Beautiful young geeky girl with braces has to stay over....
Seduction of Bailey:

It was Friday night when I received a call. Bailey’s sister needed to go to the emergency room. I guess something happened and the two were messing around when she fell hitting her head. Bailey’s parents dropped her off already in her pajamas.

Bailey came up the steps into my arms crying about what had happened. Bailey is a beautiful girl long and thin with some still sprouting D cup breasts. She has the body of a model and is an attractive 15 year old with braces. She wears geeky glasses and acts a bit off keeping her from being really popular.

I showed her to her room, where I thought that she would sleep and went to my couch in the den. It is the type with two lazy boys on one end and a long couch on the other. I was in my boxers and t-shirt lounging watching the end of the baseball game I had started watching. Bailey entered the room. She had taken her jacket off and was wearing a thin almost transparent top that stopped just below her big firm breasts with matching boy shorts that came up just above her slit showing her cheeks and top of her crack in the back.

She laid on the couch facing away from me watching the game giving me a good view of her nice little ass. I started to get excited as she squirmed turning the other way bringing her knees up to her chest. With her shorts up in her ass I pretty much had a full ass view. A few minutes later she turned to the other side, which exposed her breasts. Bailey had firm D cups with Areolas about the size of quarters and puffy nipples.

Bailey decided to head to bed, but came over to get some comfort before she did sitting in my lap and laying her head against my shoulder. As she sat there I kissed her on the forehead and stroked her back. “That feels really good” so I continued stoking her back. At times as I did I could feel my fingers crossing through the top of her ass crack. My erection grew as I would reach up the back of her shirt and run my hand down the side brushing the side of her breast. I did this a few times and then as I arrived just above it she turned raising her arm itching her head. This happened at just the right time so that my hand not stopping brushed across her breast and hard puffy nipple. I acted as though nothing had happened, but my erection was saying the opposite. She left her arm like that and I crossed it again as I came back around.

This time she shifted so that she was straddling me working her way to change sides. My erection rubbing against her warm slit. She hung there for about thirty seconds moving to the other side. I stroked her back some more. Her hand rested on my belly just above my erection. As I rubbed her back she dozed a bit so I pushed on her back and shoulder until her hand was resting on the outside of my boxers on top of my erection. She reached up itching her nose and returned right back on top of my erection. I adjusted enough so that the slit in the front opened enough that her hand was touching partially exposed cock. As she flinched she pushed it out reaching back up to her nose and back down so that her hand was on it.

I began working my way lower and lower until I was stroking her ass. I had pushed the shorts down just below her ass fully exposing her cheeks. I then ran my finger across her anus and on down feeling the heat from her pussy and noticing that it was slick. I think she felt that as she quickly shifted onto her back with her head in my lap.

Bailey sat with her legs open taking my hand and putting it on her belly. She had not fixed her shorts so her tuft of dark hair was exposed along with her pubic mound. I stoked her belly up to the bottoms of her breasts working my way ever closer to her pubic mound. My cock was ready to explode.

She fell asleep while I stroked her belly so I got more bold in my movements actually pushing her top up so that her breast were exposed. They are amazing by the way. I then started feeling her breasts cupping them and running my thumb over her nipples. As I cupped her breast she startled awake and I acted as if I was sleeping as she turned her head to look at me. I was surprised that she did not pull my hand off right away and could feel her breathing quicken. I acted as if I was still sleeping running my finger on her hardened nipple and then relaxing letting my hand fall to her belly just above her pubic mound with my finger tips right at the top of her little strip of hair. Her legs spread as I did, but I did not immediately take the invitation. I did tease her a bit by letting my hand drift closer on top of her hair and just above her slit her breathing now escalating to what seemed to be a coming asthma attack. I pulled my hand up to itch my nose and heard her sigh in frustration.

When I put my hand back down I placed it right between her legs letting my fingers sit directly on her slit. I could feel the heat from her slick and swollen labium. I just let my hand sit there to gauge what her reaction would be. She looked up at me once again checking to see if I was still sleeping and then adjusted her hips to where I was in the position she liked. She jumped as I twitched my finger checking once again to see if I was sleeping. She placed her hand on mine and started moving it back and forth. I hooked my middle finger a bit so that as she moved it the finger would poke into her slit a bit. Bailey was now using her other hand on her breast and nipple her heartbeat and breathing now out of control.

In the throws of passion Bailey started to grind against my hand and I pressed my finger down to the first knuckle between her swollen lips. She let out an audible moan and I acted as though it had woken me up. She quickly acted as though she was still asleep as I acted like I was fumbling through the situation. “What the hell?” I whispered to myself for her to hear. Her hand was still on top of mine as I pulled mine out running my finger through her wet slit on the way out pulling it up to my mouth and loudly sucking it dry. “Damn, I wish she was awake” I whispered to myself once again this time reaching down feeling each breast before covering her up then pulling her hand off of her pussy pulling her bottoms up to cover her up.

