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Its never a boring day with this girl.
When Tommy picked up the phone, he wasn’t sure who it could be, because he didn’t recognize the number. Most of the time if it was a number he didn’t know, he wouldn’t even bother to answer it. But this time, he had a feeling that he needed to.

“Hello.” Tommy said after he pushed the answer button on his cell.

“Hi Tommy it’s me, Sarah, Amanda’s mom. I forgot to give you my number before I left and I didn’t have yours, so I called the apartment manager. I told him that Amanda was staying with you while I’m out of town and that we hadn’t exchanged numbers before I left. He didn’t seem to mind giving me yours so we could be in contact. I hope you don’t mind that I did that.”

“Oh no, that’s ok Sarah. You were in a hurry the other day and I guess it just didn’t cross my mind.”

“I hope Amanda hasn’t been any trouble for you.”

“No, she has been perfect the whole time. We just got back from doing a little shopping. She kinda talked me into buying her a swim suit. If you don’t like it you can take it back. There’s a lot less to this one than the one she was wearing the other day. I hope you don’t mind that I did that.”

“No I don’t mind. I can imagine which one it is though. She was after a white one the other day that, well, there was so little to it that she might as well have not worn it at all. Is the top just a couple of pieces of material that just barely cover her nipples?”

“Yes that would be the one.”

“That’s what I figured. Well at least now I don’t have to take her up there to get it. Just let me know how much I owe you when I get back so I can give you the money for it.”

Tommy was able to breathe a sigh of relief after hearing that.

“You don’t have to do that Sarah. I’m happy to be able to do that for her and for you. Plus I feel a lot better knowing that the one she picked out is ok with you.”

“Well I don’t exactly agree with it but I know that if I didn’t get it for her she would find some way to get it. Actually it looks like she did find a way.” Sarah kind of laughed over the phone.

Amanda heard what her mom said and grinned at Tommy while trying to give him an innocent look. She knew though that her mom was exaggerating a bit on it but it didn’t bother her. There was no way anything was going to bother her. Not while she was lying there in Tommy’s arms.

Tommy looked down at Amanda and gave her a kiss, hoping that her mom didn’t hear it. Then, he saw that look. The look Amanda would get when something popped into her head. What Tommy didn’t know was that Amanda was planning on having something pop into her mouth while he was on the phone with her mom.

Amanda slowly climbed on top of Tommy and started kissing his chest ever so lightly. She knew that she was sending chills along his body just by doing that. It was also very apparent that he knew what she was up to because when she looked up at him he was shaking his head and mouthing the words, don’t you dare, but, at the same time, had a slight grin on his face. She ran her finger nails down his side when she reached his stomach. She could hear him sucking air through his teeth.

Poor Tommy was trying very hard to not make any kind of noise while talking to Sarah, but Amanda wasn’t making it easy. That wasn’t the only thing getting hard. Every time he tried to get her to stop, at least till he was off the phone, she would use her nails again. This time he wasn’t very quiet.

“Are you ok Tommy?” Sarah asked.

“Yes, I am. Your daughter is here trying to tickle me while I am talking to you.”

“If she doesn’t behave tell her you have my permission to bust her butt.”

Amanda heard that and turned around and wiggled her butt at Tommy who immediately gave her a quick swat on one cheek. It was harder than he intended. Tommy could already see a light outline, of a hand print, where he swatted her.

Amanda gave a kind of squeak when Tommy did that. It kind of surprised her that he had gone ahead and swatted her butt. But she kind of liked it also. That surprised her even more. Right then she leaned down and sucked Tommy’s cock into her mouth. She knew she caught him off guard with that move because he let out a moan and tried to cover it up by coughing.

“Is she still trying to tickle you Tommy? If she is starting to be a pest and is beginning to get on your nerves, just let me know and I will have a talk with her when I get back.” Sarah told Tommy.

“No, she isn’t being a pest. She’s a really sweat girl.”

“Yes she is. If she isn’t busy could I talk to her for a minute before I get off of here?”

“Well right now she kind of has her mouth full right now.” It was everything Tommy could do to keep control while she had his cock in her mouth. That was a feeling he could never get tired of.

“Well that is just like her. Some days I just never know what she’s going to have shoved in her mouth. Tell her not to eat too much or she’ll make herself sick.”

“I will. Do you know about when you’ll be back?” Tommy was hoping that it wouldn’t be till later tomorrow night.

“I was supposed to come back in the morning but I couldn’t catch a flight till almost midnight tomorrow night. I hope that’s ok? I really don’t want to be of any inconvenience to you. If you want I can come right over and get her as soon as I get there so you can have your place back to yourself.”

