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Episode 6: A Truly "Personal" Digital Assistant

Zack spent the rest of Friday, until about two in the morning, digging into the code inside the devices. He couldn't, obviously, read the programming inside the programming device itself, and so he instead had to write some software that would fool it into thinking it had sent a message over the Internet when in fact the codes had only been saved to a file on his hard drive. It took him only three hours to do that, for it was straightforward work.

By the time he was finished, satisfied with his progress, he was very tired. He climbed into bed, and fell asleep quickly. His dreams were still troubling, for he was worried about what Adam was doing, what was happening behind his back. He would need to get Shirley to start feeding him information soon.


Zack awoke late, but feeling fairly rested. He still didn't know what Adam had planned, but he figured that, if it involved Zack, he could deal with it. He showered and ate lunch, going on the computer to check email and surf for a while. His mother knocked on his door, startling him out of a story he was reading.

"Yeah?" he responded distractedly.

"Honey, Mrs. Selman's outside, waiting for you."

"Oh. Okay. I'm gonna stay there for dinner, okay?"

"Sure. Zack, how are things with them?" He had told his parents about the separation.

"They're... okay. They get a little down from time to time, but they seem to be managing so far." Zack hoped it would stay that way.

"Good. Well, you better get going. See you later."

"Bye, Mom."

Zack hustled out to the car, and climbed in. Mrs. Selman smiled at him. "Hey, Zack. How are you today?"

"Great, Mrs. S. You seem to be in a much better mood, too."

"Well, I can't stay down all the rest of my life just because I lost my husband to a hussy." Zack could hear the bitterness in her voice, though she tried to keep it light and friendly.

"You'll find another guy, Mrs. S. Someone who will treat you right."

She looked over at him, but said nothing. His insides turned at the look she had given him, but he didn't really know what it meant. The rest of the ride to Brian's house was quiet.

Zack hustled back to Brian's room once they arrived. Closing the door, he flopped himself down on Brian's bed. Brian was sitting at his computer, playing Solitaire.

"You seem to be in a good mood," Brian said to him, turning away from the machine.

"Got a present yesterday," Zack said in explanation. He reached into his book bag and pulled out one of the PDAs that Adam had shipped to him.

"Is that what I think it is?"

"An Adamant AO Digital Assistant, he calls it."

"You tried it yet?"

"No. Just got it last night. Haven't had anyone to try it on."

"Cool. Who you gonna test it on?"

"Haven't really thought about it. There were some fine girls out at the college Wednesday I wouldn't mind giving it a go on, though."

"I bet."

"So, how are things around here?" Zack asked, getting back to a more serious subject as he packed away the PDA into his knapsack.

"Except for Mom, everyone's adjusting. Bonnie, Pam and me, well, we have each other to comfort ourselves with."

"How's that going?" Zack asked with a chuckle.

"With sisters like those, who needs a girlfriend?" he asked.

"What about Wendy?"

"Wendy seems to let stuff roll off her. I don't really know if it bothers her or not."

"What's the matter with your mom, then?"

Brian sighed. "She gets mood swings. Coming to pick you up, she seemed all happy, but just two hours ago, she was damn near the point of crying."

Hmm. I don't know enough psychology to deal with that without really screwing things up in her head. To Brian, he said. "I'm sorry, man. Is there anything I can do?"

"Don't know. Maybe it's the program, but she seems to be happier when you're around than when you're not."

Zack shrugged. "Could be. I didn't put anything like that in there, though."

"I don't know. Hell, all I know is I wish life wasn't so complicated all of a sudden."

"I can sympathize with that!" Zack said with a chuckle. Brian grinned, but was still upset about it.

"So, what do you want to do today?" Zack asked.

"Get laid," Brian answered with a laugh.

Zack responded, "Okay, but... um... I really don't want to watch..."

Getting more serious, Brian said, "And I don't want you to! No, I think Wendy really wants to spend some time with you, though."

Zack started getting hard just thinking about the little fox. "Okay. So, what, you just want to separate and spend our afternoons... uh... horizontally?"

Brian chuckled. "Sounds good to me. I'll send Wendy to you when I go get Bonnie, okay?"

"Sure thing. I'll, uh... try not to make too big a mess out of your bed."

"No biggy. Gotta do the laundry tonight, anyway." He laughed as he walked out of the room.

Zack lay back on the bed, closing his eyes to consider what was going on in his life. He really didn't understand Mrs. Selman's reactions. Though he'd programmed her to not mind that the girls were sleeping with who they were sleeping with, he hadn't added much else into her programming... or at least, he didn't think so. He'd have to take a more careful look at it when he had a chance.

Zack's thoughts were interrupted when he heard the door click shut. He decided not to open his eyes, but instead listen to what she was doing. He heard the faint whisper of cloth, and that was it, before he felt her weight on the bed next to him. He opened his eyes to see her smiling at him. Looking down her body, he found that she had taken off her pants, but had left her T-shirt on. Well, no doubt what she wants, is there? Not that he minded, for she was a very lovely young girl. He opened his arms to her, and she came to him, lying against him softly, her head resting on his chest. Her one leg slipped between his, and he could feel her crotch pressing hotly against his thigh, even through his jeans.

"Hey, Angel," he said softly, rubbing his hand gently up her back to tickle the back of her neck. She giggled at his touch. "How are you today?"

"Scared," she answered in a very tiny and meek voice.

Scared? But she just... I don't get it. "Wendy?" He got her to look up at him. "If this makes you uncomfortable..."

"It's not this," she answered. "This makes me feel really nice. It's the thing with Dad. I mean, first we find out what kind of jerk he is, and then all of a sudden it's divorce time, and... and I'm worried that he may fight for custody, and he might win. He's got all the money, and..." She was very nearly in tears, and Zack's heart went out to her.

Pulling her more tightly to him, he pulled her up slightly, so that it was easier for her to look him in the eye. He smiled very softly, placing his hand against her cheek and said, "It'll be okay, Angel. I promise." If I have to rip the guys nuts off, Zack thought to himself. At this moment, looking at the pain the man had caused Zack's little Angel, he'd do it.

Wendy smiled warmly at him, and then she leaned down, and kissed him. It was a soft, heartfelt kiss that warmed him all the way to his toes. She kept the kiss tender even as her tongue gently requested entry into his mouth. When he granted it, her tongue sought out and found his own, slipping gingerly over its surface, and arousing him greatly.

Zack's hands roamed over Wendy's back, caressing the skin through her thin T-shirt. Finally, he pulled the material up, exposing her back, and allowing him to feel her smooth skin directly. She broke their kiss, and leaned away from him, pulling herself up on her knees. Holding her arms above her head, it was clearly an invitation to remove the shirt, which Zack very slowly did.

As her large tits came into view, Zack held his breath. Her areolas were tight, and very pink. Her nipples were already erect, and large. He slowly worked the shirt over her head, and then she took over, pulling it off her arms and throwing it to the floor. She didn't immediately come back to him, instead allowing him to study her body, to let his eyes roam her glorious breasts and flat stomach. Wendy was young enough to still have baby fat, but Zack thought that made her look all the more beautiful. He thought, If she's lucky, she'll never lose all of it.

Zack's hands reached out tentatively, and brushed against Wendy's breasts. She shivered at the contact, and purred. He began to very softly stroke her skin, using just his fingertips in small gestures. She was soon squirming above him, and a serene smile crossed her face. His fingers eventually found her nipples, and she shuddered at the sensation of his fingers brushing over the large nubs.

Zack's hands left her tits after a while, and he pulled her back down to him. They were quickly enmeshed in another soul-searching kiss, his hands now roaming her bare back, and occasionally wandering down to her panty-covered ass.

After a while, Wendy leaned back away from him and said, "This is no fair. I'm almost naked, and you've still got all your clothes on!" Her voice was light and teasing, but he could sense the undertone of anticipation.

"Well, we can't have that, now can we?" he said, reaching to pull his T-shirt out of his jeans. He struggled, in his sitting position, to get the thing off, but he managed. While he'd been fighting with the shirt, Wendy had undone his belt and pants. She didn't have the nerve to go further than that, however. Zack, seeing her hesitation, first kicked off his sneakers, and then pushed his pants down past his hips. "Help me pull them off, okay?" he asked quietly. She moved down, and took hold of them, slipping them all the way off his legs. While she was there, she removed his socks.

Returning to him, she lay against him again. Now Zack could feel her plump tits pressing against his chest, her large nipples poking him in a most pleasant manner. She moaned at the feel of his skin against her body. She kissed his neck, and then moved her lips up to his ear. He found that it tickled when she did it, but he loved it.

Meanwhile, his hands continued to roam her back, her shoulders, her neck, and any other part he could reach. His fingers dipped beneath the waistband of her panties to caress her ass cheeks. She tensed for just the briefest of moments before settling against him, allowing his hands to do as they pleased. It reminded him, again, that the girl in his arms was not doing this because he'd flashed some pretty pictures at her, but because she wanted to. It made it somehow mean more to him.

They spent long minutes just caressing each other, though each of them knew they were both long past physically ready. He could feel the wetness between her legs, pressing against his thigh as she was. Certainly she could feel the hardness of his cock. Finally, he moved his hands up to her shoulders, and ever so gently pushed her away from him. She looked deep into his eyes, and he marveled that someone her age could look like that.

"Are you ready to go further?" he asked quietly. She nodded, but bit her lower lip, a little nervous about what they were doing. Had her nod shown any hesitation, he might have stopped right there, but she was determined to do it, she just had some fears.

