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When Tommy, Amanda and Sarah left the restaurant, they were all in a really good mood. Tommy was especially, after getting that unexpected blowjob from Amanda while still sitting at the table. The one thing that really surprised him was seeing all the other couples doing the exact same thing. This was a night Tommy was never going to forget.

He could already see that Amanda and Sarah were ready to get in the car and he knew why. Both girls were completely horny and were in need of being satisfied.

Once they got to the car Sarah and Amanda climbed in the back seat together. They had barely closed the door when Tommy noticed that Sarah had unhooked her dress from around her neck letting her breasts free.

Within seconds of doing that Amanda had her mom’s nipple in her mouth. She instantly heard her mom start to softly moan from the contact of Amanda’s tongue running over her sensitive nipple. She felt her mom grab a hand full of her hair so she would keep her mouth on her breast.

“That’s it my beautiful daughter. Suck on your mothers’ breast like you did when you were a baby. Mmmmmm. That feels so good. Oh my baby girl. I love having your mouth on my breasts. It’s just too bad Tommy has to drive. I do have another one that isn’t getting any attention right now.”

Tommy looked in the rear view mirror. He could see Amanda latched on to her moms nipple and he could also see Sarah squeezing, rubbing, pinching and even sucking and licking the other breast that she pretty much said was available for him. He could already feel his cock start to get hard in his pants. He really wanted to be back there with them but he figured he would let them have some fun with each other for now.

Amanda could feel her moms hand pull her skirt up and start to squeeze one of her ass cheeks. Amanda sat up and proceeded to pull her dress completely off. She watched as her mom started to do the same. She started to unclasp her bra but her mom stopped her.

“Here sweetie, let me do that.” Sarah reached up, between Amanda’s breasts to the clasps. She was happy that there were only 2 clasps holding it together in front. This just meant she would get that thing off of Amanda so she would have quicker access to those lovely mounds that have been restrained for the last several hours. Once the bra was off of Amanda her mom sat there and admired how her daughters’ breasts looked.

She told Amanda. “You know Amanda; my breasts were about the same size yours are right now when I got pregnant with you. After you were born, well, what you see right now are the results.” Sarah grabbed her breasts and squeezed them together and started bouncing them in her hands.

Hearing that fact right there kind of amazed Amanda. “Mom, you’re joking. Are you saying that if I am pregnant that my boobs could end up looking like yours? Now I hope I am pregnant.” Amanda sat there holding her boobs in her hands trying to imagine them being the same size as her moms.

Sarah reached over and grabbed Amanda’s thong and started to remove it. Then she proceeded to grab Amanda by the ankles and started pulling her butt out from under her. “Alright Amanda, that’s enough talking for now. I still want my desert that I haven’t had yet.” Sarah was running her tongue across her lips, not once did her eyes look away from Amanda’s shaved pussy. She could see how wet it was when ever a street light would shine on her for a second or so.

Amanda wanted to have her mom’s mouth and tongue all over her pussy. She started to help her mom by sliding her ass across the backseat of Tommy’s car, so her mom could get to what she wanted most at that minute. Her pussy was so wet that it was running down along her ass and onto the seat. This was helping her slide her ass across the seat easier since the seat was made of soft vinyl instead of cloth.

Tommy already knew he was going to have trouble driving back to the apartment with both girls going at it in the back seat. He could hear Amanda start moaning.

“Oh yes mom, lick my juices off of me. Clean your naughty daughter up with that hot tongue of yours. Yes right there. Oh don’t stop mom that feels so damned good. That’s it mom, eat my sweet pussy.”

Amanda felt two of her moms fingers go into her pussy as far as they would go. She could feel her mom pull them out, up to the first knuckle, and then pushed them back in all the way.

“Mmmmm. Do you like that baby girl? Mommy likes to make you feel good. Your pussy feels so good wrapped around my fingers. I think you need more of them inside that sweet love hole of yours.”

Sarah started to pull the two fingers out that she was fucking her daughters pussy with, and then added two more, and slid them right back in there. This time it was a little harder to slide her fingers back in there since she was using four fingers instead of just two. She felt Amanda tighten her pussy. It was like she was trying to keep a tight hold on her fingers so they would never leave. She started to wonder if she might be able to fit her whole fist in there.

Nobody noticed that the back windows had been rolled down by accident. While Tommy was stopped at a stop light an SUV pulled up next to them. He noticed that the driver was staring towards his car with a big grin on his face. When Tommy turned around to look behind him he noticed that both back windows were rolled down. Tommy could see that the driver was trying to stretch his neck even more just so he could get a better look at the girls in back.

