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The vet has her now, and transforms her into part of the breeding program
Susie was paralyzed, unable to decide whether it was better to run or to hide. The zookeeper, an older man, probably late 40s, early 50s, stood a few feet behind Charlie, his 8" cock sticking out of his khaki zookeeper pants. He had one hand on it, jerking it slowly as he saw the range of emotions flash over her face. Surprise, horror, embarrassment, and disgust, but behind them was a layer of lust as well, accentuated by the cum coating her face and hair. He walked forward, Charlie moving slightly aside to let him have access to the bars at the front. "That was quite a performance," he smiled at her. "I'm Adam, the head vet here at the zoo." She didn't reply, still on her knees, head bowed.
"You know, we haven't been able to get Charlie interested in anything, or anyone, for a long time. He was losing interest in the other females, rarely masturbated, and generally seemed bored by anything sexual. Our mating program was hanging by a thread. But, he seems to like you." At this, Susie looked up, blinking at him. He nodded, "why don't you come around the side here, and we'll get you cleaned up?" That made sense to her, since she couldn't very well walk out of the zoo with an ape's cum all over her face. She nodded quietly, and stood to walk through the employee access door on one side, taking her to the back of the exhibit.

The vet still had his cock out, and looked at her funny. "You know, you should thank me for helping you like that. You would have gotten in trouble had it been someone else who had found you." He jerked his cock with emphasis as he said this, and Susie knew what he had in mind.
"No, thank you, I'm not interested." Her eyes looked down, from his cock to his face, and then back again. He growled in anger, eyes flashing at her.
"Oh, you think you're too good for a man's cock? Your own species isn't enough? You're just a stupid little cock whore, you don't care who it belongs to." And as he said this, he pounced on her, grabbing her by her blouse and flinging her across the vet room, where she clanged into the door that led to the exhibit and collapsed. Instantly he was on her, pulling her to her knees, holding her head firmly against the door with one hand as he guided his cock to her lips with the other. Susie tried to move her head, to turn away from the approaching cock, but he wouldn't budge. Still, she refused to open her mouth to him, and he slammed the back of her head against the door, dazing her. She could hear Charlie on the other side, angrily pounding the ground and the door, but he couldn't help her. In a fog, she relented, and his cock pushed into her mouth. It was much smaller than Charlie's, though it was still a good size for a man's dick, and so it slid easily into her. Charlie's cum on her lips, she flicked her tongue over the head of the cock, tasting the precum there, swirling her tongue around the tip, then sliding down the veiny shaft. The vet held her firm, thrusting in and out of her mouth in short, hard thrusts. Every time he hit the back of her throat her head slammed against the metal door, and he pushed further, gagging her, choking her. Despite herself, she could feel her pussy getting wet from this brutal treatment, warmth spreading through her again as the vet fucked her mouth viciously. He was moving too fast for her to even suck him properly, Susie's mouth became just a hole for him to use, and his hips bucked hard, letting his balls slap her chin with every jab of his cock.
He kept his hands wrapped in her hair, holding her firmly in place, until he started to moan. On the far side of the door, Charlie banged incessantly, hearing the attack in progress. Soon, the vet yelled, and Susie felt another round of cum pour into her mouth, most of it directly down her throat. There was not nearly as much as with Charlie, and the vet pulled back, panting heavily from his exertion. Susie lowered her head, rubbing her aching jaw, and struggled to her feet. However, the vet was not so easily put off. He grabbed her again and held her against the wall for a moment, studying her. His free hand roamed down her body, sliding under her jeans and feeling the damp panties covering her mound. She winced as his smile grew larger.

"You liked that, didn't you? I was right, you're my kind of girl." He pulled her from the door, pushing her across the room to a low metal table-like device, about stool height, with four legs and cuffs on each leg near the base. The vet pushed Susie over the table, locking her ankles, then her wrists, into the cuffs, leaving her in a bent-over position, her ass held at a good angle to face the rear of the lab. The vet moved out of sight, and Susie felt his hands on her, then suddenly a cold pair of scissors at her ankle, slowly snipping up. The metal made her shiver as it slid along her leg, cutting away the jeans she had worn, then repeating the action on the other leg. Finally, the vet cut away the parts on her hips, and the shredded fabric fell to the floor. He moved up, slicing his way over her back and then her shoulders, and her tattered shirt fell off her, soon followed by the snapped bra straps. Thus, she remained in a pile of her own clothing, tied down and now, naked, very much exposed. She felt she knew what was coming, and froze when the vet started speaking once more.
"We've had such problems with Charlie, as I mentioned. But you seem to have a good connection with him. If he is really attracted to you, I think I could use that to help our artificial insemination program here at the zoo. One of our females is ovulating in the next week, so the timing is perfect. All you have to do is sit still and enjoy it... I have no doubt that you will..." his voice trailed off. Susie could hear the large metal door behind her swing open, and the panting of a large animal filled the room. She knew that Charlie was in the lab now, and no doubt could see her strapped to the table. Her suspicions were proven right when a large hand patted her on the back, feeling her skin. It was a hand too large to be a human, and so it must be Charlie. Off to one side, she saw the vet Adam pick up a video camera, putting it up on a tripod and a green light went on on the top, before he headed out a side door.

