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Tommy got up off the couch and reached out to both women to help them up. Sarah started up the stairs first, with Amanda right behind her. Tommy wasn’t too far behind. He was completely enjoying the sight of the two beautiful asses that were right in front of him. He felt like he was one of the luckiest men alive to have such a hot 16 yr old girl friend and now to be able to involve her hot mom also. This was too good to be true.

When they walked into the bedroom Sarah crawled up on the bed first. The first thing she noticed was the mattress protector that was on there. After seeing how her daughter could cum she understood why he had one.

Tommy watched Sarah as she slowly worked her way onto the bed. The view of her ass seductively moving around in front of him was starting to make his cock hard. This was going to be very interesting, having two women at the same time. The one thing he kept wondering about was if Sarah would surprise him in ways that Amanda had done.

Amanda walked over to the side of the bed and climbed up on it next to her mom. Both girls kept looking at Tommy, licking their lips the whole time. They knew what they wanted from him, and it was sticking straight out in front of him, from between his legs.

“So Tommy, what are you waiting for? Climb up here with us.” Amanda said and then started sucking on one of her fingers.

“Yeah Tommy come on. Don’t be shy. From the way you two have been going at it you’re not shy at all. Do you need some encouragement? Both of us will gladly help encourage you up here.” Sarah said to Tommy while giving him a look that would make any man want her.

Sarah looked over at Amanda and motioned her to follow. Both girls headed to the foot of the bed and started running their hands all over each others bodies. Sarah couldn’t believe she was doing this with her daughter. To Sarah, this had to be one of the most erotic things she had ever done with anybody. Every time she would feel Amanda run her fingers over her nipple, her legs would feel like they were going to collapse out from under her. Without thinking about it she leaned forward and started kissing Amanda. They were both in a wild tongue wrestling match with their tongues poking and gliding and slithering inside each others mouth. Sarah could feel her daughter’s hand probing around at her pussy. She knew what she was after and granted her access by spreading her legs wide. Right away she could feel Amanda shove two fingers inside her wetness.

Tommy was so entranced by what he was seeing right now that it didn’t even cross his mind to join them. It surprised him when Sarah started kissing Amanda like they were complete lovers. This was exciting him even more. He could see that when Amanda put her fingers in Sarah’s pussy that her mom was starting to get lost in the moment. He saw Amanda motion for him to climb up on the bed behind her mom. Tommy did as he was told.

Once Tommy was up there he reached around Sarah’s waist and slid his hand, across her stomach, sending shivers through her body. His other hand went straight for one of her DD breasts. Tommy put his body against hers. His hard cock pressed against her ass. Very lightly he started kissing her along her neck.

Sarah didn’t realize Tommy was on the bed with them until there was another set of hands on her body. At first she thought she was imagining things and then she felt Tommy’s cock against her ass. She pushed her hips back against it. Every time she would do that she could feel him grind his hips forward, pressing against her a little harder every time. She totally loved everything that was happening to her.

Amanda was listening to her mom’s breathing. She could hear little moans coming from her mom and that made her want to do even more. She got Tommy to help her lay Sarah down on the bed. Once they had her laid out Amanda started sucking on one of Sarah’s nipples. She could feel her mom’s fingers going through her hair so she could try and keep Amanda’s mouth where it was at.

She looked over at Tommy, never removing her mom’s nipple from her mouth, and rolled her eyes down towards her mom’s pussy. She watched as Tommy licked his lips at the thought of licking that sweet pussy that Amanda had come out of when she was born. She knew he wouldn’t turn that down. She watched as Tommy lifted her mom’s legs up over his shoulders and proceeded down towards that glistening goal ahead of him.

When Tommy got close enough to Sarah’s pussy he blew on her clit. He wasn’t prepared for her to jerk her whole body off the bed from him doing that. Her whole pussy came straight up into his face, causing her body to jerk again. Tommy finally grabbed a hold of her around both thighs and held tight. Keeping his tongue buried in her pussy the whole time.

