A trip to the doctor becomes an experience of a lift time.
Doctor Kelsey's quest for the ultimate orgasm

In the early spring of this year I had put up with a wet hacking cough I assumed was more of an irritation than a health hazard. After six weeks I started to worry and saw my regular GP. He put me through a regiment of antibiotics that didn't seem to help and then referred me to a pulmonary specialist.

Dr. Grace Kelsey was a breath of fresh air to an old goat like me. She was slim with an attractive face, but hide her figure behind a long white smock coat. Our first meeting sparked a sexual interest I have not felt for many years that left me thinking of her often and half fantasizing for the next several months even though she was less than half my age. Ï thought I saw or felt some mutual interest on her part.

Her end of the conversation was delivered with a professional concern and in an interested manner. When my list of complaints included sinus problems also she instructed me in the use of a device that flushes out the sinus area with a saline solution. She professed to using it twice a day herself. She also mentioned in a soft tone and without looking me in the face, that there were many benefits from flushing out all the body cavities daily. I did not pickup on the implications until later when I was sitting and thinking about her in a sexual way.

She had sent me for a battery of tests and a couple of C-T scans. The first showed a small nodule in one lung that had concerned her so I was scheduled for a second scan three months later. Of course with the passage of time all my symptoms were gone.

At the follow up appointment I was sitting in her new but smaller offices as she had split with her partner (both personnel and professional). I could tell the offices were attached to her home. When she stepped into the examination room she almost knocked me over with her warm friendly smile and greeting. Her eyes twinkled and with a seductive leer she said she had good news for me. Her attire was completely different, as she now wore an attractive mid thigh pleated skirt with dark black stockings that revealed her exceptionally long legs and large well developed calves.

My face must have revealed my immediate lustful interest as she broke into a huge grin and said “what a nice way to enter a room. What has got you so happy?” I continued to ogle her long darkly clad legs and said “ I was just admiring your stockings. She hesitated for a moment then asked “ Oh ! and what do you really think of them?” I answered “ I was thinking how nice it would be if those were nylons held up by a garter belt.”

She flushed a little pink and with a sly smile said “ I will never tell so if you really want to find out you will have to look for your self. “ I was down off the high examination table I was sitting on and kneeling in front of her before she could say anything else or retract her implied offer.

My sudden movement startled her but as I crouched in front of her and started to lift the bottom of her skirt she stepped half a step closer instead of backing away. I continued to raise her skirt until her crotch area was completely exposed. Instead of nylons and garter belt she was wearing something I had never seen before, crotchless panty hose with no panties.

I was at eye level with the most seductive pussy I had seen in many years. She kept it shaved bald and my face was no more than four inches away. She stepped sideways a little to open her legs and then pressed the luscious cleft across the bridge of my nose, dividing and opening the moist lips. She rocked her pelvis gently against my partially inserted nose and shuddered with the pleasure it brought her.

She stepped back suddenly and her skirt dropped back into place. As she turned to go out the door she said “ I will be back in a few minutes if you want to continue. Oh by the way your tests came out good so what ever was wrong seems to have gone away.”

I was still on the floor on my knees with a lump in my pants and a wet nose, not knowing which way was up. The moistness on my nose had a sweet minty fresh smell so with my finger I removed some of the viscous fluid and taste it. Minty fresh also! I finally half stood (due to the growing hard on) and found a low chair with rollers to sit on as I waited. She returned a few minutes later and said her two assistants had gone to lunch and I was her last appointment for the day, so we were alone.

When I didn't rise from the rolling chair she stepped up to the examination table with her skirt pulled up and sat down. She pulled two stirrups out from the sides of the table and extended them as she kicked off her shoes. As she laid back she placed her heels in the stirrups leaving her knees bent partially and legs spread with her moist pussy lips slightly parted and beckoning me to explore.

I had rolled the chair up closer for a better look when she said “ the chair is adjustable if you need to be a little higher.” as I adjusted and rolled closer she scooted towards me further, leaving her butt hanging just off the edge and spreading her legs wider.

Still unable to believe my good fortune I lightly placed my tongue between her parted lips and probed up until I contacted her clit. She moaned as I began to manipulate her love button and lick the insides of her lips.

“My god you have the most delicious pussy I have ever tasted” I said between licks and gulps of the vaginal fluids I was swallowing. I looked up to see her looking back at me with a satisfied smile and she said “one of the pleasures I indulge in several times a day is a hot douche with scented oils. Keeps me always edible and titillates my insides so I’m ready for and on the edge of an orgasm.”

