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I This chapter went through several rewrites before I decided on the final version. I already know there will be readers that will like how I ended this but there will also be alot that will hate it. Thats ok though. I know that everyone wont ever be happy about the same thing. This would be a very boring world if it was like that.
When Tommy awoke the next morning, he felt like a new man. The last several days had completely drained him and to finally get a full night sleep is exactly what he needed. This morning when he woke up he didn’t feel drained and sluggish, but instead he felt like he could run a 10 mile marathon. Tommy was ready to begin this new day.

He noticed that Sarah and Amanda were not in bed with him. What he did notice was the dry crusty spot of cum on the inside of his underwear. “Those two just can’t leave it alone.” Tommy said to himself with a smile on his face. He finally crawled out of bed and went down stairs to see if that was where they were at. They weren’t there. He figured they probably went back over to their apartment so he went back upstairs to take a long hot shower.

Once Tommy was finished, he walked out of the bathroom and noticed he could smell the scent of bacon coming up the stairs. At first he thought that it was coming from another apartment until he heard laughter from his kitchen. It was Sarah and Amanda. Apparently they must have went to the store and picked up a few things, then came back and started cooking breakfast. He headed down stairs and went straight into the kitchen.

When he walked in there both girls had their backs towards him. He just stood there watching them joke around with each other while cooking breakfast. Then he noticed that they were also talking about him and what it was going to be like having his baby or babies, which ever it may turn out to be. He listened to them discussing that if one or both of them are pregnant, what names they would pick. Tommy finally let them know that he was standing there by making a low whistling noise. He started to laugh when both girls screamed when they heard him.

“Damn Tommy. Are you trying to give us a heart attack?” Amanda said while heading towards him with her arms held out wide. When she wrapped her arms around him she reached up and pulled his head down to her so she could kiss him.

When Tommy stopped kissing Amanda he looked over at Sarah, who was still standing over by the stove, watching her daughter and Tommy. “So are you going to just stand there or do I get a kiss from you also?”

“Yeah mom, you better get over here and kiss him. If you don’t then I guess I get to have all of them for myself.” Amanda said with a smirk on her face. Then she leaned up and started kissing Tommy again.

“Alright young lady, you better save some of him for me.” Sarah headed over to Tommy. Once she was there she told Amanda to go watch the food on the stove so it wouldn’t burn. “Now young man, where’s mine, or did she take all of them for herself?”

“You don’t have to worry about that Sarah. I have a never ending supply of kisses for the both of you.” Then, Tommy started kissing Sarah with the same passion that he kissed Amanda with. He knew that Amanda was his girl but he wanted to treat them both equally.

When the three of them had finished breakfast Sarah and Amanda told Tommy that they needed to go back over to their apartment to get something and they would be right back. He walked them to the door and kissed each of them before they left. Once he closed the door he started to head back into the kitchen to clean everything up from breakfast. He figured it was the least he could do since the girls had cooked breakfast for him.

Just as he was about to turn the water on, Amanda came running back into Tommy's apartment crying and calling for Tommy.

“What’s wrong?” Tommy asked Amanda.

Amanda was pulling him towards the door. “It’s my friend Eric. He attacked mom and slammed her against the side of the apartment.”

That was all Tommy had to hear. He immediately ran past Amanda, down his front steps and across the parking lot towards Sarah’s apartment. He could hear Eric screaming at her and also hear Sarah crying and pleading with Eric.

“You bitch, I thought you loved me and then I see you kissing that new guy. You’re just a fucking whore. That’s all you are, a fucking whore. I really believed you loved me but now I see that I was a fool.”

Sarah had her hands out in front of her and kept backing away from Eric. She saw the pipe in his hands and she was certain that he intended to use it. “Eric please, what we had really wasn’t love. I’m sorry if I made you think that it was. I truly am sorry. What we were doing can get me in a lot of trouble and I really don’t need that. I didn’t think about the consequences of my actions.”