I picked her up and carried her to her room. She woke up as I did putting her arms around my neck to help hold herself up. My erection had become fully exposed and was now poking against her ass. As I laid her down in the bed her hand landed on my erection and I brushed my hand across her ass as I pulled my arm out from under her. I placed my erection back into my boxers placing my hand on her belly leaning down kissing her on her forehead turning to walk out of the room.

I now needed to relieve the pressure in my balls, so I got a towel and sat back on the couch. I had just started to masturbate when Bailey came back in. It was dark and I was not sure if she had seen me, but I had no time to cover up before she came over to me seemingly crying and sitting back on my lap burying her head in my chest. Her leg brushing my erection as she positioned herself sideways on my lap. My cock was now sticking up between her thighs against her crotch. Bailey asks “what are you doing? Why are you sitting here with this out like that?”

“Well, I was a bit excited and was looking to relieve myself.”

“How were you doing that?”

“I was getting ready to masturbate and I thought that I was alone.”

“Sorry for interrupting. What were you thinking about to get you so excited?”

I just looked at her. Then I started to shuffle to pull her off of my lap.

“Please don’t. I want to stay here. Can I help you?”
I watched her as she reached down feeling my cock with both hands. “Were you thinking about me? Did you like the way my body felt? Your hands felt good on my body and I heard you taste your finger when you thought I was sleeping. Did I taste good?”
I nodded my head as she began to stroke my cock.
“Do you like the way my body feels?” I nodded again. “Will you touch me again? I really did like it a lot. Especially here” as she took my hand placing it between her legs.

I pulled her bottoms off and then her top kissing her on her neck while I played with her breasts. “I have never been further than this, so I do not know what to do next” as she pointed my cock towards her sopping wet little virgin pussy rubbing the head against her lips.
“Slow down, I don’t think that I am the one you want to be your first or you want it to happen this way.”

“I feel like I am ready to explode. I can not think of anything I have ever wanted more.” I kissed her lips pulling her off of me. I stood behind her with my cock between her legs so that the head was pushing against her wet swollen lips. She shifted back and forth on it as I kissed her neck and fondled her beautiful firm breasts cupping them in both hands pinching her nipples between my fingers and thumbs.

I began to kiss down her back while feeling her ass with my hands reaching my right hand between her legs to play with her pussy. I kissed down to her ass licking every bit of it finally licking up and down her crack bending her over circling my tongue around her anus. Pushing my finger between her little lips and into her hole until I hit her hymen. She shivered as I tongued her ass and cried loudly as she exploded in orgasm. Pulling my finger out I licked and sucked her juices from behind alternating between her ass and pussy. I turned her around laying her down on the couch and she kissed me becoming more excited tasting her own juices. Kissing down her neck to suckle her breasts. Her puffy nipples fit like a pacifier in my mouth as I sucked them trying as hard as I could to suck as much of her breast into my mouth as I could. Her breasts were extremely sensitive as I felt her body twitch with her moaning loudly as another orgasm set off. Quickly kissing down her stomach to her pussy to get every bit of her sweet virgin nectar as I could. Bailey grabbed the back of my head suffocating me with her pussy like she was trying to force my mouth through it as she bucked against my face. I finally came up for air pressing the head of my massively swollen cock against her wet pussy parting her lips so that the head entered far enough to hit her hymen without pushing through it. “Please Tony, please give it to me! I have never felt so good.” I rubbed it on her swollen nub pulling it away sitting back on the couch.

Bailey immediately dropped between my legs and started licking my cock. “Tell me if I am doing it right, I want to make you feel as good as you did me!” as she licked the shaft like a popsicle and then taking the head into her mouth. The thought of her braces scared me, but she covered them with her lips as she bobbed masterfully up and down on my cock. By now I was to far to hold back and shot my load into her mouth. Gagging at first she pulled back in surprise with a strange look on her face as she tasted my load as the second shot hit her in the chest. I guess she decided she liked it diving back in to take the rest in her mouth sucking me dry.


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2013-07-23 20:06:05 gosh..I do believe this story might be about me..

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2013-05-28 00:56:12
nice, could definately use an editor though, for example there wasn't an intro and we didn't even know the narrator's name until halfway through. you didn't really put any descriptions there, so from the story line PoV it stunk

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Ignore the sad little shit asking for abuse. One thing I would suggest is a more realistic development.

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2013-05-27 12:13:41
Good start. I look forward to the next installment. Yes, there are a few gramatical errors. So what! Even the New York Times has an error slip through now and then. Don't let the complaining bastards get you down.

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2013-05-27 09:59:30
sorry the content is good, but this is the worst written story i have ever read

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