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The timeframe is Spring of 1986... about two months since Suzanne's cousin got in trouble. Julie stopped by for a visit!
My Second Julie Experience

The timeframe is Spring of 1986... about two months since Suzanne's cousin got in trouble.

It had been a long time since I had seen Julie. I was expecting anything to be different this weekend. The guy that shared the house with me was gone for the weekend and I was just trying to
decide whether to make a drive to the city... or just stay home and watch television. My mind was to be made up very soon... as I heard a knock on the door.

It was Julie. I was totally surprised, and as always the smile just made me melt. She asked if she could come in, and who was I to say know... to her or anyone else on this night! Julie walked in, and handed me her jacket and purse, and she went straight to the kitchen and picked out a couple of beers from the fridge. This was nothing out of the ordinary as Julie and I would often share a beer or a glass of wine. I asked Julie what was on her mind... and again the smile. But then she started talking more, and Suzanne was still having trouble dealing with her cousin's issues, and Julie needed someplace to sleep on this night. Again... How could I say no!

Julie must have been thirsty because in just a couple of gulps she emptied the beer can and was headed to the kitchen to get another. Being the proper guest, Julie brought me a second can too. I checked in the TV Guide to see what was supposed to be on TV, and flipped over a couple of channels until I found a movie... An Officer and A Gentleman. It was one of Julie's favorites, and she moved over into the recliner with me... and back we went in the chair.

As the movie played on... so did I. Kissing her around her ear... smelling her wonderful hair... biting on her neck, and caressing her breasts. For some reason, Julie hadn't worn a bra on this night, and I was ever so happily enjoying the opportunity. Her nipples began to grow, and I brushed my fingers over the tip gently... circling the nipples... and then pinching each one as I moved over to the other.
She smiled at me, and turned to face me more and we kissed, and kissed, and kissed. Her lips... her mouth... and now her tongue were driving me crazy. I unbuttoned her blouse down past her breasts and opened the shirt wide, so that I could see what was happening with her breasts. I covered the nipple with my palm and continued to caress and nibble on her. I could tell she was enjoying the attention, and was ready for me to continue. I turned Julie sideways in the recliner so that she was sitting cross ways in the chair, and across my lap. I leaned down, and began to kiss and suck on her nipples. The nipples continued to grow harder in my lips, and I was circling each one with my tongue. Back and forth...and back and forth.

Julie reached down and grabbed the bottom of my shirt and ripped in over my head, and I in turn, finished unbuttoning her shirt and helping her take it off. We continued with our passionate kissing and caressing.
I started to unbutton and unzip her slacks, but had to stop for a little while. There was a problem, Julie had put a safety pin near the button, and I had to use both hands to remove the safety pin. All the time I was working on this problem, she was laughing. Such a hideously gorgeous tempting laugh she had. It had been a long time since I had been this horny and this frustrated at the same time! She was driving me crazy just by making things difficult for me!

I got the pants undone, and was beginning to caress her panties. The movie was droning on in the background and I needed to get some satisfaction! I pushed the recliner back to its upright position, and I lifted Julie from my lap... just like I had seen Richard Gere do to R H several times in the movie, but I wasn't waiting until that happened this time.

I carried Julie over to the sofa, and pulled off her shoes without untying them, and then began pulling the pants down, and the panties were coming down at the same time. I looked down at Julie laying there totally naked, and smiling like a Cheshire Cat... I kneeled down between her legs,and began to lick her pussy. I spread her pussy with my fingers...and was working feverishly on her, tasting her, and trying to please her. I sucked on her clit, and licked up and down her pussy. The more I licked the hotter she got. I dipped my finger inside her and I could feel her warm up inside. I couldn't take it any longer...

