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Episode 9: Upgrades

Zack was once again zipping around town on his scooter. He was really just killing time; he had nothing better to do, had no work from his college courses, and the Selmans all had plans for this afternoon, at least for another hour yet. Thus, Zack was left to his own devices about what to do. He could go visit Stephanie, but he honestly wasn't in the mood for sex right now, and that was all she usually wanted.

Zack nearly fell off his scooter as he passed the Harley Davidson dealership. On prominent display was a very nice Navy blue touring bike. He recovered quickly, and pulled into the drive. He knew there was no way he could afford the bike, but that would not stop him from drooling over it.

Zack felt slightly embarrassed to be riding a scooter in the presence of a bike such as the...

"Ultra Classic Electro-Glide, 100th Anniversary Edition. You like it?" the salesman, who had come up behind him, said.

"That's like asking if I like breathing," Zack said, awed by the power embodied by such a machine. He ran his hand along the handlebars, and then across the seat.

"Hop on," the man said. Zack kicked his leg up and over, and settled into the comfortable leather. He reached out and grabbed the handlebars, and felt perfectly at home on the bike.

"You have a driver's license?" the man asked.

"Yeah. Just can't afford a car. I sure as hell can't afford this," he said with a frown.

"You could win it. This bike is the prize in our contest this weekend."

"What do I have to do?"

"Just fill out a card and join our mailing list."

"Even I can do that," Zack said with a smile. As he climbed off the bike, he pulled out his PDA. It might be cheating, but he wanted the bike. Since it was a freebie to someone, why not to him? He called up a as he walked behind the man into the office. When the man walked around his desk to get the entry card, Zack held up his PDA.

"What's..." the man said, before the program took over his mind. Zack waited for the fifty-eight-second routine to finish. Once it did, the man shrugged three times. Zack smiled to himself as he put the PDA away.

"So, how can I be of service?" the man asked.

"I want to win that bike," Zack explained. "How is the winner chosen?"

The man pointed to a box. "We put all the entries in there, and then we shake it up, reach in, and pick one."

"Are you doing the picking?"

"You bet!" the man said with a smile.

"Okay, here's what we're going to do..."

Zack hung around for about an hour and a half, just drooling over the bikes in the lot, waiting for the drawing, which was scheduled for two o'clock. When the time rolled around, there were about fifty people waiting at the dealership to find out if they'd won. There were considerably more cards than that in the box, too.

The salesman, whose name was Ted, brought the box out into the open, and set it down on a table.

"Any last-minute entries?" he called out. Everyone there had already entered long ago. Ted nodded, and then he and a coworker shook the box, mixing up all the cards, so that the drawing would be as random as possible.

It wouldn't really be, though. Once they were done shaking the box, they took off the lid, and Ted reached in. He sifted through the cards, back and forth, until his hand hit the bottom of the box. Sitting on the bottom of the box, stapled in place, was Zack's card. It was an old trick, but still effective. The staple was done in such a way that it made only one small hole in the card, and a quick jerk freed the card from the staple. Most of the cards were beat up with dings and small tears in them by now, and no one was going to notice the exceedingly small tear made by the staple.

Ted pulled the card out, and flipped it over so he could read the name there. "Our winner," he said loudly, making sure everyone could hear him, "is... Zack Griffin, from here in Martina!" Many in the crowd groaned, but everyone clapped politely as Zack gave a big, "YES!" and made his way to the front. He had to make it look good; he wasn't supposed to be expecting it. He had a big smile plastered on his face that was not feigned at all. This was going to be fun.

All right, Zack, if you'll just stand here so we can take your picture for the promotion..." Zack happily went through all the rigmarole that was required for the contest. In another half-hour, he had signed all the paperwork, and Ted handed him the keys. Ted had already forgotten that he had cheated to let Zack win the contest, and so he was quite happy for the young man.

Zack had to place a phone call, though. He now had two vehicles to get home, and only one rider.

"Hey, Mary. It's Zack. Is Brian home?" He whistled a tune while waiting for his friend to come on the line. "Hey, Brian. I need your truck. My scooter needs a ride home...I'm at the Harley-Davidson dealership...You'll see. See you in a bit."

Zack hung up the phone and turned to Ted. "Thanks." He shook Ted's hand.

"Don't thank me, thank the owner. It was his contest. Personally, I wouldn't mind having one of those myself!"

Zack laughed as he headed outside to wait for Brian. He hopped back on the bike to get a feel for it. It felt so right to him; his body just settled right into place. It wasn't a sport bike, but Zack was sure that there was enough power in this Harley to suit him just fine. He wasn't a speed demon, anyway.

"Don't forget your helmet," Ted said. He'd walked out with him. He picked up the helmet off the scooter, and handed it to Zack. Zack grabbed it.

"Thanks. I'm waiting for my friend, though, so he can take my scooter home. I think this is a much nicer way to get around."

"Ain't it the truth!" Ted said. "You have a good one!" As Ted walked away, Brian pulled into the parking lot. He climbed out of the truck with Wendy in tow.

"Hey, Zack," Brian said. "What's up, the scooter crap out on you? Nice bike," Brian said belatedly.

"Really, you think so? It's mine."

"What?" both siblings said at once. "You're joking, right?" Brian asked. "That thing's got to cost an arm and a leg."

"Won it in a contest. They had a drawing for it."

"Cool!" Wendy said enthusiastically. "Can I have a ride?" she asked, sidling up to her boyfriend.

Zack frowned for a second. She didn't have a helmet. Then he said, "Let's get you a helmet first. I'm not risking your life for a joyride."

Zack and Wendy walked back into the showroom, and took a look at the helmets on the wall. Wendy picked out one that was in candy-apple red, with the Harley logo on the back and an eagle emblazoned on each side.

"You have very good taste, young lady," Ted said.

"Thank you."

Zack paid for the helmet, and then the couple went back out to the bike. Zack had meant to help Brian load the scooter, but by the time they got back outside, he already had it in the back of his pickup.

"I guess you want me to take this to your house?"

"Yeah. We might be a bit behind you..."

Brian laughed. "I figured. Just don't take all day, okay?"

"Sure thing. Hop on, Angel," Zack said to Wendy. She climbed on the back of the bike and then fastened her helmet in place. Zack's was already on, and he turned the key to start the bike. The rumble went through both of them like the purr of a very powerful jungle cat. Wendy shivered, and grabbed for Zack's waist. He raised the kickstand, and off they went. His house was north of where they were. He turned east.


Zack and Wendy didn't ride for too long. After about fifteen minutes, Zack rode over to the Selman's, and dropped Wendy off. Mary, having heard the thunder of the cycle, stepped outside to see what was going on. She caught Zack and Wendy in a heated kiss.

"Mm. Wouldn't mind one of those myself," Mary said. "Nice bike, too."

