Episode 8: Cheat Code

The next day, Zack took a trip down to the library, but he didn't go inside. Instead, he sat on a bench outside the library. He had a book in his hands, but he wasn't reading; it was merely to keep people from bugging him. His eyes were closed (though no one could have told that, since he was wearing sunglasses), and it was his mind that was doing the watching.

Zack's consciousness was inside of his own mind, watching the colors of the people fly by at ever-decreasing speeds. He wondered if this meant he was gaining some control, but he wasn't sure. Most of the emotions he sensed were some variation of boredom, which was why these people had come to the library. In one case, he saw someone who appeared angry, and he tried to focus on that person. He was able to pull a few vague impressions from his mind, and it appeared he'd had a fight with his girlfriend. Why come to the library to get over a fight? A few more moments revealed that the guy worked here.

I bet he's going to have just a wonderful day...

Zack continued for over two hours, just watching the people. He noticed that, as time went by, the colors were moving more and more slowly. A couple of them were even standing still. He focused on them for a moment, and he realized that the people the colors represented were also standing still.

So, am I now at the point where the colors are only moving as quickly as the people they represent? That would be something of a breakthrough, wouldn't it?

Zack spent several minutes reading the emotions of the two people who were sitting across from him, having a conversation. They were two women. Zack found it amusing that, though the two outwardly called themselves friends, both of them seemed to have emotions that belied this concept. Trying to dig deeper, Zack even found that the one woman was sleeping with the other woman's husband, and her friend didn't know about it.

How naughty of her, Zack thought to himself with a smirk. He considered getting her personal information, just to torment her with what he knew, but decided it wasn't worth the effort.

Suddenly, Zack felt a huge amount of love emanating from behind him. He switched his focus, and saw the person's color was a bright pink. Before he could dig deeper to find out anything about the person, he felt arms wrap around him, and a warm, soft kiss was planted on his cheek. He opened his eyes to see who it was.

"Hey, Steph," he said cheerfully. He leaned up to give her a proper kiss, and the two lip-wrestled for several seconds. Finally, they broke the kiss so that Stephanie could move around the bench to sit with him.

"How'd you find me?" he asked.

"Your mom said you'd be here. I was expecting to have to look all over the place for you. I'm glad it was easier than that." Her voice said more than her words did. He kissed her again, ignoring the women who had stopped chatting to glare at the two making out on the bench. He felt stabs of envy coming from both of them, but he couldn't easily read their minds without slipping back into his trance state, which wasn't something he wanted to do while kissing his girlfriend. Well, one of his girlfriends.

When they finally broke their kiss, Stephanie asked, "So, whatcha readin'?"

"Nothing, actually. I was meditating. I just used the book to keep the curious away."

"Sneaky," she said playfully.

"You know I am," he answered in kind, kissing her quickly again.

The two looked up in irritation when the woman across the way said, "This is a public place, you know! You don't need to be doing that in front of small children."

Zack got up, with Stephanie following. He walked over to the woman, and whispered something in her ear. The woman paled, and took in a ragged breath. Zack straightened, and patted her on the shoulder as he continued walking. Stephanie followed in confusion.

"What did you say to her?" Stephanie asked when they were out of earshot.

"I just told her that, if she didn't want me to tell the other woman what she was doing with the other woman's husband, she should mind her own damned business."

"Ooooh," Steph crooned appreciatively.

"I hate people who are hypocritical like that." They walked a little further, with Zack's arm wrapped around Stephanie's waist. Stephanie had her head resting on his shoulder. "So, what brings you out looking for me?"

"My roommate finally showed up," she said. Her tone indicated that this was not necessarily a good thing.

"Oh? Is she a problem-child?"

"She's kind of a bitch."

"Ah. Rich kid?"

"Not really, but she acts like it. I guess maybe she thinks her shit don't stink, too."

Zack had to laugh. He hugged her tighter. "You want maybe I should deal with her?" he asked in his best Bronx accent.

Stephanie hesitated for a long moment. "I'll leave that decision up to my Master," she finally said, laying the issue on his shoulders.

"Thanks a lot," he said. They were walking by a tree at that point, and Zack turned, pushing her up against it. His lips were immediately locked to hers, and she was moaning already. His hand slipped around to her ass, and he pulled her tightly to him. The two kissed heatedly for well over a minute before breaking apart. Stephanie wrapped her arms around Zack and then kissed him on the cheek. He held her softly now, but his hands were still resting on her ass.

"My place, or yours?" he asked quietly.

"Yours," she said with a beautiful smile.


The next day found Zack walking into the kitchen at the Selman house, a smile on his face. He saw Mary making some preparations for dinner, though dinner was several hours away. She was humming softly to herself, but he got the impression that she knew he was there. He stepped up behind her and put his arms around her. She settled back against him immediately. He kissed the base of her neck and got an appreciative hum for his trouble.

"How are you today?" he asked her sincerely.

"I'm doing pretty good, especially now that you're here. You will be staying for dinner, right?"


"Good," she said with a sigh. Zack glanced behind himself, to make sure no one was coming, and then he slipped his hands upward, to gently cup Mary's tits. She inhaled sharply at the pleasure that caused.

"Oooh, you naughty boy," she said with a wicked grin. "I ought to spank you for touching me like that."

"Well, I don't know about me, but I'll let you spank my monkey," he said, having read her mood right. She blushed crimson at the remark, and fought a case of the giggles. He whispered something in her ear, and, while she looked a little shocked, she nodded in agreement and excitement.

"I'm going to go see what Wendy is doing." He let his hands fall from Mary's breasts, but his left hand ran firmly across her ass as he left her to her task.

He didn't hurry back to Wendy's room only because he didn't want to run over someone who might be coming out of a bedroom. He knocked softly on her door when he did get there.

"Come on in," she called softly.

Zack opened the door, and almost-closed it behind him. It appeared shut, but it hadn't been latched. This was an important part of his plan for this afternoon. Wendy was standing at her closet when he'd come in, but she immediately came to him, wrapping her arms around him tightly, and looking up at her boyfriend. He leaned down to kiss her hotly on the mouth.

"I'm safe today," she whispered wantonly in his ear.

"I know," he replied with a lecherous raising of the eyebrows. He then kissed her again. Her hands gripped his back to pull him more firmly against her. He moved his hands down, gripping the bottom of her T-shirt. He broke their kiss so that he could quickly pull the garment off. As he suspected from embracing her, she was not wearing a bra, and he was presented with a view of her glorious tits. He leaned down, taking one gently in hand and lavishing kisses all over it before sucking in her nipple. Wendy mewled at the sensation.

Zack moved back and forth between her tits for several long moments before Wendy pushed him away.

"You're driving me crazy! Get out of those clothes so we can play!"

Zack removed his clothes quickly, but not nearly fast enough for his girlfriend. She was fully stripped and ready before he got his jeans off. Wendy was in no mood to wait, and helped him remove the rest of his clothing. She looked longingly at his rigid cock, and very gently ran her hand along its length. Zack shuddered at her touch.

