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The Hotel was three towering buildings, Buildings A, B, and C. Each was 20 stories and had 50 rooms on each floor, plus 5 penthouses on the top.
Because of traffic, we arrived around 12:30, and took an hour for lunch before taking a walk on the beach (which was boring, there was nowhere to change so we couldn’t go swimming).
We went to sign in at, well, sign-in time, 3.
A was on our left, and was nothing but rooms, However B and C both had the first two floors taken up by something, B directly in from of us, and C to our right.
The first two floors of B were the lobby, and the first two of C were the pool. We walked into the lobby and there was a mess-up.
Apparently the kid who Dad talked to was a rookie and heard him wrong. He thought Dad was looking to see if the room was free AT THAT MOMENT, no reserving it for NOW.
We were going to get a penthouse with a living room, kitchen, 2 balconies, a hot tub, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with Jacuzzi tubs, and 1 powder room.
The guy we were talking to now said we could get that for one night, then we’d need to get 3 different rooms, one on one floor and the others a floor above it for the rest of the week.
This was alright, One room for Dana and Adam, one for Mom and Dad, and one for Aden and I.
We got up to our one-night room in B2001. We took two hours to get settled and unpacked as Aden and I talked about Far Cry 3, hobbies, and altogether got to know each other (which exited me to no end, knowing this little guy). Our room was a small room with two beds and a direct (and only) passage to our bathroom, on the other side of my bed.
Aden and I wanted to go to the pool, but Mom, Dad, Dana, and Adam had stayed up late the night before and wanted to relax in the hot tub.
“Can we go alone?” Aden asked me in our room.
“Let me ask,” I said, halfway to the door, “I mean, we’ll be fine, I’m a black belt in Taekwondo.”
He smiled assuringly and gave me two thumbs up.
He was adorable.
I exited and walked up to mom, “Can Aden and I go alone? To the pool, I mean?”
She glanced at Dana.
Dana and her stared for a while then both answered, “fine.”
I went back into the room.
“She said yes, and so did your mom.”
“Yes!” He shouted. He was so cute when he was exited.
He pulled swim trunks and a swim shirt out of his backpack.
He unbuttoned his pants, then, as if realizing I was there, looked at me, and turned red.
“Do you mind if I change in here?” He asked.
“No, go ahead, I’ll look away.”
He muttered, “thanks,” as I turned away (something told me he wasn’t enthusiastic about me turning around) and I positioned myself in front of the window where I saw his reflection. He pulled off his pants and I saw well shaped thighs and shins, with a small amount of blond wisps of gold hair, then he took off his shirt, laying his trunks and shirt on the bed behind him, revealing a beautiful, flat, pale-ish chest, with blue boxers with a small bump. He grabbed the small bump and messaged it slightly until he shook his head and eased off the boxers, revealing the same small penis, which had grown slightly and was most likely lingering between 2.5 inches and 3. I guessed his full erection to be 4, maybe 4.5 inches. I got a hard on, the largest ever, by the feel of it 6.5 inches (it probably wasn’t, that’s preposterous for me), and the sight almost made me blow my load. He turned around to pick up his swim trunks and shirt and I saw a perfect, round, cute butt. Once again, I nearly blew my load, just from the sight. It was everything I could to not take out my penis and jack off to the sight.
He bent over to pick up the pants and I saw his perfect, pink little asshole. He eased on the trunks and shirtless, told me I could turn around if I wanted. I did, and saw him without a shirt, just with his colorful bracelet looking at me with his head turned. He began to ease his shirt on as I grabbed my swimming trunks and shirt. He exited and went into the bathroom, and I pretended not to notice the crack in the door he was staring through as I changed. When we finished, we both had hard-ons, and we waited in the room, stalling, until they were gone. I couldn’t look at Aden, because the way the swim shirt was fitted to his upper torso was so sexy. I couldn’t stand it. Eventually (because I wasn’t looking at him) my hard-on went away, and I didn’t check to see if his had, too, to risk getting mine back, so I dismissed myself and grabbed some towels.
I grabbed them, and it was 6 when we left to go to the pool.
The pool was empty except for one hot teenage girl and her, also hot, boyfriend who left at 6:30. Aden and I splashed around and played around, more than once bumping into each other. Once, without knowing, our heads bumped, and coming up to laugh, our non-erect penises touched each other through the pants, and he turned bright red, and I think I did, too. All I remember was, he was adorable. Next time I bumped into him was literally seconds later because of the waves we created and my arm skimmed his penis… which was fully erect. Mine was, too, and he turned even redder.
It was hard to guess the size, but I think I was right with the 4, maybe 4.5 inches.
We got home from swimming around 8 and got home tired and hungry.
“Anthony!” My mom said from the next room, “I texted you an hour ago and told you to come back, we were going to dinner!”
“Seriously?” I asked. I checked my phone, and there was one new message.
“Yes,” she said, “we were worried. Now get dressed quickly, we’re going to eat.”
We got in the room.
“Knowing my mom, they have made reservations and we’re late, so there’s no time to take turns,” said Aden.
“I’m fine with it if you are,” I replied.
“It’s fine, just…”
“Just what?”
“Nothing, let’s get dressed.”
We both pulled off out swimming trunks and shirts, and if he was right, there was no time to enjoy the sight, so I only looked enough to see an erection. We both had to ignore each other’s erections, and I had to ignore his sexy body as I pulled on my boxers, a new pair of underwear, my favorite red American Eagle shirt, jeans, and he pulled on an orange Aeropostale shirt, jacket, and gray shorts exposing his legs. I went to the bathroom and applied deodorant, brushed my teeth, and did up my hair with gel (I use my fingers to brush my hair forward, then spike up my bangs, slightly brushing them to the side). The production looks good. Then I use the restroom and Aden uses it, then we leave.
