and fucked me on the couch, made her now want to wear my t-shirts as her PJ' now she's running around in a very loose, and shorter t-shirt, her thin legs, or exposed shoulder driving me CRAZY with lust and desire for her, which in turn led to some amazing fucking for her mom.

Saturday and Sunday mornings, she'd come running into 'our' bedroom and jump into bed. Remember we slept naked...her mom was careful though to put her on the other side of her body, so my morning cock didn't touch her daughter. but with her in bed, I'd get another morning erection and slip it into Kathy, fucking her slowly, softly with her daughter right there next to her. watching cartoons...until I'd cum..and have to stay there inside her...

about3 months into night..there was a thunderstorm...and Nancy came in to our room, scared..awoken by thunder...talking to her mom when she was asleep was useless....two things about Kathy - after she fell asleep she was not a cuddler, she'd move to the complete other side of the bed, and she slept like a stone, atomic bombs could be going off around her and nothing would stir her.

so Nancy came in, I'm naked, sticky from my earlier sex with Kathy..and she's standing on my side of the bed, I let her in...she jumped up... got between us....and then snuggled with ME!!!!!

I was laying on my bsack....trying not to get turned on and she snuggled uip to me, her silky dirty blonde locks on me, her small hand caressnig my chest and tummy, my arm around her, and one of her soft, silky legs over one of mine, snuggling tight, I was so fucking hard....

I waited until I heard her soft, almost snoring sound to know she was asleep, and I gently moved myself, so her finger tips were now touching my throbbing, aching cock...I didn't touch her arm or hands with mine, I just kind of wiggled.

OH MY...there are no words to describe the feeling of her gentle, soft fingers, on the underside of my erect, pulsing cock...I have to admit, I came very very quickly.....

I felt guilty, turned on, fulfilled, all at the same time. I mean I didn't touch her...but I hasd just used a 7 year old girls hand to masturbate with...I didn't get to sleep last night.

this wasn't the last time this was going to happen.....

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