Taking her hand softly into his own, he moved it down to his underwear. Pressing her hand gingerly against his cock, her fingers settled along each side of it. Her eyes widened at the feel of it, and a very slight smile broke across her face.

"Wow," she whispered. Zack smiled. Her hand felt very good where it was, and she started to move it softly up and down his length on her own. Whether she just wanted to feel all of it, or if she knew this was exciting to him, he didn't know, nor did he care. She kept this up for a while before Zack stopped her.

"This would be better without the fabric in the way," he said, again using that very soft, coaxing voice. She nodded slightly, her eyes a little glazed with anticipation. Again, he guided her hand, moving it first up to his stomach, and then down again, slipping her fingers below the elastic on his briefs. Her fingers brushed his cock, and he shivered. Her hand was so soft, so delicate, it felt so damn good!

She repeated her movements along his shaft, now touching the skin directly. Zack, knowing that she already had the idea, used his hands now to pull his underwear down, raising his hips slightly to get them off. As he lifted his hips, her hand slipped all the way around his prick, which had lifted off his abdomen. As her fingers tried to encircle his shaft, he groaned, and shot his load. It surprised both of them. Zack hadn't even had a chance to control his reaction, her fingers had just set off an explosion of pleasure inside him.

"Wow," she murmured again.

"Yeah, wow." Zack said in some awe.

Much of his cum had ended up on her hand, and she looked at it. Very, very tentatively, she brought her hand to her mouth, and licked at it. Several different looks crossed her face quickly, and Zack wasn't able to interpret any of them. Finally, however, she started licking her hand completely clean, trying to find every last drop of his seed. When she had finished that, she leaned down to clean up the cum that had landed on his chest and abdomen. Zack was in heaven as her tongue slithered along his skin, licking off every last drop of cum she could find.

Wendy finished cleaning Zack's skin, but didn't approach his cock with her mouth. Zack didn't even suggest it at this point, for he didn't wish to push her into anything. She moved back up beside him, and lay against him. They kissed again, his tongue dancing inside her mouth. Slowly, he rolled them so that she was lying on her back, with him on his side. This way, his hand could roam her body.

His fingers' first stop was her tit, where it danced circles around her nipple before finally closing in on the hard nub and pinching gently. She groaned at the feel of it as their tongues continued to dance. His hand eventually moved over to the other nipple, to repeat the process. Wendy was trembling in arousal and excitement as Zack's hand slipped off her breast, and worked its way down her stomach.

Reaching her waist, Zack's fingers dallied around the elastic on her panties. As she started to moan in earnest, he allowed his hand to slip beneath her waistband, and travel across the soft peach fuzz of her pubic hair. The heat between her legs was intense, and Zack's finger was soaked after just one pass across her pussy lips. Softly, he pushed his middle finger into her cunt, and it gripped him like a vise, trying to suck his finger up to her belly button, or so it felt.

Setting up a smooth rhythm, Zack soon inserted a second finger into Wendy's pussy, and the two fingers slipped in and out rapidly. Wendy was moaning loudly now, her lips having parted from Zack's because she couldn't think straight with all of the sensations going on at once. Zack continued to finger her as his mouth moved down to her tit, and his lips closed around one of her nipples. Her hands flew to the back of his head as his tongue slipped roughly across her nub. She held him strongly to her chest, and he continued to lavish attention on her wonderful flesh. She allowed him enough room to move over to her other tit, and he continued his work there. Wendy was groaning constantly now, and he thought she was pretty near orgasm.

He turned out to be right, as several seconds later, she cried out, "Oh God!" and his hand was flooded with her juices. He continued to finger her as she bucked on the bed, allowing his head to come off her breast. She screamed and writhed as her orgasm peaked. Finally, with his fingers still buried in her, she began to come down. As she did, he settled onto the bed next to her again, still on his side, looking down at her with care.

Wendy smiled up at him. "Holy... wow," was all she could manage. It was the word for the day. As Zack pulled his hand from her panties, she grabbed his wrist, and guided his fingers to her mouth. She sucked them in, and her tongue ran around each finger, gathering up all of her juices from his fingers. When she let his fingers loose, she then licked all her juices from his palm. Zack had not thought that could be an erotic act. He was wrong.

The two rested for a few minutes together, both trying to regain their breath. Each was aware that this had been merely the warm-up act, and that the game was about to start. Zack lightly ran his hands over Wendy's stomach, and she smiled warmly up at him. Her look was a mix of anticipation and nervousness. He thought he understood both, and he really wanted to put her at ease.

"Last chance, Angel. We don't have to go any further."

"The hell we don't!" she whispered back at him. "Please, Zack."

He leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips as he rolled on top of her, supporting himself on his arms. Her legs parted to give him as much access as he could want. Breaking their kiss, he sat up, and looked at her. She was beautiful; a wonderful little imp that, at this moment, was all his.

Reaching down, he grasped her panties, and tugged gently. She raised her hips as she brought her legs together in front of him, making it much easier to remove the garment. He did so, slipping it slowly off her legs. When he'd gotten it off, he held her legs in place, together and in front of him. He kissed the back of her ankle, making her shudder, and then he slid his hands slowly, tenderly down the outside of her calves, then up her thighs. When he reached her hips, he ran his hands just as slowly back toward her feet. Wendy was mewling at the pleasure this was causing her. When his hands reached her feet, he slipped his fingers in-between her heels, and slowly parted her legs. She gave no resistance at all, and as his hands slipped to her knees, her legs gave way, exposing to him her nearly hairless pussy. He looked at it longingly as his hands made their way slowly up her inner thighs, causing her to moan in expectation.

Just before his hands reached her crotch, Zack moved them outward, across the top of her thighs, and then to the outside of her hips. She gave him a very cute pout, but that changed as he maneuvered her so that his cock was resting against her pussy lips. One final time, Zack paused. He looked into her eyes, and saw that she wanted nothing more than for him to make love to her.

"Do you still have your cherry?" he asked delicately. "If you do, this is probably gonna hurt a little bit."

She nodded at him, biting her lip. "I thought about busting it a couple months ago, but... I wanted you to take it from me."

Zack froze. A couple months? She's wanted to do this for a couple of months? She misread his hesitation, and started to quiver slightly. He noticed immediately, and smiled down at her to comfort her. "I didn't know you'd wanted this... for so long," he said quietly. Does she really understand what a guy feels? I mean, she's giving to me something she can't take back. Something she's never given to anyone before. She's giving me the once in her lifetime opportunity. Damn!

"I've had a crush on you for over a year, Zack. But it's only been the last three or four months that I started dreaming about... us."

Zack had no words for that. He leaned down, and pressed his lips to hers. She welcomed his kiss, and shortly thereafter his tongue. While their mouths were so engaged, he reached down, and positioned his cock, slipping just the head inside her warm cunt. She mewled at the feel of it. Zack reached around her, and lifted her off the bed. Wendy wrapped her legs around his waist, and he was now carrying her, completely off the bed. He sat more upright, and his cock slid further into her, aided by her wetness and gravity. He moved slowly back and forth, inching his way into her, until he felt his cockhead come up against her barrier. He could sense the tension in her body, but she didn't break away, she didn't lessen her action on his tongue. He sat more upright, very slowly, and he could feel her cherry stretch. Finally, he was sitting back on his heels, and they both felt the tear. She slipped, very slowly, all the way down onto his dick. He didn't move beyond that point, wanting her to guide him.

She broke their kiss so that she could breathe.

"Does it hurt much, Angel?" he asked, nearly choking on the words. She had her eyes closed, and was wincing, but shook her head negatively. He leaned forward again, so that she was hanging from him, her arms and legs wrapped around him. Ever so gently, he slid very slowly out of her, and then just as slowly back into her. He couldn't quite read the look on her face. "Did that hurt?"

She bit her lower lip for just a second, and then said, "It would hurt me more if you didn't do it again." It took Zack's slightly fuzzy mind a second to interpret that, and then, as she had sort of asked, he did it again, moving as slowly as the first time. He didn't pause this time, but repeated his strokes, keeping his tempo to a very slow crawl.

Wendy's face soon cleared of the pained expression, and was smiling once more her soft, serene smile. She returned her lips to Zack's, and he took that as his signal that they could increase, just slightly, the pace he had set.

He settled her back down onto the bed, continuing to kiss her. He used his arms to support himself, and started to move in longer, fuller strokes. He could feel her moans purring up out of her throat, vibrating his tongue and lips. He moved one hand to her tit, and stroked and fondled it, causing her to groan more enthusiastically. When his fingers found her nipple again, she shuddered in pleasure.

Ending their kiss, he moved his mouth down to the base of her neck, kissing and licking the silky skin there. She mewled loudly, and her hands were caressing his chest and sides. She was groaning now, almost lost in the pool of ecstasy she found herself in.

"Faster, a little faster," she said breathlessly. Zack complied with her wish, wanting it to be a great experience for her. It was already one for him. He moved against her more quickly, his hips still thrusting smoothly, but with greater speed. Her hips began to buck upward, meeting his every thrust and causing them to grind together when their pubes met.

Zack was starting to tire, but he wasn't ready to give in to his desire just yet. He slowed his stroking, and stopped when he was fully buried inside her. She looked up at him, confused and wanting him to continue. He leaned against her, holding her, and then rolling over. Now, she was on top of him.