“Don’t worry about it. You will probably be tired when you get back so why don’t you just go to your apartment and get some sleep. Amanda will be fine here.”

“Are you sure? It won’t be a problem for me to come get her in the morning.”

“Get some sleep. We’ll see you later the next day.”

“Well if you insist. Ok. Well I had better get going. I’m already running late like usual. Please give her a hug for me and tell her that I love her.”

“Amanda, your mom said she loves you and she said to give you a hug.” Tommy sat up and wrapped his free arm around her waist and pulled her back up to him giving her a hug. He could here the pop from his cock coming out of her mouth.

Amanda leaned back and hollered into the phone. “I love you mom. See you when you get back. You don’t have to worry about a thing. Tommy is taking really good care of me.” She tried to go straight back to his cock but he kept a good hold on her.

“Well see you in a couple days Tommy and thank you again. I will have to think of a way to pay you for watching her.”

“It was my pleasure. It’s been a lot of fun having her here. See you when you get back. Bye.”

“Bye Tommy.”

Tommy hung up the phone and then put it back on the table. “Now little girl. What did you think you where doing while I was talking to your mom? You are so bad.”

“But you know you were enjoying it the whole time. You know you can’t deny it, can you.” Amanda was staring him straight in his eyes.

They both leaned toward each other desperately wanting each others mouth. They kissed for several minutes and then got up off the floor.

“Tommy I think we had better put the groceries away before some of it goes bad.”

Tommy had completely forgotten about the groceries. He went over and picked up several of the bags, while Amanda grabbed the rest and carried them into the kitchen. He was putting a box of noodles into one of the cabinets, when he turned around and right there, in front of him, stood Amanda. She was completely bent over putting some vegetables away in one of the drawers in the refrigerator and still totally naked. He was totally enjoying the sight of her beautiful ass and the sight of her pussy lips showing from behind. He wanted her right there but it took every once of strength he still had, which wasn’t much, and went back to putting things away.

When they where done, they went upstairs and put the mattress protector on the bed and then the clean set of sheets from the drier. Tommy could still smell that wonderful scent of her pussy juice on both of them and suggested another shower.

“Why don’t we just go jump into the pool, then maybe later we might take that shower. I really want to wear my new swim suit and I know you want to see me in it again.”

Tommy already knew how she looked in it. That was one image that was permanently imprinted in his mind. There was no way he was going to forget something like that.

“Ok. Let’s get ready.” Tommy quickly reached out and slapped her ass, this time on the other cheek. He loved how it jiggled when he did that. He was going to have to remember that later on.

Tommy made Amanda go to the pool with a towel wrapped around her. He knew if he didn’t, he was going to have a hard-on before they ever got out the door.

When they arrived at the pool Tommy put the extra towels on a couple of chairs and then jumped into the pool. He came up, from under the water, and turned back toward where Amanda was standing. He wanted to see the reaction of everyone one out there when she took that towel off.

There were 2 men and 3 boys out there. He figured the men to be about 35 to 40 and the boys ranged from 10 to 13. Tommy guessed the kids must have belonged to the two guys. Apparently their wives must have been at work or something.

Amanda dropped the towel and everyone out there took a double take at Amanda.

Immediately you could see both men start to get aroused at the beautiful site before them. One of the men didn’t realize he was rubbing his cock through his swim trunks until he noticed that Tommy was watching him. The man looked down and quickly pulled his hand away. His face turned beet red at the realization of what he was doing. He told the other guy that he had to go and the other man agreed that he had to do the same thing. They both grabbed there stuff and told their boys that it was time to go.

“But daddy, we just got out here.”

“There is, um, something, that um….don‘t ask questions. It’s just time to go.” Both men were practically dragging their kid’s home.

Tommy started to laugh. He noticed that the oldest of the boys was trying very hard to look at Amanda’s bare ass. The boy was totally enjoying the site before him.

Amanda was totally enjoying the attention that she was getting. But, what really mattered, was that she always had Tommy’s attention and that was something Amanda wasn’t worried about loosing.

Amanda finally jumped in and swam up to Tommy. She headed straight for his crotch but was stopped by Tommy’s hands. When she finally surfaced she had a look of disappointment on her face. Her lower lip pushed out.

“What’s wrong Tommy? Can’t I tease you a little bit while we are out here? I know you want me to suck you off again. I can see it in your eyes.”

Tommy knew she was right, but there was no way he was going to let her do something like that out here while it was still broad daylight. That was just too big of a risk that he wasn’t even going to take a chance with.”

“You know I love it when you do that but we can’t. At least not right now. It’s just too dangerous. There’s no way of knowing if someone is going to come out there. How about later if we aren’t too tired?”

