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I'm new at this and this story is 50% true please tell me what you think and how I can make it better
My name is Mya I am 21 now but i am going to tell you about my first bad boy experience. I was 18 years old when this happened but before i get into the story let me describe myself. I have a nice figure with nice curves and nicely toned ,5'6, 36D breast, I simi big butt, soft plump lips, long brown hair with natural blonde highlights that went down to my butt, baby blue eyes and piercings on my eyebrow, lips and tummy. You may think i was a slut bucket when going to high school and got all the guys but i was quite the opposite at that time i was still a virgin and nerdy i wore clothes to big for me and didn't have much friends. I was well into my school work and i hated and i mean hated what people call bad boys. I may have been the only girl in the school to not like them i went almost all 4 years of high school without anyone bothering me until I met Jasper and that is where my story will begin.

" Mya wake up sweetie it's time to go to school" my mom chanted from down the stairs. I groaned and got up rubbing my eyes which were bloodshot since i'd been doing a paper all last night only getting 2 hours of sleep. I got out of bed and ran to the shower before my brother could get there before me, we had two different bathrooms but the other was my mom and dads room and i never go in their room. I bear him to the bathroom and as i locked the door i could hear him cursing me out. I laughed at him " get up earlier maybe then you'll win".. " Fucking loser" he said snapping back at me. Unlike me my brother was popular, all the girls wanted him. He was the quarterback at our school and had a sexy ass 8 pack (as the girls say), he had brown hair, was 6"1, baby blue eyes like mine and had a piercing on his tongue. The worse part about it is not only could people not believe we were related they also couldn't believe we were twins. And of course girls were only nice to me to get to him .

After i took a shower i wrapped a towel around myself and went to my room i went to my underwear/ bra dewar and grabs a blue bra and matching underwear, taking a second to look at the blue penis shaped vibrator still in its box. My mom had gave it to me for my birthday I remember her saying. "Honey you're a woman now and women have needs this will help you when you don't want to have sex" she said smirking at me. I have never touched myself in that way so i took it from her with a dull look and said "Thank you mom". I at this point in my life never got horny, never had the need to masturbate and thought i never would. I put my bra and underwear on then got some grey sweat and a blue tank top and put the on , i brushed my hair and put it in a messed up bun and went to my blue BMW. As i was about to drive off my brother went in front of my car. " What the fuck do you want Jordan"? He looked at me with dull eyes and smirked. "My car got fucked up mom said you need to give me and my boy a ride to school". "que"? i said with my eyebrow up (I am puerto rican forgot to mention). " Don't que me you heard me so unlocked the door fuck face".

"Fuck you asshole" i said as i unlocked the door. He opened it and sat next to me. " umm where is your friend i'm not going to be late because of him". "He's coming wait you're so impatient little ms. i am to good to be late one day". he said as he grabbed my cheek. I slapped him and laid back i look the my rearview mirror and say a boy approach the car. He has short blonde hair, Grey eyes, he was about 6"3 and had a nice build he was buff but not to buff just right and had a tattoo on his neck that said "Bitch Love Me" he wasn't wearing a shirt so i saw is deep 8 pack and he had snake bite piercings on his bottom lip."There you see he's here happy now"? my brother said with a grunt. I rolled my eyes as i hear the door open and slam shut at the boy sat in the back seat. I sat up straight and huffed as i started up the car. " What took you so long dude"? Jordan said looking back at his friend. " What you think i was fucking that bitch we met last night one more time, she couldn't handle it and started bitching about how hard i was going you know same old shit". My face turned red and i looked at Jordan and started to cuss him out in spanish (about how we sat here waiting for his friend while he was fucking the local sluts) .

Jordan put his head back in annoyment from hearing my voice and covered his ears. " calm down sweetheart no need to be mad". " and who the fuck are you" i said snapping at him. " Me how don't you know me i'm the local asshole the name is Mason and you"? " Mya" i snarled at him and began driving off. It was quiet for a while(we lived 3 hours away from school so got up really early) from the corner of my eyes i saw Jordan light some weed and pass it to Mason. " OH HELL NO"!!! i said glaring at Mason from the mirror. They both laughed still taking hits. " Throw that shit out the car now or you can both walk to school fucking idiots". Jordan looked at me rolling his eyes " Throw it out dude" "No i'm not throwing this shit out". I stopped the car and turned to him " Get the fuck out". He looked at me showing no emotion and grabbed me by the bun " Bitch i don't know who you thought you was talking to but it wasn't me i already said im not throwing this shit out so sit the fuck down and drive.

