My sister JoJo is my favorite fantasy girl, and I had files full of images I had taken of her over the years. When I decided to call her I was rubbing my clit, looking at pics of JoJo from the beach when she was maybe eleven. My sister had straight blonde hair which at that time was over her shoulders when she didn’t have it up in a ponytail.

JoJo has the most amazing blue eyes, like the summer sky when the sun retreats behind a single cloud. Her eyebrows then and now are also blonde and set her eyes beautifully. Her nose is broader than mine or moms, but perfectly proportioned for her face. I wish I had JoJo’s full soft lips, mind are thin straight but my hot sister has soft puffy lips that even in the pictures when she was eleven. I would sometimes just stare at her when she was watching TV or reading longing to tuck my fingers beneath her sexy symmetrical chin and press my mouth on hers.

I lusted after my little sister. When she was about 11 and I was 15 I started to have sexual feelings for her. I knew by then that I was a lesbian although I couldn’t tell my mom. Mom is a Sunday Christian, and always spit out bigoted insults at the television when a story about gay rights appeared. I gave all my love to little JoJo.
Our phone sex, wasn’t our first. The only time we had sex before was when she was eleven. I would take her everywhere with me. I kind of had to since mom was working two jobs and wasn’t around much.
Sometimes mom would give me some money to buy JoJo clothes, like jeans and a top and I loved doing that. I would take my sister to the Gap or some other store and make her try on all kinds of clothes so could check out her hot little body while I helped try things on in the change room. At eleven JoJo had a sleek, slender body, which made my pussy tingle.

I loved watching her as she slipped short shorts and skin tight jeans up her long willowy legs and over her narrow hips. Although JoJo’s ass had not filled out yet, I love how the clothes I chose for her hugged every curve. I would get really excited when a pair of jeans she tried on was so tight at the crotch that it outlined her tender little cunt.

I would then take her out of the change booth and let her look in the mirror. I would also make a point of asking one of the young sales clerks if they thought the jeans were a good fit.
Our one sex adventure was initated by a young red head, maybe sixteen, who had a camel toe of her own in her pink tights. When I asked her about the fit of Jo Jo’s stretchy jeans she, looked right at the crotch in JoJo’s and said, “Hey girl you have got it goin’ on, turn around slowly for me.”
JoJo didn’t seem aware that the young girl was lusting after her, and did a slow pirouette. I was getting wet just watching the young girl undressing my sister with her eyes.

“Oh, yeah, you are a keeper hun. Now let me try a couple of fit tests. First I want to measure your inseam,” she said she said, “These maybe a little long for your long sexy legs,” she said as she kneeled staring at JoJo’s crotch slit just inches from her face.

She took a measure from her pocket and held the end on the pant cuff. With the back of her right hand she pressed against the inside of Jo Jo’s thigh, who instinctively parted her legs further. The young redhead slowly lengthened the tape along the inside seam, until it was tight against the crotch seam of JoJo’s jeans. I nearly moaned out loud as I saw this hot girl roll her knuckles back and forth over Jo JJo’s pussy mound with considerable force. As she leaned forward to read the numbers on the tape her finger slip up and down Jo Jo’s pussy slit in the crotch of the jeans.

Then to my shock and amazement the clerk took her thumb and forefinger and pinched Jo Jo’s pussy lips together, grinding them back and forth through the stretchy fabric. I could see by the way the clerk had a grip on my sister’s pussy she was sliding her young pussy lips back and forth over Jo Jo little clit. I moved in closer to get a better view and slipped my fingers into my shorts and panties. I was already wet and my clit was stiff. I pinched my clit then shoved two fingers deep inside myself, using the heel of my palm to stimulate my clit.

JoJo was looking into the wall mirror staring directly at the hand that was grinding her pussy lips together. Her eyes widened and a pink flush rose on her cheeks as she hissed. “Oh, oh, yessss!”

“Purrr-fect…just purrfect, “ the young sales clerk said softly, “You have a perfect little cunt, and I want you to cum in these jeans, right here in the store, in front of your sister. I want your sweet little juices all over the crotch of these pants,” she whispered, increasing her grip and her tempo of the pussy grinding.

Jo Jo gasped and l nearly fell forward as she placed her flat palms on either side of the wall mirror, and pressing her mouth into the cool mirror to stop herself from moaning. She closed her eyes and began pumping her narrow hips forward against the clerk’s hand, and began to whine with pleasure.

I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye. A little teen girl, maybe thirteen, dressed ass in black was standing at my shoulder looking directly at what was happening.

“What the fuck…that is so fucking hot,” she whispered in my ear.

“Yeah she’s my sister,” I hissed and reached my hand back and grasped the crotch of her jeans, sliding my fingers up and down her little camel toe. Immediately she unzipped her and pushed my hand inside her thong. I groaned as I slipped a finger through her clean shaven little puss and slammed a finger deep inside her. She pressed her little titties into my pack and sighed, “Yeah fuck me just like that.”

Her hand was on mine inside my shorts and I let her inside my cunt, guiding her fingers into my cunt while I continued to play with my clit. We were both transfixed by what the clerk was doing to Jo Jo.

“Can you feel the zipper on your sensitive little clit? Oh baby yess hump my hand, spill your cum all over these jeans, She whispered, kissing and licking at Jo Jo, little navel. That was when I noticed that she had her other hand down her tights and was working her cunt furiously

I was alternately pulling on the brunette’s stiff little clit and then ramming her cunt repeatedly with two fingers. I could tell that she was close to cumming because her tight cunt was pulling on every thrust of my fingers.