“Oh shit!” Sarah screamed. She wasn’t expecting Tommy to blow on her clit. She knew Amanda must have told him about how that affected her. She was certain that Tommy was trying to lick her cervix by the way he kept trying to shove his tongue into her even farther than it already was. She knew the only way he was getting that deep with his tongue was that he would have to shove his head up in there. It was one thing having a baby come out of there but she certainly didn’t want someone trying to go back in there with there head. Hell no.

“Amanda you told him, didn’t you?” She asked her daughter, who looked at her mom with a grin on her face.

Amanda finally pulled her moms nipple out of her mouth and replied. “Did you think I could keep that a secret from Tommy? I didn’t tell him because I thought this would happen between all three of us. None of this ever crossed my mind. I told him because I was hoping he would try it on me. Having my clit blown on affects me the same way it affects you, and I love it when he does that.”

Amanda started working her way down to Tommy’s cock. She wanted it back in her mouth because she never finished what she had started down stairs. She wanted his cum in her mouth really bad and she was going to get it.

Sarah saw where her daughter was heading and wished that she was the one going to suck that beautiful cock. But she wasn’t going to complain though. Tommy was Amanda’s boyfriend, not hers. So she just laid back and enjoyed the tongue lashing Tommy was giving her pussy. To Sarah her pussy felt like a canvas and Tommy’s tongue was the paint brush. He was making sure every brush stroke was perfect and in the right place. Not too soft and never too hard. It was always just right.

Tommy felt his cock going in Amanda’s mouth and down her throat. He could feel her flex her throat muscles around the head of his cock. He slowly felt her start to pull his cock out of her mouth some, dragging her teeth along the whole length, till she reached the tip and then buried it completely back to his balls. This was driving him crazy. If she kept that up for too long he was definitely going to cum. Tommy let out a moan onto Sarah’s clit causing her to moan also.

Sarah looked down at Tommy as he pleasured her and at her daughter pleasuring Tommy. “My baby girl is being left out.” She thought to herself. Amanda was in the perfect position for Sarah, who turned herself onto her side and started to spread her daughters’ legs. Sarah could see her daughter’s juices all over her thighs and the bed. Sarah’s mouth started to water. With her daughter’s leg’s spread nice and wide, she slipped two fingers inside Amanda’s pussy. She was amazed at how wet she was. With every thrust of her fingers she felt Amanda’s pussy contract around her fingers. It made her wish that she had a dick so she could fuck Amanda’s tight hole and know the pleasure Tommy feels every time he fucks her daughter. When she pulled her fingers out, she placed them in her mouth, and sucked off all of Amanda’s juices, making sure to not miss a single drop.

Amanda gave a pitiful moan from her mom taking her fingers out of her pussy. She wanted them back in there.

“Awe is my daughter not happy that I pulled my fingers out of you? Well here sweetie. Let me make it better.”

Sarah leaned towards her daughter’s pussy and started licking all around her outer lips. Never once did she touch Amanda’s clit. She knew she was teasing her daughter, but in the end, she knew Amanda would enjoy this even more. While she was doing that she started to finger fuck her daughter again. This time she used three fingers. She heard Amanda let out a long moan when she inserted her fingers into her pussy, which caused Tommy to moan on Sarah’s pussy. That right there sent Sarah over the edge. Quickly she placed her mouth over Amanda’s clit and started sucking on it. She kept moaning the whole time. She never thought it would cause a chain reaction from all three of them.

Sarah started cumming all over Tommy’s face. He was doing everything he could to drink it all down. This in turn caused Tommy to start cumming in Amanda’s mouth, who in turn started cumming all over Sarah.

All three of them were in the throws of a three way orgasm that seemed to not want to quit. Sarah finally had to push Tommy away from her pussy. She couldn’t take it any more. The electrical shocks that were running from her clit and up threw her body were driving her crazy. She looked at Amanda, who still had Tommy’s cock in her mouth. She wished she could get a taste.

