When Dreams Enter Reality
Now first of all, I’d like to say that I’ve been reading stories on xnxx for many years and like lots of you, judging by the number of stories and views, like the taboo ones!

It’s always been simple fantasy and something that I would never contemplate doing in real life. Especially with my own daughter.

But when the following happened a few weeks ago, I felt it might be something I could share…

It was the Easter holidays and I had my daughter staying with me for the weekend. Her mother and I were never married, or even in a relationship, it was just one of those things that happened, but I’ve always taken my responsibilities seriously and always looked after her whenever I’ve needed to and always paid my way. She’s the only good thing I’ve got going in my life.

My daughters name is Laura and she is 9, she’ll be 10 in august. She like’s to think that she’s a lot older than she really is; she listens to music that’s way to explicit for her to be hearing, although that’s when she’s with friends. When she’s at home, I happen to know she actually enjoys listening to Justin Bieber, which is a particular bug-bear of mine!

All the while she likes to think she’s older, she still keeps her dolls and still sucks her thumb while she sleeps and when she thinks no-ones looking!

Now I know I’m supposed to say that she is very pretty as I’m her dad, but she really is. When she grows up she’s going to be a real man killer! She has long blonde hair, which passes her shoulder blades, sparkling blue eyes and a smile that would make you go weak at the knees. She certainly didn’t get her looks from me!

We spent Good Friday at the bowling alley and then the park, playing on the swings. Normally she would think she’s too old for playing on the swings, but it had been a couple of months since I had seen her and she was happy spending time with me, wherever it occurred.

That evening we came back to my apartment and ordered in some pizza and watched Harry Potter on DVD until it was time for her to go to bed.

Now, normally when she comes over to stay the plan is I have to sleep on the couch, as I only have a one bedroom apartment, but as she always loves to cuddle up when she falls asleep, most of the time I end up sleeping in the same bed. All innocently you understand.

Laura is a terrible fidget, even when just lounging watching TV, she can’t sit still. In bed its every bit as bad! She will roll around, kick her feet and usually end up with her feet on the pillows and head hanging over the side of the bed! It’s hilarious to me in the morning, but a proper pain when she says she want to be cuddled to sleep and fidgets at the same time! But you’ll never see me complain, I’m just happy she’s there.

That night she climbed into my bed wearing one of my t-shirts. She had her own nighty with her, but ever since her mum forgot to pack it one time last year, she loves to wear my t-shirts for some reason. The t-shirt was huge on her and came down to her knees, but she looked happy and cosy.

I followed her into bed wearing a pair of boxers. Normally I wouldn’t wear anything, why would you? But as I was sharing my bed with my daughter, you have to, don’t you.

We cuddled up under the covers and at first it seemed like the fidgeting wasn’t going to come as I wrapped my arms around her and she sunk her head into my chest, but then the inevitable; feet start wiggling and legs started flailing! Only slowly, you understand, but enough to stop me from falling asleep.

She seemed to be drifting off when her head fell from my chest and I let go of her from my arms, but then, like the Tasmanian devil, she did a complete 360 degree turn on her side and nearly kicked me in the face! I had to contain myself from laughing out loud, as whenever I laugh she always laughs with me and then she’d never get to sleep.

Another five to ten minutes of fidgeting and finally she fell asleep with her head on my lap, curled sideways in the foetal position and her knees pressed gently against my left arm.

With silence in the room and no more movement, I was left to drift off into a nice peaceful sleep.

That night I was dreaming that I was swimming underwater in a warm clear ocean. Whales swam by followed by a car bizarrely, then a mermaid called me over to an island. Suddenly I was on an empty beach naked, just me and the mermaid, who had legs now and she was also naked.

I could not see her face but I knew she was beautiful when she leaned in a kissed me passionately. She was model perfect, with very long blonde curly hair, tight athletically fit body, perfect sized firm breasts and an arse to die for.

She laid me down on my back on the beach and kissed me from head to foot. This was a good dream!

The mermaid worked her way up from my feet to my cock, which in this dream was huge, in reality it’s perfectly average! She sucked the head of my cock very gently and I asked to go deeper down, but she stayed at the head and sucked just a little harder. I felt like I could have come, even though I knew it was a dream, so I asked the mermaid to suck my balls to slow me down a little, but she didn’t respond and just kept sucking my head.

This was starting to feel a bit unusual for a dream. Normally in dreams, you can control what’s happening and it can be whatever you want it to be. But all the while the mermaid kept sucking my cock and I was getting close to climax.

This amazing feeling of my helmet being sucked felt different from a normal dream. It felt real. The sensations running from my groin throughout my body felt physical, real. It was almost like one of those moments when you’re dreaming that you have to go pee and you realise that you really do have to go to the toilet in real life.

That weird feeling slowly stirred me to half consciousness and the dream of the mermaid and the beach disappeared, but the feeling of approaching ecstatic orgasm had not. I strained my eyes open a crack to view reality; it was dark in direct contrast to the bright, sunny beach I had been enjoying.

The moment of mild disorientation passed and still the tangible feeling of the mermaids mouth around the head of my cock was there.

It was then that the reality of what was happening hit me, hard.

I lifted the covers high to see the shadowy silhouette of my daughters head, resting on my stomach. Surely she couldn’t be doing what I thought she was doing?