"Sit up," he whispered to her quietly. She moved her legs to support herself, and was now kneeling, her cunt still sweetly wrapped around his prick, giving little squeezes to it. Together they shifted backward, so that Zack was sitting against the wall. He looked her straight in the eye, and smiled at her. She immediately began to move in his lap, her pussy sliding up and down his shaft. He felt her tits rubbing against his chest, and the feeling was great. He brought her face to his, and they locked lips once again. His hands slid down her body to cup her ass cheeks, and help her move on him, so that she wouldn't tire quickly.

In this position, Wendy's clit was getting far more stimulus, and she was heating up fast. Her movements became more frenzied, more forceful. She was bouncing hard on Zack's cock, but they didn't break their kiss. His hands kneaded her ass, and her hands were tangled in his hair as their tongues danced. They were both ready now, both approaching their summit.

Zack was the first to reach the top, shooting his load deep inside of Wendy. The first splash of his seed triggered her own orgasm, and she broke their kiss, screaming out her pleasure loudly. Zack grunted with each spurt of his cum, and he groaned in between as Wendy's pussy muscles rippled along his length. For some moments, the two bucked together, holding onto each other for dear life. It seemed to take forever for either of them to come down from their high.

Happy, exhausted, the two lovers embraced each other, and stayed there, Wendy sitting in his lap, Zack's cock softening inside her pussy. It didn't take long before she dozed off in his arms, snoring softly. He looked down at the red mass of hair that was tangled and matted from sweat. He took stock of the sweaty body he was holding, and pronounced it lovely. He sat back in peace, holding his Angel as she slept.


When Wendy awoke, about a half-hour later, she looked into Zack's eyes, and she began to weep in joy. He smiled at her, and she smiled back, tears pouring out of her eyes. "I never thought it could feel that good," she said in awe.

Zack kissed away her tears, still holding her. His dick was still buried inside her, though it had softened long ago. He held onto her gently, not wanting to let this dream end. When he had finished drying her face of its salty baptism, he kissed his lovely girl again. She moved her lips against his, and they enjoyed a wonderful session of lip-wrestling.

Finally, they separated, and Wendy slid, somewhat reluctantly, off Zack's lap. She felt his cock slip from inside her, and she really wished for it to be back where it was. Looking down at it, she could see that it was coated with their juices. Reaching down, she touched it gently, and it began to stir.

Before Zack could say or do anything at all, she slipped down, and her tongue flicked over the head of his cock. Zack groaned, and she did it again, causing him to groan more. She licked up and down his shaft, getting off all of their combined juices. Zack could not help himself, and her treatment was getting him quite hard, even after the day they'd already had. What was it with this girl? None of his others had affected him this way, not even Claudia.

His thoughts were interrupted as he felt her lips slide over the head of his dick. Her tongue swirled around the head, playing across it and sending shivers to every corner of Zack's body. Her lips slowly started to move down his prick, taking it in inch by inch. He felt the back of her throat, and he felt her gag. He thought to stop her, but had no chance to do so. She moved her tongue around on him as her body adjusted to the new sensation, and then she took the rest of him down her throat. She worked her mouth over his cock, her tongue dancing against the underside. She began to move her head back and forth, sucking him for all she was worth. Zack was groaning in intense pleasure now. He couldn't possibly last very long this way.

When Wendy began to softly fondle his balls, he knew he was going to lose it. He tried to grunt out, "Ungh..." but Wendy kept up her motion. His cum splashed from his dick, coating the back of her throat, and filling her mouth. She swallowed it all, and the movement of her tongue as she swallowed caused him even more spasms, issuing more cum from his balls. A little of his cum dribbled out of the corners of her mouth, but she got most of it.

When Zack's dick had expended its full load, she used her lips to make sure it was clean as it slipped out of her mouth. Then she quickly wiped up the stray drops of jism that had escaped her mouth, and ushered them back where they had come from. Zack was reeling from the experience, but he did feel her move to his side. She laid her head on his shoulder, and rubbed her hand across his chest.

"Consider that... a thank you, for the best day of my life," she said softly. "Hopefully," she said, almost to herself, "to be repeated many, many times."

He reached his arm around her, and hugged her to him. Nothing more needed to be said, and nothing was.


The next day, Zack found himself sitting in the stands of the high school stadium. He could see Claudia down on the field, sitting in her chair. It took him a little longer to find Stephanie, who waved at him once their eyes connected. He smiled, but didn't wave back, for he was surrounded by people who would want to know why he was waving at a senior, and he didn't really feel like explaining it to them.

He sat somberly. He was alone here; his parents had no interest in this ceremony, and he hadn't even asked them to drive him. Mrs. Selman had picked him up, since Pam was also graduating. They'd ridden together, and they would go home together, but right now, he was sitting alone. He hadn't wanted to intrude on the Selman's family time too much, though both Brian and Mary Selman insisted he was welcome.

Wendy had wanted to sit with him, but now was not the time to try to explain to her about Claudia and Stephanie. His thoughts about Wendy were muddled, and he had serious doubts about going through with his plans for the junior high girls. Of course, there was little he could do about it now, since the disks had been distributed long ago. Actually, he was surprised he hadn't received any phone calls. Had there been something wrong with his program, or his plan? These thoughts were useful to Zack, as they distracted him from the odd feeling of dread he felt.

Soon enough, the ceremonies began, and Zack could at least focus on words spoken and people moving about. His mind still saw Claudia on his parents' bed, though, her fingers pleasuring herself. He also saw Stephanie, in her position, smiling at him, waiting for orders. He wondered why these thoughts didn't make him happy, but he knew that they most certainly didn't.

The words of the speakers were dull and unexciting. Even the valedictorian hadn't managed anything rousing with her words. Zack was getting sleepy, sitting here listening to them drone on and on.

Finally, however, the program was just about over, except for the handing out of the diplomas. Zack watched as his ladies walked across the stage, and he was proud of them both. He saw both of them turn toward him, their eyes sweeping the stands for his face. He smiled at each one in turn, and saw them smile back.

Finally, with one last, brief, statement, the group was proclaimed "the graduated class", and all of the mortarboards flew into the air. The stands erupted in cheering, but Zack just sat there, unsure of what was going on with his own mind.

After people had settled, he made his way down to the field. The first one he found was Claudia. She gave him a perfunctory hug, but broke it quickly.

"Thanks for coming, Zack. These are my parents."

"Mr. and Mrs. Merris, nice to meet you."

"Claudia, who is this?" her father wanted to know.

"Daddy! I've been going over to Zack's house how often, and you want to know who he is?"

"Oh, that Zack. Well, young man, thank you for helping my daughter through her last year of high school."

"The help was mutual, sir, and it was also my pleasure."

The conversation droned as badly as the speeches had, but it was mercifully brief, before they moved off to go to another celebratory meal.

Zack had seen Stephanie waiting while he had spoken with the Merrises. Now that he was free, she moved quickly over to him, and gave him a ferocious hug. This, he enjoyed immensely.

"I wish I could do more than this," she whispered, giving him a discreet kiss on the cheek. "But my parents would never understand." Taking his hand, she pulled him along, "C'mon, you can meet Mom and Dad."

Zack was tugged over to her parents. He wasn't looking forward to whatever Stephanie might say to them about him.

"Mom, Dad, this is Zack. He's my sweetie." She put her arm around him and squeezed, and Zack turned pale. He hadn't thought to give any instructions to either of the girls about how to act around their parents with him, but, this...

"Isn't he a little young for you, Stephanie?"

"Oh, Mom, really! You'd think it was the Dark Ages!" Zack was shocked at Stephanie's behavior, to say the least. He knew she was fully under his control, but this was a bit much to believe.

"What grade are you in, young man?" her father wanted to know.

"I'm graduating from tenth grade, sir." Zack looked around, and noticed the stands were emptying. He saw Brian still chatting with his sister; they were obviously waiting for him.

"Hmm. Do you intend to continue seeing my daughter, even though she's no longer a high school student?"

Zack took another quick look around. There wasn't anyone in hearing range. "Yes, sir, I do. Can I show you why?"

"Please do," her father said tritely, her mother nodding. Zack pulled out his new PDA, and hoped like hell this worked. He tapped a couple of keys, and turned it toward them.

"I just want to show you what I think of your daughter." Zack pressed the execute key.

Zack really hoped being among the extra noises wouldn't hurt the program. He held Stephanie to his side, so she couldn't see the screen. Her parents looked down at it, and the initial flash entranced them almost immediately. Zack had made sure to reprogram the PDA with his own version of Program Alpha-Omega; he was taking no chances about what commands Adam might have thrown into the program as little 'extras'.

"Zack, what's happening?" Stephanie whispered in his ear about halfway through the program.

He whispered back, "I'm just making sure your parents don't object to you seeing me, that's all."

"Oh," she said with a smile. Her hand came up to gently turn his head, and they kissed. Zack had to struggle to keep his hand steady with the PDA, but he did, as their tongues dueled for a minute or two.

When they broke the kiss, she said, "Thank you, Master."

"No problem, Steph." He continued to hold her as the program finished up. When it did, both parents gave the familiar triple-shrug gesture.

Mr. Bromwell took a few seconds to return to the real world, but then he smiled at seeing how Zack was holding his daughter so closely. "Well, Zack, I'm glad Stephanie has someone like you. You just take good care of her, do you understand?"

Zack had programmed them to at least act like they would take him to task concerning their daughter, and he kept up the charade, just in case anyone was watching. "Oh, yes sir. I will."

"Good. Now, unfortunately, we're going to have to excuse ourselves, as Stephanie has a family dinner to go to."

"Can't Zack come with us, Daddy?" Stephanie immediately asked.