“Hey baby girl. Can I get a little taste also? Or is it all for you.” She watched as Amanda pulled Tommy’s cock out of her mouth and then smiled at her mom.

Amanda never said a thing. She wasn’t able too because her mouth was full of Tommy’s cum. Amanda started crawling over to her mom. When Amanda got about a foot from Sarah, she opened her mouth, showing Sarah the gift of Tommy's cum, that she hadn't swallowed, to her mom. She watched as her mom smiled and proceeded to lean down to her daughter to except the gift that Amanda had for her.

Tommy watched them exchange his cum from one mouth to the other. He watched as they both swirled it around in each others mouth, thoroughly enjoying their little treat.

After the girls were done with their snack, they crawled up to lay on the bed, with Tommy in between them. Tommy could see that both women were falling asleep so he pulled the covers up over the girls and himself. Both girls moved up against him, with an arm around each of them, and fell into a content sleep. Both girls had a smile on their face when Tommy finally closed his eyes. This was something Tommy could get used to but he didn’t want to do anything that would upset Amanda. But then again, she did say that all three of them could have fun together since Sarah was her mom and she didn’t have a problem with it. Tommy drifted off to sleep, still holding both women in his arms.

When he woke up six hours later, he was laying in bed alone. He was wondering where they could be. He thought that they had gone down stairs but then he heard laughter from the bathroom. They were starting to take a shower.

Tommy slid out of bed and headed to the bathroom. They didn’t close the door completely so he just pushed it open and gazed at two of the hottest bodies he had ever seen. He stood there watching the water run down every curve of them.

“I see you two are awake.”

“Well hey there sleepy head. Why don’t you come in and join us. We haven’t been in here very long. We can make sure that you’re nice and clean.”

“I bet you can.” With that said Tommy headed for the shower and climbed in with them. He noticed that they were going to make sure that he was in the middle and that there wasn’t going to be any arguments about it.

Once he was in there both girls started to lather up his whole body. He was totally enjoying the attention he was getting from both girls. While there hands were washing him Tommy had squirted some body wash on Sarah and Amanda. He made sure that each of his hands was going over the exact same area, on each girl. When he had his hand on Amanda’s breast, he also had his other hand on Sarah’s breast. He could feel them start doing the same thing to him also.

Before Tommy knew it both girls were washing his cock. He could feel a hand run along each side of his cock and down to his balls, where each girl would take half of his nut sack and gently clean it. Tommy let out a moan that he was sure the neighbor must have heard. Then he heard Sarah and Amanda.

“Well mom I think it’s clean.”

“Are you sure? We might have missed a spot. You wouldn’t want him to walk around with a dirty cock would you?”

“Oh no mom, I wouldn’t want that. Well it is at its full length now so there’s only one way to check. Go ahead mom; see if it’s clean enough.” Amanda said to Sarah.

“Are you sure sweetie? You should be the one to see how clean it is.”

“I can have it whenever I want it. Isn’t that right Tommy?”

Tommy was standing there looking down at the both of them kneeling in front of him. His cock was only a foot from them and started to twitch with anticipation for what was to come.

“You know it baby.” Tommy said to Amanda.

Sarah’s mouth was starting to water at the thought of finally getting to have that cock in her mouth. She reached up and took his cock into her hand and started stroking it slowly. She made sure she felt every inch of it from top to bottom. As soon as she saw some pre-cum come out the tip she slipped it into her mouth. His cock tasted so sweet to her. Sarah noticed that with every thrust of Tommy’s cock inside her mouth, she could feel herself getting wetter and wetter. She started to reach down to play with her pussy, but instead, grabbed Amanda’s hand and placed it between her legs.

Amanda was happy to oblige her mom’s needs. She knew how her pussy felt when she was sucking on Tommy’s cock and how bad she needed someone to take care of her pussy at the same time.