When the light turned green he started to go again. He could see that the guy in the SUV was doing everything he could to be able to stay next to the window so he could continue watching. Tommy started hearing the man yelling out the window.

“Damn, I would love to taste that pussy also sweetie. Why don’t ya come over here and let me take care of the both of ya. I can show ya what its like to be with a real man. Come on sweet thing, there’s enough of me for the both of ya.”

Sarah heard what he said and sat up in the seat, and looked straight at the guy. “Sorry but the only one that gets to have me and my daughter is the man driving this car. He’s the only one that can handle the both of us. Besides, he’s my daughters’ boyfriend and I really don’t think he would want to share with you. I’m the only one that gets to share my daughter with him.” She could see the man’s eyes go wide at the realization of what Sarah had just said.

The poor guy thought this was his lucky night. The only thing that would make tonight even better would be if he could get to fuck both girls.

“Come on mom. Why don’t you let me have a try at that? If you want something to run that tongue of yours allover, well I’ve got that for ya right here. If you do a good enough job, you will get a special surprise all over your face and tits.”

Tommy was really getting tired of this guy. At first it was kind of funny but now all this guy was doing was pissing him off. At the next stop light Tommy rolled down the front passenger window and told the guy. “Hey man, she has already said no so just back off. Like you were already told, there all mine and I won’t share them with you.”

“Mister you need to just keep your mouth shut. As you can see, I’m talking to the ladies in you’re back seat, not you. Now you need to just pull over so they can get in here with me.”

Amanda finally sat up in the seat and looked out the window at the guy that was annoying them. Both Amanda and her mom kept looking from Tommy to the man in the other vehicle and back to Tommy. They were starting to worry about what this jerk wanted to do to them.

Amanda yelled out the window at the man. “Hey! If you want to pick up a couple whores then you need to go somewhere else. We aren’t a couple of whores if that’s what you’re thinking. So just fuck off and leave us the hell alone.” She realized that was a mistake.

“Oh you little bitch. I’m gonna have to teach you a lesson. You do not talk to me like that you stupid bitch. Apparently your momma never taught you how to respect someone that is older than you.”

Suddenly he cut Tommy off and slammed on his breaks, coming to a complete stop. The man got out of his SUV and started heading for the back door of Tommy’s car. He pulled on the handle, flinging open the door. Once it was open he started to climb inside the back seat so he could teach Amanda a lesson. He was only two feet inside the car when he froze in his tracks. He noticed the barrel of a 357 pointing straight at his temple.

When Tommy saw the man get out and start heading for the rear door of his car he reached straight under his seat for the gun he kept there. It only took him just a few seconds to get it pulled out and pointed at the man.

“Now if you would like to explain what you are doing in the back seat of my car, or do I have to shoot you and then let you tell me while you bleed to death.”

“Whoa mister, I was only playing around. I didn’t mean anything by it. Honest I didn’t. I’ll go and get back in my vehicle and go the hell home. Please mister just let me leave.”

“Go to hell asshole.” Amanda yelled at him and then kicked him straight in the balls. She was sitting there waiting for the whole scrunched up face and grabbing of his balls after she did that. All she got was a look that said “you’re going to die you stupid bitch.” She didn’t realize that the man didn’t have anything to kick.

Amanda was pushed up against the other side of the car next to her mom. They were sitting there holding each other in fear of what this guy might try to do.

The man never tried to grab Amanda. He knew Tommy had that gun pointed at him and he wasn’t going to do something stupid. He heard the hammer on the gun get pulled back, just waiting for the trigger to get pulled. He was starting to sweat and was almost certain that he pissed his pants right then and there.

Tommy knew that what Amanda did wasn’t a very smart move. But there was no way in hell he was going to let this asshole hurt Amanda or Sarah.

“Mister this is what you’re going to do. You are going to back out of my car and stand up straight. Then you are going to proceed to strip out of your clothes. Don’t even think about running. I’ll be aiming straight for that thing you call a dick. So unless you want to become a woman I suggest that you do as you’re told.”

The man couldn’t believe what Tommy wanted him to do. He looked Tommy straight in the eyes and said. “Hell I’m not gonna do that. I’m standing out here in the street. Do you think I’m stupid?”