"Lie down," she said more softly. Zack could sense a mild touch of nervousness in her, but he reminded himself this was only her second time. She was stuck between wanting it so badly she could almost taste it, and still being worried about doing it right. He lay down on the bed, sliding up so that his head was resting on her pillow. Wendy lay down beside him, but her head was facing the body part of her desire: his dick.

Wendy reached out and encircled Zack's cock with her small fingers. She held it upright, and then ran her tongue along it. Zack closed his eyes at the sensation, and groaned softly as Wendy's lips engaged the head of his dick. Though he knew it was going to happen, he was so enthralled by his girlfriend's actions that he didn't see the bedroom door open. Wendy was, of course, both too busy, and not looking in the right direction. This was all according to plan.

Mary stepped fully into the room and silently closed the door, latching it completely this time. She'd watched at the door for only a few seconds, and that had her hot enough to want to finger herself to climax. She knew something better was coming, though. She stepped over toward Bonnie's bed, which would take her out of the possible line of sight of her daughter. Zack had planned this very well. She waited, now, until he noticed her presence.

It took several moments for that to happen. Zack was thoroughly enjoying the sensations that Wendy was giving him as her mouth worked on his dick. His hand ran over her hip almost unconsciously. It took a while before Zack remembered that he was expecting company. Opening his eyes, he first looked to the door, and then around the room. A smile crossed his face as he saw Mary standing, watching her daughter give a blowjob.

Mary, seeing that Zack had finally spotted her, immediately began undoing her blouse. She knew she didn't have a lot of time, so she didn't do too much of a striptease, but instead, she locked eyes with her lover and removed her clothes quickly. As her daughter's mouth worked over Zack's prick, she watched his eyes, enjoying how his gaze roamed over her body. It didn't take long before she was completely naked.

It wasn't long after that, either, that Zack realized he was about to come in Wendy's mouth. He grunted out a warning, but she didn't really care, and kept up her sucking. If anything, her pace intensified. Seconds later, Zack exploded into her mouth. Wendy continued to suck him, as she had the last time, cleaning him off completely and swallowing all of his cum. She noticed with pleasure that his cock did not even begin to soften as she worked him over.

When Wendy finally let Zack's cock slip from her lips, Mary had to move quickly. Before Wendy had a chance to even move, Mary stepped into the scene. She knew her presence would startle Wendy. Moving over to the side of the bed, she announced her presence.

"Ooh. Thanks for getting him ready for me, baby," she said.

"Mom!" Wendy said, completely unsure of what the hell she was supposed to do. Mary ignored her for the moment, as she climbed onto the bed, straddling Zack's hips. She reached down to take Zack's hard shaft in her hand and aim it for her dripping hole. In just another second, the head of his cock was penetrating her wanting pussy.

"Oh, yes, that's what I want," she moaned.

Wendy looked at her mother - or rather, her mother's coupling with her boyfriend - in complete confusion. She was going to look to Zack for advice, but before she got the chance, he gently pulled her over him, so that her pussy was now just over his mouth. He reached out with his tongue and caressed her outer lips. She shivered with the sensation, and moaned slightly. She now nearly had her face buried in her mother's crotch, however, and that was not an acceptable position for her.

Wendy pushed herself up, so that she was kneeling over her boyfriend. Zack barely noticed her shift in position as he began to work on her cunt in earnest, lapping at the juices and probing her hole with his tongue. Wendy moaned at the feelings, and, though she didn't want to admit it, even to herself, it was arousing her immensely to watch her mother fucking her boyfriend.

Mary bounced rapidly on Zack's cock. Though it had only been a week since she'd fucked him last, it had awakened in her the desire long suppressed by her failing marriage. She rubbed her own tits as she watched her daughter being eaten out. She let her eyes roam Wendy's wonderful body, noting the soft curves, the wonderful tits, and the erect nipples. Mary had certain fantasies that she'd never told anyone about. She wondered if she should act on them, and then decided to take the chance.

Leaning over, Mary began to lick and kiss Wendy's breast.

"Mom, what are you..." Wendy's thought trailed off as her mother's lips found her nipple, and began to suck on it. Although Wendy found herself confused by her own arousal at her mother's touch, Mary just enjoyed the woman-to-woman contact. She reached out and let her fingers run over her daughter's other tit, eventually finding and toying with the nipple there.

Mary was completely unaware that her excitement at this act was driving her faster and faster on Zack's cock. She could feel her release building, could feel the pressure inside her rising. As she continued to fondle her daughter, and as Zack began to thrust deeply up into her, she realized that she was past the point of no return. Her body quivered in anticipation of what was coming, and soon, she was coming. She let go of Wendy's tits in order to cry out in ecstasy, thrashing on her lover's cock. Zack continued to thrust into her, driving her even higher. Her orgasm seemed to last for hours, though surely it was only seconds. She felt the release wash over her as her juices coated Zack's cock and balls.

It took some time before Mary came down from her high and was coherent enough to climb off Zack. She knew he hadn't come yet, and so it was definitely her daughter's turn to enjoy the wild ride. She moved over to Bonnie's bed and lay down, closing her eyes in blissful rest.

As soon as Zack realized that Mary had moved off, he slid out from beneath Wendy, who still seemed to be in a bit of a daze, as well as being wonderfully aroused by his tongue.


"Shhh. We'll talk later," he answered, kissing her into silence. He pulled her to him, and she came eagerly. He lifted her off the bed, and she wrapped her legs around his waist. Positioning himself carefully, he slid into her, his cock sliding slowly, but easily, into her waiting cunt.

"Oh, yeah, that's what I've been waiting for," she sighed, unconsciously echoing her mother.

Zack laid Wendy down on the bed and kissed her hotly, their tongues immediately getting into the action. As they were kissing, Zack began to thrust strongly into his girlfriend's pussy. Wendy grunted at each thrust, her legs pulling him in even tighter, trying to draw him as deeply into her as she could.

The pair rutted together like animals in heat, and their cries of passion could not even be contained by their kissing. Soon, the room was filled with the muffled grunts and groans of their coupling. Zack took one of his hands and began to fondle Wendy's tit. He found the nipple that had so recently been sucked on by her mother. Wendy groaned loudly as his fingers slipped along the still-wet nubbin.

As Zack's fingers worked on Wendy's tit, his cock continued its pounding of her pussy. Wendy was completely lost to the outside world, reveling in the wonderful sensations being caused by her boyfriend. Even the earlier disconcerting experience with her mother was forgotten, overridden by the complete bliss she felt right now. Her hips were bucking and her legs were tensing, all to get Zack further into her. Her body was working toward only one purpose at this point, and that was orgasm, and she knew it wouldn't be long in coming.

Zack could sense her arousal, too. He increased his thrusts even more, pummeling her twat as fast as he could. His hand worked even more quickly against her nipple, and he knew it was merely a matter of seconds now.

When Wendy's orgasm hit her, her body tensed into a frozen position, her back arched, her legs clamping Zack within her depths. Her head was thrown back, finally breaking their kiss and letting her long, low moan of ecstasy fill the room, and probably the whole house. Her pussy continued to squeeze Zack's cock, but he wasn't quite ready to come yet. He continued to move within her as much as her body allowed him, which sent her ever higher into the clouds of joy.