Amanda started rubbing her mom’s clit in real fast circles and lightly biting one of mom’s nipples. She pushed her fingers in as deep as they would go. Thrusting them up into he mom’s soaking wet pussy. This was making her mom moan and squeal while Tommy’s cock was still in her mouth. This was making Tommy moan even more.

She noticed that Tommy already had his hands on the back of Sarah’s head and was starting to thrust his hips back and forth. Amanda pulled her fingers out of her mom’s pussy and proceeded to spread Sarah’s legs out till they were against the insides of the tub. Once she had her positioned the way she wanted her, Amanda lay down in the tub, and slid up between her mom’s legs till her mouth was directly under her moms’ pussy. Once in position Amanda gently pulled on her moms hips so she would lower herself down to her daughters waiting mouth.

Sarah knew what to do when she felt Amanda start to pull her down by her hips. She immediately lowered herself onto her daughters’ mouth, which Amanda immediately started lapping up every inch of her moms’ cunt. She could feel Amanda attacking her pussy with such intensity that she reached over and put her hand on the side of the tub, to help from loosing her balance from the tremors that were already starting to run through her body. She started to suck Tommy’s cock even harder now.

Tommy looked down and saw Amanda crawling between her mom’s legs. He watched as Sarah lowered herself onto of her daughter’s mouth and heard Sarah begin moaning almost immediately. Tommy noticed that with Sarah lowering herself down like she did, that it made it hard for her to suck on his cock so Tommy bent his knees a little to try to make it a little easier for her. He felt her start to pick up speed and knew right away that it wouldn’t be long before she would start to cum all over her daughter. Tommy leaned back against the wall for support. It wasn’t going to be long before he started shooting his load into her mouth.

Sarah pulled her hand from the side of the tub and grabbed a hold of Tommy’s ball’s and started to gently squeeze them in her hand. She noticed that they were starting to tighten up, preparing to coat the back of her throat with that wonderful sticky cream of his. She could hardly wait for his first shot of cum. All of a sudden she felt Tommy start to thrust into her mouth harder than he was already doing and began telling her to suck harder. Sarah did as she was commanded.

Amanda could here Tommy. She knew it wasn’t going to be long before he would cum in her mom’s mouth. She had shared his cum with her mom earlier but it’s just not the same as getting it straight from the source. Amanda wished it was going into her mouth but she figured she could let her mom have this load all for herself. She heard Tommy start saying something again.

“MMMM!! OOooooooooo!!!! That’s it Sarah. You’ve got me so close. I can see it in your eyes that you want this load don’t you. Where do you want me to shoot this load? Come on baby; tell me where you want it.”

Sarah pulled his cock out of her mouth and looked him in the eye’s. She knew where she wanted it and she knew why she wanted it there. She had this part planned out. She wanted that cock in her pussy, shooting his cum all over her insides.

Sarah lifted up off of Amanda’s mouth and turned around with her ass facing Tommy. She looked over her shoulder at Tommy.

“Stick that cock in my pussy Tommy. I want that load in me. I want you to fuck my pussy with that hard cock and fill it with your cum.”

Sarah turned back around and went straight to eating her daughter’s pussy. Giving her the tongue fucking she deserves.

Tommy wasn’t going to deny Sarah what she wanted, but before he did he looked down at Amanda, whose eyes were starting to roll back in her head from her mom fucking her pussy with her tongue. It was like she knew he was looking at her when he heard her say. “Go ahead Tommy, give her what she wants. Shoot that sweet cum in her.”

With hearing that from Amanda, Tommy placed the head of his cock at the opening of Sarah’s extremely wet pussy. He knew that some of the wetness was from Amanda’s tongue and that right there was kind of a turn-on for him. He felt Sarah’s body jump when his cock touched the opening to her pussy. Slowly he pushed forward till just the head of his cock was inside. He grabbed Sarah by the hips, then, without any warning, shoved all of it in her. Tommy watched as her head shot straight up from Amanda’s pussy and let out moan that just about made him cum. Slowly, Sarah went back to eating her daughters’ juicy hole. When Tommy saw that she was fully back to giving oral pleasures to her daughter, he started to pull his cock out till just the head was in. Then, he thrust it back in with the same speed as the first time. Tommy kept this same pattern up for about a minute then he started to pick up speed. He started thrusting faster and harder and was almost certain that he would make her fall forward and hit her head against the back of the tub. He hoped that wouldn’t happen.