“Bullshit!” Eric yelled at her. “You are so full of shit that I’m surprised that when you sucked my dick, that I didn’t see shit on the end of it when you took it out of your mouth.” Eric could see that she was getting ready to say something and he wasn’t going to listen to anything else she had to say. He grabbed the pipe with both hands like he was holding a baseball bat, and swung, catching her across her stomach. The whole time he was smiling and laughing at her. He watched as she grabbed at her stomach, wrapping her arms around her midsection. He started laughing even harder as she collapsed onto the ground. She never saw the next blow coming.

When Tommy reached the side of the apartment he could see Eric standing over Sarah laughing at her. Tommy could see the pipe Eric was holding. When Tommy looked at Sarah lying on the ground he could see that Eric had already hit her with it. Right then he thought to himself. “If she is pregnant that hit might have….Tommy couldn’t finish that thought. He didn’t want to finish that thought. The next thing Tommy saw was Eric raise the pipe over his head. He knew Eric was getting ready to hit her again.

Tommy ran, from around the corner of the building, towards Eric. He really thought he was going to get to Eric before he could swing the pipe again. He was wrong. He was only about fifteen feet from Eric when he saw Eric look out the corner of his eye at Tommy and smile. Tommy watched as Eric swung the pipe down, catching Sarah on the side of the head. It was a sound that Tommy never wanted to hear ever again. “NOOOOO!” Tommy yelled at Eric.

Tommy hit Eric at a full run, knocking the air out of Eric’s lungs from the impact. When they landed Tommy was on top of Eric holding him down. When he finally realized that Eric wasn’t getting up right away since he was still trying to catch his breath, Tommy ran over to Sarah to check on her.

When he knelt down next Sarah, he could see she was completely unconscious with blood running down the side of her head. He checked to see if there was still a pulse and was relieved that there was one. He was worried though because the pipe had made contact about an inch above her left temple. He was starting to pull his cell phone out to call 911 when he heard a noise behind him. When he turned to see what the noise was he saw Eric heading straight for him with the pipe raised over his head. He could see a look of complete hate in his eyes. Eric was only about six feet from him and Tommy was prepared to do what ever it took to protect Sarah. He started to lunge for Eric, in hopes of knocking him off his feet without getting hit by the pipe. Tommy was just starting to move when he heard a loud bang from behind him. When he looked at Eric again he saw that he was lying on the ground with a hole in his chest. He wasn’t moving. When he turned around he saw Amanda standing there with his gun in her trembling hands.

Amanda’s whole body trembled at the thought of what she had just done. She could feel the gun start to slowly slip out of her fingers towards the ground. Finally she collapsed to her knees and started crying hysterically.

Tommy quickly ran over to her and picked the gun up and moved it to the side away from her. The whole time he was talking to the 911 operator.

It didn’t take long for the cops and the ambulance to get there. They gave their statements to the police about everything that happened. They were surprised to find out that a couple other people also saw everything and gave pretty much the same statements that Tommy and Amanda gave. After the cops were done with them they headed straight to the hospital to check on Sarah. When they got there they were informed that her mom was taken up for surgery to relieve some pressure from around her brain.

Several hours passed when finally the surgeon came out to them in the waiting room. Right away they could see that it wasn’t good.

“Are you Sarah’s daughter?” The surgeon asked Amanda.

“Yes. How’s my mom doing?” Tears were already running down the side of her face. She could see what his answer was just by the look on his face.

“Well you know that we took her up to relieve the pressure from around her brain. What we didn’t expect to have happen was the bleeding that started in her abdomen. Everything that we saw on the x-rays and ultrasound looked good when it was done in ER. Somehow we missed something. We did everything that was possible. I am so sorry for you loss.

Tommy sat there in shock. There was no way that this was happening. This had to be a really shitty joke that the doctor was trying to pull.

“Your joking doc, this is just some horrible joke you’re trying to pull.”

“You must be Tommy, Sarah’s boyfriend.” The doctor asked.

Tommy was surprised to hear that. He asked the doctor. “How did you know that?”

