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It had been a week since my encounter with the delivery man. Every night that week I had to touch myself before I could fall asleep. I was constantly dreaming about it, fantasizing and letting my mind wander. The last week had brought the best orgasms of my life, and the hardest erections. I told myself that I would wait a long time before trying anything like that again, but I already had to fight the urge to order pizza.

It was getting later in the evening and my friends bailed on a night out together. With the night to myself and no plans, I inevitably started to get horny. I looked online for some porn, and tried to get in the mood, but nothing I looked at could get me going. All of a sudden my mind was filled with the image of a warm, hard cock in my throat. My mouth started watering, thinking about the moans of a man obsessed with my actions. I couldn’t help by think of the look in his eyes as he came, an absolute fixation on me. He thought I was a hot piece of ass and he felt lucky. I needed to feel that again.

I rushed into the bathroom and began to get ready. I shaved my body head to toe, dressed up in the same clothes as last time and made myself up. I didn’t look as good as last time, I didn’t have a ladies touch to help me, but I felt like I still looked good. I put my heels on and walked over to the phone. My heart was much calmer this time around, but I still had some nerves.

Nearly 20 minutes later, there was a knock at the door. I hurriedly walked over, anxious to see the look on his face when he saw me.

I opened the door, and to my tremendous surprise, it was the man I had wanted in the beginning. Once again, I was nervous.

“13.50 please.” He said non-excitedly. He looked around, but not at me. He didn’t seem interested.
My heart sank, I turned around to get some money, and with a quick glance back I noticed he wasn’t checking my out. I walked back and handed him the money. My erection, once throbbing and begging for some action, was now starting to wind down.

“No tip?” He said bluntly.

Without thinking, I blurted out, “Want a blow job instead?”. I immediately covered my mouth. I couldn’t believe what I had said.

He snickered. “Really? I have a girlfriend, and you’re not exactly my type.”

“Oh, sorry, that was inappropriate of me. But why aren’t I your type?” I don’t know why I was being so pathetic, but I wanted an answer.

“Well, you’re flat chested and don’t have much of an ass.” He said matter of flatly.

My ass, my favorite feature about myself, had just been shot down by the guy I wanted inside it. I clearly looked upset, and was ready to shut the door when he stopped me.

“But, if you want to, and you promise not to take long.” He started walking inside and undoing his belt.
I was surprised, only a second ago he seemed as uninterested as possible, and now he was in my house with his pants to the floor. I walked over to him and grabbed his hand to lead him to the couch. He brushed my hand off aggressively, grabbed my shoulders and shoved me to my knees. Normally I like some aggression, but he seemed to want a blowjob, not me.

I hesisitantly grabbed his flaccid cock with my hand, and began to lightly stroke it.
“I said quickly bitch.” He grabbed the bag of my head and pulled it violently towards him.

I opened my mouth and easily took his entire limp dick in my mouth. I began to suck, trying my hardest to get him hard, but he didn’t seem to notice. Finally, after a couple minutes of passionate, aggressive sucking on my part, he got hard.

“Just took some imagination.” I heard him whisper.

Insulted that he was thinking of someone other than me, I began using a combination of my hands and tongue. With one arm rubbing all over his body, the other gently cupping his balls or stroking the base, I used my tongue to swirl around the head of his cock. I was trying to bring him back to reality.

“That’s nice.” I heard him moan.

My confidence boosted, I started putting in 110% effort. I began moaning as I focused on his now rock hard, hot cock in my mouth. While erect, it had grown to easily 7”, maybe even 8 or 9. I began to struggle to deep throat him, but the hand on the back of my head was a reminder he wanted all of himself in me. I was happy to oblige him, especially with the moans I was getting from him.

“You really do like my cock. This is probably the highlight of your life.” He said, with a combination of laughter and moaning. He was clearly enjoying himself, but at the same time, he didn’t seem to care at all that it was me down there. He just wanted a pair of lips. Regardless, his cum was mine.
I took a brief second to stop, look him in the eye and tell him to cum in my mouth.

“You would want to swallow me, you little slut. But I didn’t say you could stop.” Again, he grabbed the back of my head and violently thrusted it upon his cock. Not expecting it, I started to gag as his cock hit the back of my throat. The sight of me struggling seemed to get him off. As seconds later, I felt a massive amount of cum fill me up. Already gagging, the sudden amount of jizz in my throat was to much. I shoved him off me and started to throw up on the floor.

“Disgusting you fucking slut. What the fuck’s wrong with you.” He yelled. He grabbed my hair and pulled my face towards him, wiping of the throw up on his cock onto my face. He pulled up his pants and quickly left the house.

I sat there helplessly, feeling disgusted and used. It wasn’t until his jizz started to dry that I managed to pick myself up and get in the shower. I sat there and contemplated how the guy I had fantasized about had turned into such an ass. Even more amazingly, a guy I sucked off for the hell of it ended up being a constant source of arousal. I began to wonder if I would do anything like this again, but that’s a story for another time.

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