Zack smiled at her, and pulled her into his arms. He kissed her full on the lips. Mary worried momentarily about the neighbors, but figured it was already too late, and so she kissed him back with fervor. The two separated after a few seconds.

"Where'd you get it?" Mary asked.

"I won it in a drawing at the dealership. Never thought I'd have one of these while I was still in high school.

"Is it legal for you to ride that at your age?"

"We passed two cops on the way over here. They didn't stop us," Zack said, shrugging. "I'll deal with all the legal stuff on Monday." He turned to Wendy. "What say you and I go for a little trip tomorrow, take a bike ride?"

"Okay!" Wendy replied enthusiastically. She hugged him again, and they kissed for a minute.

"I'd better go home. Brian's waiting for us to get back."

"See you tomorrow," Wendy said cheerfully.

"You got it." Zack lowered the visor on his helmet, and was off, leaving an echoing thunder behind him.


The next morning, Zack woke up and showered, then hurried through breakfast. As expected, his parents had not made a big fuss over the motorcycle. His father had told him they would add it to their insurance on Monday. Zack figured he could get through the weekend without a problem. He packed a quick lunch, threw some things into the storage box on the bike, and he was off. It was only nine o'clock, but he figured Wendy would be ready. If not, he could always enjoy waking her up.

As expected, Wendy was far from asleep when he arrived. She was sitting on the couch, staring out the window when he pulled up. He didn't even have a chance to get off the bike before she was out the door, running toward him. He smiled at her as she collided with him, jumping up to embrace him tightly. He held her warmly for a few seconds, then let her down.

"Gee, I'm not sure. Do you really want to go on this trip?"

"You turkey! Where do I put this stuff?"

"Left side box. Just pop the latch; it's not locked." She did, and then she put on her helmet. She struggled her way onto the bike, and then wrapped her arms around his chest.

"C'mon, let's go!"

Zack just shook his head in bemusement as he started the bike up, and headed out of the driveway. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Mary watching from the window. She smiled and waved at them as he sped down the street heading out of town.


Zack hadn't really come up with a plan for today until he'd lain down to go to sleep the night before. He really just wanted to spend time with Wendy, and have fun on the bike. But a road trip implies that you are going somewhere, and so he'd had to come up with some idea of where it was they were going.

Wendy, of course, could not have cared less. She was with her boyfriend, and that was all that mattered. Zack was not speeding at all; he was keeping right to the posted limit, and even a little slower at times, because he was not yet confident in his bike-handling skills. A trip that should have taken only an hour took them closer to an hour and a half, but neither of them cared one way or the other. Zack knew the next leg of their journey was going to be a bit long, so he didn't want to push it.

Zack pulled the bike into the parking lot nearest to Zoom Beach, at Lake Thunderbird. They weren't too far outside of Oklahoma City, though they weren't going there. He waited for Wendy to hop off before he got off himself.

"So, what're we doing?" Wendy asked cheerfully. She was happy to be out in the sun, happy to be with Zack. She didn't really care what they did.

"I thought, though it's a little early, that we might eat lunch here. The next leg of our road trip will take a while, so..."

"That's cool. I didn't have breakfast, so I'm a little hungry, anyway. Where to?"

Zack pointed over to the picnic tables overlooking the lake. There were lots of people on the lake, it being a weekend with beautiful weather. They unpacked their lunches and stowed their helmets, and headed for an empty table.

As they sat, peacefully eating their lunch, Wendy suddenly giggled. When Zack looked at her, she said, "I think you made Mom jealous, taking me all by myself."

Zack smiled at her. "I won't lie to you, your Mom is great, and I like her a lot. But you are my number-one girlfriend."

Wendy beamed a smile at him as she took a bite of her sandwich. It was going to be a great day.


It didn't take long before they'd finished lunch and cleaned up their mess. As Wendy was putting her helmet back on, she asked, "So where are we going now?"

"I thought we'd take a little run over to Lake Tenkiller."

"Hey! I haven't been there in a couple of years! Isn't it a bit of a long ride, though?"

"Your butt getting sore?" he asked with a chuckle.

"Not at all. Just worried about you, is all," she came back with a vixen's smile.

"Oh, anything that starts to hurt, I'm sure you'll kiss it and make it better..."

"Ooh," she said, purring the word as she climbed behind him on the bike.

"Settled back there?" he asked. She gripped him tightly by way of answer, and he was off.


The ride to Lake Tenkiller did take them quite a while, but they were in no hurry to get there. It was a warm, sunny day, and they stopped a few times along the way to see this or that. It was still early afternoon when they arrived at the north end of Lake Tenkiller. Zack stopped the bike, and they looked out across the water. The site was very picturesque.

"It's pretty," Wendy said.

"Yeah," Zack agreed quietly. They stared for a while, but then he started the bike back up. They rode along the shore of the lake at a leisurely pace, enjoying the view and the breeze. The road turned away from the lake, but Zack spotted a dirt road that led toward the shore. He turned in, and headed slowly down the road, hoping that he wasn't trespassing on someone's private property.

When the path ended, they could see a small beach area just on the other side of some low brush. They got off the bike, and put their helmets away. Stepping out onto the beach, they each turned their heads to take in the whole view of the lake. From here, it was as if they were surrounded by it. They could see the heavily populated area down toward the state park, but this portion of the lake was nearly empty at the moment. The two sat down on their own private beach, just enjoying the sunshine.

"Too bad I didn't bring a bathing suit," Wendy said. "I could have gotten a tan."

"Why do you need a bathing suit?" Zack asked mischievously.

Wendy smirked at him. "You pervert! There are too many people around here for that!"

Zack motioned to their left, to an area where the beach was actually cut off from the water by bushes. "If you lay there, no one can see you." He smiled wickedly, and continued, "Well, almost no one..."

Wendy wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him. "If I'm going to be naked in public, it's not going to be just laying out to get a tan."

Zack feigned shock. "Miss Selman! What are you thinking?"

They both giggled, and got up to move. They slipped down onto the sand in the seclusion of the brush. Zack briefly wondered how such a strange arrangement of beach and plants happened, but his curiosity was stifled by the pretty girl in his arms when she leaned up and kissed him again.

Zack began to unbutton Wendy's blouse as they continued to kiss. Her tongue wormed its way into his mouth and pleasantly assaulted his tongue as she struggled to pull his T-shirt out of his pants. The pair wiggled and squirmed until finally they broke their kiss so that they could remove each other's shirt.

Zack wasted no time in getting to work removing Wendy's bra, and exposing her wonderful tits to his sight. She sighed, leaning back on her arms and thrusting her chest out at him. He leaned over to take one of her nipples between his lips, and lapped at it with his tongue. Wendy mewled in pleasure.

Zack allowed one of his hands to caress her other breast, while his other hand moved down to undo her jeans. He got her jeans unfastened, and then he switched his mouth to the other nipple. Wendy was moaning constantly now, loving every second of his attention.