Tommy could hear Amanda start moaning. He knew she wasn’t far from exploding all over her mom’s face and mouth. Then, Tommy felt something entering Sarah’s pussy along with his dick. When he looked down, Amanda had slipped two fingers inside her mom’s pussy and had them kinda spread like a “V”, one finger on each side of his cock. This just made it feel even tighter to Tommy. He looked at Amanda and saw she had that evil grim on her face. Tommy couldn’t take it any more.

“Damn I’m going to cum Sarah. Oh yes I’m going to cum. I’m going to fill that pussy of yours just like you want. Give it all to you.”

“Yes Tommy fills my pussy. Shoot all of it in me. Don’t let a drop get away. Oh yes Tommy yes. DAMN YOUR COCK FEELS SO FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!”

Sarah started to explode all over Tommy’s cock and down onto Amanda’s face and into her mouth. She immediately shoved three fingers inside Amanda’s pussy and started finger fucking her ferociously. That put her daughter over the edge. Sarah quickly put her mouth over her daughters love hole and started lapping up everything she could.

Tommy totally lost all control. Hearing both girls having orgasms was more than he could take. Tommy gave three hard thrusts into Sarah’s pussy, erupting deep inside her. He could feel her inner walls milking his cock for everything it had.

After five good shots of cum and several minutes of just laying in the tub with Sarah and Amanda, they finally climbed out. All three of them were extremely weak from the fucking they just did and plus because none of them had even eaten today.

Once they were all dried off Tommy went down stairs to the kitchen. He knew they needed to eat something but he really didn’t feel like making anything. He started to call up to Amanda and Sarah to see if they just wanted to order out, when he saw them come walking down the stairs. They called him into the living room.

Once in there they all sat down on the floor since the couch was still wet from earlier. Tommy looked at Amanda, who was sitting there looking really upset and worried. This made Tommy curious as to what was going on.

“So girls, what up?” Tommy asked. “What’s with that face Amanda? You look like something bad has happened.”

“Something bad might have happened. It’s all going to depend on how you take it. I’m not going to tell you though. My mom will.” Amanda looked over at her mom with an angry stare.

“What is she talking about Sarah? Why is it going to depend on how I take it?”

Sarah took a deep breathe and started talking. “Tommy, one of the things I’ve wanted was another child. I wish I would have had one several years ago so Amanda could have had a brother or sister around while she grew up. But unfortunately I didn’t.”

“Well it’s still not too late for you to have another child Sarah. You just need to find someone willing to be the father. That shouldn’t be too hard. You are a very sexy woman. Any man would be stupid to turn you down.”

Sarah felt flattered at hearing Tommy say that. “Actually I have found someone Tommy. It’s you.”

“What did you just say?” Tommy was dumbstruck by what he was just told.

“It’s you Tommy.” Sarah repeated. “I knew I wanted to have your baby when I first met you. Then after hearing about you and Amanda and how wonderful you have treated her, then I was 100% certain. I didn’t want anyone else to be my babies’ father.”

Tommy wasn’t sure of what to say and he definitely wasn’t prepared to hear something like this. He was completely caught off guard.

“I’m sorry Tommy. I didn’t know till just a little bit ago. I’ve never known that she wanted another child. That was news to me especially when she told me she wanted to have your baby.” Amanda looked like she was getting ready to cry.

Tommy pulled her over to him and held her in his arms. He was afraid that with her mom coming forward with this information that maybe Amanda thought he didn’t want to be with her anymore and would instead want to be with Sarah.

