A twin uses his similar appearance to his sister to fool his best friend into fucking him
My names Joe, I am 16 years old, blonde, quite skinny and not particularly muscular. I have a twin sister Katrine who apart from being a girl looks extremely similar to me, she even sounds the same. And this is how I used that to my advantage.

I have a best mate called Dan, he's the same age as me, brown haired and very attractive. We've known each other for years but recently I've been having urges and desires towards him. I've always thought I was straight and I've had many girlfriends who I've fucked and particuarly enjoyed fucking. However my cravings for him were different. I lusted after him, I wanted to feel his hot rod penetrating my tight anus. To feel every inch of him and have his warm seed in my mouth and face. Even writing this now I've gone rock hard at the thought of him. I had no interest in being in a relationship with him I just wanted to feel him dominate me.

However I was never man enough to attempt anything, fearing that it would ruin our friendship. So I kept the desires to myself. That was until a few months ago. It was new year and I had invited him round to my house where my family were hosting a party. We were both drinking and I thought possibly we might get drunk and something would happen, it did, but not with me. I had left my room to go to the toilet and came back to find him kissing my sister in the hallway. Since then they have been dating each other and even started having sex.

I was infuriated, not just at the betrayal of him going out with my twin sister which I had always forbidden, but jealous of both of them. I often had incestuous thoughts about my sister coupled with my lust for Dan, it was unbearable. Dan kept apoligising about this but slowly our friendship was lost as each time he came over he would always end up with Katrine and seemed much more interested in fucking her than playing ps3 with me. My parents were out at work for most of the day so there was no end to their love making.

My sister had gymnastic lessons and would leave the house every thursday and leave the house for 2 hours. In the past I had used to go into her room and steal panties to wank with, this became a habit until she almost caught me one day and I stopped doing it. However when sitting in my room hopelessly jacking my cock, I realised something. Dan had been round the night before and I was pretty sure they had been fucking. I thought that possibly if I found a pair of her panties they might have some of his jizz left on them.

With this in mind I sneaked into her room. Looking round the room I saw her phone, she must have left it behind, if she could forget that maybe she could have forgotton to hide her dirty underwear.And I was right, in the middle of the floor was a small lacy pair of her underwear. Getting closer I picked them up and saw a white stain on the front. Dan had ejaculated onto these! Suddenly I started to feel very aroused, not only was Katrine sex juices on these, but Dan's seed aswell. I unzipped my trousers and let my cock bounce free.

Bringing the panties to my mouth I licked the white stain and inhaled the smell deeply. There was a trace of salt, if a dry stain of his seed tasted this good imagine the real thing! I quickly started wanking my cock imagining Dan ejaculating his seed onto my chest and face. It didn't take long for me to orgasm and I quickly covered the panties in my own jizz.

I checked the time on my phone, I still had another 1 and 3 quarter hours till my sister came home. Still feeling aroused I had the sudden urge to slip on the skimpy pair of underwear now oozing both mine, Dan's and Katrines cum. I slipped off my trousers and boxer shorts, followed by my T shirt and looked in the mirror at my full naked body, cock pointing up rock solid. Fueled by excitement I slipped into my sisters skimpy underwear. If it wasn't for my rod poking out through the elastic I actually looked a lot like a woman. Now that I had done the underwear I couldn't help but try on a bra aswell just to complete the set. I walked over to my sisters draws and picked out a matching bra. After a bit of struggle with the buckles I finally got it on and observed myself in the mirror. I looked like the spitting image of my sister, I should mention she has quite undeveloped breasts for her age.

It was then a new idea came to me, one of those brilliant horny ideas that make you want to cum there and then. If i text Dan from her phone I could get him to come over. Then insist on having the lights off and make him think I was her. It was risky, he could easily find out it was me, but what if he did, I would finally be able to feel him close to me, possibly even get him to fuck me. My mind raced with the possiblities, and perhaps stupidly I text him "Hey Baby, feeling horny right now, need your cock in my ass, waiting for you in the dark, cum and surprise me xxx". I then switched the light off and eagerly jumped into Katrines bed anticipating what was to come.

After 20 minutes I heard the house door open and close again. This was it. I made sure I was well covered by the duvet and curled round into a ball so my ass was facing the door. The bedroom door squeaked open. I was worried that the light from the hall would reveal who I really was. "Hey Baby" i heard Dan pur from the doorway. He shut the door, I hadn't been recognized, this was going perfectly. "Shush" I said as seductively as possible hoping he wouldn't recognize my voice. "This is so mysterious I love it." Dan exclaimed as I heard him walk closer towards the bed. "Shush" I repeated. He must have been close because I could hear his breathe. I heard a clackle of a belt buckle and the soft drop of fabric as he dropped his trousers. Followed by the swoop of a t shirt hitting the foor. I wanted to look at his half naked muscular build but had to resist the urge. This became more difficult when I heard him pull his boxers down his leg and kick them off. I swear I heard an audible smack as his hard cock sprung free and hit his chest. It was then the I felt pressure push down on the side of the bed as he started to get in. He just a couple of centimetres away from me now.