Finally, the couple broke apart, to finish removing their clothes. This was slightly awkward, since neither of them wanted to stand up to do it. Wendy neatly piled their clothes together, making something of a blanket out of them. She then knelt on the clothes, waggling her ass at Zack. He could see the moisture seeping from her pussy already.

"C'mon! I need you now!" she urged him.

Zack moved in behind her, and guided his rod to her entrance. Wendy sighed as she felt the head of his dick beginning to penetrate her pussy. As he slid further into her, Zack's hands moved forward to take hold of her tits, molding them and fondling them with his fingers, grasping and pinching her nipples. Wendy squealed in delight at the pleasure.

Zack pushed in until he was buried inside her cunt, and there he paused, just enjoying the feel of her pussy gripping his shaft. Wendy, however, was not willing to wait; she ground her hips back against him, and squeezed her pussy muscles, encouraging him to take her. A little whine escaped her lips, and Zack knew that she was more than aroused.

Zack began to thrust into Wendy, pulling out halfway and then slamming back into her. It wasn't long before she was grunting with the pleasure and muttering encouragements to him. Zack was breathing hard, going full speed into her. His hands continued to maul her tits, and it was clear that she was enjoying all of it.

The two bucked together, slamming into each other, moving in perfect unison. Their cries were muffled by the foliage, but were still loud. They moved against each other in passion, exerting themselves to the fullest as they pushed each other closer and closer to the brink of ecstasy.

As Wendy came, Zack felt her emotions wash over him. He was almost drowning in a sea of pleasure, joy, and love. The pleasure of those sensations pushed him the final way, and he came inside her, blasting his cum deep within her cunt. The feel of his seed splashing into her sent Wendy even higher, and the two writhed together for long moments before their energy began to subside. They stayed locked together for several minutes, just relaxing and coming down from their high. Zack's softened dick slipped reluctantly from her pussy, and the two finally parted.


It was difficult to clean up from their lovemaking, and eventually, they'd both made a mad dash for the water. They washed themselves off, submerged up to their necks, and then they made a mad dash out of the water. They kept going until they were once more beside the bike, thus hidden from view of anyone on the water. They both looked at each other and laughed; it was madness to do such things, but they'd loved every second of it.

The two leaned against the bike and talked as they dripped dry. They kissed and necked, as well, but they both knew they would need their energy for the rest of the trip, and so they didn't go any further. Eventually, they were dry enough to get dressed.

"That was fun," Wendy said as they were riding back out to the highway.

"Yeah, but next time, we need a blanket, and some wet wipes!" They both laughed as Zack pulled out onto the highway, heading south. There was one more place he wanted to go before they headed home.


It wasn't long before they found themselves entering Tanimela State Park. Zack turned onto the scenic byway, and slowed down. Speed was not encouraged here. In fact, they both lifted the visors on their helmets, so they could get a better view of their surroundings. The view was beautiful, and they saw several forest animals, most of them scampering away as they approached.

At a designated point, Zack pulled the bike off the road, and the couple got off to stretch their legs and walk around. Zack did a few toe-touches to stretch out his back, which was developing a kink. When he stood back up, he saw Wendy looking up in a tree. He walked over to see what she was looking at, and found her staring up at a raccoon and its babies.

"It's so cute," she said as Zack wrapped his arms around her and pulled her gently against him. He said nothing for a long moment.

"Love ya, Angel," he finally said quietly. It was the right place for it. She turned in his arms and leaned up to kiss him. Their kiss was passionate, but controlled.

"I love you, too," she said when they separated. "Take me home." There was a lot of meaning in that statement.

Zack struggled not to drive too fast.


When Zack woke up the next morning, he lay in bed for a while, considering how his life was going. He had three definite girlfriends, two other possibles, and in truth, he could have any girl he wanted. He could easily learn anything he wanted to, and he had recently obtained perhaps the coolest mode of transportation on the planet. Things were going very well for him.

As he lay there, though, he realized that it was kind of unfair that he had new wheels while his parents were still trying to find a decent car for his mom. He thought about how he could fix that.

An idea didn't come to him until he was in the midst of showering. When it did come, however, it caused him to smile, and he whistled throughout the rest of his shower. He worked out the details in his mind as he got dressed, and he made his way to the kitchen to get his breakfast with a smile on his face.

"Morning, Honey," his mother greeted him. She looked like she could use another hour or two of sleep, but she always looked like that in the mornings.

"Morning, Mom. Hey, when were you going to go to the insurance company today?"

"On my lunch hour. Why?"

"Could you stop by the Volvo dealership? I have to do something for them, and I'm going to need a ride back to school. I can go with you to the insurance company and the DMV."

"Okay, that sounds all right. What do you have to do at the dealership?"

"Just some computer work. Don't worry about it."

She smiled at him. "Okay, Sweetheart. You better get going, or you're going to be late."

"I know." He leaned over and kissed his mom on the cheek. "See ya."


Zack was a little later than usual getting to class, but he was still there ten minutes before class was to start. Of course, Gabrielle was nowhere to be found. She seemed to enjoy being "just" on time.

Sure enough, about two minutes before class, she came in the door. She smiled when she saw him waiting for her, and she made her way over to him. As she sat down, she leaned over, and they kissed quickly.

"Good morning," Zack said after their lips parted. "How was your weekend?"


"Sorry to hear that."

"How about yours?"

"Oh, it had its moments."

"Glad someone's did. There's nothing to do in this town, ya know?"

Zack laughed. "I thought you were used to small towns."

"Back home, I have all my stuff to keep me busy. Here, it's just... blah."

"Oh, well. You've only got... the entire rest of the summer." Zack chuckled as she shot him a dirty look. They had to settle down, though, as the teacher entered the room to begin class.


"May I help you, sir?" the saleslady asked him. He was unprepared for the salesperson to be a woman, but decided he could run with it, anyway. He'd already had to fudge a bit, since he was supposed to be in class right now. He'd feigned being sick, and was ostensibly in the bathroom with diarrhea at the moment. In truth, he was standing in the Volvo showroom, looking at a car.

He turned to the saleslady, noting in passing that she was rather attractive. "Yes. Can we talk in private, please?"

"Surely. Come to my office. We can talk there."

Zack watched the woman's ass sway as he followed her back to her office. As she walked around her desk, he closed the door, which thankfully had blinds on it that were already shut.

"So, what can I do for you?" she asked, sitting at her desk and looking at him. She felt he was far too young to be a purchaser. She hoped she was wrong.

"Well, my mom needs a car. And I'd like to get her one."

"I see," said the woman, surprised that he actually thought he could afford one of the cars from her dealership. "Which one would you like?"

"Well, it's not which one I'd like. Personally, I'd rather have a Hummer. But my mom wants a Volvo. I forget which one... wait, I wrote it down in my PDA, let me see if I can find it."