Sarah felt really bad about telling them about that, but it was too late now. She just wondered how they were going to take the rest of the news.

“I hate to say this but there is still more I have to tell you.”

Tommy and Amanda looked over at Sarah. Both of them had a look of concern on their faces.

“Well before I say anything else I just want to tell you Amanda that I am not trying to take him from you. I would never do something like that to you.” She noticed Amanda relax a little and wipe the tears from her eyes.

“Wait a minute before you start saying anything else Sarah. Your saying you want to have a baby, right?”


“You also said that you want me to help you have a baby.”

“Yes Tommy I did.”

I’m just wondering something. Do I get any kind of say in any of this?”

“Well you can but remember I had more to tell the both of you.”

“Ok. So what’s the rest of it?” Tommy didn’t no if he should be mad or flattered about all of this.

“Ok here’s the rest. It might be too late for you to get a say in it.” Sarah just sat there, looking from Tommy to Amanda.

“What do you mean it might be too late?” That was when it hit him. He remembered that she wanted him to cum in her pussy. “Are you saying that you’re not on any birth control?”

“Mom what have you done? Why would you do something like this? I thought I was being nice and letting you find out for yourself just how good he is. This was not something that I expected.” Amanda was really upset about all of this. Then, all of a sudden she started smiling and then looked at her mom and told her. “But then again, I will get a little brother or sister out of this.” She kind of liked how this was turning out.

Tommy couldn’t believe what he was hearing from Amanda. He started to think that they had set this entire thing up, but then he wiped that thought out of his mind.

“So you’re not mad at me for what I pulled on him?” Sarah asked Amanda.

“I’m kinda mad at you but I do like the thought of having a little brother or sister running around. Plus I do like the thought of Tommy being the father. I already know how kind and gentle he is and now you know also. The only thing that kind of bothers me is that you will be having his baby before I do.”

Both of them saw the look of Sarah’s face. It was the same look that Amanda would get on her face when she had done something or was planning something.

“Mom what did you do? I see that look.”

“Well I did have something to tell you also. Remember the birth control pills I’ve been handing you for the last several months?”

“Yes what about the pills? Are you saying that I’m not on the pill either?”

Sarah shook her head yes. “If you think about it, the ones you were taking were little white round pills. But for the last two months you’ve been taking little round blue ones. What you’ve been taking is actually headache medicine. Not birth control. So you just might have his baby before I do.”

Tommy wasn’t handling any of this very well. He got up and went out the back door to get some fresh air. This was more than he ever bargained for when he got involved with Amanda. He noticed that neither one of the girls had followed him outside. He guessed that they were just trying to give him some room to breathe and that was what he needed right now.

“Hell. What’s the chances that both of them will get pregnant?” He asked himself. “That’s a long shot. Shoot I don’t even know if I’m shooting live ammo or duds. Damn I hope there live. What the hell am I saying?” Tommy stood there and took a couple deep breathes and started to relax. He really needed to think about this.

Amanda and Sarah watched as Tommy got up and headed out onto the back porch. He didn’t say a word when he left the room.

“Amanda I am so sorry if I have ruined things for you.”

“It’s ok. The one I think we need to worry about is Tommy. You have dropped a major bomb on him, well, and me also. I’m not going to let it bother me though. If I’m pregnant then I will just have to work things out myself.”

“No sweetie. We’ll work them out together. One way or another everything is going to work out for the best. I love you Amanda.”

“I love you too mom.” Amanda leaned over and kissed her mom on the cheek and gave her a hug. She heard the back door open.

Tommy walked back into the room and just stood there staring at both of them.

“Are you OK Tommy?” Amanda asked.

“Yeah I’m OK. I’m just wondering if the both of you are going to handle what my decision is.

To be continued….

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Like the read so far, but this storie is somewhat familiar? At any rate, have you forgotten about "Eric" or was that a make up section of Sara to get them in the "Mood"?

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Keep going very horny both up stick

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