Zack thought Mr. Bromwell would probably agree to that, but Zack was in no mood to face an entire family like that. "That's okay, Steph. It's a family thing, and I wouldn't want to intrude. We'll see each other over the summer, right?"

"You bet," she confirmed, giving him a quick kiss. "I'm going to college here, so I'll be around."

"Okay. See you later." He gave her a hug, which she enthusiastically returned. Then he released her, and she walked away.

Zack walked over to the Selmans, who had been waiting patiently.

"Congrats, Pam," he said, and he gave her a hug. She blushed, but thanked him. When he broke the hug, he found Wendy at his side. Looking into her eyes, and then glancing at her mother, he said, "You doing okay, kiddo?"

Wendy, knowing what he was doing, smiled somewhat wanly at him. "I guess."

This got her the desired result. Zack gave her a strong hug. She hugged back, and whispered in his ear, "I still want you."

Zack smiled, and as he leaned back he very quickly kissed her cheek. His smile told her all she needed to know about how he felt about her, and their hug lasted much longer than necessary. When he turned to face Mrs. Selman, he stepped behind Wendy, so he could keep his hands on her shoulders. It wasn't what he wanted to do, but it was contact, at least.

"So, I guess you guys are going out to eat, too, huh?" Zack asked.

"We were thinking about it, yes," Mary Selman answered. "But I want you to come with us."

"Sure! Thanks."

"You're almost a part of the family, Zack," Mary said, her eyes carrying meanings he wasn't sure about. They headed off for the cars, and Zack made sure to get in the back of the car, to sit with Wendy. Zack was still not entirely sure of Mrs. Selman's programming, so they had to be discreet, but they did hold hands on the way to lunch.

Here's something, at least, to be happy about, Zack thought to himself.


Zack got up the next morning and stumbled tiredly into the shower. He'd finished up some small projects with the PDA and had gone to bed a little later than intended, but a good hot shower woke him up. He realized he'd have to take the bus to school, which wasn't too much of a problem; he'd gotten ready in time. As he opened the door to head for the bus stop, he found Stephanie's car parked at the curb. She waved at him and smiled.

Zack smiled at her before turning and locking the door. He hurried down the drive and got in the passenger side. She delivered a welcome and warming good-morning kiss before he could say anything at all. He kissed her for several minutes, since he now had extra time. Finally, he had to break the lip lock, before he ripped off her clothes and screwed her in the car.

"Good morning, Steph," he said, a little breathless. She giggled. "How come you didn't let me know you were coming?"

"Well, actually, I wasn't going to, because I'm supposed to be working, but my job doesn't start for two more days. I'm afraid you'll have to ride the bus on Wednesday and Thursday, though." She looked at him, a little concern in her eyes. "Unless you want me to quit my job..."

"No, Steph. I'm not going to do that to you. I like you." She smiled, starting with her eyes, and then she leaned in and gave him another quick kiss. After that, they were on their way to school.


Zack's school day was routine, if a little stressful. They were starting the prep for finals in a couple days, and most of the class was worried. Zack, of course, knew that he would ace his exams, and took things far more coolly than the rest. Teachers noticed this, and one of them even chose to comment on it.

"You don't seem nervous," Miss Pinches said to him.

"I'm not," he answered truthfully.

"And just why is that?" she said, just loud enough for those around them to hear her.

"I've already studied the material. I'm confident I know it."

She smiled broadly at him, and his cock lurched. "Good for you, Zack." She patted him gently on the shoulder as she continued down the row. He had to get his dick to calm down before he could continue with the review paper she'd given them to work on.


After Miss Pinches' class was lunch, and Zack didn't look forward to lunch, really. It had been great when Claudia and Steph had been there waiting for him, but now it was just lunch.

Maybe Larissa will sit with me today.

When he got to his usual spot, Larissa did come over, but she didn't sit down.

"We still on for tonight, Zack?"

"You bet. Say around seven?"

"Great. Thanks." She breezed off, just as Brian sat down across from Zack.

"Hey," he said.

"Hey. Ready for finals?"

"Are you kidding me? This week is fucking hell!"

"Well, yeah, Bri," Zack said very quietly, "it is hard to study if you keep fucking."

Brian nearly choked on his lunch, and Zack smirked. It took Brian a few moments to manage a swallow to clear his throat. "Shit, Zack! Don't do that while I'm eating!" He laughed.

"Sorry, man," Zack said with a chuckle.

"That reminds me. I sorta had to cover for you last night."


"My mom asked what was up between you and Wendy."

"And you said?"

"What the hell was I supposed to say, Zack?"

"You told her we were-"

"No, no way! I just told her it looked like you two were hooking up, is all."

"What did she say to that?"

"She kind of smiled and said, 'Well, that's nice.'"

"At least it looks like her programming works."

"Yeah. She hasn't said a word about Bonnie or Pam and me."

"Pam decided what she's going to do yet?"

"Nah. She's thinking about just becoming a secretary. She was never big into school, and now... well, she says she doesn't want to be too far from her brother." Brian gave Zack a big grin, and Zack returned his own smile.

"That's cool. Glad things are settling out for you guys."

"Everyone except Mom."

"She still gets depressed?" Brian nodded as he chewed another bite of food. "Shit. I don't know enough psychology to deal with that, Bri."

"Well, there's always the obvious..." Brian said with a daring look on his face.

"Brian!" Zack hissed.

"All I know for sure, Zack, is she likes you."

"We'll see."


Larissa arrived promptly at seven, and Zack led her back to his bedroom. He closed the door tightly. With his mother and father under control, he knew they wouldn't object no matter what he did, but he didn't want an audience. Larissa was far too nervous about her schoolwork to know or care.

When he turned around, he could see she was fidgeting badly. She faced him and said, "Zack, I'm not getting this shit, it just isn't coming to me, and if I fail this test, I'm - "

Her voice stopped because Zack had stepped forward and kissed her full on the mouth, his tongue slipping between her lips, caressing her own tongue. She gave no resistance at all, but quickly embraced him, her body warming to the exercise His hands caressed her back, slowly pulling her T-shirt out of her jeans. Once he'd managed to pull it loose, his hands caressed the skin of her lower back, working their way up, pulling her shirt with them.

When he reached her bra, he unclasped it, and then he broke their kiss. She knew what he wanted, and she raised her arms. He lifted the shirt off her, throwing it to the floor, and then he did the same with the bra. He looked at her glorious tits, her large, pale areolas surrounding proportionately large, erect nipples. He tweaked one with his thumb, and Larissa groaned.

Leaning over, Zack took her other nipple into his mouth, sucking on it and letting his tongue rub against it repeatedly. Larissa was moaning now, fully into the act. Zack's one free hand strayed down to undo her jeans. It took him a while, but that was okay with both of them. Finally, the button and zipper were undone, and he pushed against the denim. Larissa used her hands to wrangle the tight pants off her hips. Finally, they fell to the floor. She held on to Zack as she kicked off her sneakers and used her feet to pull off her jeans. Her socks had gone with the jeans, and all she had on now were panties.

Zack left those on her as he quickly removed his own shirt and sweats. He hadn't been wearing shoes or socks, as he knew what they'd be doing. His briefs were tented by his hard cock, and he saw Larissa's eyes focus on it. He pulled his briefs away and down, and now his prick was standing out straight, hard and ready. He saw Larissa lick her lips.

Moving into her, he said, "You want that, don't you?"

Larissa merely nodded, chewing her lower lip in anticipation.

"Ask me for it."

"Fuck me, Zack. Please, slide that hard cock into me!" Larissa couldn't believe she was talking this way, but she was so horny right now that it didn't matter. She had to have him. Zack was a bit surprised he'd got her to give in so easily, but that wasn't going to stop him now. He reached down and pushed her panties off her hips. As they slid to the floor, he backed her up to the bed. She lay down, spreading her legs to make it easy for him.

Zack climbed onto the bed, moving up so that his cock was about to press against her pussy lips. He reached down and fondled her tit, and Larissa moaned. She was more than ready for him, and he could see it. He pressed the head of his dick against her, and she mewled at the feel of his prick sliding into her.

"Oh, yes, god yes, fuck me!" she cried. Zack continued to slowly push his way inside her, letting her adjust to him. Finally, he was buried within her, and he paused for a moment. He leaned down and kissed her, hard, and she responded. Her legs wrapped around him, and her arms slipped tightly around his neck. He couldn't get her to let go, but that was okay. He began moving inside her, slowly at first, but when she relaxed enough to let him move, he started to ram into her with all he had.

Larissa was groaning constantly now, her mind reeling from the wonderful sensations. Zack was slamming his cock into her cunt over and over, and her hips swiveled up to meet his every move. The two rutted like wild animals, and their sounds were no tamer.

They were both going to reach their peak quickly, and Zack was ready. He slammed into her a few more times and then froze as his body climaxed. The first shot of his orgasm sent Larissa reeling, her own orgasm overtaking her limbs and causing her to thrash beneath her lover. For some time, the two writhed together on the bed, before they finally came down from their peaks. Zack rolled to the side, taking her with him so that his cock remained buried inside her, though he was growing soft now. They kissed tenderly, after the passion they had shared.


Two hours later, the couple had shared every position they could think of for what Larissa called 'normal sex'. He had not taken her ass; she was nervous about that, and he had no need to push.

"God, Zack, this was great, and I feel a lot better... but I'm still worried about that final."

"No worries, Sweetie," he said, caressing her ass as they lay together on the bed. "There's a trick for that."

"I'm not going to cheat, Zack," she said, a little hurt that he'd suggest it.