“I wish it was a joke. This is the one part of my job that I hate the most. I prefer to give the family members good news, not bad news. Sarah regained consciousness for about 10 minutes after she arrived in ER. She said that her daughter would be arriving with you.”

“She wanted me to tell you and Amanda, that she loved the both of you very much and that she wanted Amanda to stay with you if anything happened.”

Tommy hardly heard a word that the doctor was saying. The only thing that still registered in his mind was that the doctor told them that they did everything that was possible and that he was sorry for their loss. Right then Tommy started to loose control but he quickly regained his composure with Amanda there. He felt the pain of loosing a friend and lover and didn’t want to accept what he was being told, but knew that this was a lot harder on Amanda because she had lost her dad several years ago and now her mom. He needed to keep control of himself for her sake.

Amanda didn’t cry or say anything. She was starting to close herself off to everyone and the only thing she wanted to do at that point was die so she could be with her mom and dad. She watched as the doctor stood up and walked away.

Quickly she stood up and called after him while running up behind him. She watched as he turned around to look at her. She could see he was expecting to be yelled at and told that he didn’t try hard enough and then probably slapped across his face.

He was completely surprised instead by Amanda coming up and hugging him and telling him thank you for trying to save her mom. He then watched as she walked back to Tommy who wrapped her in his arms. He could easily see that the hug they shared wasn’t the hug of a friend and young teenager but the hug of two people that completely loved each other. He finally turned back around and walked away.

Tommy and Amanda walked out of the hospital with their arms around each other and drove back to the apartment. They both held each other that night and cried their selves to sleep.

It’s been a little over 8 months since Sarah passed away. They found out 2 months ago that Eric was sentenced to 20 yrs for the murder of Amanda’s mom with a chance of parole in 12 yrs. The prosecuting attorney was pushing hard for the death penalty but it ended up being denied. By the time it went to court, Eric was almost 17 and ended up being charged as an adult. Two weeks after he went to prison they were informed that he had been raped and killed in his cell by two other prisoners but surprisingly nobody knew who the two prisoners were. Everyone, even the guards, all of a sudden had a bad case of amnesia.

Two months after Sarah died they went and got married. Shortly after that they went and bought a house on 10 acres of land. Tommy paid it off completely when they signed the final papers. Tommy actually having money was a secret that he wasn’t going to be able to keep hidden from Amanda. When he told her that they didn’t have to worry about money because he was left a very large inheritance, she collapsed onto the couch.

Today they had just come back from the doctor’s office to see how the babies were doing. From everything the doctor told them, it appeared that all three of them were doing fine and were developing like they should. Tommy was happy to hear that. The doctor also informed them that they should back off from having sex so much between now and when the babies are born.

When they got back to their house Amanda went into the bathroom to take a shower. She was only in there for about five minutes when Tommy climbed in behind her. She felt his arms wrap around her to place his hands on her swollen belly.

Tommy loved to feel her belly with the babies in there. It had to be one of the most wonderful things in the world to him because he knew that right there, under his hands, were three little lives that he helped create. The one thing that surprised him was that he found it to be a complete turn on for the both of them. Since Amanda has been pregnant she has been hornier than she was before.

“I see you couldn’t stay away could you?” Amanda said while putting her hands over Tommy’s.

“You know I can’t. I find you so totally sexy being pregnant and yes I know, you don’t see yourself that way. Well to me you are and right now I want to have some fun.”

“But remember what the doctor said Tommy.”

“I know what he said but once more before the babies are born couldn’t hurt.” Tommy informed her while squeezing her breast in his hands.”

“Well let’s get out of here and into bed and we can have all the fun you want.”

They climbed out of the shower and dried each other off a little and then Amanda led Tommy to the bed. Once there she pushed him onto the bed where she started to slide her way up his body to lay one of her nipples in his mouth.

Tommy enjoyed Amanda’s breast even more now that she was pregnant. In the last several months her breasts went from a 36B cup to a 42D cup from what Amanda had told him. Tommy didn’t have any complaints about that.