Eventually, it was too much for her. Wendy uttered a final cry, and then passed out from the overwhelming sensations she had felt. Her body collapsed against the bed, her legs slipping off Zack to lie lewdly spread on the bed. She was still breathing hard, even in her unconscious state.

Zack let a smile cross his lips. Even with all the surprises, she'd have to look at this as a good time, wouldn't she? He climbed off the bed, and gently rearranged his girlfriend's pose. He covered her, so she wouldn't get cold, and then turned to his other girlfriend in the room.

Mary had never really gone to sleep, but had instead merely given the couple as much privacy as could be managed with her still in the room. She felt Zack's weight on the bed, and immediately opened her eyes to look at him. She didn't have much time to do that, however, as his lips immediately engaged hers. His tongue slipped into her mouth, and she was one more time lost in the desire for this young man

Zack's one hand began to fondle her breast, seeking out the nipple, which he tweaked and gently twisted, receiving a moan for his effort. He slipped fully onto the bed with her, lying next to her as they kissed. His hand roamed from her breast down, across her body to her pussy. He immediately slipped a finger, and then two, into her already wet snatch.

As Zack's fingers began to thrust quickly into Mary's cunt, her body warmed to the action. Her hips rolled to meet his fingers, and her pussy grasped at them, trying to pull them deeper into her. Mary only let this go on for a few seconds, however, as she was in desperate need of more than this.

"Are you going to fuck me again?" she asked, rather crudely, but she no longer cared.

"That was the general idea," he said with a wicked grin.

"Good," she said.

"Do you want it from behind again?" he asked, remembering she liked it that way.

"Mmm. Not today. I want to do it sitting in your lap," she said.

"Okay," he said. He let his fingers slip from her hot cunt, and sat up, sliding himself more fully onto the bed as she made room for him. He put his back against the wall, and his legs out straight.

Mary moved to him, straddling him one last time for this day. This time, he held his own cock in place while she sank slowly down onto it, sighing out her pleasure. As soon as she was fully impaled on his dick, Zack took hold of her tits and began to squeeze and fondle them. Mary groaned in pleasure, and that groan got louder as his lips engaged the surface of those tits.

As Zack played with her tits, Mary began to move up and down on his cock. She used her pussy muscles to grip his shaft. Her movements were soon joined by his, as his hips could not keep out of the action. Mary was now bouncing in his lap as Zack's tongue and lips continued to work over her breasts. Mary was already lost to the sensations. It was hard for her to believe how easily Zack could bring her to the heights of passion.

Zack continued to suck on Mary's tits, but allowed his hands to move down to cup her ass. He used his hands and his hips to help move her on his cock, allowing them to move faster and faster. Mary's cries of passion filled the room as their bodies coupled. She was trying hard to make him come, and she could feel his body tensing. It was hard for her to notice through her own body's tension, though.

As they rode closer and closer to their climaxes, Mary reached down and very carefully began to fondle Zack's balls. That was all he could stand, and, with one loud grunt, he thrust deeply into her and began to spew his load. The sensation of his cum filling her pussy immediately sent Mary into her own orgasm, and she cried out, thrashing on him one more time, her head twisting from side to side and her back arching, pushing her more tightly against him.

The pair writhed together for some time before they settled down. Mary slipped off Zack's dick, and the two lay down, side-by-side, on the bed. They continued to kiss, but tenderly now. The passion, for the moment, was submerged.


It took nearly an hour before Wendy woke up from her blackout. She found Zack sitting right beside her, stroking her hair. He smiled at her, but she was still very uncertain of what had happened this day.

She pushed herself up into a sitting position, not bothering to keep herself covered; she had nothing to hide from him. He shifted his position slightly, and she nestled against him, but not as snugly as usual. He noticed the difference, and waited for what was evidently coming.

"Zack... what happened today?"

Zack thought, at first, to give a flippant answer to that, but he didn't think she was in a mood where that would go over well.

"Well... your mother, you and I all had sex," he said slowly.

"How could she just... barge in like that?"

"It.. um... wasn't really her idea," Zack said uncertainly. He had known this wasn't going to be a pleasant conversation, but that didn't mean he was ready for it.

"What do you mean? Whose idea was it?"

"It was mine."

She pulled away from him to stare in accusation. "You told my mother to... to..." She didn't even have a word for it.

"Shh," Zack said, trying to calm her down. "Look, I didn't want to be hiding anything from you. Can you understand that?"

Wendy looked at him with a dark look. "What do you mean?"

Zack took a deep breath. "Your mom and I have been sleeping together."

Wendy's pale complexion grew paler still. "You're... fucking... my mom? And me, at the same time? And you want me to be your girlfriend?" It was clear her shock was turning to anger.

"Wendy," Zack said, trying to keep his voice reasonable. "You knew I was sleeping with other girls when we first started our relationship. It's not fair for you to be surprised by it now."

Wendy's eyes were communicating a message that Zack didn't like, but her voice said, "How many others?"

"Right now? Just your mom, and Stephanie." He let that sit where it was; there was no point in telling her about all the others unless it became absolutely necessary... at least not in this conversation.

"But... my mom?" Zack realized that this was the real thing that was bugging her. He figured his other girlfriends wouldn't bother her until she got over the idea of him sleeping with Mary.

Zack shrugged. "What do you want me to say? She's beautiful, she's almost as sweet as you are, and... she needed someone."

That last part stopped Wendy, because she knew he was right. What right do I have to deny Mom even a little of what happiness I've had? But he's supposed to be mine, dammit! Can I stand to share him with Mom? In the back of her mind, a voice asked, What about the others? but instinctively she knew that "the others" didn't really matter in the great scheme of things.

"I can't believe she... touched me," Wendy said in a small voice.

"Didn't you like it?" Zack asked, wondering what was going through her mind. He was only getting a sense of confusion from her. He wished that he'd learned to fully read minds, but he only occasionally got an actual thought, such as the other day at the library.

"I'm... not sure," Wendy said. "It was... weird... but it felt good... I just don't know. Zack, this really is too much for me to think about. I need some time... alone... please?"

"Sure, Sweetheart. I tell you what, I don't want to make things difficult for you, so why don't I go ahead and go home now? I'll call or come over in a couple of days, and we can talk it out then."

"Sure. Thanks."

Zack gave her a comforting hug, which she returned, and then he got up and left. He wondered if he'd just lost his second girlfriend.


Zack walked into the classroom for his group, looking around for an empty seat. Though he was early, it was obvious that he was not as early as most of the rest of this group. He found one whole empty row, which made him wonder what was wrong with it, but he sat there anyway. He logged on to the terminal before him, checking to see if there was an assignment or any messages waiting in the discussion boards they'd told him about on Friday. There wasn't anything but a few pointless greetings from other students to the class at large. He shrugged, figuring that the first day must be more of a class-orientation.

Zack suddenly felt a wave of nervousness wash over him. He knew that he wasn't nervous, so it had to be more emotions from outside. He turned just in time to see Gabrielle slide into the seat next to him. Her emotions had quickly changed to relief when she'd spotted the empty seat near him. She smiled at him again in that way she had, and Zack remembered how nice she looked like that.

