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Devin and Kas make up
Sorry about the delays, life is crazy. Excuse any spelling errors or typos as I am writing this on my Kindle which has relentless auto correct and only a touch keyboard. Also remember that your comments and thoughts on the story are always welcome as I gain inspiration and motivation from you guys. Enjoy, x ;)

Devin and I presumed our previous awkward relationship. We didn’t speak or openly acknowledge each other's presences, though I was always painfully aware of his.
I blamed myself entirely. If it hadn’t been for my stupid jealousy, I would still be in a haze of ignorant, lustful, bliss. But after nearly two weeks of avoiding each other I realized that I’d just expedited the inevitable. I had always expected things would end badly, I’d just hoped it wouldn’t end any time soon.
During the first week Devin’s avoidance hurt like hell. I did little things to get his attention like wearing my shortest skirts, deliberately walking past him in school, leaving my things out and my bedroom door open, but he continued to ignore me. He didn’t however ignore Sarah, I still saw them flirting together in the halls, making out behind the gym, and even skipping class.
By the second week I gave up my pathetic attempts and did my best to keep to myself. I was no longer just hurting, I was pissed. I studied harder, and spent most of my time locked up in my room.
Miranda noticed my change of mood and I prayed she wouldn’t comment on it. But alas no such luck.
“Quit the bitch act Kassidy.” She said leaning into the mirror to carefully apply a dark shade of red lipstick. Her black hair was tied back into a severe ponytail and she was in her usual getup of leather and jeans. “What’s bothering you?”
“I’m not being a bitch.” I argue.
“Sweetie, you’ve been wearing my bitch crown for over a week now.” She said then bolted her lips together. “Now tell me what’s wrong and give it back.”
I couldn’t tell her about Devin. That wasn’t even a tempting option, so I told her the next thing on my troublesome mind. “It’s nothing.” I say. “I just don’t feel like my relationship with Grant is going anywhere. It’s like we're an old married couple.” I frown then scoff. “Only we don’t have sex.”
Miranda gives me a knowing yet sympathetic look in the mirror. “He really is a good guy isn’t he?” She says then turns to face me leaning against the counter.
“Yes.” I say because it is true.
“He is probably the only seventeen year old male still with his virginity.” She says then looks thoughtfully at her boots. “Have you talked to Grant about this?” She asks.
“No, Grant and I don’t really ‘talk’.” I say.
“What do you mean you don’t ‘talk’?” Miranda asks incredulously. “You don’t talk and you don’t fuck? What do you do?” She asks pushing off of the counter. I glare at her but she ignores it.
“We laugh, okay? He makes me happy.” I say. We walk of of the bathroom and Miranda stops short and turns to face me.
“We laugh and I make you happy, but you aren’t dating me.” She says raising an eyebrow.
After school I skip the bus and walk three blocks to St. Laurence all boys Private School. I’m not allowed on the school premises but I am allowed on the football field which is where Grant is usually practicing after school. I didn’t bother to call beforehand to let him know, I just take my seat on one of the bleachers and watch as the coach runs the team ruthlessly around the field. After an hour and a half practice ends and a sweaty breathless Grant makes his way over to me.
“Hey.” He says. I don’t bother to reply and instead kiss him. Not at all like the one or two light kisses we’d shared before, but a hair grabbing, pelvis touching, breath-taking, kiss. To my surprise Grant’ doesn’t object and when I finally pull away I find for the first time in my life I am actually aroused by Grant.
“Come have dinner with us.” I say my voice husky with lust.
“That was a hell of a dinner invitation.” He says still holding me close.
“So you’ll come?” I ask wrapping my arms around his neck. It is the most physical contact we’d ever had. Ever. And I was excited by it.
“Definitely.” He says. “I might even watch the game with Devin.” He adds instantly diminishing all of my excitement. I plaster on a smile but put some distance between us.
At home I make it a point to flirt with Grant and do everything but plaster myself to him. Devin ignores us to my utter annoyance but I don’t let it entirely ruin my night. When Grant eventually leaves and mom and dad retire to bed I plop on the armchair across from devin who is on the couch and begin filing my toes.
“You could cut the guy a break.” Devin says startling me. I look up unsure if he’d been talking to me or the tv, but his eyes slide momentarily over to me in a glare.
“Who?” I ask continuing to file my nails feigning nonchalance.
“Don’t play the ditz Kassidy. It isn’t becoming of you.” He sighs annoyed. I look up at him furious and am about to protest but he continues. “The poor guy has it hard enough at that school, he doesn’t need you seducing him.” He says then changes the channel on the TV.
“Do you even know what the hell you are talking about?!” I demand abandoning my act of nonchalance.
“Leave him alone Kassidy. You know he has moral standards, don’t ruin your relationship by seducing him to break them.” He says. “It’s pathetic.”
I pause unsure if I’d heard him correctly and being surprised that I had.“Pathetic?!” I say standing in absolute fury. “Well, you’d be one to know.” I say cruelly. “You're currently runner up as far as pathetic goes. At least my boyfriend has moral standards unlike the whore you’re fucking!”
“Are you talking about Sarah?” He asks giving me a moment of his full attention. I widen my eyes then narrow them and bite down on my jaw.
“Fuck you.” I say bitterly.
“We did that already.” He says giving his attention back to the TV.
“What the HELL is your problem?!” I ask stepping in front of his view. “Are you trying to say that I am morally wrong from