Now alone with the gorilla for the first time, Susie was petrified. When she sucked him, she had the bars there, that could serve to keep him at bay should she want to escape. But here, there was no escape. She was tied down, unable to defend herself, completely at the mercy of this beast. FUCK, she thought to herself, STUPID FUCKING ADAM!! And she blamed herself as well, always following her instincts and not thinking of any consequences. Well, here they were, right in front of you. Or behind, you, as it were.
The feeling of something large and hard nudging its way between her legs broke her self-deprecating rant. Charlie's cock, a monster, was edging towards her still-wet pussy. She grimaced, feeling him pull on her hips, getting him in a perfect position to fuck her. And then she felt the head rub against her wet lips, larger than any of her dildos, any of her ex-lovers, anything she had imagined. She knew it had been a big cock when she had sucked it in the exhibit, but to feel it about to slide inside her pussy made her nervous. Luckily, there was nothing she could do about it, and once Charlie felt her wet pussy lips start to part for him, he grunted and hungrily thrust into her. OHHHHH FUCK OWWWWWWW echoed through Susie's brain as the cock ripped its way into her delicate pussy. She wasn't prepared for how much it would hurt! The cock spread her lips wide open, and she could feel the skin at the top and bottom of her pussy tear from the intrusion. Panting, she thought of her sister's Lamaze breathing from when she was pregnant, and tried to do the same thing here. Her breath rattled through her clenched teeth, eyes tearing up as Charlie pushed inch after inch into her pussy. Finally, he was in sufficiently far for his comfort, and she felt his hairy chest leaning down over her back as he started to fuck her.
Were there any doubt that this animal was distantly related to humans, the way that he fucked her removed any doubt. It was just like David used to do to her, bent over their bed, except his cock was less than half the size of Charlie's, and he wasn't nearly as hairy. Susie could feel his weight, nearly 400 pounds of ape, pushing down on her, the muscles moving in harmony to slam his cock deep into her every time. She cried out with each thrust, his shaft rubbing against her clit as he fucked her. As he continued, the pain subsided slowly, and she began to feel that warm, familiar feeling of excitement, her pussy lubing itself with arousal. Charlie's cock slid in and out faster and faster, she could hear his breathing grow deeper as he grunted into her. Her pussy grew wetter and wetter with each thrust, and with one particular jab of his cock Susie came. Hard.
It was the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced, her eyes rolled back in their sockets as the orgasm shot through her like electricity. She screamed in pleasure, taking Charlie by surprise, but the added pressure on his cock made him only fuck her harder. His dick hitting her cervix, painfully bumping her each time. Her orgasm seemed to just egg him on, and he was close, she could feel his cock jump like before. And soon he howled, even more primal than her own scream, and with a hard thrust he slammed into her once more and started to cum. Wave after wave, his hot gorilla sperm splashed into her pussy, filling her up quickly. After his cumming subsided, Charlie held his cock in her for a time, trying to make sure (in his mind) that it was his seed that reached the egg first. When he was satisfied, he pushed back from her, his cock pulling out with a loud pop, and shuffled off to eat some of the snacks in the main exhibit.
Susie slumped down on the metal table, exhausted by her ordeal. Her pussy felt stretched, the cum slowly leaking from her torn lips. She heard a door open, but barely registered Adam re-entering the room, clicking off the camera, and then approaching her from behind. With a jerk, she felt something hard pushing into her pussy, and then the strangest sensation of suction. It was like he had a vacuum hooked up to her vagina. She tried to turn her head, but couldn't make out what he was doing. It lasted only few minutes, before the instrument pulled out of her, and Adam walked around the front of the table, holding a large vial of what had to be Charlie's cum. "You did really well, he totally bonded with you and really thought of you as his bitch." He walked, to the side, placing the vial in a freezer, and then stood in front of her again. "I wonder if you would be as enticing to other animals in our program.... you could be quite a valuable find."


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i caan hardly wait (hahaha) to see what happens next...


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An elephant would be a bit too much but she could take a zebra or llama.

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