When Amanda’s nipple touched his lips he immediately sucked it into his mouth and started to flick his tongue eagerly against it and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her down to him. He could hear her sucking in air and moaning when ever he flicked his tongue across her nipple. That right there made him suck on them even more.

Amanda was enjoying the attention that her breasts were getting. Since she has been pregnant her nipples have gotten even more sensitive that all Tommy has to do is barely brush against them and they are sticking straight out and her pussy starts getting wet. She started to slide down his body just a little and felt his hard cock brush against her pussy. When she slid down the length of it she would start to head back up, making sure she got it nice and wet from her pussy. Just doing this was almost making her cum right then. She could feel Tommy make his cock jump up to try and make it hit its mark but she wasn’t going to let that happen yet.

Tommy’s cock was so hard that it was starting to hurt. He wanted to feel it slide into her wet pussy and a couple times it almost went in, but Amanda would lift her ass up a little so it would slip right back out.

Amanda could see that if she kept this up he would cum before he ever got inside her. She was having a lot of fun teasing him like this and wanted to see how much he could handle before he finally decided to have his way with her. Amanda finally decided that she should stop teasing the poor man like that and started working her way down his body even more.

She loved the feeling of Tommy’s cock sliding under her swollen belly and already she could feel the trail of pre cum that was being left behind. When his cock started to slide between her breasts she stopped and looked at the head sticking out from between her boobs. Amanda couldn’t help herself. She quickly took the head of his cock into her mouth and began one continuous 45 second suck job. She hoped that when she finally stopped sucking that she didn’t suck the skin off the head of his cock. She could feel Tommy’s whole body tighten up from the sensation that she was causing to shoot through his body. She enjoyed the loud pop she would hear when she pulled his cock out of her mouth.

Amanda looked up towards Tommy’s face to watch as he started to relax and try and catch his breath. She enjoyed watching his chest raise and lower every time he would breathe. Amanda slid her hand up over his stomach and onto his chest she could feel his heart beating like it was trying to find a way out.

When Tommy was finally able to catch his breath he looked down at Amanda. He watched as she ran her tongue across her lips and then very quickly flick it across the head of his cock. He could see that look in her eyes that even up to this day, still made him worry sometimes about what was going through that mind of hers.

“What are you thinking about doing little girl? I see that look on your face and usually when you get that look I never know what to expect.”

“Oh you’ll find out in a minute. But you’re going to have to close your eyes until I tell you to open them. I’ve got a surprise for you. I will tell you that it’s something we have never tried and for some reason I want to give it a try right now. Now my bad boy, close those eyes so I can give you something new.”

Tommy wasn’t sure if he should take a chance like this but he figured it couldn’t hurt. As long as she wasn’t getting ready to try some freaky bondage stuff on him he would be happy. Tommy laid his head back and closed his eyes in anticipation of what Amanda had planned for him.

Amanda wasn’t sure about this. This right here was going to be the first time Tommy had ever had his cock in her ass. She wasn’t sure if she would like it so for the last week or so she has been shoving a vibrator in there to see if it was something she wanted to try with Tommy. The first time she pushed the vibrator into her ass it felt really uncomfortable in there but she also remembered how her friends told her that it felt weird at first but after a few minutes it felt great. She found out they were right.

Amanda stood up and got a bottle of lube that she had bought with the vibrator out of a drawer next to the bed. The whole time she kept an eye on Tommy to make sure he wasn’t peaking. She squirted some on her hand a started rubbing it all over Tommy’s cock. And then used her finger to make sure her asshole was nice and slick. Next she took the vibrator out and placed it on the bed next to Tommy’s left knee. When she was ready she climbed up on the bed and started to lower her ass towards Tommy’s cock. She reached down and lifted his cock up till it was lined up with her ass, then lowered herself down onto it till she could feel his cock against her hole. She discovered that this wasn’t anything easy to do while she was carrying three babies.