Zack pulled out his PDA, and brought up the he'd surreptitiously worked on during the morning. Luckily for him, they'd been covering a subject he already knew quite well in class. He readied the , and nodded, then said, yeah, here it is. See?"

As Zack turned the PDA around, he pressed the Execute button. The woman was already focused on the device, and when the program started, she was instantly enraptured by it. Zack held his hand steady for the next sixty seconds, until he saw the woman shrug three times. He put his PDA back in its holder.

"So, how can I really help you?" the woman asked him, a mischievous tone to her voice.

"I need a car. I don't want to pay for it. How can we accomplish that without you - or me, for that matter - getting into trouble?"

She chuckled at his joke, but then became serious. "Hmmm. That's a tough one. We keep records on all of our cars. Everything's in the computer."

"Computers, I can deal with. What else?"

"Well, just the people here."

"If I were to take one of your cars, and then you reported it stolen, but the information like color and VIN number were mis-reported..."

"Our insurance would pay for the car. If you can change the VIN number in the computer, then your car would never be linked to the crime. But you'd need a title to register the vehicle..."

"Which you can give me, with the correct VIN number on it."

The woman brightened. "Yes, I suppose that would work. Which car did you want?"

"The S80 outside, the charcoal-gray one."

"A very nice car. Well, you'll need to fool the computer records. You can use my computer here..."

Zack moved around the desk, and the woman got up to let him sit down. She sat on her own desk, her legs crossed. While Zack started fiddling inside the computer, the woman got on the phone and called to one of the people in the dealership.

"Jim, could you get the charcoal gray S80 ready for delivery? Yes. Thank you." She hung up with a smile. "It will be ready in about ten minutes."

"Good. I should be done about then." Zack had already changed the dealership's records. Right now, he was worming his way into the factory's system through the dealership's links. He had to change all the records. It wasn't hard for Zack. In five minutes, he had completely finished it. He stood up, and so did the woman.

"We still have another five minutes to wait. What will we do to kill the time?" she asked, a gleam in her eye.

Zack leaned on the edge of her desk, and undid his pants. The woman immediately got the idea. She sat down in her chair, and reached for his pants. She pulled them, and his briefs, down off his hips. Zack's cock sprang forth, semi-erect already. The woman, whose name turned out to be Sandy, licked her lips at the sight of it.

It was only a second before Sandy's mouth engulfed Zack's prick. Her tongue wiggled along the underside of his shaft, and he knew then that this was not going to take very long. Her head bobbed on his cock faster and faster, taking him fully into her throat. He held back as long as he could, but she was talented, and he simply couldn't resist.

He grunted as he blasted a load deep into her throat. Sandy swallowed it all, taking everything he had. She kept sucking until she had collected every last drop of his cum, and then cleaned his cock completely. Finally, she let his cock loose from her lips, and sat back with a smile.

"I hope that was satisfactory..."

"Uh, yeah, you could say that," Zack assured her, trying to catch his breath. He pulled up his pants and leaned back against the desk, recuperating from his orgasm. By the time he'd recovered, they figured the car would be ready. Sandy got out the title and filled it out properly, signing the vehicle over to him.

"How long should I wait before reporting the vehicle stolen?"

"Hmm. How long would it have taken you to sell it?"

"That car's already been here a month."

"Okay... wait a couple weeks, then, and then report it stolen. Use the information in the computer, which calls it a blue car, with a different VIN."

"Very good," she said. "Will you be needing... anything else?" she looked at him through hooded eyes.

"Not... right now," he answered with a sigh.


It wasn't long after the two finished up in the office that his mother arrived to pick him up. She wasn't expecting anything, as Zack had planned. She got out of the car when he motioned to her. He was staring at the S80 as she walked up.

"We need to get going, Honey."

"Nice car, ain't it?" he asked, ignoring her comment. She turned to look at it.

"Yes." She sighed audibly. "Unfortunately, it's way out of our price range, even with trade-in."

Zack just held up the keys in front of her. She stared at them in shock.

"But... how? Don't tell me you won another contest..."

"Nope. I told you, I was doing some computer work for them. This is their way of settling up. It was pretty heavy-duty work."

Sharon just stared at the car, and then reached out to touch it, as if to make sure it was real. After a moment, she took the keys and opened the door. She slowly climbed in, and smiled as she felt the leather seat cushion her.

"I'll follow you in the other car, okay?" Zack asked her. She looked up at him and nodded, unable, as yet, to speak. Zack turned away with a smile on his face. The smile got a notch wider when Sandy waved at him from the door of the dealership.


Zack was walking across the quad of the college when he heard someone call his name. His day, up to this point, had been easy and laidback. He had easily handled his classes, and was now on his way to see Stephanie, to make sure that she was doing all right, and to see if she needed any help with her schoolwork. Of course, if she was more interested in play time, he was okay with that, too.

He stopped and looked around, wondering if he was actually the Zack being hollered at. Sure enough, as he turned, he saw Linda waving at him as she walked toward him. He smiled at the sight of her, wondering what she wanted from him. He did not expect her to acknowledge him in so public a forum as this.

When she finally got to him, she wrapped her arms around him and gave him a kiss. He kissed back, surprised as he was. They kept it short, in light of the fact that they were standing in the middle of the quad.

"Hey, Linda. What's up?"

"I was wondering something. We've got a book fair tomorrow, and I have to sit at one of the tables. It's long, and boring. I was wondering if you'd keep me company."

Strange kind of date...and a strange way to ask for one. On the other hand, he didn't have any plans for tomorrow night.

"What time?"

"It runs from two until eight-thirty."

"Well, they're making us come to class tomorrow, something they had to reschedule or something. I'll be in class until around four or so... but I can keep you company after that."

"Great!" she said with a huge smile. "I'll see you then, okay?" She kissed him again, and then she bounded off. As she left, Zack got the oddest impression from her, and he couldn't tell what it was. It was apparently an emotion he'd not had much contact with since he'd gained the ability to read them. For the moment, he shrugged it off and continued on his way. Whatever it was, it would keep.


As Zack entered the dorm, he passed several girls who smiled at him, which he found strange but enjoyable. He made his way to Steph's door, and was about to knock, when he decided to just try the door, instead. Sure enough, it wasn't locked, and he opened it and walked in.

When he opened the door, it was immediately obvious what was going on, and he closed the door behind himself as quickly as he could. He figured anyone who didn't already know about these two didn't need his help figuring it out.

Beverly was on top of Stephanie, the two in a sixty-nine position. Zack enjoyed the sight of Beverly's ass twitching as Stephanie lapped at her pussy. Beverly's long black hair bounced as she licked Stephanie's cunt. The two moaned in pleasure, obviously close to their orgasms. Zack leaned back against the door and enjoyed the show, not wanting to interrupt Stephanie's fun. He didn't much care if Beverly was enjoying herself or not.