When we arrived, I was quite glad I dressed up, slightly. It’s a pirate-themed, fancy seafood restaurant.
“Ooh, you guys just made it,” said the young, beautiful blond waitress, eyeing me and especially Aden.
She sat us down at a long table for seating eight, and Aden and I sat next to each other, Dana across from him and Mom across from me. Dad and Adam were sitting at the two ends of the table.
“May I get y’all somethin’ to drink?” the waitress asked.
“I’ll have a sprite,” I said.
“Me, too,” said Aden.
“Iced tea,” Mom said.
“I’ll have a Margarita; I’m not driving,” Said Dana, winking at Adam.
“Water.” He said.
“I’ll have a beer,” Dad said, “Yeungling.”
We skimmed over the menus, they returned, we ordered, we waited for 30 minutes for our food, then we ate, and then drank, talking, having a good time, then, around 10, we returned to our room.
All of us were tired and went to bed… although, secretly, neither Aden nor I had any intention to sleep.
I went to my room and played Minecraft on my computer, as Aden, too, got on his computer. I couldn’t quite tell what he was doing, but I know he was very absorbed… and when I glanced at him, I could tell right away he had a hard-on.
We had only been on our computers for maybe 5 minutes, and his mouth was open and dry and he had a raging boner. I put the computer down and waltzed over to him, and he closed something on his computer, fast… or minimized it.
He looked up at me, his face slightly red.
“It’s hot in here,” he said, “can you go turn the fan on?”
I went to turn the fan on and something inside me made me think he might’ve been watching porn.
This would be the best chance for me to find it out if he was interested: lesbo means I want nothing to do with anything gay, regular means either I’m bi or I’m fine with some dick, as long as it’s mostly boobs and Vijay-jay, and gay means I’m Gay! <3
So I waited for a few minutes, then he said, “I’m going to sleep, I’ll be in the bathroom for a minute getting ready,” as he closed his laptop. Fortunately, he did not shut it off.
I went over to his computer one I heard the door’s lock click, then opened Google Chrome, where I checked the internet history.
The first thing on the top said this:
“Filthy Awesome Porn: Choose your Categories! iaden69 User Home Page”
I clicked on this, and “IAden69”’s home page was nothing but favorites of gay and young twink pornos.
I looked at one which looked especially good, and immediately saw a teenage blond and a hot brunette with a necklace sucking each other off.
Too quick for me to respond, Aden unlocked the door and came out, seeing me watching his pornos. Immediately, his face turned red as a tomato, and he shut the door and locked himself in. I walked over to the door.
“Aden, open the door,” I whispered calmly.
“Open it. I can’t talk to you unless you open it.”
“No! You’re going to hate me and tell my parents!”
“No, I won’t.”
“Please don’t tell them! Especially what kind it was.”
“I won’t, just open the door.”
“…Are you mad at me?”
“Of course I’m not.”
The door clicked and opened and there he was, without a shirt on. His stomach was a little less flat then I thought (I thought he had a six-pack, but I was wrong) and tears were streaming from his eyes. I walked in, and sat on the toilet as he sat on the edge of the bathtub. We sat in silence for a few minutes, until he said, “Why do you not hate me because of my… preferences?”
“Why would I hate you because of that? In fact, that’s sort of my ideal type, too.”
“…Really?” He was sounding quite exited.
“Yeah, it is. Would you like to finish it together?”
We went back out into the main bedroom and finished the video.
“Do you mind if I…,” began Aden halfway through the 27 minute video.
“No, not at all, I won’t watch,” I replied.
“I won’t feel comfortable unless you do it as well…”
“Ok,” I said, exited. I was going to find a way to peek again, but, if he wanted me to, I would just look… even join him! I would of course, but I wouldn’t jack off to the guys in the video, I would jack off to him!
I pulled of my pants and boxers as he did his, and both of us were shy at first, definitely both very red, but slowly, instead of holding his 4.5 inch, maybe 5 inch (yes, I was wrong) hard-on, he eventually started to stroke it, so I could see it, and my penis grew, until it was the longest I’d ever seen it, 6.5 inches. I stroked mine, matching the steady strokes of Aden, and eventually, we were both rubbing our penises with feeling, and passion. About 3 minutes later, he came, and the sight of not only his throbbing erection squirting cum, but the sight of his face and the pleasure as he came nearly made me cum, not to mention the hand already massaging it.
He didn’t put his away, just watched as I stroked mine, minute after minute, just, for some reason, not cumming. Eventually, the video was over, and I kept stroking. 30 minutes passed. “Stubborn little shit, isn’t it?” He said, eyeing my penis. Automatically, he seemed embarrassed, maybe he thought I’d be mad at him for saying that about my penis, or maybe he thought I’d be mad about the cuss word.
“Yeah,” I said nodding, “It usually doesn’t take this long.”
“May I…” he said, but I couldn’t answer, his hand was reaching for it.
He grabbed it, his hand warm and sticky from his own cum, and stroked it up and down.
The feeling of HIS hand on my cock made the feeling for erection pop up out of nowhere, and I tensed up. It was as if my penis was waiting for him. And then… it came. It was the most cum I’ve ever shot in my entire life! I shot 1, 2, 3, 4 loads of cum onto his hand and then my body. He picked up his hand, then we went to the bathroom, naked, to clean up. By now, nakedness didn’t matter, we were both comfortable together naked.
After cleaning we fell asleep, in his bed… naked.
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