“No, I know you’re stupid. You’re the one who climbed into the back seat of my car. I know I never said you could and I know they don’t want you back there either. So see, you are stupid. Now if you don’t get out of those clothes you’re going to be dead and stupid. Now hurry the hell up.”

“Alright just hold on.” The man climbed back out of the car and proceeded to take his shirt and pants off.

“Now throw them on the floor board in back.”

The man did what he was told.

“Now, take the underwear off also.” Tommy said while keeping a completely straight face.

“You have to be kidding. You can’t be serious.”

“You didn’t seem to have a problem with wanting them to see your dick earlier when you wanted them to get in your vehicle a little bit ago. Didn’t you want one of them to come over there and suck that little dick so what does it matter. Do it now!” Tommy pointed the gun back at the guys crotch again.

The man wasn’t going to take anymore chances so he started taking off his underwear. Once they were off he threw them in the floorboard with the rest of his clothes.

“Now you need to get back in that piece of shit you drive and sit there. But I will help you out a little first.” Tommy asked Sarah to get the guys wallet out of his pants and to just throw it to him.

“Why the hell would you want to do that? This guys a total dick.”

“I know he is. But I won’t take his money. If you’re thinking that I’m going to keep his clothes, well I’m not going to do that either. I’ll throw them out somewhere down the road and he can come get them in about five minutes.” Tommy winked at Sarah.

Sarah and Amanda noticed the wink and went right along with Tommy. Sarah pulled the wallet out and through it out the door at the man. Then she told him. “Now you heard what he said. We will throw you’re clothes out somewhere down the road but you have to them. Do you understand?”

“Yeah, yeah, I understand.”

Tommy told the man. “Now you need to apologize to them for the way you acted.”

“I’m sorry girls. I shouldn’t have acted like I did towards the both of you.”

“Ok. Now go and sit in you’re truck for five minutes and then come and get you’re clothes. They will be in a parking lot five blocks from here on the right. I wouldn’t waste anytime coming to get them. You never know when someone might come along and pick them up. It will be where several homeless people like cut through. ”

With that said Tommy put the car in drive and pulled around the SUV away from the light. He was glad that it wasn’t a really busy street at this time of the night so there weren’t that many people waiting behind him while he dealt with that guy.

“Are you guys ok back there?” Tommy asked Sarah and Amanda.

“I am but Amanda is pretty shook up by all of that. Are we really going to throw his clothes out so he can have them back?”

“Hell no, we are not going to do that.” Amanda said with a slight tremble in her voice.

Tommy reached over the seat behind him for Amanda’s hand. He could feel her shaking all the way up to her finger tips. She seemed to calm down a little just from Tommy’s touch.

“Just wait till you see where he will have to get out so he can grab his clothes. I think you will like what I have planned for him.”

They drove down the five blocks to the parking lot and stopped near one of the light poles in it. Tommy got out with the guys clothes and tied them to the poll. After that he drove to the very far side of the lot and parked his car so they could watch when the jerk pulled in.

“Why did you tie his clothes to the poll like that?”

“Well we don’t want him to leave too quickly do we?” Tommy said with an evil grin that could have matched one of Amanda’s.

Tommy pulled his cell phone out and dialed the police station. They listened while he told them about a man trying to untie some clothes from a light pole in the nude. When he finally finished giving them a deion of the SUV and the guy they sat and waited.

“You are an evil man, do you know that?” Sarah finally said.

All three of them sat there waiting for the guy to pull into the parking lot. They could see he was searching for his clothes by the way he was looking all over the place. They sat there and watched as he finally spotted them and drove over to the poll where he proceeded to get out of the truck and started to try and untie them.

“So Tommy, are we going to sit here and wait for them to show up? He might get them untied and hall ass before they show up?”

“There’s no chance of that happening. As tight as I made those knots he won’t be finished before they get here. If he was actually smart he would just leave and say to hell with the clothes. That would be my choice.”

About that time Amanda spotted a cop car pull into the parking lot. They watched as the car pulled up behind the SUV and then both cops got out of the car and started heading towards the naked man next to the poll. They could hear one of the cops start to laugh a little while he was asking the man what he was doing.

Amanda and Sarah sat there trying to stay quiet. They didn’t want to make any noise in case it might draw attention to them. Finally they looked over at Tommy, who was sitting there with a big evil grin on his face.

Amanda leaned over the front seat and gave Tommy a long kiss. “You are something else Tommy. When you wanted to wait in this parking lot to watch I thought you were crazy. Then when you called the cops, well I certainly didn’t expect that.”