Slowly she started to push her asshole against his cock head. She tried several times to get the head in but for some reason she wasn’t having any success. When she was about to give up she felt the head of his cock slide in her ass. She heard Tommy let out a low moan. She was glad that it wasn’t hurting any so she started to push down some more to try and get more of him inside her. Every time after she would push down about an inch she would lift back up off of Tommy’s cock. After about another dozen try’s she finally had all of him in her ass to the point that she was completely sitting on Tommy.

Finally she told Tommy. “Ok Tommy, open your eyes and look.”

When Tommy opened his eyes and looked down towards her he watched as she leaned back, showing Tommy her empty pussy. This right here surprised Tommy because he has always thought this was something that Amanda wouldn’t want to try so he has never asked if she would even want to attempt it. He laid there and watched as she lifted her ass up and then drop it back down onto his cock.

Her ass was so tight that Tommy wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold back from shooting his load inside her ass. He could feel her tighten her ass when she lifted up and then completely relax it when she dropped back down. Tommy listened to Amanda’s moaning and noticed that she had picked up the pace. She was getting ready to cum and he was going to make sure he came exactly when she did.

Amanda was close to cumming. Very close. It wasn’t going to take much longer before she soaked Tommy’s belly with her sweet juices, but she wasn’t ready for that to happen just yet. She started slowing down and then completely stopped moving on Tommy’s cock. She wanted to try one more thing. She reached over next to her, by Tommy’s knee, and picked up the vibrator.

Tommy’s eyes went wide when he saw her pick up the vibrator. He laid there looking from the vibrator to Amanda, wondering what the hell she was planning on doing with it. It wasn’t long before he found out.

Tommy watched as she turned it to a low setting, leaned backwards onto his legs, and slowly started to slide it into her pussy. He could feel it vibrating through the walls of her pussy straight to his cock. He watched as she tried to look at him but her eyes kept rolling back in her head to the point that all he saw was the white part of her eyes.

Amanda slid the vibrator in as far as she could then she leaned back up so she was sitting on Tommy again. She started lifting and dropping her ass on his cock like she was doing before but now she was impaling herself on a vibrator also. The feeling of having her pussy and ass filled at the same time was driving her insane. This was something she wished she had tried along time ago. She felt Tommy’s hands sliding over her legs up to her hips. When he started to pull his hands back down he ran his finger nails down the outer part of her thighs. She didn’t think anything about it when she felt Tommy’s fingers around her pussy until she felt the speed of the vibrator pick up. She looked down at Tommy, completely wide eyed, at the realization that he had turned the speed up on it.

That was all either one of them could take and Tommy and Amanda started cumming exactly at the same time. Tommy didn’t expect it to have that kind of a result that quickly. He grabbed Amanda by her hips, holding her in place on his cock and the vibrator. With every shot into her ass he would thrust up into her. He felt her hands clamp down around his wrists and at first he thought she was trying to pull his hands loose but then realized that she was actually trying to keep her balance so she wouldn’t fall over off of him.

Once they started come down from their orgasms Amanda slid off of Tommy and laid down next to him. She reached down and started to pull the vibrator out when her hand got completely soaked. She looked over at Tommy who was also looking at her.

“You didn’t have another orgasm did you?” Tommy asked with a concerned tone to his voice.

Amanda shook her head and said. “No I didn’t. I think my water just broke. Maybe this is why he wanted us to lay off from having sex till they were born.”

Tommy jumped up and started to get dressed. He couldn’t understand why he couldn’t get his pants to zip up right until he realized that he put them on inside out. He had been telling himself that he would never be one of those expecting fathers that freaked out when it came time to go to the hospital. He wasn’t doing a very good job.

Amanda slowly crawled out of bed and went into the bathroom and started the shower. There was no way she was going to the hospital without cleaning herself up.

Once she was ready Tommy got her loaded into the car and started heading for the hospital. Several times Amanda had to tell him to slow down so he didn’t cause an accident or end up in one himself.

When they finally reached the hospital Tommy got out and helped Amanda inside so she could get checked in. It didn’t take long for Tommy to run back out to the car and find a place to park it and then run back inside to her.