"No, not cheating. Here." Zack got up off the bed, and first went to his computer. Then, he considered. We need to keep testing the PDA. Let's make sure this kind of programming works with it, too.

He grabbed the PDA and put it in the programmer. Quickly, he loaded the , and then the PDA was ready He could have typed the in directly via the PDA's keypad, but he hated doing that, since it was awkward. Transferring it from his PC was much easier.

He walked back over to the bed and lay back down. Larissa snuggled back up against him, but was curious what he was doing.

"What you really need to do is relax. This will help you do that, okay?"

She nodded at him, and stared at the screen, waiting for it to do something. Zack used his thumb to press the execute button. Several minutes later, she shrugged, and then hugged him tightly.

"You're right, I feel a lot more relaxed now... and I can remember the math, too! Zack, you're a fucking genius!" With a coy grin, she added, "And I really do mean a fucking genius."

For the next half hour, they proved this yet again.


Zack awoke the next morning a little tired, but happy. His evening with Larissa had been a lot of fun. He certainly didn't want her to become any kind of steady girlfriend; he didn't like her attitude, and he didn't feel like rewriting it with PAO.

It took him a moment to realize he was not alone in the bed. There was a soft hand resting on his chest. He opened his eyes to find Stephanie gazing at him. He smiled at her, but wasn't coherent enough for speech.

Stephanie seemed to understand this. She leaned down and kissed him, softly and sweetly. "Good morning, Zack," she said brightly, but not so cheerily as to annoy him. She'd obviously been up a while, and he had yet to fully wake up.

"Mom let you in?" he finally managed to get out.

"Uh-huh. You don't mind, do you?" He could hear a tinge of worry in her voice.

Zack pulled her to him more tightly. "No, I don't mind, Steph. You're a wonderful thing to wake up to."

She beamed her smile at him, and then she bounded out of the bed in an obscenely enthusiastic manner, to help him up. "I made sure to wake you up on time this morning."

"I see that." He kissed her again. "Maybe you'd like to help me take my shower?" he asked, half-joking.

When she took off her top in response, he decided it wasn't a bad idea, after all.


Regardless of their play, Stephanie did manage to get Zack to school on time. He kissed her softly before getting out of the car. She stopped him for just a second.

"You know I can't pick you up tomorrow." She actually sounded hurt that she couldn't fulfill this small job for him.

"I know, Steph. It's okay. I'll manage for a couple days." He smiled at her, and gave her one more kiss. Then he got out of the car and went to class. Her attentiveness both pleased him, and worried him. He knew she was fully under his control, but she was becoming more and more a servant on her own.

Something to worry about later, I think.

He headed for his first class of the day.


As Zack headed for his last class of the day, he wondered if it was really possible to become addicted to sex. He'd screwed Larissa for hours last night, and he'd fooled around with Stephanie in the morning, and yet he was already looking forward to having more fun. Yesterday, they'd told him that the ITV people from each school were attending a meeting today during seventh hour. Since Zack was Thorndyke's ITV person, he was supposed to attend. Luckily, they were holding the meeting in the Thorndyke teacher's lounge, so he didn't have to find a way to get there.

The part of this meeting that had Zack excited was not the meeting itself; meetings were universally dull. On the other hand, at this meeting would be one Pat Barron, a hot teacher from one of the other schools and Zack's personal stripper. He hadn't messed with her in a couple weeks, but that didn't mean she wouldn't be up for more fun with a little 'encouragement'.

As he walked into the teacher's lounge - a place he'd never been before - he saw Pat sitting at the crowded end of the table. He decided to sit at the other end, near the door. He wasn't part of the teachers' clique, and he didn't fit in here, but oh well.

When Pat saw him, she blushed ever so slightly, but she did at least nod to him to acknowledge his presence. He smiled at her, but then set about using his PDA. He was sure everyone thought he was going to take notes, but what he was really doing was writing a for Pat for after the meeting.


The meeting was as boring as Zack expected it to be. The idea was to get suggestions for making the system function more effectively as a unit, but with everyone in the different schools more concerned about their own workload than the system, the only person in the room who was interested, really, in making the system more widely used was Zack, and his motives weren't exactly pure, either. Ultimately, nothing came from the meeting, except to waste half of his period. That didn't give him as much time as he'd have liked, but he'd manage.

As the teachers were filing out, he noticed that Pat seemed to be hanging back. He had his PDA sitting on the table, ready for her, but he was curious if she was trying to talk to him in private.

Finally, she stood up, as the last of the other teachers was just about out the door. She'd been fussing with her paperwork to cover her lag, but it was clear to Zack that she was stalling. He stayed where he was, waiting for her to come to him, which she did. She leaned down to him, her hands resting on the table. Her long, light-brown hair tumbled off her shoulders. She was smiling, but also worried.

"Hey, Zack," she said.

"Hey, yourself, Ms. Barron."

"Zack, what happened a couple weeks ago... you haven't told anyone, have you? I could get in a lot of trouble for what I did in front of that camera."

"I have no interest in getting you in trouble," he answered.

"Thank you," she said with a sigh. "I don't know what came over me, but... I'm glad you were mature about it."

He smiled at her, just to make her feel better. "Thanks. I try to be. Say, you seen the new class of PDA's they have out now?"

"No, what's special about them?"

"Take a look." As he scooted it over, he pressed the execute button, and turned away. He heard her inhale sharply, and then he took the opportunity, careful not to glance at the screen, to look at her. It was bad enough that he had to expose himself to the sound this way. It was something they hadn't considered; how to avoid getting programmed yourself. That's when Zack realized it was silly. He'd written an access code into his own brain. This program didn't have that code, and so it could not affect him at all. He sighed at his own stupidity, and then he turned his attention to Pat Barron.

She was definitely a babe. He risked touching her during the programming, to run his hand along her ass. She shivered at his touch, but he noticed that her eyes never wavered from the screen. He kept his hand where it was throughout the remainder of the .

Finally, the program ended, and Pat shrugged, as usual for subjects of PAO. It only took a second for her to notice his hand on her ass, and she turned her eyes to him, and smiled.

"We can't do that in here, baby," she whispered. "Someone might see. Is there anyplace we could be alone together?"

"I have just the place," Zack answered. It was, in fact, the perfect cover. He would take her to the media room. If anyone questioned them while coming or going, they could simply say that he was going to show her something about the system. He turned off his PDA and put it back in its pouch. Then he stood up. Before leaving the room, he pressed Pat up against the wall, and kissed her. She was startled for a second, but then responded with increasing passion.

When he broke their kiss, she said, "Baby, we..."

"...shouldn't do this here, I know. I just couldn't wait." He led her out of the teachers' lounge and down the hall. They weren't even seen as they entered the media lab. Zack locked the door, and then turned to his partner.

Pat was already trying to keep her hands from undoing the buttons on her blouse. When it was clear that Zack thought it was okay to undress, she started undoing them quickly. Zack pulled his own T-shirt off, and then watched her finish removing her blouse. Her bra went next, and he once again had a view of those gorgeous tits. Her small, dark areolas were begging to be sucked on, and so he stepped to her, and bent over, taking one of her nipples into his mouth. Pat murmured at the feel of his lips against her skin. His one hand found her other tit, pulling and pinching the nipple, while his other hand caressed her lower back, pulling her more tightly against him.

Pat was in heaven, and she hadn't even removed her pants yet. Zack continued to suck on her nipples, switching between them, for a few minutes while his hand slipped down onto her ass. After a while, his other hand dropped from her breast, and started to undo her pants. His tongue continued to work at her nipples, though, and Pat was lost in the pleasure of the moment.

Finally, when he'd gotten her pants undone, he released her tit from his mouth, and then used his hands to pull her pants down. Her panties were next, and now he had another good look at her fur-covered pussy. He could see her moisture on her panties as he pulled them off her legs, and so he knew she was ready.

Standing up and pulling her to him, he slipped his hand between her legs. His fingers found her opening, and he slipped two in, stroking into her with quick, but long, strokes. Pat reacted immediately, her body squirming against him, her murmurs becoming moans. She bit on one finger to keep from crying out.

"Do you want it?" he asked.

"Oh, god yes!" she said in a whisper.

Zack pushed her back against the work table. Since all the ITV's were actually out at the moment, it was empty. He pushed her onto the table, and she lay back, her legs spread, her pussy waiting right at the edge for his hard cock.

Zack unfastened his jeans, and pushed them with his briefs down off his hips. He shuffled forward until the head of his prick touched her cunt lips.

"Mmm," she mewled.

Zack pressed in slowly, feeling every inch of her twat gripping his shaft. He continued to slide in, using his weight and his hands to help him impale her on his dick. Finally, he was buried inside her, his cock surrounded by the warm glove of her pussy. He paused for only a moment before sliding back out, almost as slowly as going in. He pulled out until it was only the head of his dick inside her, and then he slid back in. He kept his pace slow and smooth, working to arouse her further.

Zack's hands moved from her hips back up to her tits, fondling the flesh there. His thumbs tweaked her nipples, causing her to sigh and moan in joy. He enjoyed watching her face contort with the pleasure she was feeling. Her hips began to pivot up at him, trying to pull him further inside her. He increased his thrusts then, knowing she was ready for a more forceful screwing.

He could sense the shudders running along her body, and he knew she was building up to her orgasm. He leaned over her, and her mouth accepted his, her tongue thrusting its way into his mouth. They continued to fuck like that, their kiss absorbing their moans and cries. Pat came first, shuddering out her climax and screaming into Zack's mouth. As her cunt rippled along his dick, he couldn't hold back any longer, and he let loose the torrent of cum that had been building in his balls. Feeling it splash into her sent Pat even higher, and her screams redoubled. Zack held onto her, enjoying the ride, even after he'd come down from his own climax.