"Good morning," he said quietly. It was obvious that neither of them was a morning person.

"Hey," she said in return. "Thanks for saving me a seat."

The row they were sitting in was still mostly empty, and there were still several empty seats, including the one on the other side of Zack, but he didn't mention that. Instead, he smiled and nodded, accepting the unwarranted praise.

The two didn't have time to talk, because the class started shortly thereafter. This group of students was being led by a tall, bulky man with wire-rim glasses who had a nervous twitch. He also knew computers like the back of his hand. Zack was incorrect about the day ahead of him.


For once in his life, Zack was actually challenged in a computer class. The assignment for the week had been given, and it wasn't something that would be easy to accomplish. In fact, at the moment Zack was completely stumped on one portion of it. He was staring at his screen in frustration.

Reminds me of the early days with PAO.

After about ten minutes, he was ready to smack the side of the monitor in anger, just to release some tension. He leaned back forcefully in his chair so that he could glare at the screen more effectively.

Gabrielle noticed his movement, and stopped what she was doing to look over at him. She saw the look on his face, and realized he was stuck. It took her a long moment before she said anything. She didn't yet know him well enough to know if he'd accept help or not.

"What's the matter?" she finally said, very quietly.

He gestured angrily at the screen. "This program. I don't get it."

"Want a hand?" she asked.

Zack almost said no. Then he realized two things: first, he did, in fact, need help, and second, if he said no, it might hurt her feelings, and he didn't want to do that. After all, he might need a new girlfriend soon.

"Yeah," he sighed.

Gabrielle slid over next to him, and leaned over to look at the monitor. He moved his arm to the back of her chair, just to get it out of her way. She was so close, he could feel her body heat, and smell her shampoo. It was actually beginning to turn him on.

His reverie was interrupted, however, when she pointed to the screen.

"Here's the problem," she said. He leaned forward, leaving his arm where it was. He was looking over her shoulder at the screen. "This section doesn't work. This is the old way of doing it, but when they changed the class libraries, this way stopped working."

"Do you know how to fix it?" he asked, rather quietly, since his mouth was very near her ear. The soft wind across her earlobe made her shiver. She nodded, but Zack missed the smile.


When they finished up with the class, Zack had learned something new, which he considered a successful day. He walked Gabrielle back to her dorm room, at her request.

"Thanks for the help today," he said when they got there. "I didn't know about the new class definitions. I'd have been tearing my hair out without your help."

"No problem. I'm sure you'll return the favor before the semester's out. Hey, we have that test on Friday... can we study together for it on Thursday? You know, after class?"

"Sure. I'd like that. If this is how Day One went, I can't imagine what you'll teach me by Thursday!"

She smiled and blushed at his compliment, and he felt her emotions: she liked him. He liked her, too, and he was attracted to her. He knew he needed to stop looking at every girl as a potential sex partner, but it was very difficult, since he could have any of them that he wanted.

"Well," he said, "I'd better get going. I've got to pick up some stuff at the bookstore, and they close in fifteen minutes. I'll see you tomorrow, okay?"

"Great," she said, with that same smile she'd given him before. "See ya."

Zack walked out of the dorm, which held all of the out-of-town students participating in the SCOT program, and over to the bookstore. When he walked in, he noticed it was the same clerk he'd seen earlier.

"Hi, Linda," he greeted. She'd told him her name last time.

"Hey, Zack," she called back. He was astonished. He had told her his name in return, but he certainly hadn't expected her to remember it. She must have a phenomenal memory...

He'd needed to pick up a few supplies, and also there was another book that they were supposed to get that he hadn't been told about before. He grabbed the items he needed, and took them up for checkout.

As she rang up his items, Linda asked, "So how was your first day?"

"Tiring. It's a pretty busy session."

"I can imagine. At least we get breaks in our classes." The SCOT program ran more like elementary school: one long class with breaks for other activities. "But I guess you learn more this way, huh?"

"I hope so," he said with a smirk. Linda laughed.

"Don't worry, you'll do great. Here's your stuff. Take it easy."

"Thanks. See ya."

He felt a fleeting emotion when he'd said that, but it went by too quickly for him to grasp. What the hell was that?


School went more smoothly the next day. Zack settled down into a real expectation of having to work, which was something he hadn't had to do in a long time. At least, not while he was at school, anyway. His current endeavors felt more like one of his home projects, where he would end up working through the night.

He couldn't do that, however. Foremost, the teacher required all work to be done during class time, to keep things fair, since not all students had personal computers, and the program didn't have unlimited access to the computer lab. More to the point, however, the SCOT program didn't want the students overworking themselves, and so their evenings were meant to be free from work, if not from studying.

The other reason Zack couldn't work on his project after class was that he needed to go see Stephanie. It had been a couple of days, and he knew she didn't like it when he was gone that long. Truth be told, he was looking forward to seeing her. He was whistling a tune as he knocked on her dorm room door.

The girl that answered the door was fairly attractive. Her shoulder-length, full, black hair surrounded an oval face with aristocratic features. She was certainly well built, with a nice set of tits and long legs. The look on her face, however, was one of disgust.

"What do you want?" she sneered at him, obviously irritated by having to talk to a younger male.

"I'm here to see Stephanie," he said without inflection.

"That's too fucking bad," she replied snidely. "I'm not letting no goddamned little geek into my dorm room." She went to close the door on him, but Zack's hand landed firmly on the door, and it didn't budge. She glared at him for a moment before he spoke.

"Unless you'd like me to kick this door off its hinges, I'd advise you to step out of my way, now." Zack's voice was still calm, and still quiet, as there were other students walking through the hallway. It had, however, become very harsh all of a sudden, and it was clear that the threat was real. She backed off.

"Don't think you're getting off on this, geek. Tomorrow, I'll have you banned from campus."

"Neat trick, since I'm a student here. Now shut up, would you?"

Stephanie got up from her bed when she heard his voice. As he stepped around the other girl, she came to him.

"Zack!" she flung her arms around him and kissed him passionately. As he enjoyed the feel of her against him, he heard a snort of disgust coming from behind them. After they finally broke their kiss and he led Stephanie back to her bed to sit down, he gestured to the other girl.

"Is she always like that?" he asked, not bothering to lower his voice. Stephanie just nodded.

Leaning in, he whispered in her ear, "Should I fix it?" As he said it, his hand slipped up to very gently caress her breast. Stephanie shivered in intense pleasure.

"If you want to," Stephanie started, "I would consider it a blessing from my Master," she whispered back.

Zack leaned back, and nodded with a smile. He unsnapped the cover of his PDA-holder, and pulled it out. He scrolled through the scripts he'd preloaded until he found the one he wanted. Nodding to himself, he selected it, and waited a second for the machine to ready itself.

Looking up, Zack saw that the other girl was sitting on her bed, reading. It was a perfect position. He turned the PDA toward her, with his finger on the "Execute" button.