She squirmed and pressed her vagina into my face as she began to breath faster with low gasps at each wave of pleasure. I got down to business by burying my face into her and plunging my tongue as deep as I could. She was climaxing in less than a minute and shaking with spasms of sexual release as she bucked and pushed against the stirrups. When she calmed and the spasms started to abate I finished by licking up all the extra juices and finally placing my mouth over her entire vulva to suck it dry.

She lay there shaking with the pleasure of post climax thrills that run through ones body and her breathing started to slow. She said “ I have to admit I indulged in a quick douche before I came in to see you today as I have been having some lurid thoughts about you. I have always had a thing for older men and you have piqued my interest from the first visit.”

I was at a loss for words and so turned on I could only respond “ I have been having the same thoughts and would love to have watched you preparing your tasty pussy for me.” her eyes opened wide and she responded “ would you really like to watch. All my previous friends found that sort of thing uninteresting or disgusting and never wanted to be a part of it.”

I dipped forward. Dropped down and licked from her exposed asshole to the top of her vagina and with my chin resting on her mound said “ something you said at my first appointment stuck with me. It was something about the benefits of flushing all orifices. I have been thinking about what fun that could be.”

She shuddered with pleasure then took a long slow breath in and said “ if you can wait for a while to climax I promise I can make this first experience together something you will never forget.” she extended a hand for me to help her up and had me follow her through a couple of rooms into what was her private quarters.

Of course I was walking slightly bent over and when she noticed she stopped and had me extract my throbbing cock. She gave it a couple of soft strokes and said “ just leave it out for now and we will take care of it in a way you have probably not experienced before.”

As we entered a bedroom she asked me to help her undress and had me remove each piece of clothing carefully. When I finished with her she began doing the same to me. I was shaking with anticipation and lust. We both licked, kissed, touched and fondled each other during the undressing, raising our level of excitement to the point of frenzy.

She put on latex gloves and had me watch her as she prepared two large enema bags with a concoction that contained some kind of scented oil and five drops in each of a liquid from a small bottle. When I asked what it was she smiled and said “ I won't bother with the technical name but it is a dermal nerve stimulant that will make any flesh it comes in contact with more sensitive and leaves an itching tickling effect. When used in the right way it's very similar to Spanish Fly, but you don't have to take a lethal dose to get the effects.”

As she finished the enema bags she added with a wicked grin “these are for later.” She then began prepping and doing the same to two douche bags that had different nozzles attached. One looked to be a regular bag for a woman and the other had what looked like about a foot of small diameter clear surgical tubing at it's end. It all of a sudden dawned on me that if the one with the regular nozzle was going into her vagina the other was intended for me. I gulped and said “are you sure about this”

Her face turned wicked again as she put one drop in each of the bags and said “ I don't do this often. To be truthful I have only used it a few times before as the sensations it brings on are so intense you can't get enough stimulation and sometimes rub your genitals raw.”

She went on to explain “The first time I used it my partner and I both over indulged. He lost all feeling in his penis for three weeks and I wound up doing some of the most sexually depraved things a person can imagine. We later found when introduced inside the urinary track in a smaller dose the sex is overwhelming but does no damage.”

“ I would love to hear the whole story sometime” I responded and she winked saying “here let me show you something.” she took a drop on the end of her finger and massaged it into her nipples and then did the same to me. She cautioned me not to touch the area until it had dried. My nipples both became erect. I noticed that both of hers were standing out as if they had been sucked until raw. The tingling and deep itch was driving me crazy as it was her. I could feel the sensation all the way down to my groin and wanted to pinch my nipples and masturbate at the same time.

Grace was stroking her nipples and groaning with pleasure. She suggested we take everything into the bathroom and get started before we became lost in self stimulation.

She had me sit on a plastic chair in her oversized shower and lubed up the surgical tubing before beginning to insert it down the head of my penis. It was apparent she knew what she was doing as it was fully inserted within seconds with, but still with a lot of pain and burning. She then opened a stopper and slowly squeezed the contents of the douche bag into my urinary track. I could feel pressure building inside as if I needed to take the largest piss of my life. Even after a night of drinking I had never needed to piss this bad.

Before I could do anything she pulled the tubing out and and pinched the head of my cock, holding back the flow. She stood aside as she released me and a stream of urine under high pressure blasted against the shower wall above our heads. I realized I was holding my breath from the pain and let out a sigh of relief.

She took my hand and had me stand as she asked if I wanted to do her. I was delighted and said “ I can hardly wait”. Which I could tell turned her on even more. She sat on the edge of the chair and spread her legs out wide while handing me the other douche. This one had a small diameter angled nozzle that was only about three or four inches long. I could see she was really enjoying the act of having me use the douche on her, so I took my time and massaged her vagina as I slowly inserted the nozzle.