I was shocked and as he let go of my hair i turned and started to drive. Jordan laughed at me and took another hit " If i can't hit you then at least he can" He smirked at me. I just kept driving trying to understand why i did what he said and didn't fight back. We arrived at school and i went to class with my head down and of course when i sit down i see Mason walk into the class and sit right next to me. " Sup bitch i didn't know you had this class". " Don't call me a bitch" i looked at him balling my fist. He smirked and looked at my fist. " You hit me i'll hit you back so think before you do".I sighed and look away from him putting my hands on the lab table. The biology teacher walked in and told us that we had to do and experiment and that the person next to you was your partner and lucky me it was Mason. I already couldn't stand him so i already confirmed i was going to be doing it by myself because he wasn't going to do shit. Luckily the table had three people at each one and there was a girl sitting next to Mason i hadn't seen her until i got up and walk to the teachers desk to get glasses.

When i went back to my seat the girl was gone so i thought she went to the bathroom. I looked at Mason who was looking straight at the board smirking like there was something on there nobody but him saw. "Are you going to help or just look straight like an idiot"? i said glaring at him. " Oh yeah sure i'll help". he said while closing his eyes. I looked at him and turned back to the paper for instructions and heard him groan. "Are you okay"? i said dumb foundly. He started moaning low enough that only i could hear him. I got very confused and tapped his shoulder. He looked at me his grey eyes peering into my soul. " Don't touch me... Not you dumbass the chick next to me you keep sucking". My face turned from confusion to disgust. I stood up and as i was about to walk away he grabbed me and slammed me back into my cheer. " Where the fuck did you think you was gonna go? Finish this shit then you can leave and you better not snitch on me" I looked at me bleakly and started to do the experiment hearing him moan from time to time, putting his hand under the table as i heard the girl gagging.

"Oh fuck baby i'm about to cum" he whispered. I looked at him as he closed his eyes and licked his lips. The girl popped back up to her seat as the cum trickled down the side of her mouth and she wiped it off. " So you guys ready to do the project"? she said in excitement. "It's already finish" i said as i got up and handed the paper to the teacher. I sat back down and looked down at Masons as he zips his pants up. He saw me and lifted my chin up."If you really want to see it you're going to have to show me yours too sweetheart". i pulled away from him and turned away knowing my face was red. The bell ring and i practically ran out the class to my next one. The rest of the day went by fast and i didn't bump into Mason at all. After school ended i went to my car happy because it was friday and we didn't have to got to school for a week because of spring vacation. I opened the door and waited for my brother and Mason. As I waited i thought about the way Mason had be treating me and felt something moist on my underwear and started to have a throbbing pain from my pussy. I laid back in discomfort and hear my doors slam. I poped up and saw it was Jordan and Mason. i Looked at Mason who was in the front seat instead of my brother and as i was about to drive off i heard my other door slam. I looked back to see it was some flat chested blonde chick gawking at jordan with lustful eyes.

Mason glared at me as if saying you better not say shit so i just drove off. Jordan gave Mason a high five and told him he was right. Mason nodded and after a few minutes i heard slurping and automatically knew what was happening. My face turned red as i was trying to hold my anger in and then i felt Mason's hand on my leg. I took his hand off and kept driving. I heard him chuckle then he whispered in my ear " Good girls can be bad sometimes" then licked my ear and touched my breast. "Stop"! i said as i pushed him away. He glared at me and smirked. " I'll break you 10x worse than any other girl i have broken, my name is going to be tattooed across your chest after i'm not fucking bitch". i looked straight ahead trying not to show how scared i was. I looked down at my pants and saw i big wet spot on them i gasped and stop the car. Mason looked at me confused, i smiled weakly and drove off again going faster than normal. I tried not to think about Mason but as i hear moaning in my backseat i started getting wetter. I gripped the wheel holding my breath. "What the hell is with you chick" he said as he looked me up and down then he smiled at me and turned his head and mumbled something. We got home and i ran out the car still hearing the girl scream Jordan's name.