"Hey, bitch!" he called out. The girl's head snapped up, her eyes flaring, ready to snarl back a response. At just that moment, his finger pressed down on the button, and Program Alpha-Omega began its work once again.

A few minutes later, and the girl shrugged three times. While the program had been running, Zack had quietly found out that the girl's name was Beverly. He'd thought it a fitting name for such a bitch.

Once the program had finished, the girl climbed off the bed and assumed the position. Stephanie giggled, recognizing her own submissive position with her master. He'd released her from having to kneel like that in front of him, though she sometimes wanted to do it anyway, just because.

"Now, Beverly," Zack said, "you have been very rude to me, and to my friend Stephanie, and, I'd bet, to a lot of other people on this campus. Now, maybe they tolerate that kind of shit in Tulsa," he said, hazarding a guess as to her hometown, but not really caring if he got it right, "but we don't put up with it here.

"From now on, in public, you will become a very polite and quiet person. You will do what is asked of you, and you will no longer bully people or ridicule them. You will become a sweet and charming individual.

"When you are alone with Stephanie, or with me, or when the three of us are alone together..." he was about to break a little surprise for Stephanie, and he paused for effect. "You will be Stephanie's slave. You will do everything and anything she tells you to, regardless of what it is. Your free time is now hers, and you will spend it fulfilling her wants and desires. Do you understand?"

As Beverly nodded, Stephanie hugged her master. She'd just gained a new playmate... and she intended to make use of her.

After Zack had extricated himself from Steph's tight grip - something he didn't really want to do - he nodded and said, "If Stephanie is not present, you are to follow my commands, but my words cannot override hers. End program."

The code phrase, "end program," finalized the scripting of Beverly's command list. This method of programming wasn't quite as "secure" as using a written script, but it saved him from having to always write a script for each circumstance, and it was useful for cases where he didn't have access to his PC ahead of time. The worry was that with verbal commands, there was more of a chance of error. He'd been very careful about his wording, and he didn't think he'd left any loopholes.

Hearing the code phrase, Beverly blinked twice, shook her head slightly, and began to rise from her position on the floor.

"I didn't say you could move," Stephanie said coldly. Beverly immediately resumed her old position. Zack smiled, and moved over to Beverly's bed to watch whatever would happen. He honestly didn't know how Stephanie would react. She stared at the black-haired girl for several moments before looking over to Zack for advice.

"Do whatever you like, Sweetheart. She's your slave, not mine."

Steph's eyes glinted mischievously. She began to remove her own clothing as she spoke to Beverly.

"You've been a pain in the ass since you got here. I tried to be nice to you, but that didn't work, and now you see where you are? I've been there, you know. My master was nice enough to let me out of that position. If you're a really good girl, I might let you out of that position by the end of the summer session. But," Steph continued, pulling down her panties as the last act of disrobing, "I wouldn't count on it. Come here and eat me out."

Beverly's eyes widened, but she was obliged to obey her mistress. She crawled over to the bed, and up onto it slightly, her face staring between Stephanie's sprawled legs. Steph's cunt was already glistening with juices. Beverly was shaking with fear.

"I've... never... before... mistress..." was all Beverly managed.

"You'll get the hang of it," Stephanie assured her matter-of-factly. "Now get to it!"

Beverly leaned forward. She could smell the thick, musky scent of Stephanie's arousal. Her tongue slipped nervously out, moving toward the swollen pussy lips before her. When she made contact, Steph let out a small sigh. Her fingers entwined in Beverly's hair, pulling the girl's mouth against her own cunt.

"Lick, dammit!" Steph growled.

Beverly's tongue began to slip back and forth against Steph's outer lips. Soon, her tongue slipped in-between, and was massaging her inner lips. When her tongue found Stephanie's hole, Stephanie pulled Beverly's head harder into her groin. Beverly could barely breathe, but she got the message, poking her tongue as deep as she could into Stephanie's hole.

Zack was enjoying the show, as Steph's chest heaved from her excitement. It was interesting to watch someone else taking control of a person like this. He had to remind himself once that his programming meant that, without his special code, no one could ever do this to him.

Unless they're better than I am, in which case, I just hope they'll make me a happy person...

He let that thought pass as he continued to watch the display before him. He didn't think Beverly was very good, but apparently she was a fast learner, because Stephanie was soon nearly at orgasm. Her body was twisting as her fingers tangled and twisted Beverly's black hair.

"Oh, God, yeah, that's it. Now lick my clit, lick my fuckin' clit!" Stephanie hissed. It was only seconds after that when Steph let out a loud groan, and it was obvious she was coming. It took quite a while before Stephanie calmed down from her peak to even pay attention to her play toy.

When she did look down to see Beverly staring up at her, waiting for instructions, Stephanie got a wicked gleam in her eye. "I want you to go over to my master, give him a nice thank-you kiss for your new status in life, and then I want you to suck him off."

Beverly rose from where she was kneeling and turned around.

"And take off your blouse and bra first."

Without hesitation, Beverly shucked her upper garments. Zack nodded approvingly at her large tits with large, pale areolas. She crawled onto the bed with him, and gave him a soul-burning kiss, her tongue requesting, and receiving, entrance into his mouth. As they continued to kiss, her hand moved to his crotch, where it began to undo his belt and jeans.

By the time she had his pants fully undone and broke their kiss, Zack was out of breath.

"Thank you, my master's master, for my new station. This," she said, taking his cock gently in hand, "is something I'm far more familiar with."

Having said that, she bent down, her mouth heading straight for Zack's already-hard cock. As her lips encircled the head, he looked upward, his mind lost in the sensation. It took a few moments before he settled down from the initial shock. He could feel her lips descending on his prick, and he loved the feel of her warm mouth on his cock. He reached around to fondle her tit, and she hummed on his dick, which sent shivers throughout his body.

When he found her nipple, he twisted it, and she tried to gasp, which only caused more suction on his cock. He continued to grope her breast, and she increased her sucking pace, bobbing her head in his lap. Zack was loving every second of this as he played with her tits and got a wonderful blowjob. He knew he couldn't last too long.

As Beverly began to get her tongue into the act, slipping and sliding along the underside of his shaft, he knew he was in a losing game. He held off as long as he could, but finally there was no way to stop it. The cum boiled out of his balls and blasted from his cock, coating the back of her throat. Beverly swallowed like a pro, continuing to suck Zack for all he was worth. She continued until he was fully spent and cleaned, and only then did she let him slip from between her lips.

She looked up at him with an impish smile. "Thank you," she said, and it was entirely sincere. He pulled her to him and kissed her again.

"You're welcome," he said brightly after releasing her.


It was well after dinner before Zack made it home that night. He found his parents watching TV in the living room.

"School go better today, Honey?" his mother asked.

"Yeah," he said, passing through.

"How come so late?" his father asked. It wasn't a "fatherly" question; Grant was really just curious.

When Zack came back into the living room, he said, "I went to visit Steph after class, and see how she was doing."

"That's sweet, Dear. Everything okay?"

"Yeah, she's doing fine." Now. "I'll be in my room."

"There's some mail on the desk for you."

Zack raised an eyebrow in surprise, and went to get it. It turned out to be a media envelope, from... Oh, okay.