She was trying to show me how to insert the slender part into her urethra but I couldn't quit find the small hole and emptied the bottle into her vaginal canal. I made a lot of sexual moaning sounds and talked about how excited I was to be doing this. She was on the verge of a climax just from my histrionics and moaned along with me as she said “ we are both in for a wild ride. I only used the drug in my vagina once before and that was the time it got really out of hand.

I was already experiencing the effects as I could feel the entire length of my urinary canal. What I mean is from the inside tip of my cock and down it's length to my bladder I could feel a sensation almost like a very pleasant itch but it was driving me crazy at the same time. It was more like a continuous low grade orgasm. I was not shooting sperm or even leaking it but my cock had never been this erect before.

The concoction she had administered must have drawn more blood into my erection as it looked at least an inch and a half longer and bigger around than I had ever seen it. The sensations I was feeling were about ten time as intense as normal.

The feeling was making me emit a low moan from the pleasure. I noticed Grace was doing the same as she had her head back and eyes closed. She soon stood and pulled me into the bedroom where she sat down on the edge of the high bed then laid back with her legs in the air and said “ oh please put it in me. I need you to fill me right now. My pussy is going crazy inside and needs your cock.”

I stepped forward standing next to the bed between her spread upraised legs and began to pushed the swollen head of my aching penis into her a little at a time. Her vagina was tight and pulsing back at me as if it were first trying to stop my entry as it contracted and then trying to suck my cock inside as it released. The pulses of her muscles would only allow an inch or so of insertion until the contraction released. Even though I kept a slow steady forward pressure it still took about 30 seconds for me to make contact with her cervix.

As I hit bottom we both swooned with the multiplied pleasure. She now had her legs spread wider as she laid with her ass just off the edge of the bed. We both held a contraction that must have lasted almost a minute without either of us moving as the feeling was so intense neither of us could stand to move and increase the sensation. Then as I started to stroke into her we each began climaxing so violently I had to hang on to her hips to keep from being disengaged. I keep squirting semen into her for about 30 pulses and then continued with dry pulses for at least another 30.

Grace was straining so much I was afraid she would have a stroke. Beads of sweat had popped out on her and she was screaming “ oh god !! fuck me harder” over and over again. There was large streams of our combined cum being forced out in gushes each time I rammed my cock all the way in. I thought I had depleted my self but kept stroking and then the whole erotic scene combined with the internal itch and her screaming brought on another orgasm.

I don't know where it came from but I started squirting into her again. This time it was partly cum and large spurts of urine I was filling her with. My cock was still so hard and enlarged I continued to pound it into her with a brutal force that I was sure was battering and bruising her insides but she still kept me going with her verbal demands and it felt so good I couldn't quit.

Soon my legs were shaking so bad I had to pull out and sit on the floor beneath her. As I pulled my cock out there was a loud slurping pop and I sat on the floor with my body shaking. I looked up at her wide open gaping pussy as another large stream of love fluids was forced out and ran down the side of the bed. A large stream of hot urine arced out of the wide open pussy and splattered off me until she was empty.

I finally laid back on the floor to try and recover my breath. My cock was still standing taller and bigger around than I had ever seen it but now it was an angry red and still throbbed. When I had recovered a bit I looked up to see Grace's vagina still oozing large globs of some viscous fluid. I stood and moved forward rubbing my cock against her slimy twat. She opened her eyes and said “ please put it in me. I need you to fuck me again.”

I wanted to put my cock into her but it was so raw I couldn't bring my self to endure the pain and pleasure. Instead I slipped two fingers into her and began to finger fuck her rapidly. She was already breathing fast and urging me to give her more so I added one finger at a time until I was trying to push my folded thumb in also. Grace was panting and demanding more so in an almost mean spirited way, I rammed my entire hand into her up to my wrist.

She screamed in pain as I forced past the outer restrictive area of her ravaged pussy and as the pain subsided she was soon approaching another orgasm. She again started yelling when I pounded several inches of my forearm into her. When I balled my hand into a fist she screamed “oh yes! Oh yes “over and over as she climaxed again. This time she fainted and her body continued to twitch and jerk for several minutes.

I pulled my hand and arm out of her slowly. I realized I wanted to shove my cock into her again even though she was not conscious. Instead I walked over to the night stand and retrieved the cups of liquid she had mixed earlier and drank one. The other I took to her and held her head up pouring it down her throat with a little chocking. She had told me earlier it would neutralize the effects of the potion in about fifteen minutes. As I got off the bed her body was so inviting I couldn't help but run my hands and eyes up and down her long legs, making me want to fuck her again. I decided to roll her over on her stomach so she wouldn't choke.