Finally, when she settled, he pulled out of her, and dropped himself into a nearby chair. He was a little tired now, but it was still good sex. Pat lay with her legs splayed open for a few more minutes, before she finally came to her senses. She sat up on the table, and a look of mild regret crossed her face.

"What would my husband think if he'd seen this?" she said to herself, but out loud.

Zack hadn't paid any attention to whether she was wearing a ring. In truth, at the time he'd made her strip for him, he hadn't cared. He wasn't overly concerned with it now, though it did trouble him a little.

"Still," she said, interrupting his thoughts, "it was damn good for me. Better than Roy's been in a while, anyway. Is there any chance we could do this again sometime?"

Probably not, was the thought that ran through Zack's mind. Instead, he said, "Well, maybe... but in order to be sure of it, maybe you could... hmmm... clean me off?" He motioned to his still-wet dick.

Pat looked at it for only a second before it registered exactly what he wanted, and she smiled at him. She hadn't blown Roy since they'd gotten married, but she still remembered how... there were other men that Roy didn't know about, either, and her only worry about Zack was that he could get her in a lot of trouble. Still, she really had no choice in the matter, and she was soon on her knees, with her lips wrapped around his dick.

Zack enjoyed this, and it wasn't long before she brought him to a second, smaller, orgasm. She sucked all of this up, keeping him clean, and then she let him slip from her mouth. She crawled into his lap and they cuddled for a few minutes, but they didn't do more than that.

When the bell rang, Pat got up and got dressed. Zack pulled up his pants, and found his shirt. When they were finally dressed, she came to him and gave him another deep kiss. When she let him go, she moved over to the desk and wrote something on a slip of paper. She handed it to him and said, "Call me." Then she unlocked the door and left.

He noticed that the phone number in question went to a cell phone; he was sure her husband would never answer it. Damn.


Stephanie had been waiting to take Zack home, and he'd had to beg off on fun and games. He was simply too tired to try. She stayed with him, anyway, and they did snuggle, and she helped him do his laundry. Usually his mother would take care of that, especially after the program, but he knew she just wanted something to do, so he let her take care of it.

When she came back in, his laundry folded neatly, she set it on the dresser and then lay back down on the bed, where he was doing homework. He rolled over to look at her, facing away from the math problems he was still stuck doing, even two days before finals. He studied her face, looked into her beautiful brown eyes, and her actions made him wonder something.

"Steph, is everything okay at home?"

Her face changed slightly, to what, he wasn't sure, but, it steadied on a slight frown. "As well as they ever are."

"What do you mean?"

"I can't tell you about it. I'm not supposed to, and you'll think I'm horrid."

"No, I won't."

She looked him in the eyes, and she saw that he really did want to know. She could almost convince herself that he cared for her. But...

She turned away. "No, you will. Everyone does."

Zack was now very curious. Whatever it was, it was really bad. He wanted to know. He felt he deserved to know. If nothing else, he smirked to himself, as her master, I should know everything about her. His thought gave him the idea.

"Stephanie, assume the position." He'd freed her from the need to be in this position all the time with him, but she still remembered it well. She quickly scrambled off the bed and knelt at the foot of it, her hands behind her head, her knees spread wide. He slid himself to the end of the bed, looking down at her. She was still as sexy as ever in that pose.

"You understand what this position means, right?" he said, his voice a little harder than it had been.


"Good. Now, as someone under my control, I am ordering you to tell me what's going on at home."

For the next ten minutes, Stephanie related her home life to Zack. After about two minutes, he slipped to the floor in front of her, kneeling with her. There were tears rolling down her cheeks, and he took her arms from behind her head so that he could hold her hands. Zack knew that shit happened to people, but he'd never met anyone who had been so mentally and sexually abused as Stephanie had been. Her father had been raping her since the age of twelve, and she'd come to hate men because of it.

"I'm so sorry, Zack, that I let that spill over onto you. When we first..." He hushed her with a soft kiss, and he pulled her against him. They sat on the floor together, with her crying and him trying not to shake in rage at that prick who he'd been so nice to a couple days before.

They sat together for over a half-hour, not talking, and barely moving. Finally, she looked up at him, her face stained with tears, and she said, "You're not getting your homework done this way."

"You're more important than my homework." She smiled warmly at him, and then kissed him. There was nothing sexual in their contact, but there was something very emotional about it.

Finally, he said, "Your father still does that shit?" She nodded at him. He thought for a while. "How long before you can move into the dorms at school?"

"At least another week before they open, why?"

"'Cause I'm not letting you go back there."

"Where will I stay?"

"For tonight, you can stay right here. I'll think of something better tomorrow." She hugged him tightly, and there were tears in her eyes again, but of a different type.


The next day, Stephanie left too early to take Zack to school. She did wake him up, however, with a very nice blowjob. Zack thanked her before he padded off to his shower, and she headed to work. Luckily, she had her uniform in her car, so she didn't have to go home. He'd talked to her about what to do, and she said she'd get her clothes and important things from home at lunch, while her dad would be at work.

Zack thought he knew where she could stay for a while, but he'd have to make sure before telling her about it. He wouldn't have minded letting her stay with him for the week, but other things were sure to come up, and he honestly didn't want her to get involved with them. He thought she'd be happier where he had in mind.

At lunch, he sat down just as Brian was arriving. He looked a little frazzled, but otherwise okay. Finals were a bitch, and most students were in a half-daze for the entire week. Zack had always thought this was kind of a dumb way to be, but that was life.

"Hey, Bri. You look like shit."

"Thanks a lot. I hate finals."

"Doesn't everyone? Look, I hate to interrupt your misery, but I need a favor."

"What's that?"

"Steph needs a place to stay for about a week. I've got a little too much going on at my place... you think she could borrow Pam's room for a while?" There was no doubt as to where Pam would sleep.

"Yeah, I guess so. I'm sure Mom won't mind. What's the deal?"

"I'd rather not get into it, but let's just say that being at home is... not good for her."

"Gotcha. Sure, if she just comes by tonight, I'm sure we can work everything out."

"Thanks, man. I appreciate it, and I owe you one."

"Like hell. I've still got to pay you back for Pam and Bonnie, remember?" They both grinned about that, but said no more in public. Instead, they returned to their lunches.


When Zack got home, he changed, as usual. As he was pulling his shirt on, the phone rang. He finished getting his shirt on, and then picked it up.


"Zack? It's Claudia. Can I come over? I need to talk to you." Her voice showed evidence of stress and upset, so there was no thinking necessary for Zack.

"Of course. C'mon over."

"Thanks. I'll be there in a bit."

As he hung up the phone, he wondered what had her so upset. He decided against socks and shoes; he wasn't going anywhere tonight. Tomorrow was the last day of school and, as confident as he was in the program, he did want to at least glance over his school books before his exams.


It was about twenty minutes before Claudia arrived, and he could see that she was a mix of anxiousness and worry. He took her hand as he led her inside, and then took her to his bedroom. They sat together on the bed, where they'd done so many other fun things with each other.

"What's up?" he said when he could see she wasn't getting started so easily.

"Zack, do you remember just before Christmas, I told you about that summer intern program?"

Zack thought for a minute, then brought up the memory. "Yeah, something about allowing you to work with a professor in the field for a summer."

"That's the one. Remember I told you I couldn't go?"

"Because your parents thought you needed the summer off, if I remember right?"

"Supposedly. Well, apparently they changed their minds. I've been accepted. I'm supposed to leave on Saturday!"

She got up from the bed, unable to contain her nerves any longer. "Damn them! Why couldn't they have told me? I was looking forward to a nice summer with you!"

Zack was touched that this was her concern, but he didn't really know what to say. She paced back and forth in front of him.

"I mean, I knew we'd have to separate in the fall, anyway, because of where I'm going to school, but, damn it, I..." She finally turned to look at him, and then she slumped back down on the bed. "I love you, Zack."

Zack really didn't know what to say to that. He'd certainly grown attached to Claudia, but did he love her? He wasn't sure anymore. He'd thought so, a few weeks ago, at least. What was he supposed to do in this situation?

Zack did the only thing that came to mind. He wrapped his arms around her. She immediately buried her face in his shoulder and started crying. He continued to hold her, rubbing her back and letting her get it all out.

Meanwhile, he thought the situation over in his mind. She was right in thinking they would not remain lovers through her departure in the fall; he would almost certainly have found someone else, since he could now get to know a girl's true feelings by using the program. So, really, this was about timing, wasn't it? And if that's all it was, then there wasn't a load to get worked up about, was there?

Seems like an awfully cold way to look at it, though, Zack.

True, but if I don't, am I supposed to cry my eyes out, like she's doing?

Zack couldn't answer his own question, and that bothered him, but he decided that playing this cool was more useful to both of them than breaking down over it. Besides, he simply couldn't muster the despair. Perhaps having so many girlfriends meant that losing one just didn't hit him that hard, even if she was his first and primary target.

The two of them talked for quite a while, and Zack tried to calm her down, to get her to see the bright side of her summer. She'd be more prepared for college in the fall; she'd be more desirable to employers; she'd have an interesting experience. None of this seemed to matter to her as much as the fact that she was leaving him two months too early.

"We just have to face it, Sweetheart," he said, finally. "You only have two choices: stay, or go. I don't want you to miss out on this opportunity over me. This sort of thing only comes along once, and you deserve the shot. We both know that 'us' wasn't going to last, don't we?"