I was a fraction of a second away from yelling ‘what the hell are you doing?’, when I heard the familiar sound of her slow breaths while she slept. I raised my head higher to look down and saw her body curled up away from me, one leg sticking clear out the side of the bed, with her back moving in motion of her breathing. It was clear she was fast asleep and did not have a clue that my hard cock head was not her thumb in her mouth.

I looked around the side of her resting head to see my erect cock was poking out of the slit of my boxers and my cock buried between Laura’s lips.

I reached down to tap her on the shoulder and stop her, but then stopped myself. I didn’t want to embarrass her like that if she woke up. I started to shuffle a little and see if I could get my cock out of her mouth that way, but to no avail.

I then reached down to my cock to get it out by hand. It was rock solid, more so than normal and it was obvious that it wasn’t coming out without waking her.

Barely a minute had passed since I woke from my dream and the sensations of my daughters little mouth sucking gently on my helmet were still heightened. My body was tingling from an imminent eruption of cum exploding from cock, but I just had to hold on, I had to stop myself from ejaculating into my daughters sleeping mouth.

It was getting unbearable, I was starting to jerk my legs and my body was quivering. I had to bite my bottom lip to try and stop the orgasm reaching it’s peak.

I managed to hold on for several more minutes, whilst trying my best to stifle my legs and body from bucking and jerking while Laura’s lips were wrapped around my head.

She was sucking a little harder now and I could feel her tongue gently caressing my helmet in her mouth. It was getting too much and I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer, my knees were starting to shake uncontrollably and one small jerk of my leg seemed to stir Laura a little.

I stared, wide-eyed at ceiling, praying she wouldn’t wake up. But it did get her to fidget a little. Finally, I thought, maybe she’ll stop. She did.

She shifted her head a little on my stomach and released my cock from her mouth. Thank god, I thought. That gave me a release from the pressure of nearly climaxing. She curled her leg back in under the covers and moved her hand up my leg and slid it under the loose leg of my boxers to rest it on my balls. Not groping, just resting.

Then I heard her from under the covers smack her lips and then just a second or two later she again wrapped her mouth around my cock and started sucking harder than before.

The momentary release of pressure had calmed me down, but in no way did it stop my cock from being achingly solid.

I had a momentary thought that maybe she knew what she was doing now, but then her breathing returned to the familiar and the sucking not as severe. She was back into deep sleep again.

This time her sucking was slightly different. She seemed to be moving her tongue more over the edge of my helmet. Together with her fingers twitching ever so slightly on balls knew I wouldn’t last long. This was going to be hell.

I just had to stop her from making me cum in her mouth, but the same thing kept coming back in my head; I didn’t want her to feel embarrassed or ashamed. After all, she didn’t know what she was doing. So I decided to see if I could bare it out.

I laid there, with my swollen head being sucked deliciously by my daughter, the feeling of her little hand resting on my balls.

It didn’t take long, only a couple of minutes, before the feeling came back. The feeling of imminent eruption. The feeling of my balls tightening in Laura’s hand. The feeling in my lower stomach that I was about to explode.

My body again started to twitch, my legs started to jerk. I could just about hold it before, but this time I had the additional sensation of Laura’s tongue licking the edge of my helmet combined with her fingers twitching on balls.

It was time, I couldn’t hold it for any longer. My whole body bucked violently and semen rose fast from my tight balls, up my stiff shaft and burst from my cock into the mouth of my daughter.

My body was shaking viciously as jet after jet of cum erupted from my cock into Laura’s mouth. The orgasm was enormous. It kept going as Laura continued to suck.

Finally I came to rest. I opened my eyes wide in a panic. Shit! She’s stopped sucking. She must have woken up after all that movement. I laid there silent, listening for any sound coming from Laura. Just the one noise came from under the sheet. The sound of her gulping.

Oh fuck, I thought, does she know what she’s just done?

I just laid there, hoping she’d think I was asleep and what she had done was just a weird dream. But she shifted up the bed and brought her head to mine. My eyes were closed and I faked that I was sleeping. ‘Dad?’ She whispered into my ear. I didn’t respond. Again she whispered to me to see if I was awake. I didn’t respond and just feigned a little light snoring.

Finally she rested her head tight against mine on the pillow, kissed me on the cheek and whispered quietly ‘I love you Daddy.’

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2015-06-03 04:59:40
Excellent!! I wish I could be your daughter... I would never stop sucking the cum out of you. Your daughter is very smart, she did want to taste your cock and your cum all that time. She played well and so would I. I bet she still wanna do it again and again and again...

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2015-05-31 02:39:46
A "RESPONIBLE" parent would have and could have stopped this immediately. Whether it was intentional or not letting such an act continue is unnacceptable. Reading stories about fantasies is very different than reading reality. This is so fucking wrong on so many levels. You are on sick, twisted, fucking Limey bastard. Your immortal soul is doomed!


2014-04-15 19:19:47
do you even plan on making more of these since they so much you can add to this story.

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2013-10-27 21:22:26
This is an awesome story, very well written :)

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2013-10-18 14:47:04
you losers bitch at people for stories a lot on here. if it bothers you do not read it. i would be afraid to scar her to. if i found out she knew what she did i would stop letting her sleep in the same bed. it would hurt her by doing so but is the safest choice.

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