him?” I say and he casts me a knowing look then stands up and starts to walk away.
“No!” I say and grab his arm to stop him. “You have been ignoring me for two weeks and I don’t deserve this.” I say nearly choking on my anger. “You could at least talk to me.”
He sighs and turns to face me. “I’m trying to make things right Kas.” He says tiredly.
“And you think ignoring me makes everything okay?”
“Everything about this situation is wrong Kas. We live in the same house, we are seeing other people, we aren’t using protection, and your my sister for god’s sake.” He says.
“So now you gain a conscious?” I ask bitterly. “What happened to it being sexy and exciting?”
“You are not allowed to tell me I can’t sleep with my boyfriend unless I can do the same for you.” I interrupt.
“I’m trying to give you a way out of all this Kas.”
“I don’t want a way out.” I say almost pleadingly. “Please don’t shut me out.” A teenage girls emotions are a funny thing. One moment I was angry and then suddenly and unexpectedly all that anger gave way to absolute sorrow. Just the previous night I’d promised myself that I wouldn't beg him for anything, that he would be the one pleading for me.
“God, Kas." He says defeated then kisses me. We stumble until my back is against the far wall and Devin begins working at the buttons on my blouse then tanks it off of my shoulders. I regret my choice of bra with a wince but Devin doesn't seem to care as he reaches into the cups and pulls out my heavy breasts. He kisses the mound of one then takes the tip into his mouth and roughly abuses it with his tongue. His hand doesn't waist time and slips into the front of my shorts and into the elastic of my panties where his fingers instantly attack my clit.
"Fuck your always so wet for me." He says with his lips pressed against my throat. And indeed I am wet because he slips his middle finger into me with no resistance then he groans and ads another finger. He begins the same torture on my other nipple as he works his fingers in and out of me. Just when I don't think I could stand much more he pulls his hand out of my shorts and I make a protestant sound. I am on my way to pouting then he drops to his knees and yanks my shorts and panties down my hips in one movement. He looks up to see my expression then looks back between my legs and just stares.
"You have such a sexy pussy." He says as he sticks his middle fingers back inside of me then pulls them slowly out and then pushes them between his soft sensual lips and into his mouth.
"Fuck." I groan under my breath and his mouth turns a wicked smile then he gently kisses the swollenness of my sex. I bring my hand up to my mouth to keep from yelling and thread the other hand through his dark hair. His tongue flicks out like liquid fire and brushes roughly over my lips then traces tormenting circles around my clit. My hips jolt and he grabs them firmly to keep them still. He sucks my too sensitive clit into his mouth causing my pussy lips to drip arousal down my thighs. Devin slides his tongue inside of me lapping up my juices and the heat of his delicious mouth causes me to bite down on my knuckles. He eats me out like a man starved and the sounds alone are enough to bring me to the edge.
"Devin." I moan barely discernable. He stands up and clumsily begins working at his zipper while I stand aroused and dripping. When he finally pulls himself free I can't help but think of how beautiful his cock is. He doesn't give me much time to look at it before he nudges my legs apart then lines himself up to enter me. His eyes meet mine then he slams into me in one movement watching my face contort with feelings and emotion. Being filled by him, his hot throbbing cock stretching inside of me is so overwhelming and I feel my eyes begin to water. He waits a moment letting me feel him and then he begins a steady pace of pulling and pulsing into me. Our lips meet again and his fingers grab fist fills of my hair as my fingers dig into his shoulders. I make small sounds into his mouth and he takes them swallowing them whole. I thrust my hips to meet his and our pace picks up until it is almost erratic.
Devin begins walking me backwards down the hall with him still buried deep inside of me while our hips still roughly fuck. It's hard with my pants still around my legs but we eventually make it to his bedroom door and close it behind us without separating our bodies. I kick my shorts away and Devin pulls me over to his chair where he sits causing me to be astride his lap. I instantly begin to ride him and he throws his head back on a moan.
"You're cock feels so good inside of me." I moan, my voice uneven. I grind against him my wetness audible and he grabs my hips for some control but end up only pressing me closer. Having been at the edge for quite some time I find myself begging him to let me come.
"Hold on baby." He says trying to make it last.
"I can't. Oh God I can't." I plead.
"Okay baby come for me." He says rolling his hips so that he loses further into me. He locks out bodies together and my orgasm is so intense that I can't help but moan, "What the fuck is this?" It's more intense than any orgasm I'd ever experienced and my pussy latches onto him with such force. It stretches out and is so different from past orgasms that I can't help the surprise on my face and can only hope that Devin feels it too. He growls and releases into me filling me and squirting more come into me than I knew he could produce at once. When my orgasm subsides I find myself still in awe as I stare down at him.
"That was intense." I say rolling my hips to feel my sensitive insides jolt with nerves. Devin smiles then kisses me softly.
"Stay the night in my room and we can go for it again." He murmurs.
And I have no arguments. be continued x

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Please please please finish the stoey make the chapters longer and post kilter than one this is a great story

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