Soon, he heard Stephanie cry out loudly, her orgasm clearly washing over her. Beverly continued to lick, driving Stephanie even higher. In a few moments, Stephanie began to come down from her high. She looked exhausted, as if they had been entertaining each other all afternoon.

Zack began to clap softly, letting the other two know he was present. Stephanie took a long moment to look over at him, but Beverly's head snapped around to glare at him, until she realized who it was.

"Zack," Stephanie said in a gasping sigh. "Hi. Um... Say, Bev, you didn't come yet, did you?"

"No, Mistress."

"That's not very polite of me. Why don't you go fuck Zack? I think he can get you off."

"Yes, Mistress," Beverly said, with more enthusiasm than she probably ought to have. Zack had gotten hard watching the two, and was more than ready to go. He unzipped his pants as Beverly got off the bed. Zack motioned her to the desk, and she leaned over, presenting her pussy for access.

Zack dropped his pants and briefs, and wasted no time sinking his dick deep into Beverly's wet snatch. She was hot and wet, and it felt great. He began stroking into her immediately, and she began to pant. He reached forward, taking her tits in his hands and molding them. She sighed in pleasure as he continued to thrust into her, his pace quickening.

Between the kiss from Linda and the floor show he'd received here, Zack knew that he wouldn't last too long. He sped up, slamming as fast as he could into Beverly's cunt. She cried out with each thrust, shoving her hips back at him, hoping for deeper penetration. Zack twisted her nipples, sending shocks of pleasure throughout her system.

In a few more seconds, Beverly grunted loudly, and her back arched. Her pussy clamped down on Zack's dick, and didn't want to let it go. She was obviously in the throes of a wonderful orgasm. Zack shoved his cock all the way into her and let loose his own climax, which he'd been fighting off for the last few moments. He spewed his cum deep inside her, continuing to knead her tits and pinch her nipples. The pair remained locked in the grip of ecstasy for some moments before they finally came down from their high.

As soon as she was coherent, Beverly stood, letting Zack's dick slip out of her pussy. She turned and knelt before him. Before he could ask what she was doing, her lips had encircled his cock, licking and cleaning him off.

"I ordered her to do that for you," Stephanie explained from where she lay on the bed.

Zack arched his eyebrows at his girlfriend, and then smiled. "And I just came to help you with your homework..."

"Well, you just came, anyway..." Stephanie said with a giggle. Zack laughed at her. Beverly let him loose just then, and Zack went over to the bed, collapsing down beside Stephanie, and kissing her hotly.

"Did you want help with your homework, or not?" Zack asked playfully.

"I think my brain is scrambled right now, but give me a few minutes..."

Zack nuzzled her neck, and she giggled again. "I may never get my brain back in order if you keep doing that!"

"And the problem with that is...?" he asked.


"You look tired, Zack," Gabrielle said, looking at him with a little concern.

"Stayed up too late last night fooling around. Don't worry about it. Thanks for caring, though." He could hardly tell her that he was far too late coming home from Stephanie's. It was just after lunch, and he was already tired. It was going to be a long night, especially with his date with Linda.

Gabrielle eyed him more carefully, but then nodded and got back to work. He was, in fact, touched that she cared, though it bothered him in some indistinct manner that he couldn't put his finger on. He decided not to worry about it, and went back to doing the thankfully easy assignment they had laid out for today. The material they were learning was new to him, but it wasn't complex, so he had an easy time assimilating it, even half-asleep. The presentation had taken up all of their morning, and the teacher decided to get ahead with their work for the afternoon. Zack grumbled about it as he stared at his screen, but there was nothing he could do about it, so he just kept working.


Class let out late, and Zack wondered what Linda was thinking. It was already quarter to five. He said good-bye to Gabrielle, and he hurried over to the Student Union Building. He was reasonably secure in his opinion that Gabrielle would not attend the book fair, which kept him safe from having to explain himself, at least for a while.

He made his way through the already-crowded halls, until he found the table that Linda was sitting at. For the moment she was talking to another college student. When she saw him, her eyes lit up. She raised her hand to the other girl, and said, "Zack!" She motioned him over, and she pulled him down to kiss him. He was surprised she did it right in front of someone else, but he certainly wasn't going to object. He broke their kiss after a couple of seconds, and moved into the chair beside her. She had returned to talking to the other girl, who Zack could tell kept glancing at him strangely.

After the girl finally left, with a couple books, Linda turned to him. She was smiling broadly. "Glad you could make it."

"Sorry I'm late. Class went on forever today."

"That's okay. I'm just glad you're here now. And you made it in time for us to have dinner together later."

"Great," he said sincerely, especially since he happened to be hungry already. The two chatted about nothing in particular, interrupting themselves to deal with the occasional interested student. Zack let Linda handle those; he wasn't here to deal with them.

The problem Zack had was that he was tired. He found his eyes getting heavy during one exceptionally long conversation with a girl that Linda obviously knew well. He was still tracking the conversation, sort of, but he was very unfocused.

As his mind began to wander, Zack's inner abilities began to pay more attention. He watched the two girls talking. While the unknown girl showed mild interest, and a lot of boredom - which was why she was still standing here talking - Linda displayed other, unfamiliar feelings. When the other girl asked Linda about Zack, he noticed her emotional state turn black.

Black? He listened closely to Linda's words, but she seemed cheerful. He did note that she called him a 'close friend', which puzzled him, since they barely knew each other, but figured it was easier for her to say that than it was to try to explain things.

Could that emotion be deception? I mean, we're not close friends, so she was lying... I just don't know. Hell, it could be embarrassment, for all I know. I'll have to keep an eye on it, though, to see if I can figure it out.

The two girls conversed some more, and Zack struggled to keep himself awake. They weren't deliberately cutting him out of the conversation, but it just wasn't a conversation he had much interest in. He discreetly looked at his watch, and noticed it was nearly dinner time. Thank God.


After dinner, Zack felt a little more perked. Unfortunately, there were more students interested in the book fair now, and he had even less time to talk to Linda. This didn't bother him greatly, but he was bored. He started to eye the girls walking through the hall, just to keep him occupied. He started grading them on desirability. He found that, now that he could have any of them, he was somewhat more picky about it.

For a while, Zack fantasized about having a dozen of these girls living with him, just to cater to his every whim. It took a long while before a thought hit him.

Why not? I have the ability to do it. I can have any of these girls I want. With his girlfriend's tacit approval already given, he was free to play the field as he chose. Of course, the real problem is that we have no place to put all those girls. We'd need a bigger house.

How could we go about getting a bigger house? Zack's mind began to consider this problem as Linda spent her time dealing with students interested in her books.


When the book fair wrapped up, it was clear that Zack wasn't in the mood for anything more. Linda walked with him out to the parking lot.