"Thanks. I'll probably be busy all night, so I'll see you guys tomorrow."

"Good night," they both said in unison.

Zack took the envelope back to his room before opening it. He found the expected CD inside, with a note.


The team has been working to cut the run-time of the program by altering the mathematical algorithm in the scripting phase. We've gotten it down to 58 seconds. I'm sure you'll want to look over the code and insert it yourself, so we've included no binaries on the CD. Good luck with it. Oh, and thank you one more time for your work last week: it has been an undisputed success.


Asshole. "Undisputed success" could only mean that he was screwing Terri regularly, which irritated Zack, because she was his girl in reality. Well, let's get past that. I obviously have a night of code inspection ahead of me. Let's get to it.


The college program that Zack was enrolled in did not meet every day of the school week; they gave the students Wednesday off, so that they would at least have some time to enjoy their summer. For Zack, it really meant he had to decide what he wanted to do with his day.

Zack fiddled with a couple of new scripts during the morning. With the faster run-time for PAO, there were a couple of other things he thought he could now try, when he had the opportunity. The PDA could hold well over a hundred scripts, and so far, Zack only had about ten. Eventually, he decided, he'd need to start looking at using the program to improve his family's standard of living, but it could wait.

After lunch, Zack figured he should take the opportunity to go talk to Wendy and Mary. He left a note for his parents, since he was unlikely to be home before they were, and hopped on his scooter for the trip.

When he arrived, Brian's truck was gone again. He spends an awful lot of his summer running around... Zack hopped off the scooter and headed inside. He looked in the kitchen first, but didn't spot anyone. It wasn't until he made his way to the master bedroom that he finally located Mary, putting away laundry.

She turned as he came in the room, and she went to him willingly. They embraced, and their kiss was very passionate. Zack let his hands slip down onto her ass, and she moaned into his mouth. They continued to kiss that way for some time before finally breaking it off.

"Oh, that was nice," Mary said after she'd gotten her breath back. She had not let go of him yet. "No school today?"

"Not on Wednesdays." His hands had not left her ass yet, either.

"Did you come over for fun?" she asked with an impish little grin.

"Well... maybe later, but really I came over to talk. Where's Wendy?"

"She'll be back in a half-hour or so."

"Hmm. Okay... We need to talk, too... heck, it might even be better if I talk to you first."

"Let's go out to the couch. It'll be more comfortable."

Out in the living room, the two sat very close together on the couch. In fact, Mary's hand was resting gently on Zack's thigh as the two sat, turned slightly toward each other.

"How's Wendy doing since Sunday?" Zack asked.

Mary cocked her head slightly, and took a deep breath. "I'm not sure. We haven't talked about it at all, and she's been really quiet around me. I'm worried."

Zack nodded. He knew there was an easy way to take care of the problem, but he didn't want to resort to that with Wendy. He took Mary's hand and squeezed it. They sat for a moment in silence before either of them said anything at all.

"So," Zack started, hoping to bring a lighter mood to the room, "just how long have you been into girls?"

Mary blushed strawberry. She averted her gaze with a shame-faced grin. Finally, she got herself under control and turned back to him. "I've had fantasies for a long time, but that was the first time I'd actually done anything... hell, it was the first time I'd ever been near another woman having sex."

Zack smiled wickedly. "You sure looked like you were enjoying it."

Mary blushed again. As she turned back this time, Zack leaned in and kissed her. Their lips pushed sensuously against each other, and their tongues entered the act quickly. For some time, the two continued to kiss.

After a while, they stopped necking, afraid that Wendy would come in and catch them. The coming talk would be difficult enough without added emotional insult. The two sat and talked about life and current events, but mainly were just together. It actually took forty-five minutes for Wendy to make it home.

"Hey, Mom," she said in a neutral tone. In a much sexier tone, she said, "Hi, Zack." She came over and, with only the briefest of glances at her mother, kissed him full on the mouth. Zack pulled her down into his lap, and she came willingly. Their kiss lasted for only seconds, but it was a wonderful experience nonetheless.

When they came up for air, Zack held onto his angel and said, "We need to have a talk."

"I know," Wendy said, nodding slightly. "I've been thinking about it since you left on Sunday. You know, I was actually kind of worried you wouldn't come back."

Zack looked sideways at her. "Why?"

"Well, I figured this was the way you lived, and if I wasn't going to accept that, you were going to dump me."


"Well, I don't want you to dump me, for one thing."

"So... what are you saying?"

She took a deep breath and sighed. "I'll take what I can get of you. You know, all this past year, guys were trying to get into my pants." She looked over at her mother and blushed, but continued, "But I wouldn't go out with them, because I wanted you. I mean, I guess it is a little silly, since you were dating Claudia when we first... you know..."

"I know," he agreed, tickling a certain spot in the small of her back and making her squirm.

"Stop that!" she said with a giggle. "Anyway, I guess I'm okay with it... I mean, we are pretty far apart in age, and you can't take me to a dance or anything. I just wish I could get past the nagging little feeling that's bugging me... I think Mom raised me too pure," she said as a barb to her mother.

Zack sat for a minute, thinking it over. Finally, he turned to her and said, "You'd really rather not feel jealous than force me to make a choice?"

"Hell, yes! I'm afraid I might lose... actually, I'm pretty sure I'd lose, and probably to my own mother. I couldn't stand that."

Zack had to admit he was in no mood to be tied down to one girl, so she was probably right. He moved so that she was sitting how he wanted her, and reached for his PDA. He hadn't wanted to use this program; it felt too much like cheating on her, even though that's precisely what he was doing. In this case, however, he was convincing himself it's what she wanted.

"Okay. I want you both to watch this," he said. He'd put the new algorithm in here, after checking it over five times for problems. Before either of them could ask what it was, he pressed the start button.

The sounds appeared totally different after the initial, harsh crash of noise. He didn't know how it was possible for it to sound more musical than it had before, but it did. And in fifty-eight seconds, the program ended, and two females shrugged three times.

He took Wendy's chin gently in his hand and turned her to face him. "Feel better now?"

"Yes!" she said, and embraced him strongly. He wouldn't tell her about the little surprise he'd included; it was his gift to Mary.

"So," he said, sitting back with Wendy still in his lap. "What should we do for the rest of the afternoon?"

It was kind of a silly question.


Mary was astute enough to leave the young couple alone for the afternoon, and Zack certainly appreciated that. Payment for that favor, however, explained why Zack was now awake at six in the morning with the arm of a beautiful woman draped over him and her head nuzzling his shoulder. It had been a long evening and a short night, but he felt pretty good, anyway.

Zack began to stroke Mary's exposed back. The sheet was down around their waists, and he could see how the brightening sky reflected its light off her smooth skin. As his hand moved softly up and down, Mary made soft mewling noises in her sleep. After only a minute of this, Zack could tell that she was waking up. He did not stop his hand from moving.

Mary finally stirred, feeling the pleasant sensation of a man's hand caressing her body. It took several moments before she was actually awake, and even more moments before her eyes opened. She smiled at the realization of where she was, and who she was with. She turned her head very slowly.