Amanda started to smile and agreed. “I guess your right Tommy. I should have been thinking. I am sure I can wait till later.” With that said she looked around real quick and then gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, just in case someone might walk in and notice, and then swam off to the other end of the pool.

Amanda and Tommy stayed out there for about an hour and then headed back to the apartment to take a shower. Tommy loved watching her undress and then being able to run his eyes over every curve of her body. He traced the outline, of every inch of her, from head to toe and back again. He also noticed she was getting a really nice tan everywhere that her swim suit didn’t cover, and that wasn’t much.

They both climbed into the shower and took turns washing each other. Amanda washed Tommy first. She used the body wash that he had bought today while they were out shopping. She loved the aroma of it and couldn’t wait to smell it all over Tommy’s body. Slowly she scrubbed his back and chest working her way down to his waist. She made sure to wash his cock and balls really good, and then started washing his ass. Amanda loved the way his ass felt in her hands and she would give both cheeks a good squeeze while at the same time digging her nails into his skin. She noticed that when she did that he would thrust his hips forward and that his cock was getting hard also. That gave her an idea. She went ahead and did it again but this time when he thrust forward she made sure his cock went straight into her mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmm! Ohhhhhhhh!” That was the most Tommy could say at that moment. He knew they should be getting cleaned up but he just couldn’t take her favorite play toy away from her. He had already stopped her once earlier at the pool, but he wasn’t going to stop her now. He was totally enjoying this. Slowly he reached down and placed his hands on the back of her head and gently started thrusting his cock into her mouth.

Amanda was doing everything she could think of to please her man. She reached up with one hand and started stroking his cock while she was sucking on it and she was gently caressed his balls with her other hand. She loved the feeling of his cock in her mouth and wished she could keep it there forever. She was able to feel every vein and ridge up and down his shaft and would run her tongue over the tip of it every time she would taste his pre-cum. That right there was a taste that she wished you could by in a bottle. But Amanda was sure that getting it straight from the tap was always the best.

Tommy started thrusting a little faster and started moaning a little louder. He knew he was close and that it was pretty much guaranteed that she would swallow every drop of it. He could feel her start to move her head back and forth faster. Tommy almost collapsed when the orgasm hit him. Three good shots went straight down her throat and she was still trying to milk more out of him.

Amanda kept his cock in her mouth till it went soft and then let it flop out. She looked up at Tommy licking her lips and then opened her mouth up wide as to show Tommy that she had swallowed every drop of it. She knew she didn’t have to do that, but for some reason it made her feel a little bit more like a nasty little girl.

“Now it’s my turn. Stand up and I’ll wash you now.”

Amanda slowly stood up, but made sure that she was completely against him, so that her breast would run up across his cock and the upper half of his body. Her nipple’s where so sensitive right then that she let out a soft moan.

When Amanda was completely standing, Tommy started to wash her hair with the coconut shampoo, and then the conditioner that was there, making sure too not miss any of it since Amanda had a lot of hair. When he was finished with her hair he grabbed the bottle of body wash and squirted it directly onto her boobs. He turned her around and pulled her back against him. Tommy reached around and had one boob in each hand and slowly started rubbing both of them clean. Every third or fourth pass over her nipples he would lightly pinch them causing her to gasp. After that he sat down and started to wash her ass. Tommy had her ass soaped up really good. He kept running his fingers down her crack and across her tight little butthole. He felt Amanda squirm a little every time he did that. The one time he thought that she had pushed back against his finger. That was the one place his cock hadn’t explored, yet.

Tommy turned her around and found that beautiful pussy directly in front of him. He reached up and started washing it with his bare hand. Every time he would hit her clit she would shiver as if a cold breeze had blown across her. Slowly she started to spread her legs which gave Tommy an even better view and easier access. That was it. He had to have his tongue in there.

Tommy laid down in the tub and motioned Amanda up to him. “Bring that pussy down here so I can eat it.” Tommy was running his tongue across his lips in anticipation of her sweet pussy.

Slowly Amanda squatted down over Tommy’s mouth anticipating the touch of his tongue against her clit.

Tommy quickly shoved his tongue into her pussy and started lapping every inch of her vaginal walls. Her pussy was so wet that he was almost certain that she came from the sensation of his tongue inside her.

Amanda thought she was going to pass out. She leaned forward and placed the top of her head against the wall to help with her balance. Feeling Tommy’s tongue inside her pussy was driving her crazy. She finally lost control when he started to rub his nose back and fourth across her clit really fast. All she could hope was that she didn’t drown her lover. Amanda couldn’t hold herself up anymore and just sat her pussy straight down with all of her weight, which caused his tongue to go in even farther. That was the last thing she remembered.

To be continued….

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