"I'm sorry we didn't have more time to talk." Zack paid attention to the emotions she was exuding, and found their colors puzzling. He wished he could read her thoughts, but doing so took way too much effort to do in the middle of a real conversation. Her emotions turned that black again as she said, "I really enjoyed having you with me. I hope we can maybe do something more personal on our next date."

Zack shook off the impression that her emotions were somehow 'bad', and smiled at her. "That'd be cool."

"This is your bike?" she asked with obvious shock.

"Yeah. I won it a few days ago."

"Cool. Anyway, you look like you need to get home, so I won't keep you any longer." She leaned in and kissed him warmly. He wrapped his arms around her waist and held her to him, kissing back. He liked the feel of her against him, but his senses kept telling him that something was slightly off. He ignored it for the moment, and continued to kiss her.

After a moment, they parted. "Well, I'll see you later, huh?" she asked.

"You got it," Zack said. "Have a good night."

"You, too. Bye."

Zack watched her walk off as he now let his mind consider what was the matter with her. Inky black emotions... that can't be a good thing... I'll have to figure this out later. I'm too tired right now.

Zack started the bike, and headed home.


Though Zack was tired, he spent an extra hour that night thinking about the idea he'd had at the fair. He finally fell asleep in his clothes, still considering it. His head was jolted off the pillow the next morning when his alarm sounded. He felt a lot better, having gotten some sleep, and he worked through his morning routine briskly, humming to himself. He'd worked out most of the details to his plan, and now it was only left to implement the idea. His parents noticed his chipper mood, and they both smiled at him when he came out to the kitchen for breakfast.

"Morning, Honey," his mother said with a smile.

"Morning, Mom. Hey, Dad, I was wondering... you guys ever thought of moving out of this house?"

"Why?" his father asked curiously.

"Well, it's kind of small, and it's getting a bit rundown..."

His father sighed. "That's true. But the truth is, we really can't afford a better place. This place is all paid for, which means we don't have that bill to worry about."

Zack stuffed food into his mouth as he listened to his father. He said, "I think I'm going to look around, and see if I can't make a deal with someone to get us a better house. My luck is running really good this week."

Zack's father laughed. "It certainly is. Well, you go ahead and try, Zack, but don't get your hopes up. We can't afford any new payments."

"I know. I'll see what I can do."


Zack sat back, knowing that the conversation he'd just had would never have happened without his parents under his control. He'd only mentioned it to them so that they wouldn't be totally shocked when it happened. He also was sure that both of them would mention it to coworkers as something innocent and naive that their son was doing. It would make it all the more interesting to him when they saw him pull it off.

After breakfast, he kissed his mom, said good-bye to both of them, and headed off. He didn't want to be late to class, and he was cutting it a little close this morning. The last thing he needed was for Gabrielle to beat him there.


He should have known that he wouldn't be later than Gabrielle. He beat her by an entire five minutes, and was waiting for her when she came into the room. She kissed him before sitting down, and as she sat, she said, "We still on for tomorrow night?"

Zack almost panicked for a half-second. He'd forgotten about their date. Luckily for him, he had not scheduled anything else for the next evening. "Yeah," he said, after what he hoped was an imperceptible pause.

Gabrielle smiled. "Great. What movie are we going to?"

"I figured I'd let you pick," he said, really meaning, I haven't even bothered to see what's playing.

"Okay. Cool."

At that point, class began.


Zack hopped off his bike, and looked in the window. He was on his lunch break, and he knew he had to be quick about it. The place didn't look overly crowded, and he saw at least one agent available. He walked in the door as he removed his helmet, and he headed right to her desk. She was a middle-aged lady, pleasant looking, but not his type. He smiled at her, anyway.

"Can I help you, young man?" she asked politely.

"Yeah, I'm doing a project for this course I'm taking at the college, and I was wondering if you could provide me with some information about the housing market here in Martina."

Her expression changed to one of greater interest at that point. "I'd be glad to help you with your project. You look awfully young to be attending college."

"It's a special summer program. I get college credits for it, though."

"Okay, what information did you need?"

"Well, my project deals with the upper end of the housing market. I was wondering if you had a list of the largest houses in town that have been on the market for... oh, more than a year without selling."

"That should be easy enough to pull up. Do you care about which parts of town they're in?"

"No, not really. It's not important to the project."

"Okay," she said, turning to her computer. She tapped some keys, and then waited for about six seconds. "Doggone slow computer," she said. Zack laughed at her remark. Finally, the computer came up with a list of eleven houses.

"These are all houses with at least three bedrooms that have been on the market for at least a year," she said. "What information do you need about them?"

"Hummm... everything you've got, basically," he answered with a sheepish grin.

"Ah. Well, okay, we can do that, I guess." She typed in a command, and the printer across the room began spitting out pages. It was a top-of-the-line color printer, and it took only two minutes to produce the papers. Zack looked over them as they came out. He noticed that some of these homes were truly huge. He was pleased with himself for having gotten the information without having to resort to using PAO. He'd sensed that the lady was willing to be helpful, and sure enough, she was eager to give him what he needed.

"Is there anything else you need?" she asked.

Zack looked over the paperwork, and saw that he even had contact information for each house owner. "No, I think this will do it, Mrs..."


"Mrs. Gribble. Thank you. I'll make sure to list you in the acknowledgments page of my paper."

The lady beamed a smile at him. "You have a nice day, now."

"You, too, ma'am. Good day."

Zack hurried out of the real estate agency, and put the paperwork into the box on his bike. He climbed on, and headed back for campus. This had gone much more easily than he had worried it might.

Let's hope phase two goes as smoothly.


Gabrielle found Zack sitting at one of the picnic tables on campus, looking over the paperwork.

"Hey," she said. "Whatcha doin'?"

"Looking for a new home."

Gabrielle picked up one sheet, looked at the picture, and whistled. "Your family can afford something like that?"

"Not without some finagling, no. But I'm having a good week, so I figured I'd give it a shot."

Gabrielle chuckled at him. "I think you're suffering from delusions of grandeur."

"Marcus, from Babylon 5, once said, 'if you're going to have delusions, you might as well go for the really satisfying ones.'" Gabrielle laughed as he smiled at her. "It's something to keep me occupied. What're you up to?"

"Killing time. They delayed class start for some reason. We don't have to be in until one-thirty."

Zack looked at his watch. "Good thing for me, since I'd lost track of time."

"I picked out our movie."

"Oh?" he said, turning his attention fully on her.

"Trust me, you'll like it," she said with a twinkle, but wouldn't say any more.

Zack arched his eyebrows at her, and then smiled at her. Tomorrow could be interesting...


Zack spent roughly one-third of his afternoon on schoolwork. That was all it required, since he tended to remember everything he learned these days. The rest of the time, he spent considering first which house he wanted, and then how to go about getting it. He knew there was no way he could do this without the program. The key here was how to make it look non-suspicious to the rest of the world.