Tearfully, she nodded.

"Then don't ruin your future for a few weeks of your present, okay? I don't like you leaving, either," he said, not sure he believed it, but he had to say it. "But I think it would be the best choice for you to make."

She continued to cry for several more minutes, but then she calmed down. Her sobs became sniffles, and he wiped her face with a tissue to remove the tears. She smiled at him, and kissed him.

After a little more talk, and some snuggling, she had to go. She promised to come by to see him Friday night, for one last night together before she had to go. He was looking forward to it, since she was still one hot babe.


Zack did not breeze through his last day of school. No matter how well you know the material, you do not breeze through a day of exams. He did, however, feel confident that he did quite well on them. He was not a walking zombie like a good portion of the other students, and he was satisfied that he was giving it his best effort. Granted, it was a PAO-enhanced effort, but that was just fine with him.

It irked him a little bit that some students were already out. Not everyone had a seventh-hour class, and those that didn't got to begin their summer vacation an hour early. However, it was very clearly stated that any of those kids that hung around the school to taunt the others would have the police called on them, and so they departed very quickly.

Zack's seventh hour was, of course, a joke. He did have to collect the three ITV units from their classrooms, but then he was done. Mr. DeVain had made it clear that he could do pretty much whatever he liked after that, but he doubted the principal had in mind what Zack was planning. His first two pick-ups were simple enough; he went in, collected the equipment, and then took it down to the media lab. With those two collected, he went to get the third and final unit.

This last unit was in the classroom of Miss Kate Pinches. Zack finally had an excuse to be in her classroom after hours. Miss Pinches did not teach a seventh-hour class, and he was sure he'd find her either grading exams or cleaning up. He knocked on the door, waited a second, and then opened it.

"Miss Pinches?" he said, his voice suddenly tight. He wasn't worried about his program, but this was fantasy time.

"Oh, hi, Zack. C'mon in. What're you doing wandering around the halls?"

"I came to get your ITV unit."

"That's right, I forgot you were in charge of that. Well, you know more about moving it than I do, be my guest."

Zack walked in and very carefully locked the door. He didn't want her to hear it click. She didn't seem to notice, and so he moved over to the ITV system. Miss Pinches was sitting at her desk going over exams, from the looks of it. He had thought about how to do this, and since she was sitting where he expected her to be, he could go with his simplest ploy.

Pulling out his PDA, he turned it on and picked the appropriate from the several he had installed. She ignored him, assuming that whatever he was doing was something next to sorcery in her mind. He waited the brief second it took for the PDA to load and ready the . Finally, receiving a 'ready' indication, Zack took a deep breath.

"Miss Pinches?" he asked, still with his back to her, "Does this belong to you?"

As he turned, he could see her head had come up at his question, as he'd planned. As he turned, his finger was on the execute button. As soon as he was far enough around that she could see the screen, he punched it.

"No, I've nev..." her voice trailed off as her mind was suddenly absorbed by Program Alpha-Omega.

Zack wondered if moving the device would have an ill effect. Slowly, he moved it toward her. He watched as her eyes followed it. He set it down on top of the paper she had been grading. Her eyes remained fixed on the display. This was a useful piece of information that he'd not really had before. He couldn't resist, and he stroked her brown hair as she watched the program. He felt her shiver, as Pat had, but she made no other reaction. He really hoped this worked.

A few minutes later, and the triple-shrug indicated that it had. The device turned itself off, and Zack held his breath. Miss Pinches continued to look down at the device for some seconds.


"Yes, Miss Pinches?" his voice had caught, and he cursed himself for it.

"Is the door locked?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Call me Kate."

Before he could respond to that, she had swiveled in her chair and lunged at him. Her move had been calculated, and it took them both to the floor. He was too startled to do much except wonder what had gone wrong. When her mouth attacked his, he realized that something had gone very, very right.

Their lips tangled for several seconds before her tongue shoved its way into his mouth, not that he gave much resistance. Their tongues danced as his hands roved her back. They literally rolled on the floor, grasping and pulling at each other. When Zack's hands found her ass, she groaned. He molested her ass through her skirt, slowly hiking the skirt up with each grope, until he felt the hem of it, and then he pulled it up to her waist. His hand felt the silkiness of her panties, and he rubbed those for quite some time.

Zack noticed that she'd stopped their rolling about as he fondled her ass cheeks. He pulled on her panties, and they came down off her waist without much trouble. He eased his hands inside the top of them, pushing them further down, and allowing him access to her bare ass. She was moaning constantly now, and he loved the way her tongue caressed his own as she did.

Finally, she broke their kiss, and sat up. She reached down to her hips and started pulling off her panties. Zack yanked his T-shirt up and off as he watched her. She cooed at seeing his bare chest. Once her panties were off, she quickly shed her pumps, and then she straddled his legs. She wasn't placing any weight on him yet, but he could feel the heat she was radiating.

Without a word, she began to undo the buttons on her blouse from the top. Zack reached out and started at the bottom. She smiled at him, an expression full of lust. When their hands met in the middle, she took his hands and placed them over her tits. He squeezed gently and she moaned lowly. After a few moments of this, he gripped the fabric of the blouse and pushed it off her shoulders. He could see that the clasp on her bra was in front. He considered this a blessing, and gingerly undid this.

As the cups of the bra parted, Zack caught his breath. Kate's tits were not the biggest he'd seen, but they fit her frame perfectly. Her small, dark areolas excited him, and her nipples were already stiff, pointing straight out from her tit. Zack pulled her blouse the rest of the way out of her skirt, and pushed the garment completely off her shoulders. As Kate was getting that off her arms, Zack leaned forward and softly kissed each of her nipples in turn. It looked as if an electric shock had gone through the teacher, and she groaned not-so-softly at the touch of his lips.

Finally, the blouse and bra were gone, and she brought her hands to the back of his head, holding him to her breast. He lapped and licked at her wonderful skin, enjoying every inch of it. He switched to the other breast, and she began to moan, her hips moving against his body as she grew more aroused.

When he finally came back up for air, he kissed her, and she pushed him backward, down onto the floor. She looked at him with desire in her eyes. "Do you know how long I've wanted to fuck a student?" she whispered. "Just about any student would have done, but I was so worried about getting caught. I'm glad it's you, Zack. I trust you. Remember, we can't let anyone know about this."

"Never," he said, craning his neck up to kiss her. She responded immediately, but only briefly. She again broke their kiss.

"My ass. Put your hands back on my ass. I love feeling them there." She returned to kissing him before he could have said anything at all.

God, is she hot! he thought to himself as he pulled her skirt up to her waist, and then started to fondle her ass cheeks again. She moaned again as soon as his hands touched her behind. He let one hand stray, looking for the fastener on her skirt. He finally found it and loosened it, opening the zipper all the way as well. She knew what he wanted, and wiggled herself as his hands moved inside the waistband of her skirt, shoving it down her legs until it was well past her hips. Then his hands returned to her ass.

As they continued to kiss, Kate's hands moved down to Zack's waist. He wondered what she was doing until he felt his belt being undone. His mind reeled at the thought of this beautiful woman about to expose his manhood. He was as hard as he could ever remember being. She worked feverishly to get his pants undone, and yet kept up the action of her tongue in his mouth. She was apparently very good at sex.

Finally, with his pants undone, she had to break their kiss. She pushed herself back upright, and his eyes roved over her tits as she moved. She moved off him, working her skirt all the way off her legs. Then she returned to his body, first removing his shoes and socks and then, with his enthusiastic help, his jeans. She moved up his body, and took hold of the elastic on his briefs. She pulled this out, and peeked in.

"Mmmm. You're nice," she purred. Then she pulled the briefs down and away, and his hard cock was exposed to her eyes. She hummed at the look of it, all hard, with a drop of precum oozing at the top.

It was not her eyes that he felt on his cock next, however, but her fingers. She lifted his dick so it stood straight up, and then she licked at the head, clearing off that sticky drop of fluid. "Mm," she said again. Then, without preamble, she slipped the head of his cock between her lips, and closed them around it. Zack felt the suction and the friction and he groaned out loud. He knew there was no way he could last very long with this kind of treatment.

Kate's lips slipped all the way down his cock, until he was buried in her mouth. She continued to suck, and he wondered how the hell she did that. It felt incredible, and he knew he was mere moments from coming. He grunted to try to tell her this, but he couldn't make words anymore.

Kate understood, though, and she backed off him a bit. Then she started to bob on his cock, sending wave after wave of pleasurable tingles throughout his body. In mere seconds, he'd lost control, shooting hot white gobs of cum down her throat. Kate kept sucking, and swallowed every last drop of his spunk.

She continued to work him over, too, working to get him hard again. Meanwhile, his hand strayed between her legs, and he began to stroke her pussy lips. She groaned on his cock, and that began to rouse him. As his fingers continued to dance, she hummed and moaned on his pole, which soon grew back to its full hardness and size.

Once she had him hard again, she moved her cunt away from his hand. Straddling him now, she said, "I loved what your fingers were doing to me, but I'm going to love this..." she paused as she pushed herself down onto the head of his cock, and then began to slip further and further onto him. "...oh, so much more."

Zack reached up and fondled her breasts as she slipped onto his dick. She was groaning out loud now, unable to control her passions. Once he was fully inside her, she began to rock her hips back and forth, moving on him in a most exciting way. She was panting and groaning, and Zack was fighting the urge to slam up into her as hard as he could.