She buried her face in my shoulder as she mewed and moaned. I thrust my hips, forward pushing her fingers harder and faster into me. What we saw the clerk do next set us both off. The red headed clerk pinched little Jo Jo’s cunt as hard as she could, making Jo Jo moan, then she applied her straight white teeth where her fingers had been. The clerk was biting down hard on my eleven year old sisters, tender cunt as hard as she could. Jo Jo bucked her hips and came hard, griping at the clerk’s red hair and pressing her teeth and face into her tender little cunt.

At that instant the little brunette’s cunt splattered a wave of pussy juice all over my fingers, hand and her panties, as her teeth sank into the soft skin of my neck. I too exploded squirting my creamy juices all over the girl’s fingers and soaking the crotch of my panties and shorts.

“Thank you bitch, that was amazing,” whispered the brunette who slowly removed my hand and kissing me on the neck and cheek. In an instant she was zipped up, turned and gone. I didn’t even see her face, I looked over my shoulder to see her, and her sweet ass, move down the mall.

I returned my attention to the clerk and Jo Jo. The red head was lapping at Jo Jo’s saturated camel toe, sucking the juices from the crotch of my sister’s jeans, as she rocked back and forth her fingers tenting her tights as she finger fucked herself. Then she came, moaning into Jo Jo’s pussy and slipping to her knees. It was all too much for me, I came again with my clit between my knuckles.

After a moment the clerk, looked around, and seemed relieved there were no other customers in the store. I wondered if she had even seen the brunette. She stood up to reveal a rather large wet spot in the crotch of her tights.

Then she smiled and Jo Jo, and then at me.

“I tell you what babe. These look so hot on you I’m going to let you wear the out of the store,” she said in a matter of fact manner.

“Wh-what?,” asked Jo Jo still dazed.

I stepped forward and took Jo Jo’s hand. I reached over and cupped the clerks soaked crotch, running my fingers through her cunt slit in the crotch of her tights. I brought my moist fingers to my lips and licked them clean.

“Hey, thanks, for the gift, and for the great service, “ I smiled at her.

“Believe me, it was my pleasure, your sister is amazing, I better get back to work,” she took a dry pair of tights off the rack and I watch as she changed behind the counter.

Jo Jo didn’t change her pants until we got home. I always got wet when she wore those jeans.

I lead Jo Jo to her other jeans and stuffing them in the bag, left the store.

Jo Jo was lean on me, trembling, so I headed to the food court and sat down.

“What just happened,” Jo Jo sighed leaning on my shoulder.

I leaned forward and kissed her soft cheek, “You just had your first orgasim, Jo Jo, kinda fun isn’t it?” I whispered in her ear and then sucked her soft ear lobe into my mouth.

“Fuck yeah, “ she said with a sigh, and lightly kissed my neck.
I looked down, Jo Jo’s light jeans were showing every ounce of her cum, and the wet fabric was sucked right up into her pussy lips. I was incredibly turned on but this was my sister, and she was vulnerable.

I looked up and there was a young blonde woman looking right at us, sipping on a coffee, She was in green scrubs, which made sense as there was a hospital next to the mall. She was only abut five feet away. She looked away and then directly at Jo jo’s cum soaked crotch.

Jo Jo leaned closer her head on my shoulder, “I know it’s wrong, Ellie, but please touch me, the way she touched me….oh god please,” she hissed desperately,

I licked my lips, and put my hand on my sister’s thigh. The nurse’s eyes were back on us. I watched her eyes follow my hand as I moved two fingers between my sister’s cunt lips and pressed down hard, gliding up and down her prominent camel toe.

The nurse moved so that she was shielded by the table and I smiled when she slipped a hand into her pants. There weren’t a lot of people in the food court on a weekday afternoon. But still I was shocked when she slipped the green scrub pants down to her knees and spread her legs showing me her shaved pink pussy. Immediately her fingers were circling her glistening clit. As she grinned at me, with my fingers now pinching my little sister’s hot little cunt.

Jo Jo rolled her head back on the bench, unaware what was happening in front of her, “We have to get these cum soaked jeans off sis,” I said loud enough for the nurse to hear.

“Yes, yes, just touch me sis, touch my cunny,” the nurses eyes narrowed with lust when she heard jo Jo’s words and she slipped two fingers deep into her pretty pussy.

I unzipped the jeans and got to the floor to pull them off Jo Jo. I did it slowly as to not attract attention. I put them on the bench and then leaned over from the side, giving he nurse a perfect view I let my tongue slowly trace my sister’s puffy, pre-teen pussy lips, then with the tip of my tongue flicked her tiny stiff clit back and forth as she writhed on the bench. Jo Jo started to moan so I stopped and sat up beside my sister again.

I looked over and the nurse was grinning at me. Her breasts and nipples were straining at the fabric of her scrubs. Both of her hands were busy on her pussy. She had her clit trapped between two fingers and pulled it up and down while two fingers on her other hand plunged in and out of her cunt.

I slipped my middle finger deep into Jo Jo’s sweet cunt and almost immediately I realized she was ready to cum again.

The exhibitionist nurse also looked ready to climax. I reached down and pulled hard on my little sisters slich throbbing clit and she came hard sending a fine spray of cum all over the bench and the floor. I covered her mouth as she groaned and looked back to see the hot nurse pounding her cunt and finally pull out her fingers as her creamy cum sprayed the floor beneath the table.

I decided to quickly get Jo Jo into her dry jeans and by the time I turned around, the nurse was gone.

This was my first sexual experience with Jo Jo, and every time It comes to mind, I have to bring myself off.

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