He thought he'd come to an idea about a half-hour before class let out, and now he fidgeted. He had a plan, and he wanted to get to it. He never liked waiting on people, and he surely didn't like sitting still when he had something he ought to be doing. When the teacher finally dismissed them, he nearly bolted from his chair.

Zack had the manners to at least help Gabrielle up from her chair. He walked her out the door, and then he kissed her. She kissed him back warmly, and then they separated.

"I'd walk you to your dorm, but I've got something I've got to do."

"I could tell. You're cute when you can't sit still." She laughed at him, and then she walked off, waving to him as she went.

Zack waved back, and then turned, hurrying for his bike.


"Yes, can I help you?"

"Mr. Danforth?"

"Yes, that's me."

"Sir, I wanted to talk to you about your house across town. It's for a school project I'm doing."

"Oh. Well, okay, then. Come on in. What's the project about?"

"We're studying the real estate market in Martina. I noted that your home has been on the market for over two years, and yet it hasn't sold." He was noting the enormous size of the house that Mr. Danforth currently lived in, and understood why he'd moved.

"Yes, well... truth be told, I haven't been trying very hard to sell it. I know the price on it is about ten percent above the market value, and I've refused offers at market value."

"So... you don't really want to sell the house. May I ask why?"

"Sentimental reasons. I was raised in that house. I let my wife... well, my ex-wife, talk me into moving into this monstrosity. When she decided to run off with someone even wealthier than myself, well, I was stuck with both houses. Honestly, I really should move back into the other one. This place is too big for me alone, even when my daughter comes to visit. I just hate the thought of moving all this crap."

"Surely you can hire someone to do that for you..."

"I suppose. I'm just... well, lazy."

Zack laughed. He'd had his PDA out, apparently taking notes as they talked. In actuality, Zack was pulling up one of his s, and at this point, he readied the for running.

"Well, sir, I think that's all I need to bother you about. Yours is obviously a unique situation. Now, if you could just sign my notes... it's necessary for the paper I'm doing."

"Certainly. I'm happ - " The man's voice cut off as his senses were suddenly assaulted by the program. Zack tapped his foot patiently for the next sixty seconds. When he saw the triple-shrug, he put the PDA away.

"You know, I had a thought, sir. Couldn't you get a tax write-off if you were providing one of your homes as free shelter to a family less fortunate than yourself?"

"Of course I could. But as I said, I'm rather fond of that house."

"So, you could move back into that one, and you could let some other family stay in this one."

It was as if a light had suddenly dawned on the man. "Yes, that would work, wouldn't it? And since this house is supposedly worth more, the tax write-off would be larger!"

"I imagine so..."

"Of course, I wouldn't want to rent out the house to trash..."

"No, of course not... Sir, my family, well... I have a lot of guests over from time to time, just to sleep and talk, we don't party or anything... it's always crowded at my house..."

"I see. Well, you seem like a solid, upstanding young man. I'm sure your family is the same. I tell you what, I'll draw up the paperwork tomorrow, and I'll call a mover. I'll be back in my old house by next Tuesday. You and your family can move in anytime after that. I'm sure my lawyer will tell me that I have to charge you some rent, just to keep the paperwork sorted. Accountants hate writing zeros by themselves. How about I charge you... a dollar a month?"

"I think we can manage that."

"Great! It's settled then. If you'll give me your contact information, so I can call you when things are ready..."

Zack gave the man his information, and then took his leave, whistling a tune as he headed back out to his bike.

What a week.


Zack knocked on Gabrielle's door, and smiled. She'd been very enthusiastic about this date during class. Zack himself was content with the idea, but he figured he'd gotten too much experience as of late to be too overjoyed at just having a date.

When the door opened, Zack was greeted by a lovely view of Gabrielle. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail, to keep it out of her face, which was nicely made up and showed off her blue eyes to good advantage. She was wearing a loose blouse, with the top two buttons undone, which helped expose her more than ample cleavage. Her slacks were also loose, flowing around her legs and leading down to low heels. All in all, Zack thought she looked incredible. She noticed his evaluative gaze, and blushed.

"You look great," he said softly.

"Thanks. We should go, or we'll be late for the movie."

"Okay." Zack led her out to the parking lot, where his mother's Volvo was waiting. He'd asked to borrow it, though he knew he could have just taken it. His mother had been more than happy to allow him the use of it for his date. Zack helped Gabrielle get in, and then he walked over to the other side and slipped in behind the wheel. It felt odd to him to be driving, as he hadn't done very much of it. He only thanked Fate that his mom's car was an automatic.

"So, which theater are we going to?" he asked.


The drive to the theater was a short and uneventful trip. The couple chatted about little things as they walked into the theater, and got into the line.

"Why don't you go get us some snacks, while I get the tickets?" Gabrielle asked. Zack looked over at that line, which was nearly as long. It made sense to divide and conquer.

"Okay," he agreed, and gave her a kiss on the cheek before he walked away. He still didn't know which movie they were here to see. The theater had four screens, each showing a different film tonight, so that wasn't really helpful. He decided to concentrate, for the moment, on what kind of snacks to get.


He met Gabrielle at the entrance to the screening room, as she handed the tickets to the taker. He eyed them for only a second before he let them pass. Zack followed her down only two rows, and then she moved in toward the center. He arched his eyebrows slightly; you didn't sit this far back if you really intended to pay attention. He smiled to himself as he sat down, handing the snacks over to his date.

The two chatted quietly until the film started, and when it did, Zack was more than shocked. The film, which he had heard about but not seen, was rated NC-17. As neither of them was yet seventeen, he wasn't sure how he'd gotten here.

Leaning over, he asked, "How did you get us in here?"

With a wink, she answered, "I have my ways."


As the movie played, Zack was very surprised that Gabrielle would have chosen this movie. It contained not a lot of plot, and a lot of naked women. He was so distracted by the thought that he wasn't really watching the movie.

<I hope this puts him in the mood. I really wanna get laid.>

Zack sat bolt upright when he heard that thought in his mind. It was so obviously Gabrielle's voice that he'd heard. He just hadn't thought she was that eager. Considering for a moment, though, he realized that she had been building up to this from the beginning. He didn't object to the idea of sleeping with her in the slightest; he did find her attractive.

So... maybe I should be paying less attention to the movie, and more attention to my date.

Zack already had his arm around Gabrielle, but he tightened his grip slightly as he leaned over and began to kiss her neck. She smiled in the darkness, not commenting at all. When Zack leaned back slightly, she turned her head, and their lips met. It didn't take long before their tongues intertwined.

Zack took his free hand and ran it across Gabrielle's stomach, caressing her through her blouse. She moaned very quietly into his mouth, encouraging him to continue. He moved that hand up to cup one of her breasts, tenderly squeezing it. She pushed herself against his hand, begging for more contact.