“Well I wasn’t going to let him hurt either one of you and we couldn’t exactly go to the cops and file a complaint either. What do you think would have happened when we explained that all of this started because he saw you letting your mom eat your pussy in my back seat? Plus that you’re her 16 year old daughter. That wouldn’t have gone over very well. So I thought this would work even better. I bet he’ll think twice and maybe even a third time, before he tries to pull a stupid stunt like he did back there.”

Amanda was sitting there smiling at Tommy. She knew, without a doubt in her mind, that Tommy was going to take care of her and try his best to make sure nothing bad ever happens to her or her mom.

They sat there and finished watching the cops try and get the man into the back of the cop car. He still didn’t have his clothes back. They kind of felt sorry for the guy but he shouldn’t have pulled that crap on them like he did. Hopefully he will learn a very hard lesson from all of this.

“Well girls, should we finally head home?” Tommy asked.

“Yeah, let’s get out of here Tommy.” Sarah said to Tommy while reaching over the back of the seat to hug him.

“Well mom I guess it’s my turn to have some desert. Wouldn’t you say?”

“I really didn’t think you would want to continue after everything that just happened. I expected you to just want to go home instead.”

“I’m better now, especially after I watched that dumb-ass being hauled away by the cops.”

Tommy couldn’t believe they were getting ready to start going at it again after everything that just happened. “Hey before you two start again, roll the window up. I really don’t want to have to deal with another asshole.” He then hit the lock for all the windows. “Now you can have fun girls.”

Sarah and Amanda gave a little laugh. “Ok Tommy. We didn’t mean for that to happen earlier. I guess we were having too much fun to notice that the window was down.” Sarah told Tommy.

“Yeah we really are sorry. We can make it up to you when we get home.” Amanda said with a sly little smile on her face.

“Sorry girls, but I really think I need to do some recuperating first. Haven’t you realized how many times we’ve been having sex over the last several days? Well me and Amanda mostly. Hell, it’s close to a dozen times almost. The both of you go ahead and have fun.”

“Ok Tommy. If you insist, but you’re going to miss out of all the fun.” Amanda was holding her breasts up to where Tommy could see them in the mirror.

When Tommy looked in the mirror he could see Amanda licking one of her nipples. He finally had to turn the mirror just so he could concentrate on driving instead of watching Amanda and her mom.

“Well baby girl, slide yourself this way.” Sarah moved towards Amanda where she slid her left leg over Amanda’s right leg and rapped it behind her daughters’ ass and slid her right leg under Amanda’s left leg. Once they were in this position they could feel their pussy’s rubbing against each other and also feel the hardness of each others nipples. They could already feel how wet their pussy’s were getting especially when they felt their clits rub against each other.

Tommy could hear both of them moaning back there. He could tell that they already had their tongues tied together by how muffled the moans sounded. He wanted so badly to angle the mirror to a position that would make viewing them possible. Just knowing what was going on back there was making his cock grow to the point that he finally undid his pants, freeing his cock from its confinement.

Amanda was totally enjoying this. While she was lip locked with Sarah, Amanda reached down between them with her left hand and slid her fingers around between their pussies, trying to get as much as she could on two of her fingers. When she pulled them back out from between them she broke the kiss with her mom and held her fingers up in front of Sarah’s face. She held them in the shape of a ‘v’ so each of them could suck the juices off of a separate finger.

“Here mom why don’t we see how we taste like this. I think it’ll be an excellent mixture of the both of us.”

“Don’t you think you should let Tommy try it first? I’m sure he might want a sample.” Sarah then watched as Amanda reached down with her right hand and got some more of the juices from them and then reached over the front seat and placed her hand in front of Tommy’s mouth.

“Here you go Tommy. Now each of us can get a sample.”

Tommy could already hear them sucking their juices off of Amanda’s fingers and there was no way he was going to let that sweet nectar, that was just a few inches from his mouth, go to waste. He immediately sucked Amanda’s fingers into his mouth making sure to not miss a single drop. He was enjoying that delicious flavor so much that he almost forgot to pay attention to the road.

Amanda finally pulled her fingers out of his mouth and asked him if he liked how they tasted together like this.

“Sucking the juices off of your fingers is like sucking on a delicious piece of fruit. I could enjoy that all day.” Tommy replied.

Once they got to the apartment, Tommy went up and opened the door. He felt completely exhausted. He was just about ran over by Amanda and Sarah because they came running up the front steps and straight inside. Tommy couldn’t help but notice that they didn’t even bother to put their clothes on before they got out of the car. Tommy looked back out the door to see if anyone had been watching when they came streaking through his front door. He really doubted it because of how late it was.