He placed his hand on my waste. I could feel the warmth and musk of his body as he began to spoon himself around me. I had to be careful and make sure he didn't go near my hair or my cock to avoid discovery. His other hand joined in and grabbed the other side of my waste. He slowly caressed his arms around to my naked stomach, it felt amazing for him to finally do this to me. He gripped me tightly and started dry humping my panties. Suddenly I felt his hard cock poke me in my ass for the first time. My desire was peaking. He slowly thrusted his dick into the groove of my ass. "Do you like that baby?" he wispered. "mm" I moaned trying my best to imitate my sister, he seemed to be falling for it so far though.

He slowed the thrusting which was a shame because his cock had been poking my ring, I was really getting horny now. I started to worry about what his next movement was going to be. His arms started moving down the sides of my legs towards my cock. I quickly grabbed his hands and moved them to my ass. Which he greeted with a hard squeeze. Disaster averted.

I reached my arm and found his cock. It felt warm and thick in my hand, after years of lust I finally had his cock in my hand and his naked body exploring my ass. Admittedly I was dressed up as my sister but it was as close to perfect as I could have got. His rod twitched in my hand like an animal ready to pounce. I gave it up a couple of quick tugs and heard him groan with ecstasy.

His thumbs hooked the elastic of the panties and he pulled them over the ridge of my arse. He gave my arse a quick tender kiss and asked "are you ready baby?" in a smooth caring voice. "MMmm" I replied. I felt him shuffle up into position under the duvet. I grabbed my cock and balls with one hand to make sure he didn't feel them and with my other hand spat on it and grabbed his hard rod guiding it towards my hole. His head poked my tender ass hole. I heard him groan as he pushed further. His head forced through my tight crevice, I could feel every milimetre of his fat dick push into me, it felt incredible. He gripped my waste tight as he forced the next 3 inches of his cock deep into me. I yelped with shock. "Don't worry Kat, almost there now." he assured me. My ass was on fire from the pure pleasure he was giving me. He gently pushed the last 2 inches into me. I moaned with pleasure.

He then gripped me harder and pulled his cock out of my arse at once with a satisfying pop. My hole burned as he withdrew it. I longed for him to be back inside me so I grabbed his arse cheek and forced him back in as quick as I could. I couldn't help but moan as I did this. His cock was huge and was forcing my asshole apart. There was a musky smell developing round us formed from sweat and lust. That was when he started thrusting.

Suddenly I was being pounded, my whole body shook. His balls slapped against me with every thrust. My penis which I had been tightly clenching to avoid discovery almost broke free of my hand. It was heavenly. His cock was breaking me apart.

"Kat, I'm going to CUM." Dan called out. I felt his cock bulge within my ass. I reached round pulled it out and let him cum all over my lower back.

"That was great." Dan said bringing his arms up to my chest groping the bra I was wearing.
"Can you not talk or something?". He was clearly becoming suspicous, either from my lack of speech, the unusual amount of body hair or the fact I had no tits. I hadn't planned this far ahead so I had no idea what to do. What if he told Katrine? What will happen to our friendship when he finds out I just tricked him breaking my anal virginity.

"Baby?" Dan asked. His hands explored my body once more, this time in a less sexual but more confused way. I quickly pulled the panties up from ankles and moved across the bed so he didn't find my penis. With my best feminine voice I replied "That was amazing, but you need to go my parents will be back soon. I'm a bit embarassed so can you not mention we did this again, I need you to do that for me." I stared into the darkness infront of me waiting for him to recognise my voice. "Okay" he replied, clearly I sound more like my sister than I thought I did.

I felt him move closer to my face, I was preparing to jump back, but then he tenderly kissed me on the lips. I kissed him back and soon our tongues were diving into each others mouths. "Love you." He wispered delicately and with that he jumped off the bed and rustled back into his clothing. I made sure to hide under the covers as he opened the door and left the room. Leaving me with the lust filled aroma. I had finally got his cock, and it felt amazing.

I rolled over onto my front and scooped up Dan's come from my back and swallowed all of it. His seed tasted delightful, sweet but salty at the same time. I sat on my sisters bed and wanked using the thoughts of what just happened. Before I orgasmed I whipped off the panties and cummed more than I ever have before into the fabric. I decided to keep these ones for myself. As a reminder of what happened.

I quickly tidied up Katrine's room and left with half an hour to spare till she got home. Leaving me time for a quick shower to clean up.

I heard the front door open and Katrine move up the stairs. But then instead of going to her room I heard her approaching my door. She opened it with a weird accusing expression on her face. She stood there in my doorway wearing nothing but a skin tight blue leotard and a gym bag on her shoulder. Her small breasts poked out like mountains and her mound looked perfect. Her shoulder length curly ginger hair brushed down the side of her breasts and slender arms.
"Did Dan come round here?" She asked.
"No." I replied trying to sound as inconspicuous as possible.
"Hm, Ok." She said and started to turn around. When she stopped, stairing at something at the other side of my room.
I turned to look at where she was staring, the cum stained panties, I'd forgotton to hide them.
"Why have you got those?"

End of this part. Will make more if people like them.

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