Zack knew that if they pushed it much further, they were sure to get caught, and get in trouble. He didn't back off, but he didn't try anything new. For long minutes, the couple kissed and fondled each other, keeping their arousal at a fever pitch. With their minds fully engaged in other activities, the movie passed by unnoticed.


Getting back to Gabrielle's dorm room in one piece was an interesting challenge for Zack, because at this point, she was having a hard time keeping her hands off him. He managed not to run into anything, but he was glad that no cops saw him; they would surely have thought him drunk. He managed to get her to lead him to the room, thus pausing her onslaught for a few moments during which he caught his breath. The campus was quiet now, with most of the kids either in town somewhere partying or in their rooms studying. He knew that he was about to get those a little mixed up; it was clear that soon they would be in Gabrielle's room partying.

Finally, they were at the room. Gabrielle stabbed her key in the lock with something close to viciousness. The door was open in under a second, and she just kept walking, expecting Zack to deal with the door, which he did, grabbing her keys out of the lock before he closed it.

He tossed her keys onto her desk as she turned around. The two froze for what seemed an interminable moment, their eyes locked in clear communication of desire. Gabrielle's tongue snaked out to wet her lips as she continued to stare into his eyes.

Zack was the first to move, pulling his shirt off over his head. Not to be outdone, Gabrielle tore her blouse open, popping off three buttons - the only three still fastened at this point - in the process. By the time she got the garment off her arms, Zack was upon her. He wrapped her up in his arms and pulled her tightly to him. Their lips met, and sparks of passion flew between them. Zack's fingers deftly unhooked her bra, and he grabbed it, tugging it off her shoulders and pulling it off her arms.

The two tottered across the room, clumsily removing their own and each other's clothes. In a few minutes, however, they were both naked. Zack could feel Gabrielle's ample tits mashed against his chest, and he could feel his cock pressed against her abdomen. He wanted it to be pressed somewhere else, and he was pretty sure that Gabrielle did, too, so he tried to lead their stumbling over to the bed.

When they reached the bed, they toppled down onto it together, side by side. They broke their kiss as they fell, and Gabrielle giggled at their behavior. Her giggling ended when Zack leaned down and took one of her nipples into his mouth, sucking on it and running his tongue over it while his other hand fondled her free breast.

Gabrielle moaned, and her hand came up to pull Zack's face more tightly into her tit. Her other hand ran down between her legs, stroking her pussy lips. She felt tingles all through her body at Zack's touch. She wanted him inside her, even if she was loving every minute of what he was doing.

Zack sensed that she was more than ready, and so he let go of her nipple, rolling on top of her. She spread her legs for him willingly, but he didn't have enough room on the bed, and nearly fell off. The pair laughed as Zack caught himself, planting his feet firmly on the floor. Zack lifted Gabrielle's hips, and helped her move further onto the bed, so that he could kneel between her thighs. The hunger in her gaze was obvious.

Now with a more secure position, Zack positioned his dick at the entrance to Gabrielle's cunt. He slipped it up and down a couple of times, coating it in her juices and driving her lust even higher. She groaned in longing at the feel of his cock against her pussy lips. Zack slipped his cock between her pouting lips and gave one long, smooth thrust into her depths.

Gabrielle groaned in a long, low exclamation of pleasure as Zack's dick pushed all the way into her. Zack couldn't believe how hot she was, and tight, as well. He didn't waste any time resting, but immediately began to thrust into her, feeling the warm wetness of her pussy gripping his shaft as he moved. He leaned over and once again their lips were locked in a dance of passion. He began to slam into her with all his force, and she only grunted her desire for more.

Zack was very soon on the brink of orgasm. Gabrielle had already had one small one. He didn't know if, at their current pace, he could hold back. Gabrielle wouldn't tolerate any slow-down at this point, and so he held off as long as he could. Finally, with no ability to stop it, he let loose a torrent of cum which splashed deep into her pussy. Gabrielle, feeling the hot, sticky seed let loose a scream of her own, and came, her cunt clamping down on Zack's prick so tightly that he could barely move.

The couple writhed on the bed for over a minute, and Zack found that the massage his cock was getting had kept him fully hard throughout his climax. As soon as she had settled slightly, Zack resumed his movements inside Gabrielle. Immediately, she let loose a cry of ecstasy.

"God, yes. Fuck me!" she exclaimed. Zack had every intention of doing so, but he wanted to do something different.

When he pulled out of her, Zack got a dirty look. He told her, "Turn over. Let's do it doggy-style."

"Ooh," Gabrielle cooed as she got onto her hands and knees. Zack quickly moved in behind her. As his cock slid home into her waiting cunt again, Gabrielle sighed in pleasure. "That's better," she said.

Zack wasted no time, but set up a furious pace, slamming into her with all he had. Gabrielle's hips shoved back at him in rhythm, forcing him as deep into her cunt as he could go. He reached forward to grasp her tits, fondling them and rolling them between his fingers. Gabrielle moaned at his touch, and sped up her pace, thrusting back at him faster, to encourage him to move more quickly.

The screams and cries of pleasure were filling the room as the couple slammed together in their passion dance. Zack leaned over and began to kiss the nape of Gabrielle's neck as they continued to move. It was tricky, but worth it, given the groans it elicited from her. His fingers finally centered on her nipples, and began to twist and pinch them.

"Oh, God, Yes!" she screamed as her mind overloaded with the pleasure. She shoved back against him strongly, and he could tell she was having another orgasm. He rode her through this one, too, thrusting into her throughout, pushing her higher and higher.

Gabrielle's arms gave out on her, and she collapsed to the bed, still in the midst of her orgasm. Zack continued to fuck her until she came down from her high. When she did, he still had not come yet. He pulled out of her, which elicited an unhappy sound from Gabrielle. He knew she wouldn't be able to resume their position, so he helped her roll to her side. He then lifted her one leg and slipped his cock back into her. He held her leg as high as was comfortable for her, and began to once again fuck her heartily.

Gabrielle was soon moaning and screaming again. Her hips thrust back with whatever she had left, and she was quickly back in the land of ecstasy. Zack pushed himself, bringing himself closer to his own climax. He, too, was growing a bit weary, and he wanted each of them to have a final orgasm. It was clear that Gabrielle would soon be there, and he felt his balls tighten, indicating his own impending explosion. He sped up, slamming into her as fast as he could. She grunted with each impact, her body writhing beneath him.

Finally, Zack closed his eyes and let loose a loud grunt as his cum exploded from his dick, spewing deep into Gabrielle's wanting pussy. At the first splash, she was over the edge, screaming out her orgasm. The two bucked together for a long moment before their orgasms stopped. Zack collapsed sideways, rolling so that he wouldn't land on top of Gabrielle. He wound up behind her, spoon-style. He wrapped his arm around her waist, kissed her on the neck, and then promptly passed out.


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