"Good morning," she said softly.

"Hey, Sleepyhead," he replied, his hand continuing to stroke her skin.

"Mmm, that feels good."

Zack turned his head and kissed her softly on the lips. Mary immediately responded, and they lip-wrestled for a full minute before their tongues got into it. Once they did, however, Zack allowed himself to fully embrace her, and rolled over, carefully supporting himself as they continued to kiss.

When they finally relented and parted their lips, Mary looked a little worried.

"God, what is Brian going to think? I've spent the night with his best friend!"

"Let me worry about Brian, okay? I'll have a talk with him about it. I'm sure he'll understand how things are."

Mary still looked a little concerned, but she didn't want to spoil the mood. Looking at him coyly, she said, "It was a wonderful night, too."

"Would you care for an encore?" he asked with a grin.

She did.


Even with his 'morning exercise', Zack still made it to class before Gabrielle showed up. He wondered that she was always just barely on time, but since she was on time, he didn't mention it. She greeted him warmly, but tiredly.

"Didn't sleep well?" he asked.

"Studying for tomorrow's test," she answered with a yawn. "I'm worried. I don't do well on tests."

"Test anxiety?" She nodded. "Well, there are a few tricks to getting around that. I can show you some of them this afternoon."

"I'd appreciate that. I hope I don't fall asleep on you."

"You'll be fine. I - oops, class is starting." He leaned over and whispered in her ear. "I promise I won't do anything embarrassing to you if you do fall asleep on me." He winked at her ostentatiously, and she had to stifle a giggle, lest the teacher be annoyed. He had no sense of humor.


Class went fairly well for both of the teens, and Gabrielle managed to perk herself up throughout the day, so that she was able to pay attention to the material and Zack didn't have to jab her with his elbow. When they were through with class, Gabrielle led Zack back to her dorm room.

"Where's your roommate?" Zack asked her.

"She had to drop out of the program. Family problem of some kind or other."

"That's too bad."

"Oh, I don't know," she said with a grin. "Now I've got you alone in my room!" She laughed to show she was only kidding, but Zack sensed that she wasn't entirely kidding.

"Let me call my parents, and let them know what I'm up to," Zack said. He normally wouldn't have bothered, but since he'd not come home the night before, he figured they might be worried. They were still his parents, after all. A brief phone call took care of the necessary concerns, and then he turned back to his study partner.

"Okay, so what did we want to start off studying?"

She tossed him their smallest book. "That one. This hardware shit confuses the hell out of me."

"No problem." Zack went over and sat on the bed, figuring she would want to use the desk. Instead, she came over and sat across from him. He looked at her out of the corner of his eye, but tried to ignore it, and then they began their studying.


After two hours of studying, the two had wound up lying on the bed, side by side, looking at the same book. It was the easiest way for Zack to use the diagrams to help explain things to her, and she had not hesitated to be this close to him. Zack had been reading all sorts of emotional content from her over the past couple of hours.

Now, as they took a break, Zack actually picked up something more than emotion. He'd started to do this of late, but it was haphazard, except when he focused his attention on it.

<I wonder if he'd ever want to go out with me.>

Zack wasn't entirely surprised by the content of her thought, given how she'd been acting. He also liked her, and would have gone out with her in a heartbeat.

"Ugh, I think my brain is turning to Jell-O," she said, flipping herself over onto her back to stare up at the ceiling.

"Let's give it a rest. Tomorrow's test isn't likely to be all that hard, anyway. It's just the first test."

"True, but remember my test anxiety? They could be giving a test on my first name, and I'd probably screw it up." She looked over at him with concern and said, "You said you knew some ways to counter test anxiety. Care to share them?"

Zack had to make a quick decision. He wasn't entirely sure she wouldn't reject him for it, but decided to try it, anyway. It might not help relieve her test anxiety, but it would certainly relax them both.

He slid over as close to her as he could, and said, "Well, here's one way to fight anxiety..."

Very slowly, he lowered his mouth to hers. She didn't flinch at all. As their lips met, she closed her eyes. As their lips moved against each other, Zack moved his arm out from between them, and rested his hand down on her opposite hip. She maneuvered her arm out from between them as well, and Zack moved closer in. As he did, he let his tongue slip out and run along her lips until she opened them, allowing him entrance.

As Zack's tongue made its way into her mouth, his hand began to caress her hip, moving up and down in small motions. Gabrielle mewled at his touch. He continued to stroke her, his movements growing slightly larger and moving up slightly. She made no move to stop him at all.

Finally, Zack allowed his hand to come to rest on the very outside swell of her tit, where his fingers made small circular motions. Gabrielle moaned very softly, and Zack didn't move his hand any further than that. They continued to kiss, and Gabrielle pushed Zack so that they were soon lying on their sides, which allowed a more comfortable position for their kissing to continue.

Now having better access, Zack slipped his hand off her breast and down. He moved it around until he was cupping her ass in his hand. Gabrielle moaned again as he squeezed her ass cheek, and the two continued their kissing.

This carried on for quite a while before they decided to stop and take a rest. Neither of them made any moves to take it further than kissing and fondling. Zack freely allowed her to break it off. He hadn't had a kissing session like that in a while, and he truly enjoyed it.

Gabrielle looked at him with a smile. "That was... nice. If you can do that to me throughout the test tomorrow, I'll be fine!" She giggled and he smiled.

"I don't think our teacher would like that very much... though I'd have a blast."

The two cuddled for a while longer before Zack said, "I do have something that might work, though. Have you ever been hypnotized?"


Zack grabbed his PDA off his belt. Hypnosis was the easiest 'explanation' for what the PDA did. "I have a hypnosis program on my PDA. I can hypnotize you, and get rid of your test anxiety."

She looked at him a little warily. "What are you going to make me do while I'm under?" she asked with only half a smile.

"I can't make you do anything under hypnosis that you wouldn't do otherwise," he said. This was true, except she wasn't being hypnotized. On the other hand, he had no plans to do anything other than take away her fear.

"Okay, I guess I'll trust you. But if I end up in the hallway naked, I'm going to get you." She kissed him again, to show she was mostly kidding.

Zack pulled up the same script he'd used on Beverly, and, sitting next to Gabrielle so she could see it, he pressed the Execute button.

Fifty-eight seconds and three shrugs later, he knew she was under. All he said to her was, "From now on, tests will not bother you. You will be able to recall the information easily and readily. You no longer have any worry over tests, and you will take them confidently and with little concern. Your studying will be effective, and you will remember what you study for as long as you want to. End program."

Gabrielle snapped to fairly quickly, and she looked at Zack. "I don't feel any different."

"No, but you will tomorrow morning."

"Thanks, I hope. I think you deserve a reward."

Before Zack could say anything, her lips were once again locked onto his. Truth be told, he didn't object at all.


The next day, Gabrielle came into class nearly late as always. She had a smile on her face, though, and when she sat down next to Zack, she leaned over and they kissed good-morning.

He smiled when they broke the kiss. "Ready for the test?" he asked.

"You bet!" she answered, with a big, beautiful grin.

"I knew you would be," he answered.