His hips began moving, and she loved that. She began to groan and cry out. Finally, Zack had enough. He reached up, pulling her down to him, and rolled them. He was on top, now, and he started slamming into her cunt full force.

"Oh, fuck, yes, Zack! Goddamn, screw me!" Kate was fully aroused, and she was loving the fucking she was getting.

Zack thrust as hard and as fast as he could manage. He couldn't possibly keep this up for very long, but he didn't have to. In mere moments, Kate's body began to spasm, writhing and thrashing beneath him. She was in the most pleasurable agony imaginable, and he loved watching her beneath him.

When she finally came down, he didn't start to move inside her again, wanting to see if she would need to take a breather. Her cunt squeezed at him a few more times, but then she asked him to roll off her.

He did, reluctantly, but she looked like she was still hot for him. "I want you to do me a favor, Baby," she said, standing up.

"Name it," he said.

She bent over her work table, which was not cluttered with exams like her desk, and looked back at him. "Fuck my ass, please." She brought her hands back and pulled her cheeks apart, making damn sure he understood what she wanted.

Zack stumbled to his feet. He hadn't had this request before. The idea was certainly tempting...

"Are you sure?"

"God, yes! I love having my ass reamed! But I haven't found anyone who's any good at it in a long, long time. Please, Zack?"

He nodded, and moved behind her. He slipped into her cunt again, to make sure he was well-lubed for this. By the time he pulled out, she was already groaning in pleasure.

He pressed the head of his dick against her rosebud, and she moaned loudly. He pressed forward gently, but persistently. Soon, her ass loosened, and the head of his cock slipped in. He continued to press forward tenderly, so as not to cause her more discomfort than necessary.

"Oh, yeah, Baby, that's it. Nice and slow. Let me relax for you. Yeah, that's wonderful, Sugar." Zack had never heard her talk like this before. Then again, he'd never had his dick being buried up her ass, before, either, so it was probably par for the course.

Eventually, he was fully inside her. He leaned over her, and began to caress her tits again. He kissed the nape of her neck, and she moaned. His hips made very slight movements, helping to loosen her for the coming onslaught.

When she felt she was ready, she said, "Okay, Baby, but go slowly, please."

Zack did, sliding out of her at what seemed like a snail's pace after the pounding he'd given her pussy. When it was just the head of his dick inside her, he slipped back in. It was much easier going this time, but she was still tight. The feel of her was incredible. He'd never imagined it like this.

In and out he went, slowly increasing the tempo as her mewls and groans indicated she was ready for more. Soon, he had a good rhythm going, and she was crying out beneath him, lost in her world of pleasure.

He could feel his own climax building in his balls, and he knew it was going to be a big one. He revved up the pace just a little more, and it was all that Kate could take. She cried out, her body wracked with tremors and wriggling in ecstasy. Her ass contracted tightly on Zack's dick, and that was the last he could take. He pushed himself deep into her and held it there, unloading his cum deep inside her. It felt as if he was firing bullets at her, so strong were the contractions in his loins.

For several moments, they writhed together, before they both came down from their highs. Zack slowly pulled out of her ass, careful not to cause her any pain to ruin this wonderful experience. When he slipped out of her, she stood up and turned to face him. They embraced and kissed warmly, enjoying the moment.

When she stepped back from him, she looked down at his dick. "We can't let you get dressed with that all messy like that."

He didn't know what she meant until she dropped to her knees. Before he could stop her, her lips were wrapped around his dick again. His stomach almost lurched with the thought of where he had just been, but she truly seemed to be enjoying herself. Her ministrations almost had his cock thinking about hardening again, but he was far too spent for that to happen. After a few more moments of cleaning, she let him slip from her mouth.

"There, all clean. Now you won't make a mess in your pants." She looked down as she felt his cum oozing out of her stretched ass. "I'm afraid I won't be that lucky, though." She turned to him with an evil look on her face. "But I loved every fucking second of it." She went to him and held him again, but, thankfully, did not try to kiss him.

"Thank you so much, Zack, for bringing this fantasy to life. Too bad you waited until the last day of school."

Zack's head was a little shaken. He'd programmed her with his usual obedience . This also removed her inhibitions to any sexual activity. He'd never had the chance to give her any orders to obey, but damn had she ever done what he'd wanted her to!

"Sorry about that. It took a while to get up the nerve."

"I know about that," she assured him. "I don't think I'd have ever had the guts to ask you. Thanks a lot." She gave him a soft peck on the cheek, which didn't cause him any shudders, so he was okay. "We'd better get out of here, before they lock us in."

"Yeah," he said, running his hand along her bare ass. "Wouldn't that be just a tragedy?"

She stopped moving, savoring his touch. "Mm. Terrible. What would we do to pass the time?" The both broke into giggles at that, and then parted, to get dressed. Kate thanked him again, and then told him to have a good summer. He promised to do so, and expressed his hope to see her next year. Then he was out the door.

What a way to end the year!


The next day, Zack woke up at the obscenely late hour of nine o'clock. Well, it was obscenely late for Friday, anyway. He got out of bed and went through his usual morning routine. He kind of missed Stephanie the last couple of days, but that was okay. At least she was safe with the Selmans.

Zack lounged about for most of the rest of the day. He got a call from Claudia, and she wanted to come see him early. Zack had considered what to do about her, and her coming over early was a good thing, so he said sure, come on over.

When she showed up, it was in that blouse and jeans outfit that she'd first been wearing when he'd taken her. It was a hot ensemble, and he loved it. They kissed at the door, inside the door, and all the way to his bedroom.

Finally, she said to him, "I still wish I wasn't losing you, but I really do want to go to this program."

"I know, Baby, and that's okay. I want you to relax. Do you remember how we used to relax?"

"You mean that program you wrote? Yeah. I liked that."

"Let's do it again, okay?"


Zack maneuvered her into his desk chair, and then double-clicked the appropriate icon. The sights and sounds assaulted Claudia, and he could see she was under. He stepped back, sitting down on the bed to wait.

What he was doing was de-programming her. He was removing all of his controls. She'd remember it all, though. He did leave in two bits of program: she wouldn't be able to tell anyone about the program, and she would not be able to be programmed by anyone else, ever again, without her mind's conscious permission. That is, unless he found a way around this block, but he wasn't going looking for one.

A few minutes later, she turned to him. The triple shrug had been evident, and he feared her reaction. What was before him now was the Claudia that had rebuffed him repeatedly, only he'd forced her into bondage by taking her mind away from her. Would she kill him?

"Zack... that was... not nice."

"I know."

"How could you do that to me?"

"How could I not? It was the only way to get you to notice me."

"Did you really want me so badly that you needed a slave-me?"

Zack just kind of half-nodded.

"That's sick."

"Easy for you to say, you were the one in control before."

"Zack, I... I don't think I want to talk to you anymore."

"I understand that. Claudia?" he said, just as she was walking out the door. She turned, a look of mistrust and regret on her face. "I know you won't believe this, but I really do care for you. I hope things work out for you at school."

She paused for a long moment. "Good-bye, Zack." She turned and walked for the front door. He didn't follow her.


When Zack's parents got home that night, they were surprised to find him so subdued.

"What's the matter, Honey?" his mother asked him.

"Claudia and I broke up this afternoon."

"Oh, Sweetheart, I'm so sorry." His mother actually meant it. She'd feared from the start this breakup, but that didn't make it any easier on her son. "What happened?"

"She's going off to college early. We probably won't ever see each other again." Not after the way she left, anyhow... He hadn't anticipated her reaction. He couldn't anticipate her reaction, actually. He'd expected far worse. He'd hoped, perhaps, that she'd still care for him, but that was a dreamer talking. What he'd got was less than he deserved for what he'd done to her.

So, what about the others, sport? He let that thought slide past him for the moment. He didn't want to think about it.

"Well, maybe now would be a good time for your end-of-year gift, then," his father said.

End of year gift? What the hell is he talking about?

"We got you something for doing so well in school, and for being so good at home this year, too."

They all walked out to the garage, and his father flipped on the lights. There sat a new red scooter. It wasn't high-class transportation, but it would certainly get him where he needed to go. His father handed him the key.

"It's all yours. We'll keep it fueled for you, and if it breaks we'll have it fixed. If you get in an accident with it, that's the end."

"I understand," he said. Zack wasn't a hotdog, anyway. The metallic red helmet he found really cool.

"Take it for a spin," his father said. "Dinner's not for another... half hour," he said, checking his watch.

Zack hopped on the scooter, and inserted the key. Of course, it didn't make an impressive vroom when he started it, but that wasn't the point. He accelerated down the driveway, past their car, and out into the street. This was a blast.


After supper, Zack decided that he needed to contact Adam. He'd said he would call after a week of experimentation with the PDA's. Well, he'd not had any problems at all with it so far, so he figured now was as good a time to call him as any.

The phone rang four times, and then a voice answered.

"Adamant Computers, Adam's office." He realized at that point that he didn't know Adam's last name. That suddenly worried him, and it was something he would rectify soon.

"This is Zack Griffin. I need to speak with Adam or William, please."

"One moment, please."

The moment was a short one. Adam picked up the phone quickly and said, "Zack! What's going on?" His voice seemed to be in a forced cheerfulness.

"Just wanted to report on the PDA's."

"How do they work?"

"I've tried them out on four different subjects. They appear to work flawlessly."

"Glad to hear that. I just wish the same could be said here."

"What's the problem?"

"I ran into another 'uncontrollable'. You think you could give her a try?"

"I suppose... I've got a week before I go off to my college program."

"We'll all be there on Monday."



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