Amanda was almost certain that he was probably setting some new speed records for nervous fathers. She sat there looking at him smiling. She couldn’t believe everything that has happened to her in less than a year. If someone would have told her a year ago that she was going to meet the guy she would marry, loose her virginity to him in the pool, have a threesome with Tommy and her mom, loose her mom and get married and have triplets in the first year she would have told them that they had lost their damned mind.

After everything was filled out an orderly took her up to a private room for the delivery. She wasn’t in there twenty minutes when she saw a doctor walk in. It was the same one that tried to save her moms life. He walked over to her and gave her a hug and shook Tommy’s hand.

“I see we get to meet on better circumstances this time.” The doctor said with a smile.

“Yeah, a lot better circumstances.” Amanda said.

“Well I just thought I would come in and say hi before I left. When I come in tomorrow I’ll stop in and check on you and the babies. Have you decided on any names yet? We have but we still don’t know what sex they’re going to be. We wanted that part to be a surprise.”

“Well when I stop by tomorrow you can introduce me to them.” He gave her another hug and said bye to the both of them.

Within the next hour Amanda gave birth to not 3, but 4 babies. When they discovered that there was a fourth one even the doctor was surprised. He delivered 3 girls and 1 boy. All of which were born completely healthy and well developed.

Tommy couldn’t have been anymore happier than he was that day. The only way this day could have been any better was if Sarah could have been there to see her grandchildren.

The next day the doctor came back just like he said he would. “I hear you guys had a bonus in the bunch.”

Tommy started to laugh and said. “Yeah the best they can figure is that the reason they didn’t see the fourth heartbeat was because it was lined up directly behind one of the others.”

“So what names did you give them?” The doctor asked.

“Well I’ll give you the names in the order they were born. The first one we named after my mom, Sarah Lynn Ryals. The second one is named after Tommy’s mom, Jennifer Lynn Ryals. The third one is Allison Lynn Ryals and the last one is Tommy Alan Ryals II. Yes we know. The girls have the same middle name. We both thought that it was a wild coincidence when we found out that his mom and my mom had the same middle name.”

Well what about Allison? She has the same middle name as Sarah and Jennifer.” The doctor asked them with a puzzled expression on his face.

Tommy answered this one. “We figured that since Sarah and Jennifer had the same middle name we decided to just use it for Allison also. Now would you like to know how little Tommy got his name?”

“Well I figured that it’s your name, especially with the II at the end.”

“Well it is but it’s not my middle name that we are using. It’s your first name. Yes my middle name is Alan but so is your first name.” Tommy told the doctor with a smile on his face. He could see it took the doc several seconds to register what Tommy had just told him.

Once it finally registered in his head, the doctor got this huge grin on his face. He asked them. “Are you serious? Did you really mean what you just told me?”

Both Amanda and Tommy shook their heads yes. “We meant every word of it. They said in unison.

“You tried so hard to save my mom when she was brought in here that day almost 9 months ago.” We know you did everything that you could to help her but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. This is kind of a way for us to say thank you. I know some people wouldn’t agree with this decision but oh well. They will get over it.”

“Wow. Nobody has ever done anything like this before. Thank you. I feel really honored. Well I better get out there and start my rounds. But before I do that I’m stopping by the nursery to get a look at all four of them. Congratulations to the both of you.”

Later the next day Tommy, Amanda and their four little bundles left the hospital. Tommy had used the previous day to go out and purchase everything that they were going to need for the fourth baby. He was glad that he went out several months ago and bought an SUV because there was no way they could have gotten four car seats into his old car.

“Well Tommy, it looks like we are going to have fun trying to find time for us to be alone now.” Amanda said while rubbing her hand on his crotch. She could already feel his cock starting to get hard.

“Well we have six weeks to figure that out because you remember what the doctor said. No sex for six weeks.”

“Yes I know. But it doesn’t mean I can’t pay attention to you though.” She squeezed his cock through his pants.

“I guess I will have to make it up to you later on with all the attention that I will be getting. Come on, lets get them home and in there cribs.”

Neither one of them could think of a way that would make this day any better.

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