I went to my room and saw a note on my door which said my parents would be gone for 2 weeks on business i closed my door and laid on my bed still having a throbbing feeling i put my hand in my pants and started rubbing my clit but nothing happened i did not get pleasure from it whatsoever. i went to my dresser and grabbed the vibratortook it out the box pulled my pants and panties down and put the vibrator on to my clit while put one finger in my hole and finger fucked myself feeling more pain but no pleasure i threw the vibrator on the floor and sat there pussy still throbbing. I heard the door open and close and when i turned around Mason looked at my with lust in his eyes. He grabbed me but my hear and slammed me to the wall." What are you doing"! i said trying to push him off. He laughed at me then picked up the vibrator. " I'm about to do something you couldn't do". He kissed me roughly shoving his tongue down my throat i pulled away " Stop please i'm a virgin". tears streamed down my face.

He laughed at me and pulled my hair harder. "If you really didn't want me to fuck you you wouldn't be so fucking wet you dirty cunt". i turned my head away and he shoved me to the ground. I looked up at him and shook my head "Please don't make me do this i'm sorry okay i'll do your work for the rest of the year or something". " SHUT THE FUCK UP AND PULL MY PANTS DOWN BITCH"!! I looked at him pleadingly one last time before he smacked the shit out of me making me fall th the ground. I felt my self get even wetter and tears ran down my face. " Gth the fuck up and pull my pants down unless you want to get punished instead"? I got up on my knees and pulled his pants and boxers down and his erect dick hit me straight in the face, i pulled my head back looking at his dick it was 11 1/2 inches long and 2 inches thick i gasped and pulled my head back further. He grabbed my hair and forcefully opened my mouth stuffing his dick in my mouth. I tired to pull back but he shoved me down deeper fucking my face.

I started moaning in pleasure and put my hand in my pants and started to rub my clit fiercely, i got about 7 inches in and hear him moan. " yeah baby suck that fucking dick your dirty little bitch. I start to move my head back and forth sucking harder and faster. He pulls me off of his dick and picks me up slamming me on the bed. " I'm going to show you what pleasure really is slut". He pulls my pants and underwear off and starts to rub my clit. I moan loudly and have my very first orgasm i arched my back and start to buck my hips as i start cumming hard. "Damn i didn't even do anything yet" He chuckles at me as i try to catch my breath . I close my eyes and can hear my heartbeat fast. " Bitch why you closing your eyes i'm not done using you yet". I feel i jolt of pain and open my eyes as i see two of his fingers jammed in my pussy i left out a loud yelp and moan constantly as he finger fucks me hard and fast. He rubs my clit and and feel something sprey out my pussy. He looks at me and smiles " You're a squirter".

I lay back and hear my vibrator turn on and then i scream as he shoves it up my pussy and fucks me with it. i pull back trying to ease the pain , he grabs my leg and pulls me into the vibrator i start to moan loud and tell him to fuck me in spanish "Oh please put your dick in me". "Not yet baby" He takes the vibartor out and puts his face to my pussy and licks my clit. I moan and push his head closer. He chuckles and starts licking my pussy hole. I moan loudly and buck my hips against his face as he laps up all my juices I cum again much harder than anytime before. He moves from my pussy to my face and kiss me and i taste the juices on his mouth. i feel his cock in between the lips of my pussy as he looks for my hole i tense up and when he finally finds my hole i smiles. "Are you ready for this"? he looks at me smugly"Ye " was all i could say before he shoved 6 inches in my pussy. i scream in pain and pleasure. I could feel my cherry pop.

He thrusted in and out of me hard in fast. After a few minutes the pain subsided and all i could feel was pleasure i came uncontrollably time after time as he pounded my pussy harder and harder. He picked me up with his dick still inside me and as i was ontop of him and slammed me against him hit my Gspot each time making me cum hard each time. He grabbed my boobs and started to lick and bite them making them harder as i felt him get bigger inside me. I started to scream his name "Mason please fuck me harder". "You want it harder you fucking bitch"? he didn't wait for me to answer he thrusted as hard as he could as i cried out his name and he picked me up and fucked me against the wall. " You like that you dirty slut you like me fucking you like the worthless piece shit you are"? "Yes keep fucking me". He slams into me and bit my nipple. I cried out " Mason i'm cumming"! He slammed into me faster and started to moan with me. "I'm cumming to baby" he thrusted in me one more time and i felt his hot sperm inside of me as i cam with him. We both panted as he laid his head on me. He let me go and put his length out of me which was now limp and put his pants back on i collapsed onto my bed and fell asleep and awoke to someone yelling at me i opened my eyes to see Mason and my brother naked and hard and i new my spring vacations was not over.

Please comment on how you felt and if you liked will make a part two!!

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The story could use a little fixing but overall good story and ii would love to see a part two

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