When Tommy finally came inside and locked the door, he stood there staring at both women. Over the last day or so he has noticed that Amanda was getting a little braver out in public. He started wondering if this is how Sarah was at that age. For some reason he didn’t think so.

He knew that he was really tired and needed to get some sleep. When he mentioned to the girls that he was going upstairs because he was tired and needed to get some sleep, both girls started pouting.

“The both of you can stand there and pout all you want. Tonight I am going to get some sleep. I know that neither one of you want to hear that but I really need to sleep. You’re wearing me out. Just let me get a full nights sleep tonight and then we can see how tomorrow goes. OK?”

Amanda and Sarah completely understood that Tommy was right. He really did need to get some sleep. Actually all of them could use a full night’s sleep.

“It’s OK Tommy. We understand.” Sarah said to Tommy. “I think all three of us need a full nights sleep. It certainly wouldn’t hurt any of us.”

“Thank you for understanding. Well I’m heading up stairs. I don’t know what the two of you have planned but if you want to you can stay here. There really isn’t any need for you to try and head back to your place.”

Sarah really wasn’t expecting to hear that. She walked over to Tommy. “Are you sure? We can go home. It’s not like we don’t have a place to go to. At least if we go back to our apartment you will definitely be able to sleep tonight without either one of us bothering you.”

“Well you’re already here so you might as well stay. Besides, you’re already dressed for bed. I already know that once I lay down I will probably fall straight to sleep. I feel like I’m completely wasted. Come on my lovely ladies. Let’s go to bed.”

Amanda walked over to Tommy and put her arms around him. “I guess I need to stop jumping you every chance I get.” She started to laugh.

“Well, maybe just a little bit. But not a whole lot though.” Tommy leaned down and kissed Amanda softly on the lips.

“So does that go for me also?” Sarah asked Tommy while making a pouty face at him.

Amanda stopped kissing Tommy and turned towards her mom. “Yes mom that goes for you also. Now come on and help me get our tired man up to bed. We need to get him charged back up so we can wear him down again.”

“Mmmmm. Sounds like fun.” Sarah replied.

They helped Tommy upstairs to the bed. Once they were in the bedroom Tommy started to undress his self but the girls stopped him.

“You just stand there and we’ll get you out of your clothes and put you to bed.”

Tommy wasn’t going to argue with them. If they would have gone back to their apartment he probably would have slept in his clothes instead of undressing. He could tell that it wasn’t going to be much longer before he was completely sound asleep.

“Wow. It’s been along time since someone undressed me and put me to bed. Does this mean I can call you mommy?” Tommy let out a little chuckle at that thought.

Sarah and Amanda smiled at each other at the thought of Tommy calling one or both of them mommy. Sarah looked at Tommy. “Well you can as long as it’s our next play session between the three of us.”

They were finally able to get Tommy stripped down to his underwear and then Amanda went and pulled the sheets down so they could get him in bed.

Sarah went and turned out the light and climbed into the bed next to Tommy. She could already hear his deep breathing as he drifted off to sleep. She lifted his arm out of the way and slid her naked body up against his. Once she was completely laying down she put her hand on his chest where she found Amanda’s hand in the same spot she placed hers.

“This has been a crazy day, hasn’t it mom.”

“Yeah it has. We just need to be a little more careful so we don’t get Tommy in any trouble. We were very lucky Tommy had that gun in his car.”

“I didn’t even know he had it mom. That’s the first I’ve ever seen it. But yeah you’re right. It really was a good thing he had it. I was actually starting to get scared until Tommy pulled it out from under the seat.”

“Well I would say that we are both in very good hands with him. He truly loves you.”

“I know mom and I feel the same way about him.”

“If you ever want me to back out of the picture, just let me know, and I will leave him completely to you.”

“I don’t see that happening mom. I think he is falling in love with you also. I think that goes for you also, am I right?”

“Yes baby girl. You’re right. I didn’t mean for it to happen. It just did.”

“It’s ok mom. I will gladly share him with you.”

“Well sweetie. Everything is okay now. Let’s get some sleep. The both of us can really use it. Good night baby girl. I love you.”

“Good night mom. I love you too.”

Amanda and Sarah finally started to fall asleep, but that was after they were holding Tommy’s semi hard cock in there hands.

To be continued…

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