With those long shapely legs hanging off the bed and her firm small ass exposed I couldn't help my self. I parted her cheeks and knelt down to inspect her tight asshole. It looked so inviting I pushed my tongue against the outer rim but it would not slip in. It was evident from the pleasant taste that she had indeed purged all cavities earlier.

I stood quickly and began pushing my still erect cock past the sphincter muscle. Everything was still so sloppy with goo it soon was deep inside her bowels. My cock was raw but the feeling of being held tight inside her was a relief from the effects of the drug. I began slow long strokes that brought both intense pleasure and relief at the same time.

As I quickened the strokes Grace started to regain consciousness. At first she was startled and then began to respond with groans of pleasure and a tightening of her muscles as I withdrew for the next plunge inward. She asked me to let her roll over on her back so she could watch. I pulled out and soon she was facing up with her legs on my shoulders.

I reached underneath her and parted her butt cheeks and soon was fully inserted again. She smiled and said “to bad we didn't use the enemas. It would add even more feeling.” I told her we had both drunk the antidote she provided. She asked how long ago and I said about five minutes. She said “then you better get busy, because you may loose your erection and this feels so good I don't want you to stop.”

I began picking up speed and was soon pounding deep into her. I could feel the internal itch starting to lessen as she was approaching another orgasm. I had both thumbs inserted in her pussy and asked her about the first time she used the drug. I could tell as she thought back it was exciting her even more. She again climaxed with an intense satisfaction and the hint of a wicked smile. I had quit stroking and was slowly loosing the best erection of my life but left it inserted. She told me this story.

“Dave had just procured some of the dermal nerve enhancer.

He wanted to try some on both of us and I was more than willing as
anything that might improve or intensify sex was great with me.

Not knowing what to do he applied a liberal amount to his cock and was soon masturbating and climaxing at a heightened level.

I didn't want to be left behind so I put more on him and jumped on top forcing him inside me.

The sensations were so intense I was soon having a continuous orgasm.

We fucked like two crazy people for about twenty minutes and then the problems started.

His cock went completely limp and he began to loose all feeling in it.

I was left with a pussy aching to be filled. So I left his bedroom in search of something to satisfy me.

My first find was a bottle brush in the kitchen, that I shoved into my vagina and began fucking myself with.

It helped but I was still not receiving the stimulation I desired so I continued looking for something else.

At the backdoor I heard his two male Shepard’s whining to get some attention.

I had heard in medical school of women having sex with animals and was immediately letting them in through the back door.

They both knew something was up, I guess from my smell and excitement.

Both were putting their noses into my crotch and ass.

I was soon down on all fours and the alpha dog was mounting me from behind.

It was awkward to get his penis started into me but when I did he was soon slamming it in and out faster than I thought possible.

Within a minute his knot was swelling and he managed to force it deep inside.

I screamed and almost passed out from the pain but was soon experiencing my third or fourth orgasm of the day.

The dog pounded away for five or six minutes and began shooting his load of semen into me.

I could feel the hot dog cum first filling me and then squishing out in great gobs.

As he finished we were tied together and the time it took for his knot to dissipate enough for separation was excruciating.

As he plopped out the other dog was on me within a few seconds and trying to ram his cock in.

The sloppy mess leaking out of me and my dilated pussy allowed him easy access.

As soon as he started pumping his knot was inside and feeling wonderful.

I had hardly recovered from the last fucking and orgasm and was fast approaching another.

This one came on like an avalanche, starting slow and picking up speed and intensity as it began to crest.

I began convulsing as the second dog started shooting his load into me.

I was so highly excited I could feel each spurt of hot semen as it was pumped into my over stimulated vagina.

I was on all fours with my head down trying to recover when I heard someone chuckle and looked up to see Dave taking pictures with his cell phone of me and the second dog locked together.

Our relationship had gone down hill since then and just recently ended.

He has tried to use the photos to blackmail me since the day it happened.

Fortunately he didn't get any that really identified me as he couldn't get a good facial image.


I was now returning to normal and intrigued by her story. My cock had finally slipped out and gone completely limp. It was very sensitive and would start to engorge with the slightest touch or accidental brush. I asked Grace if she ever had another session with the dogs and she said that was one of the things Dave was trying to force her to do. She said she would have liked to try it again but knew he would take advantage and have something to really blackmail her with. We called it a day and just before I left she said I should come back soon and we would finish off with the enemas. I smiled and promised I would and then told her I took care of a friends great Dane a couple of times a year if she was interested we could set something up with no pictures. With a lewd smile she said “ I think that is just what the Doctor ordered.”

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