"I can't thank you enough for your help."

Zack had been thinking about this the night before. "Sure you can. Let me take you out next Friday night. We'll go to a movie."

"Deal," she said, her smile widening a notch. Just then, class began.


After the test, Friday was an easy school day. Most of what they did was to watch demonstrations of some new technologies and techniques. Zack was actually proud of himself that he'd used PAO for something that really helped someone else. Gabrielle, of course, was certainly happy with him. The bothersome thing for Zack was that Gabrielle was at least as smart as he was about software; she just didn't do well in school settings. He wondered if he should help her remove the rest of her insecurities.

I guess I could talk to her about it. Maybe after our date or something. Zack was thinking these things as he walked over to the bookstore. He had to pick up a piece of software that was a gift from the state, since he was on a state grant for the SCOT program.

As he stepped into the bookstore, he forgot all about the computer program as he heard yelling coming from within. He looked to his left to see two men manhandling Linda, the cute clerk that had flirted with him. Just as he stepped in, the bigger one tore away her shirt.

"Stop struggling, bitch, or we'll hurt you even more!"

Zack didn't stop to think what to do. He probably should have grabbed a phone. Instead, he moved closer, and then, when he was about ten feet away, he took a running leap at the one standing away from Linda. Zack figured this guy might have a knife or gun. Zack's foot connected with the guy's shoulder blade, and he went flying forward into a rack of clothing. He got tangled in the clothing and the rack, and as he fell, it fell on top of him. Zack knew it would take the guy some time to get untangled, so he was no longer a threat.

Zack spun to face his remaining opponent, who had watched his partner go flying. Now, seeing his enemy, his face darkened in rage.

"Want to play the hero, dickweed? I'm going to break you in half!"

The man lumbered forward, his arms outstretched in anger, as if going for Zack's throat. Zack quickly spun, then snapped a mule kick to the man's midsection, stopping him in his tracks and doubling him over. Zack knew that wouldn't last. He brought himself back to a ready position, and then moved to the side. Once he was in position, he brought his foot up, and then down, into an axe kick that landed right across the man's neck. The man collapsed like a marionette with its strings cut, crumpling to the floor in an instant. Zack could see he was unconscious.

Stepping around the man, Zack moved to Linda's side, trying not to pay too much attention to her bra-clad chest.

"Are you all right?" he asked.

Linda looked a little shaky, as she looked him in the eyes. "You... saved me..." At that point, she wrapped her arms tightly around him and began weeping. Zack was too surprised to do much of anything other than hug her in return.

"What's going on here?" a stern voice asked from behind them. Zack turned his head enough to see a dark blue uniform and a badge: campus police.

"Officer, these two men attacked Linda. I came in while they were doing it. I... uh... well... sort of stopped them."

"Yeah, I see that. Shit. I'd better call an ambulance."

"You're my hero," Linda told Zack as the cop went off to use the phone.

"I just did what had to be done," he said. She continued to hold onto him.


Zack and Linda stayed long enough to tell the police their stories, give them their information, and wait for the store manager to show up. At that point, Zack borrowed a jacket from the store to cover her up with, and offered to walk Linda back to her room. She readily accepted. They walked in silence, with her holding onto Zack as if for dear life.

Finally they got to her room. She worked to steady her hand so she could get the key in the lock. It took her two tries to manage it, but Zack was in no hurry, so he didn't rush her. With the door open, Zack led her into the room, and set her down on the bed. He went back and closed the door, locking it before returning to sit beside her.

Linda immediately turned and held onto Zack tightly, her face buried in his shoulder. He embraced her, rubbing her back and rocking very slightly to help comfort her and calm her down. He thought it was working, but he couldn't be sure. He was too hyper to sense anything from anyone other than himself.

Linda suddenly embraced him fully. The wider movement of her arms pushed the jacket off her shoulders, since she'd never really put it on. It now puddled against Zack's hands, and he decided to simply let it fall away. His hands were now stroking her bare back in small motions, still trying to comfort her.

After a few more moments, Linda leaned back and stared into his eyes. "My hero," she said again. This time, however, she leaned forward and kissed him. Zack immediately returned the kiss, pulling her more tightly against himself. He was not about to turn down this lovely woman. He could feel her ample tits pressing against his chest. He moved one hand up to cup her head, his fingers entwining in her silky, light brown hair.

Soon, Linda's tongue slipped out of her mouth to run along Zack's lips. After a few seconds, he allowed it entrance, and it quickly slipped past his lips to engage his tongue in a sensual duel of pleasure.

Zack took a chance and slipped his hand from Linda's back around to her front, lightly grazing the side of her breast. She pressed herself harder into him, and moaned softly into his mouth. Zack took this as a cue to mean that she was entirely willing.

Reaching around and using both hands, Zack unhooked Linda's bra, pulling the straps forward. She knew what he was doing, and moved slightly to help him discard the item. Now Zack moved his hands onto bare tit, and gently squeezed and fondled her breasts. Linda moaned even more at that sensation.

At this point, Linda began to pull at Zack's shirt, getting it loose from his jeans and pulling up on it until she had it bunched beneath his arms. The two broke their kiss only long enough for her to yank the shirt off and throw it to the floor. Now Zack pressed himself against her, feeling her wonderful, large tits pressing directly against his chest. He could feel the hot points of her nipples digging against his skin. He moved himself slightly, allowing his skin to slide against her nipples, and Linda moaned again.

It took a couple more minutes before the pair had removed all of their clothing. Zack finally pushed Linda gently down onto the bed, his body fully against her, his cock pressing against her abdomen. He leaned down to take one of her nipples into his mouth, and Linda cried out in passion.

"Take me, Zack. I need you to screw me!"

Zack couldn't resist a request like that, and so he positioned himself for entry. Linda's legs came up around his thighs, and began to pull him forward. He thrust into her, and she was so moist that he slipped all the way in with one smooth stroke. Linda gasped at the sensation, and Zack let out a grunt.

"Oh, God, fuck me, Zack!" she cried.

Zack complied, thrusting into her deep and fast, altering the angle of his moves to cause her greater sensations. Linda began to shove her hips upward to meet each of his thrusts, using her hips and her feet to pull him as deeply into her as she could. The pair rutted together like animals, climbing together toward the peak of ecstasy.

Zack reached it first, spewing his load deep inside his lover, but the feel of his cum splashing in her pussy sent Linda well beyond her peak and she cried out once again, writhing with the pleasures of her orgasm. The pair grunted and rolled together throughout their pleasure, until at last, they had to come down.

Zack rolled to Linda's side, allowing his dick to slide from her wetness. He held her gently and they kissed again, more tenderly this time. For a long while, no words were spoken, because no words were needed.


Zack had stayed with Linda for nearly an hour after their coupling, but he needed to get home. It was a full hour after he had left before the phone rang.

"Hello? Yes, this is Linda... Yes, sir. The plan went off without a hitch. Well, not without any problems... The two men you sent are in the hospital. One might be paralyzed... That's okay, then... Yes, sir, he did... Yes... No, I don't believe he suspects a thing... Yes, I'll keep you posted."


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