I flipped off my shoes, undid my jeans and pulled them down, and ripped off my socks and shorts... I was ready and so was she. I was going to make this last for a long time.. I rejoined Julie on the sofa... and crawled between her legs. Julie reached down and directed by cock to her pussy lips... she was rubbing the head of my cock up and down on her pussy...and pressing the tip against her clit... and then she yelled to me "I want it now!" and I obliged!!! Driving my cock deep inside her... totally driving myself into her pussy and... CUMMING!!! How fucking stupid could I be... talk about premature ejaculation. First stroke ever inside Julie and I had already shot a huge load of seed inside her. Quickly, I was thinking, how can I recover for this... I wanted to make her cum from fucking her tonight not have a "Wham Bam Thank You Julie!!" I was still hard as a rock, so I continued to rock deep inside her. Biting her earlobe... kissing her neck, and driving my cock hard and deep into her pussy...I kissed Julie over and over, our tongues were dancing and my cock was pounding away... and then I felt it... Her breathing became faster and deeper, her thrusts up from the sofa became more powerful, and then the muscles clenched! She started shivering and shaking, and squeezing my cock tightly with her pussy. I thought she was going to pull it off she was holding on so tight...

...and then she relaxed. The spasms were over, her breathing returned to normal , and she released my cock. I slid out of her and cuddled her next to me. She had her head on my shoulder, and we kissed and caressed each other for quite a while. We laid there on the sofa for quite a while, and then she asked if we could go to the bedroom. I asked to why, and she told me that the sofa was soaked!!! I hadn't been paying attention to what a happened, but when I slid out of Julie so did my cum, as well as everything else inside her. I hadn't noticed her squirt but she must have!

We got up from the sofa and walked to the bedroom, and pulled down the covers and crawled in. Julie again curled up on my chest, and I must have been so relaxed at that point that I feel asleep. I don't know what happened for the next period of time, but I woke up sometime later to the feeling of Julie's tongue on my cock. She had pulled down the covers on the bed, and was laying beside me with her head near my hips. She was resting her head on me, and with her hand around my cock she was licking slowly along the length of my cock. I was hard again, and wasn't sure whether it was from her licking, or whether I had been hard before she woke up(and again, I am guessing that she slept for some time as well).
I gave a long moan as Julie's mouth covered the head of my cock, and she was startled just a bit to know that I was now awake. She gave me the smile again...and began to stroke my cock, but the only thing I could reach on her was her head. I ran my fingers through her hair... and then she moved even further away from me...

Julie pulled my cock to the left...hard. I adjusted myself on the bed in that direction. I was guessing either that or she would break my cock off. Julie told me to press my legs together and she turned her back to me and hovered over my cock. Oh my... I was amazed by the feeling of my cock sliding into her this way!! She slid down the length of my cock and started to grind her hips against me. She started to bounce up and down with my cock inside her... bouncing and her long hair swung from side to side as she drove me crazy. There is something about taking a girl from behind, but the pressure she was providing was such an incredible feeling. I am guessing that I was not the first she had taken to bed!! I am sure that it was only about 5 minutes, but it was such an amazing feeling that I started to buck up and down with her, and then it happened again... CUMMING!!
This time she slid off of my cock and laid down with her face near my knees. I reached up and began to caress her pussy lips scrolling my finger around the lips and then inside her. My cum started to drip out of her, and the more I caressed her pussy,
the more that came out onto my stomach. I moved my finger slowly...pushing in and dragging my finger slowly out. I worked my
fingers around and in her pussy until I heard her start to moah. I moved down to the clit...and started rubbing it round and round. I slid two fingers inside and begin to drive my fingers deep, and curled to the front, In no time, Julie started shaking again, and then her pussy clamped down on my fingers. When she released my fingers, she moved further down on my legs, and turned around and put her head on my shoulder with her leg laying over my leg. She looked up and me, gave me my favorite smile, and kissed me. She closed her eyes for a few moments, her breathing slowed down, and soon she was asleep. I watched Julie sleep on my chest for a short time, and then I feel asleep also...

As it turned out, that was the last night that Julie and I ever got together again. Her schooling caused her to move to a town an additional 2 hours away, and I took a different job and left town. I looked her up again on Facebook just the other day. She has moved by home near her parents and appears to have a very good job... but is still single. I am surprised that no one has found her perfect enough to marry... but I guess that is their loss just as much as it is mine.

...and oh, by the way, I still need to give you the details of my dream from the previous experience!!

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